Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Hollywood Undead performing Day Of The Dead. (C) 2015 Interscope Records
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Mar 18, 2015




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Comments 100
Kasumi sensei
Kasumi sensei 2 days ago
And u thought Danny was not the imposter
Massary DollarSign
U better run here comes the day if the dead
Axel Agner
Axel Agner 5 days ago
English:day of the dead Spanish:día de los muertos
Perry Sturgill
Perry Sturgill 5 days ago
Not digging this one much. Yall feel free to talk shit about the crips and bloods.. But you don't want no beef with God.
Delta 8 days ago
Jesus is The Lord!
Daulton Reynolds
Daulton Reynolds 12 days ago
J E S U S J U I C E M A K E S M E S T R O N K !
Daulton Reynolds
Daulton Reynolds 12 days ago
is it me, or does the guy announcing the show sound like SwaggerSouls?
Daulton Reynolds
Daulton Reynolds 12 days ago
FunnyMan is doing the " My shift is almost over so I am swaying back and forth" dance. Now you can't unsee it
Cory Gumm
Cory Gumm 15 days ago
This is a song that belongs on call of duty zombies tbh change my mind
Chris Heryla
Chris Heryla 18 days ago
This almost reminds me of In Bloom by Nirvana , I can’t explain it, it’s just how the vid is presented
Changing of the guard
I get the great pleasure of running somebody dog over tonight.. poeple that doesn't want to tip their delivery driver yay!!
Prince Of Data
Prince Of Data 20 days ago
Shane Wooten
Shane Wooten 20 days ago
Shane 16 Yes
Hollywood undead wearing masks before we had to 👁👄👁
CLuv 22 days ago
Signed...Charlie Sheen
Александр Оржинский
Rock'n'roll ! Ьут!!!
David Nissim
David Nissim 27 days ago
Funny Man isn't even trying lol
William Kimery
William Kimery Month ago
burn2crisp Month ago
This song is got to be 2020's Anthem
Francis :3
Francis :3 Month ago
Give our man Kurlzz a headache tablet after all that head banging and drumming
ZODI AC/DC Month ago
Congratulations on 20 million views!!!!!
F. Franco Flores G
2020 XD
Stuck in 2017
Stuck in 2017 Month ago
Someone who doesn’t know: man you have to be really depressed to listen to this People who do: have this song on the top of there playlist Welp I guess I’m depressed then Millions of other people: I am to then
William Kimery
William Kimery Month ago
Copper Skies666
Copper Skies666 Month ago
Tropa Maxima
Tropa Maxima Month ago
I’m really laughing, it’s the crown dancing, this band is inspired.
Daulton Reynolds
Welcome to the holy hour, but the song has a line of having a hitlist?
Хочу в 2D
Хочу в 2D Month ago
Русских тут наверное нет?Да?))))
Prod SadBrad
Prod SadBrad Month ago
im glad these guys still make music to this day:)
lel.leasophie Month ago
noch jemand deutsches hier?
Jeff Luis
Jeff Luis Month ago
2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Stanley
Sarah Stanley Month ago
Danny:HULK SMASH!!! Funny man: I WANNA TRY!!! J3t: we breaking stuff? *YEET*
Sarah Stanley
Sarah Stanley Month ago
Funny man just vibing.
Andrew Jacob
Andrew Jacob Month ago
Trash Bird
Trash Bird Month ago
Everyone else: energetic, singing, smashing shit. Funny:👁👄👁
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha Month ago
Sorry I meant 5 years
Андрей Марченко
Моя самая любимая группа
Mr.Irr3l3vant `
Mr.Irr3l3vant ` Month ago
People just jamming to the song: *Me deciding if this should be on my gospel playlist*
George Sauceda
George Sauceda Month ago
This is almost like their concert
George Sauceda
George Sauceda Month ago
His voice matters always
my dog ran away and got raped
Lmao the background
Rxb Lxx
Rxb Lxx 2 months ago
they knew kovid was comin
Nena Nena
Nena Nena 2 months ago
Im very big fan of holiwood undead!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Pezzo de
Pezzo de Month ago
I see you russian... )
Star 2 months ago
The beginning bass though is so clean
Adam Wirawan
Adam Wirawan 2 months ago
2:30 this part's hit me hard :')
Ribeiro pk
Ribeiro pk 2 months ago
Imagine if this really happens ine day lmao xD
Daddy Dogg Abbott
Daddy Dogg Abbott 2 months ago
I love how realistic this is about religious people
Madara Mu
Madara Mu 2 months ago
BR 2020?
Darren 2 months ago
Eye have THE GIRLS. 😃
Kagan Mack
Kagan Mack 2 months ago
The best Christian drink u can find
jeffxjane jeffxjane
jeffxjane jeffxjane 2 months ago
I can't stop listening to this song
Flora passang lama
Flora passang lama 2 months ago
M here holly shi# fan of Hollywood undead🤘🏻🤘🏻💥❤️
NGURLIANA - 403 2 months ago
2020 is the day of death.....
Marc Paglia
Marc Paglia 2 months ago
And kids, remember, it's okay to be afraid of the dark.
Cris Montanez
Cris Montanez 2 months ago
take me home country roads
Deep Pre Shown
Deep Pre Shown 2 months ago
Selling product to promote your show means you selling GOD directly for the nonsense MONEY... I Really Hate SHOPTV
Max Monster
Max Monster 2 months ago
These guys got it right...from the jump...you other folks are just catching up.
Funny Man
Funny Man 2 months ago
Charlie scene This is the day of the dead This ain’t no day in the park
Jeannie Radabaugh
Jeannie Radabaugh 2 months ago
Hollywood undead fans :)
macabre_sorceress 2 months ago
I honest to God thought this band was a fever dream
Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis 26 days ago
Nope baby, these boys r real.
zephy Boii
zephy Boii 27 days ago
Too true they so good tho, thank god they ain’t just a druged up dream
A-BOMB Entertainment
I see what you did there 🤣🤣
Lynette Harris
Lynette Harris 2 months ago
Astarotth Hhhh
Astarotth Hhhh 2 months ago
ØGXUZIX Zzz 2 months ago
Hollywood undead inspired me to be the reckless bastard I am today I would hear any in hell to these guys. I’d show god himself the true gods
GamerDisturbed 2 months ago
Thats one thing i like about this video/song... They always welcome me back!
Silke Stark
Silke Stark 2 months ago
I'm already 50 years old, but I love this music sooooooo much
Julian Flake
Julian Flake 2 months ago
Good music knows no age ! ✌️
Officer Dva
Officer Dva 2 months ago
Welcome :)
gio aule
gio aule 2 months ago
J3T the Top
Мс Дьявол
Мс Дьявол 3 months ago
Эх,помню,как в возрасте 13-14 лет дико фанатела по ним и мечтала выбраться из своего Мухосранска,чтобы попасть на их концерт,когда у них был тур по России.
Owlclaw 999
Owlclaw 999 3 months ago
They just need to go ahead and colab with Corey Taylor...
Xhypeinferno 3 months ago
man i love danny
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher 3 months ago
Who is their uncredited drummer?
aaliyah sanders
aaliyah sanders 3 months ago
the masks make them so sexy😓
Synxify 3 months ago
Check out Slipknot
Dragoryn 3 months ago
I don't know anything about the band or the people in the band. And I don't know what the meaning of the video or song is. I don't even understand most of the lyrics because I'm german. But I like the song.
Erick Chaves Soares
Erick Chaves Soares 3 months ago
Basically Universal Church
MY DEMON 3 months ago
Русские есть?
Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez
Украинцы точно)
October _Shadow
October _Shadow 3 months ago
Director: ALright, be active, but not destructi-- Kurlzz; *Trying to snap his neck while playing drums* Danny, Funny, and Johnny: *sMaShY sMaSh*
Maverick and Iceman
Jeff Luis
Jeff Luis Month ago
Валентина Артёмова
Мускулистые парни с классной темой. Круто!
Azkinux Arkom
Azkinux Arkom 3 months ago
Maybe I'm a Buddhist from Bhutan but i like this song,the Christianity is very interesting.^^
John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago
In america preachers of religion are allowed to sell things on TV. So they have a message saying you'll go to hell if you don't believe what they say and then they sell you apocalypse food rations or jewelry or holy water or some other trash on the side. The music video is showing how the people championing the "ultimate good" are actually evil, and liars.
Nicky vs Games
Nicky vs Games 3 months ago
autictic Bird
autictic Bird 3 months ago
Who else wouldnt be here If it wasn't for everything being frickin amazing
Callum JW
Callum JW 3 months ago
2:13 ...judge rinder anybody? :D
Julia Browne
Julia Browne 3 months ago
Those waiter dudes look mega gay
JenJoan95 3 months ago
John Randle
John Randle 4 months ago
holy shit danny still sucks
BrokenCortes 4 months ago
Synxify 3 months ago
Kind of yeah
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 4 months ago
Holly? Fuckoffy im said!!!
Chris Starr
Chris Starr 4 months ago
I love this band
Anastacio vazquez
Anastacio vazquez 4 months ago
Culebrón hija
The Soviet Union
The Soviet Union 4 months ago
Hey, look it's my church choir!
Anthony A
Anthony A 4 months ago
Godddddddddd I can't believe it's already been 5 years since this came out?!?! HOW DUDE?! I remember it like it was yesterday when this came out... :(
Anthony A
Anthony A 4 months ago
Skyrim Guard shit wait what!
Skyrim Guard
Skyrim Guard 4 months ago
and i dont remember it beeing 1080p or am i crazy?
X Existential Crisis X
J3T: softly places lamp down making it look dramatic in slow mo
Zac Fike
Zac Fike 5 months ago
Da Kurllz head and neck and entire body be like: ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️B A Select Start.
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 5 months ago
Coke heads are the biggest worst lliers and no one believes them yet they give u a fake story shoot at Tright
JenJoan95 3 months ago
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 5 months ago
Stright Tellittrue
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 5 months ago
Can anyone tell me why all base heads lie like worse then you cheating wife even tho u caughtherredhand ex
Moonbyul Productions
2020 here I am still uwu
Spencer Foust
Spencer Foust 5 months ago
This was uploaded 5 years ago... But it feels like it was uploaded 10 years ago. I remember listening to this song for the first time. Man the nostalgia...
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki 5 months ago
Anyone listening to bomb ass music in quarantine?
KloeRae Walton
KloeRae Walton 5 months ago
I am 11 my dad let me listen to all of these songs when i was 3 years old!!!!!!
MR_BLACK 5 months ago
Still undead in 2020 covid-19 can't TOUCH US!!!
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