hold on || harry & allie [the society]

quinn darley
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You guys know I had to make a video for my enemies-to-lovers babies. Either way this show is amazing and you should totally check it out if you can because its sooooo good.
harry and allie deserve the world and I swear if we don't get season 2 I will riot.
► Footage: The Society [Netflix]
► Song: hold on by chord overstreet
► Coloring: mine
► Program: FCP

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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 88
quinn darley
quinn darley Month ago
WOW!! 100,000 views. Thank you so much, I never thought that a video I made would ever reach 100 views, let alone 100,000. I’m grateful that I can create content that people want to watch!! Thank you so much to everyone who has watched this and even more to those who have left comments! xoxo quinn
Diamond Lover
Diamond Lover 4 days ago
My favorite ship from this series!
Aylaselenia Maxwell
No entiendo porque, a algunos les gustan ellos juntos, si cuando se acostaron Allie, ni lo disfruto y creo que le dio una infección. A ninguno le interesa el otro😕😕
Bianca Ribeiro
Bianca Ribeiro 8 days ago
Chris PΛNDΛ 17 days ago
he givin me the same vibes like melton
Victoria 18 days ago
Honestly the end was a bit confusing for me, I did like the show overall but the ending was just a disappointment
jaclyn jester
jaclyn jester 19 days ago
Hope their endgame
shiki rh
shiki rh 22 days ago
Hold on (Team TVD) ❤
Phera PL
Phera PL 26 days ago
My fav couple
Amelia P
Amelia P Month ago
I realy liked ally in the begining but than she became so bitchy and nów i hate her
•Emiliana •
•Emiliana • Month ago
Amber Beam
Amber Beam Month ago
cherry pop
cherry pop Month ago
harry: :/ allie: are ??? you ??? okAY ????????
KH Month ago
This show is like drag
catus felis
catus felis 2 months ago
They are gonna be the new Bellarke
Athvirginia 4 days ago
Nooo don't say that
Amber Beam
Amber Beam 2 months ago
there's a line between misunderstood soft boi and complete a**hole. Harry uses this line as a jump rope.
Iulia N. Danis
Iulia N. Danis Month ago
I've never seen something more real than this istg
Princess Adieslayne
Princess Adieslayne 3 months ago
I absolutely ship Allie with Harry but I just don’t understand why Netflix doesn’t hear us because we ALREADY know that will and Allie will end up together cause it’s safe but with Harry it’s feels new and real, not made up like with Will. I just hope they hear us and let hallie happen cause it has its possibility’s but BOTH Allie and Harry need to get over Kelly and will.
Galilea TNS
Galilea TNS 3 months ago
I love you video is awesome!!!! Good video
cl. cht
cl. cht 3 months ago
I'm shipping Allie and Harry AND ALSO Kathryn and Alex lmao there is some real chemistry between these two
Amber Beam
Amber Beam 3 months ago
Harry and Allie: *is on screen Us: Great, Now. ......... KIIIIISSSSSS
Gray bunny
Gray bunny 4 months ago
sehli feriel
sehli feriel 4 months ago
harry & allie They are a fantastic duo 😍😍😍 I hope they establish a relationship in Season 2 because they fit 🙏
Yilif 4 months ago
This reminds me of Clarke and Bellamy from the 100.. first they hated each other but later they became best friends AND I HOPE SOON A FUCKING COUPLE!!!
SayYesBrunette 4 months ago
I love Alex ❤❤❤
ltsprecious 4 months ago
The song is just perfect for this ship. I wish Harry would change for the better because of Allie for the second season. I’d die to see that 💖
Chloe Mckinnon
Chloe Mckinnon 4 months ago
I really want and need them together. they make my heart happy🥺
eu sou ubnezeira
eu sou ubnezeira 4 months ago
Shipo muito, pena que ele é um cuzão
Kauanny Fonseca
Kauanny Fonseca 2 months ago
queria muito que eles ficassem juntos
Mel D
Mel D 4 months ago
Wow this is amazing !!! I love them great job !!
Anessa ;'p
Anessa ;'p 4 months ago
I really think now that there's something in this series that they don't show us now and the first season is kind of pre-run. I guess there are going to be some flashback from before new ham and I also think that there's secret cooperation between those two. I mean, there are so many scenes showing there's something else. I'm not saying that's love considering will part but they are working together for sure.
حيدر عذاب
حيدر عذاب 4 months ago
What is the name of the movie
quinn darley
quinn darley 4 months ago
haeder al hsnawi it is a show called the society on netflix
حيدر عذاب
حيدر عذاب 4 months ago
شنو اسم الفلم
Mitchelle Egeonu
Mitchelle Egeonu 4 months ago
I don’t get this ship. It’s okay not to ship Will and Allie but I really CANT ship these two. The only reason Harry and her slept together was because Kelly rejected him and Will rejected her. Sure he may care for her or even like her but I really don’t think she likes him. I mean he freaking locked her up and took her place as the mayor. Also he’s an entitled selfish asshole and this was pretty clear from the beginning. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He was literally drowning in self pity because he wasn’t getting his way and people were living in his house. All he wanted to do was party and he hated Cassandra for being a born leader and being better than him. Okay I know it may seem like it but I don’t hate him. I just don’t really care about him and I don’t see why people like him and Allie together when she can do so much better.
Hemant Sinsinwar
Hemant Sinsinwar 4 months ago
I want Cassandra back in season 2
ida Bengtsson
ida Bengtsson 5 months ago
White people Killer
White people Killer 5 months ago
Aliie and Will forever. Harry is a drugged.
mya rae
mya rae 5 months ago
this was all i needed and more omg-- i love them so much 😭❤❤
gabriely rangel
gabriely rangel 5 months ago
My shipp ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 5 months ago
Annie Stories55
Annie Stories55 5 months ago
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith 5 months ago
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