harry & allie || hold on [the society]

quinn darley
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You guys know I had to make a video for my enemies-to-lovers babies. Either way this show is amazing and you should totally check it out if you can because its sooooo good.
harry and allie deserve the world and I swear if we don't get season 2 I will riot.
► Footage: The Society [Netflix]
► Song: hold on by chord overstreet
► Coloring: mine
► Program: FCP

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Jun 19, 2019




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Comments 80
quinn darley
quinn darley 8 months ago
WOW!! 100,000 views. Thank you so much, I never thought that a video I made would ever reach 100 views, let alone 100,000. I’m grateful that I can create content that people want to watch!! Thank you so much to everyone who has watched this and even more to those who have left comments! xoxo quinn
quinn darley
quinn darley 5 months ago
When I say, I was just checking my comments and realized that this just hit 200,000 views, my jaw DROPPED. I really do mean that my jaw hit the GROUND. I. AM. SPECHLESS. 🥺 xxx
Anna Aigbi
Anna Aigbi 9 days ago
can anyone tell me the name of the movie
Debora Spaczek
Debora Spaczek 4 days ago
The Society ❤️
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell 10 days ago
See this is whats gunna happen they get together and are HAPPY then will gets jelouse and finds a way to frame harry for Cassandra murder ( but lets be real harry is a dick but he would never kill anyone), allie doesn’t believe him. But will gets threw to all the comity/board ( whatever they call it ) and bomb Harry’s in jail/ wine cellar and Allies lonely and sad and then will shoots his shot and then powwow there back together. Tbh i know this ain’t really whats going to happen but it was one if those theory’s u get after watching the same show like 35 times and are going crazy for the season lmao. Xd
Sarah Barnes
Sarah Barnes 10 days ago
Honestly a lot of Bellamy and Clarke energy
Abdulla Al Mamun
Abdulla Al Mamun 11 days ago
The society web series...i saw...just excellent!!!
dean ambrose
dean ambrose 15 days ago
1:53: to 1:56 , that is perfect..😍😍😍😍😍
Cony A
Cony A 16 days ago
I love this❤️❤️💕💕💕
Maria Clara
Maria Clara 18 days ago
Vitoria Muraro
Vitoria Muraro 18 days ago
Bem que na 2 temperado eles podiam namorar
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 20 days ago
I want season 2 so bad rn I'm out of shows to watch on Netflix
Notyour Type
Notyour Type 8 days ago
SM here Literally nothing left:( 😭😂
Iqra Shah
Iqra Shah 21 day ago
The sound reminds me of the vampire diaries🥺❤️
dean ambrose
dean ambrose 2 days ago
Damon and elena
Guillermina Bozzo
Guillermina Bozzo 24 days ago
Son tan hermosos, espero más de esto en la segunda temporada
Everything Sucks
Everything Sucks 26 days ago
a lot of people say he's gonna save her but I dont think he is. he knows they're close but he's been changed since he got addicted and he chose drugs over allie. he needs his pills and he can only get them from campbell, it sucks but tv doesn't always go your way 🥺 grizz is gonna go after her and will and theyll either take him or beat him up idk but it's not gonna be good:/
Natalia Jarmakowska
When harry is explaining and allie in tears says this "yeah" I'm about to cry :((
Júlia Azeredo
Júlia Azeredo 29 days ago
Eu nem acredito q eu shippo esse relacionamento tóxico kkkk kkkk Ela merece melhor, infelizmente.
Ariel M
Ariel M 29 days ago
I honestly don't know why I ever shipped Allie and will when Allie and Harry are superior
nur so
nur so Month ago
The music is way too loud 😭
nur so
nur so Month ago
Honestly I thought they were about to have an epic lovestory but in the end turned out that they’re enemies tf ... I really hope its worth the waiting
Gelya kwen
Gelya kwen Month ago
Сериал " Общество" .
marina gomez
marina gomez Month ago
I hate harry, Allie deserves better
Noura Cherchour
Noura Cherchour Month ago
This song only fits THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
Nahdah Z
Nahdah Z Month ago
My second favourite couple after bughead in riverdale
A Sally
A Sally Month ago
this is the most well made edit I have seen on them! Well done,:)
quinn darley
quinn darley Month ago
thank you!!! :)
Hannah Iresare
Hannah Iresare Month ago
I never shipped two people so hard in my life. Im crying :((
julia Month ago
That Girl Juwa
That Girl Juwa Month ago
I think I’m season 2 he is going save Allie but pretend he wasn’t part of the plan and Allie and will are still dating and she hates because she doesn’t know he came up with the plan and I think at the end of the season they are going get together
That Girl Juwa
That Girl Juwa Month ago
Lebogang Kylar the society it’s a show
Lebogang Kylar
Lebogang Kylar Month ago
Whats the name of the movie😥?
Karina Z
Karina Z Month ago
I ship them so much ❤
IRENE BAE Month ago
Can't wait for season 2
lesmings Month ago
ashley wilder
ashley wilder Month ago
this show really went downhill for me after the few episodes.
Alexandra Beatrice
1/4 of the views here is literally me no joke i'm always coming back to this video because the song, the lines, scenes and them are perfect!!! i can't wait for season 2 and see them together
Valentina epifanis Alarcon cruz
Valeria Arauz
Valeria Arauz Month ago
I really wanted them to stay together🥺
Naomi Meyer
Naomi Meyer Month ago
ok but where is season 2 at like can it come out right now I need some more hallie content. and sam and grizz obviously
vanessa souza
vanessa souza Month ago
Quando a 2 temporada lançar eu quero que os dois fiquem juntos, eu shippei.
ajajajaja Ajajajajajaj
where the fuck is season 2????
Ishika -
Ishika - Month ago
Another ship like Bellarke
Chiaraangel07 Month ago
Love Harry, but hated Allie
Shpresa Isteri
Shpresa Isteri Month ago
This is damn beautiful
Naomi Unda
Naomi Unda 2 months ago
Amo este ship, porque me imagino que si se enamoran de verdad, harry va a cambiar y va a ser una mejor persona al igual que ally
Zabriann Myles
Zabriann Myles 2 months ago
So are we getting a season 2 because I really liked this show?!?!
Alexandra Beatrice
@Lyna A. she's a bitch
Lyna A.
Lyna A. Month ago
Alexandra Beatrice Corona is a brat. Sorry not sorry :/
Alexandra Beatrice
@quinn darley i heard the production was halted because of corona virus :((
Zabriann Myles
Zabriann Myles 2 months ago
quinn darley thank you so much 😊
quinn darley
quinn darley 2 months ago
yes! Netflix says season 2 will be released in 2020. If filming is done I would guess it will be dropped this summer or early fall. If production was halted it probably won't be released until late winter :(
Ellida Munch
Ellida Munch 2 months ago
when will we get season 2 even before Corona we never heard anything
angel habitat
angel habitat 2 months ago
I feel like in order for them to gain trust and establish a new healthier relationship there has to be some sort of overdose for Harry or near death experience so that Allie saves him to prove that she still cares and wouldn’t hesitate to save his life even though he was the reason her sister was murdered, I feel like that scenario could really pull some meaningful emotions out of both of them and it would be interesting to see.
I dump your ass
I dump your ass 2 months ago
they're my fav ship in this show, if they don't end up together imma end up depressed 😣 i need them!! 😔 ( also Grizz and Sam are my other fav ship too)
Lara Oelfke
Lara Oelfke 2 months ago
Harry and Allie are perfect for each other they have real chemistry❤ i HOPE Netflix hear all of us Hallieshipper and do the only right thing in the next season 😍❤
Paradise 2 months ago
Why is season 2 taking so long? My OTP
finn mertens
finn mertens 2 months ago
i want to see more allie x harry on season 2 🥺
yasmine elkhodr
yasmine elkhodr 2 months ago
BRUH RHFNJKNWHFJK 0:04 u can tell he wants her its so obvious but when she asks why hes running he realised she doesnt want him bdhubchdhuh hallie better be in season 2
Emma Cobb
Emma Cobb 2 months ago
ok but like that little hand grab harry does to allie when he’s laying in bed and she’s trying to get him up literally gets me every time ughh🥺🥺
Katelyn ko
Katelyn ko 2 months ago
*silently screams*
barbie 2 months ago
season 2 I NEEEEED them together
Why does he look like if mackenzie ziegler was a boy💀
Sapatão que shippa outras sapatão
Debora Spaczek
Debora Spaczek 2 months ago
They endgame!!!! If they dont Will be together in season 2 i kill myself😂❤️ i need theeeem🥺
Lola Grogalska
Lola Grogalska 2 months ago
Why Harry & Allie and Sam & Grizz can't be together?!
Lyna A.
Lyna A. Month ago
I am so excited to see the new season. 🥺 If they don’t end up together, I’ll start a riot. Who’s with me? 🥴
I dump your ass
I dump your ass 2 months ago
literally, my two fav ships 🤧
Zara Dunn
Zara Dunn 2 months ago
I really hope that it’s not the awful sex making her not give him another chance 😩😩
Debora Spaczek
Debora Spaczek 2 months ago
Zara Dunn OMG iam laughing so hard 😂😂😂
Denisexx 2 months ago
This reminds me of Bellamy and Clarke!
Yess just like how they first started hating eachother then the next, them needing eachother and guiding their people..
Roman Andreea
Roman Andreea 2 months ago
Joy 3 months ago
when i say i want this couple to be slowburn i didnt say bellarke. TF is season 7 and we still dont have that canon so no, maybe end of s2 or s3 will do but pls be a couple
Reeh 3 months ago
Gente quem foi q matou a irmã dela msm?
Grace Mez
Grace Mez 3 months ago
i can’t focus on them when the vampire diaries song is playing lmao
Florencia Sánchez
Florencia Sánchez 3 months ago
When is season 2 happening !!!! I mean it feels like forever 😭
Carly Ost
Carly Ost 3 months ago
I can’t wait for season two ❤️😭
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez 3 months ago
I fr can’t stand will and Allie as a couple
Anh Thư Hồ
Anh Thư Hồ 3 months ago
Halley is mah endgame 🙆
Series ë etc
Series ë etc 3 months ago
é sobre o que?
Ana Moarry
Ana Moarry 3 months ago
FUCCKKK i need season 2!!!!
Cindy Alves
Cindy Alves 3 months ago
Tudo que eu queria era a segunda temporada
Jessica Duarte Duarte
Qual é o nome da série?
Kika Jencova
Kika Jencova 3 months ago
Im waiting for season 2 for a long time i want hallie 😢 (update: thank u for the likes omg!!)
Shamma Alf
Shamma Alf Month ago
Kerry Miller its a show called the society on netflix :)
Kerry Miller
Kerry Miller Month ago
What is the film name
Debora Spaczek
Debora Spaczek 2 months ago
Shamma Alf Oh thank youu🥰 you too sound like It 🥰❤️
Shamma Alf
Shamma Alf 2 months ago
sameeee also you sound like the kindest person ever u give such cute vibes idk why
Debora Spaczek
Debora Spaczek 2 months ago
Shamma Alf yes thats why It Will be winter 😭😭😭 iam gonna die 😫 i cant wait for that long!
Anghjulina Quenn
Anghjulina Quenn 3 months ago
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 4 months ago
i don’t think i will ever understand people that ship allie and will or harry and kelly.
Ema 2 days ago
Vassilina K
Vassilina K 5 days ago
dean ambrose
dean ambrose 9 days ago
Me too bro
numberoneikon Month ago
Valeria Arauz
Valeria Arauz Month ago
I feel like Harry and kelly didn’t have good chemistry
Geovana Da Silva Pessanha
Martaa c
Martaa c 4 months ago
Yess, I really like this ship🥰
Che Chenka
Che Chenka 4 months ago
Что зафильм кто знает
Виктория Ашурбекова
Сериал Общество
Maria Clara Lima
Maria Clara Lima 4 months ago
Quem vê assim nem pensa que Harry é um embuste desgraçado
Klip Hanem
Klip Hanem 5 months ago
Very very good!!!
Fernanda valentina Canales ruiz
Me hubiera encantado ellos dos como una parejita 😳❤😞
UnDinosaurio 5 months ago
La mejor pareja ♥️✌️
Christine Rivas
Christine Rivas 5 months ago
Un Dinosaurio no ntendi xq se la llevan asi y el lo ordena?
Jaycelynn 5 months ago
From the thumbnail thought that was Jeff 💀
high black sky
high black sky 5 months ago
I want them to be ENDGAME...
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