Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia [Lyrics]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Black Dahlia
Album : Swan Songs
Label : A&M/Octone
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Aug 10, 2012




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Comments 100
AD0GSW0RLD 4 hours ago
2020 anyone?
Jamie Dylan de Jong
Jamie Dylan de Jong 23 hours ago
antony joz
antony joz 3 days ago
What a song... heavenly
Kristian Steinbacher
I remember five years ago sitting down to play minecraft with a buddy of mine for my channel and him playing this song. Good times. Went to one of their concerts two years ago and to this day it’s been my favorite concert ever. damn good music.
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore 7 days ago
Same here
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 8 days ago
Did anybody else play hollywood undead while playing left 4 dead 2
Tim Lorimer
Tim Lorimer 9 days ago
Lupe Torrez
Lupe Torrez 11 days ago
The chorus is fucking godly 🙌
shadow wolf
shadow wolf 17 days ago
8 years later and it still gets to me.. how can some people treat others so poorly. Cheating, violence, mistreated.. what's wrong with this world now-a-days.
Darko _
Darko _ 18 days ago
Deni si ovo ti?
AmienDay OokeCay
AmienDay OokeCay 19 days ago
First breakup song.
connor cox
connor cox 20 days ago
This song still slaps so hard
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 8 days ago
Fr bro this song is always gonna go hard
ToxikElement 13
ToxikElement 13 22 days ago
Removing the sexual reference, this is completely what my mom did to me...😑 Even apologizing for damn near everything. I had to do a lot of self work to become emotionally healthy and stable. Still apologize for shit I don't need to but at least it's nowhere near the amount I used to. She died 7 days before my birthday a year ago and I didn't care. Still don't.😐
hannah densing
hannah densing 22 days ago
This is the day I understand what they are going through...
Sebas the artistic jam
im sad
Nicole Aday
Nicole Aday 23 days ago
My funeral may start.....
kimmyfreak200 24 days ago
this reminds me of icp rendition of reality for some reason
Crystal unknown
Crystal unknown 25 days ago
2020 anyone? Just me okay ✌
Mickayla Coram Locke
@Nahte - felt tht
Nahte -
Nahte - 22 days ago
Me been a fan since 2015
Whomst Is This
Whomst Is This 26 days ago
RIP to the people who’ve been looking for this song for over a decade
Stacey Rose
Stacey Rose 28 days ago
Holy shit haven't heard this song in eons!
Skylerr Powell
Skylerr Powell 29 days ago
Fucking timeless.🖤🔥
Kaylee Auernheimer
I screamed these lyrics so hard when I got dumped my voice was gone
Zoe Steeves
Zoe Steeves Month ago
“I used to be lovestruck but now I’m just fucked up; pull up my sleeve and see the pattern of my cuts!”
Борис Раилов
Edwin Bonilla
Edwin Bonilla Month ago
Love this song so much
Stacey Andrews
Stacey Andrews Month ago
Damn this song sucks compared to recap by don toliver and nav
Royal Lopez
Royal Lopez 19 days ago
@Stacey Andrews 😂
Stacey Andrews
Stacey Andrews 21 day ago
Royal Lopez no, I don’t think I will
Royal Lopez
Royal Lopez 24 days ago
@Stacey Andrews if you hate it then leave the damn video then.
Stacey Andrews
Stacey Andrews 28 days ago
Royal Lopez my friends used to listen to this kind of music, I’m just revisiting and realized how much I hate this song lol hahahahha
Royal Lopez
Royal Lopez Month ago
@Stacey Andrews and if you dont like the song then why are you here?
Blaze 420
Blaze 420 Month ago
such a true song 💯💯
Voidwolf Soul
Voidwolf Soul Month ago
Man, this song still gives me the feels and nostalgia to when I first heard their music. I think back then I pushed my family away more than I do now.
Emilio Pena
Emilio Pena Month ago
Deuce voice in the chorus is so good and the bridge
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini Month ago
Recommended by a friend. I love the emo lyrics 💜💜
CmR chachi
CmR chachi Month ago
I'm 40 yrs old and when I'm thinking about the old days I pull up HU and jam. I usually get to work feeling some kind of way after driving in the dark with volume maxed out with HU Screaming in my ears. I'm old now so loud music hurts me, lol but totally worth it
Zeelols Month ago
once in every two or three years life hits me in the face with some new shit and i come back here. these songs make my soul scream the pain away
Different Angle
Different Angle Month ago
Their emotional songs >>> Their mainstream songs Don't even dare to change my mind
Rosemary Swann
Rosemary Swann Month ago
They are REAL. The rest all seem fake in rap, even rap metal so I appreciate the gorgeous sincerity with all of my broken up heart.
Gabe Breal
Gabe Breal Month ago
2020 mofos fuck that bitch still haha
Ryan Dickson
Ryan Dickson 2 months ago
Whatever the new shit they're producing is, is not Hollywood undead this right here is how hu should have stayed.. anyone with me 🤷‍♂️
nah dude
nah dude Month ago
they dont have the guy anymore that wrote most of it
Vasilije Ercegovic
Vasilije Ercegovic 2 months ago
Well dude ,they are not depressed anymore ,Soo yea you have to either accept it or ldk lol ,yes just accept it that they are not depressed anymore and BRUH everyone changes,not every bans stays the same ,that's my opinion,have a good day
Shivneel Kumar
Shivneel Kumar 2 months ago
Thank you so much yo Big Family's yo I love you y 'all 😁😎🤩😍😻🍎👸🌹⭐💝👌😛 78 Deer Ridge Drive A Town 💖🌞
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz 2 months ago
Amen. I feel 100.
M0P4R 2 months ago
Anyone here nowadays?
Karma Woods
Karma Woods 2 months ago
It hits you differently after your bf/gf says "I don't know if I love you anymore"
rootabeta 18 days ago
"Goodbye, [My name]. Never speak to me again."
Royal Lopez
Royal Lopez 2 months ago
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez 2 months ago
We never die .....
Albert Corey
Albert Corey 2 months ago
Hollywood undead and slipknot should make a song
b _BIG
b _BIG 2 months ago
Jdogs part hits because I wish I never said anything to certain people and it makes me just makes me want to hate them but I can't do it for some reason and I end up saying its my fault
ZZZ 2 months ago
These comments ruin a good song smh...
Royal Lopez
Royal Lopez 2 months ago
I hate to say it but this is kinda true...
shadow zeno x
shadow zeno x 2 months ago
This is damn near identical to my relationship with my bio dad
Daniel Veldstra
Daniel Veldstra 2 months ago
Milo02 2 months ago
I feel like this RN
Rodney W.
Rodney W. 2 months ago
I'm fucked up due to past ...fucking whoaahs
Papa Josh
Papa Josh 2 months ago
I’ve listened to this song for years... never actually thought that I’ll one day feel this way, just pain and hatred, J-Dogs part is exactly what I felt
H666 2 months ago
this will forever be my favorite band, it’s gold especially in 2020
Kane Browns A Bitch
Kane Browns A Bitch 2 months ago
just like all the rest dude this like first one was all like hey man these guys are ok lyrics so fuckin powerful thats why i like this guys man even though idk people cant listen to it anymore
P14UG3 K1NG 3 months ago
Everybody's breakup song : boo hoo hoo I miss you Me:*plays black dahlia *
Royal Lopez
Royal Lopez 2 months ago
christine & shelby Smith
I swear this is the perfect song for a breaking up
no_means_y 22
no_means_y 22 3 months ago
Can someone. Make me die rn
That Crack Head Under your bed
Who else life is shit and uses music to escape
Em Bradshaw
Em Bradshaw 3 months ago
I'm here 5 years later after my emo phase has passed but Hollywood undead is unforgettable !!
Benjamin Dk
Benjamin Dk 3 months ago
this a vibe tho
Courtney DePaso
Courtney DePaso 3 months ago
I used to be love struck and now im just fuckedd uppp .... best f’in part
kailey lira
kailey lira 3 months ago
What’s fucked is my ex’s name is carved into my arm so like when you pull up my sleeve that’s the pattern of my cuts
Inspector Clouseau
Inspector Clouseau 3 months ago
Deuce in tha fucking house on this one
MiniBiersack82 3 months ago
Old fans love Deuce, New fans love Danny, True fans love them all💕 I pledge allegiance to the mask, that I'll carry whiskey in my flask, and anyone to diss HU, I'll leave a bloody mess of you. For we are family, you and I, 3 tears for you, we all shall cry, all day all night, our flags will fly, Undead army till the day we die.
Austin Cryan
Austin Cryan Month ago
Fuck yeah! And don't forget it!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 months ago
Best hollwood song hands down. This sounds like our ex girlfriends right boys?
Meg Addams
Meg Addams 3 months ago
Still listen to HU when I'm sad... Habbit since highschool
idasi stef
idasi stef 3 months ago
I still cry
Kurratul Ain Esha
Kurratul Ain Esha 3 months ago
I was searching for black dahlia murder case. Found this. I'm happy.
MaggotVsBoot 3 months ago
Is it just me, or do the strings in this track remind me of the Grand Theft Auto IV theme song?
Genevieve Marie
Genevieve Marie 3 months ago
2020 and still listening to this
Hayden J
Hayden J 3 months ago
Miss deuce the band was never the same when he left
Rose Godd
Rose Godd 3 months ago
This hit different 🖤
Young Prince
Young Prince 3 months ago
it was my start it was your knife and its true i hurt too remember i loved you ☠️💜
Carlos Valdez
Carlos Valdez 3 months ago
The chorus in this song is one of the best I’ve ever heard, I never get tired of it
carlos02 3 months ago
Literally describes my life right now 😭
Jace Wardle
Jace Wardle 4 months ago
Who is here after a break up cause i know i am
Jack Terrell
Jack Terrell 3 months ago
Raymond Huffman
Raymond Huffman 4 months ago
L A 4 months ago
2020 and this still brings back all the feels
John D.
John D. 4 months ago
Ah when you were once young and sang along with the lyrics although you know completely almost nothing of it. Now that you're more matured since the world threw the shit called 'reality' to you, you understand the shit that's on the video.
I’m Nymora
I’m Nymora 4 months ago
8 years later, and this song still slaps harder than my dad.
Bailey Stuart
Bailey Stuart 4 months ago
Hollywood Undead is for depressed teens who do crack
Kane Browns A Bitch
Kane Browns A Bitch 4 months ago
back then when this song hit no one had anything like this out man im tellin you always game changers sometimes for the better sometimes the worse
8 Bars
8 Bars 4 months ago
Moved on from this genre of music but old Hollywood Undead still bangs!
Chandrayee Dey
Chandrayee Dey 4 months ago
Dedicated to my ex best friend. I hate you for backstabbing me.
Devan Wilson
Devan Wilson 4 months ago
Ryanof300 4 months ago
HU 2020 anyone??👍👍
That one bass player dude
this song hits harder after you break up
Mike Hawks Lung
Mike Hawks Lung 4 months ago
Deuce ruins evsry song. He just soubds like a whiney little bitch
Alpha LDog
Alpha LDog 4 months ago
Too bad they didn't start this song with a phone ring
DGZ Validin21
DGZ Validin21 4 months ago
I can relate to J dogs part
BballNintendo3 4 months ago
As much as I still love HU, they were honestly more unique and emotional during their early years when they had Deuce. Nowadays I can’t tell if they’re actually sincere with their dark lyrics or they just write them just for the sake of releasing more songs and getting $$$.
Gr1ml0ck 2000
Gr1ml0ck 2000 4 months ago
Who is still coming back to this song.
one jarv
one jarv Day ago
Anyone know why it's not on their RUvid channel? Been looking and a lot of their songs I can't find on there
Jacob Bosch
Jacob Bosch 12 days ago
loved seeing them in TX. was lucky enough to be front row and they handed me a mic for 3 seconds. best night ever!
Ash Mills
Ash Mills 13 days ago
Since 3rd grade now in 7th 🤘
Deven Pucci
Deven Pucci 13 days ago
My depressed ass.
Kai Smith
Kai Smith 24 days ago
So now... I know what this song really means...
YouTube Kingbee
YouTube Kingbee 4 months ago
Jessietehwolf Studios
Came back to visit this song after all these years and have a whole new perspective. I just got dumped by the man I was engaged to. A man who promised me everything. He made me feel like it was my fault when he broke it off, rather than just admitting he had lost interest and fallen out of love with me. I got played. Im so angry and yet at the same time I have a strange sense of relief that it's over. One things for sure. He's permanently fucked up my view of love and trust.
Mike Anon
Mike Anon Month ago
Get the tattoo i got. fuck love
ScathParadox Month ago
@Austin Cryan Your a damn king my dude. I'm sorry to hear about everything you lost but trust me, you didn't need her anyways. You're gonna find someone bad ass who connects with you on a whole new AND better level. You're a king my dude, don't forget that.
Austin Cryan
Austin Cryan Month ago
I came back after changing my entire life, for this one girl who just felt perfect to me, I trusted her and I was looking to propose to her. I got the ring while she was away with friends, and she ignored me for a week. I had second thoughts as she wouldn't text me, for over a month. She's got a couple medical conditions so I worried until the point I flipped out. I spammed her phone 30 messages in around 20 minutes asking repeatedly if she was okay. She breaks up with me without ever knowing of the ring or my plans. Yesterday marked our anniversary and while it was supposed to only our 3 years, we spent every waking moment together. I gave her everything I had, practically my soul even. Later on a friend of her's approached me and told me she'd been cheating since the first week online with another guy. She used me for 2.5 years before breaking it off, wasted my money, wasted my time. She fucked me up, however as time progressed I came to the realisation of how much I changed for her and how little she cared. It was so obvious and I was just blind. I wish I never missed her and I wish I could have quit her sooner. We both drew a future together but she continued to lie. She told me I'd never have clarity or closure but now I have it, and am going back to my roots. Where I began, which is why I'm back here. I hope you regain the ability to trust and find someone you can love and trust better than you have in the past, and heal the mental scars he left you. Oh and I think since I've noticed a resurgance of other breakup comments within 2020. Fuck 2020. With an anchor. Please. XD Being serious again, you're not alone, and don't forget that, hundreds if not thousands can sympathize given that this is sadly too f-ing common. And I'm sure someone is willing to talk in the comments and share their slice of life as well, no matter how crappy it may be. Edit: To be honest the general messages of this go to all of you. I hope y'all find love and find someone you can trust. Remember though that we're all in this together, and while you may not see your comrades, they're there with you. Life is really weird like that isn't it 😅
ScathParadox 2 months ago
Garrett Prepetit Thanks king.
Garrett Prepetit
Garrett Prepetit 2 months ago
Batsance she doesn’t deserve you king
Kane Browns A Bitch
Kane Browns A Bitch 5 months ago
going back and listening to the instrumental in these hmm idk
Alexandro 5 months ago
Great song
Bree Lynn
Bree Lynn 5 months ago
This isn't my normal type of music, but the words and the emotion behind it has me coming back every time.
Jiji Nali
Jiji Nali 5 months ago
I get goosebumps each time I hear this "pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts"
idrather not
idrather not 5 months ago
Deuce's parts remind me of Linkin Park
staroutlaw reapers safe havans
I sezuire lawsuite
staroutlaw reapers safe havans
Unreal rip me off who stuff
Sparkplug1911 5 months ago
The guitar in this song is fucking amazing
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