Hockey Fans Fly Off Broken Escalator, But It Happens More Than You Think

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Terrified hockey fans went flying off a malfunctioning escalator inside Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center following a Flyers game on Sunday afternoon. The shocking incident shows people crashing into each other at the bottom of an escalator that suddenly sped up. Each year thousands of people are injured riding escalators. At a Washington D.C. metro station, an escalator also suddenly sped up, sending travelers tumbling down in 2012.

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Apr 4, 2016




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Comments 1 455
KatastrophicNoodle 10 days ago
What if it breaks in the middle though? TBH there's literally no point in having them at the top or the bottom anyway because you're already there , you're already at the end. Where else more can you go?
Leah Month ago
i dont find this funny at all , that women lost her life and that kid lost his mum. its sad
Press the stop button.
Alexander Painton
she heard it speeding up like a moving city bus and revving up like a bus engine
J Ander
J Ander Month ago
So nobody thought to hit stop button ....
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores Month ago
El Bichote
El Bichote Month ago
Buck Wild
Buck Wild Month ago
STL Blues fan rigged it..! Hahaha foolish Philly fans.
Zahraa Jebara
Zahraa Jebara 2 months ago
oml. inside edition has experts for everything!! what’s next? experts for blinking?
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero 2 months ago
Probably malfunctioned because of the weight
Ssavious 2 months ago
They were too slow
Sandhu Rashpal
Sandhu Rashpal 3 months ago
djdsf 4 months ago
Meghan looking right
Mary T.
Mary T. 4 months ago
What’s wrong with stairs????????? Why do we need these so bad
NathanB18 4 months ago
That escalted quickly.
emma perrone
emma perrone 5 months ago
I guess the escalator went flyin get it flying flyers ok I’ll stop
Lia/Lisa Lalalalala
Lia/Lisa Lalalalala 5 months ago
Goodbye escalator!Hello stairs !
The Truth
The Truth 5 months ago
1:24 happend to me once and almost broke my arm
parteibonza 5 months ago
idiots. they all panic and forget the stop button
Sebastian Concannon
Sebastian Concannon 5 months ago
I was there
Nezuko Vang
Nezuko Vang 5 months ago
tomonews or inside edition???
Moyu chan
Moyu chan 5 months ago
You know that incident in japan/china when a woman and her son were going up the escalator? Yeah, the escalator opened on the top swallowing the woman slowly, it was so sad to see, even if she was suffering she still handed her son to the salesladies hurriedly while her lower body was being swallowed. The staff couldnt do anything, especily since they were women. The woman eventually died and her son, i think was sent to a relative or an orphanage. It totally broke my heart watching the scene
K .P.P.V
K .P.P.V 5 months ago
That seems fun
Rasika 5 months ago
Wtf dude
Nezuko 6 months ago
Now I never want to use an escalator
AJSSPACEPLACE 6 months ago
Some maintenance person probably got fired or yelled at
Andrew Simoes
Andrew Simoes 6 months ago
Note to self, One step at a time
Alexis Chan
Alexis Chan 6 months ago
1:09 that sounds like a horrible way to die
TheLochs 6 months ago
If an escalator breaks it usually becomes stairs, not this time.
Silent Bob
Silent Bob 6 months ago
She's the next nightcrawler
Ian The Cool Thief
Ian The Cool Thief 7 months ago
That happened almost weekly, but on the slide in my school playground in 6th grade.
Mega Smith01
Mega Smith01 7 months ago
I’ll use the stairs thanks.
KyleEhm1 7 months ago
Happened to football ( soccer fans ) in Rome. People lost limbs and everything as the bottom bit popped up and was just like a knife slicing peoples legs ect as they hit it
Israel Serna
Israel Serna 8 months ago
In the movie, the final destination, the was a escalator accident that caused an unreal exotic death. So severe that it caused a persons body to get sucked into it
Israel Serna
Israel Serna 8 months ago
The escalator accident that was my fave was dead woman. Rest in peace
300pzl 8 months ago
"This escalator reversed for no reason"
Benjamin Dyer
Benjamin Dyer 8 months ago
thrust? I hope he means torque.
Dom s
Dom s 9 months ago
Install a speed sensor. If it goes too fast, apply emergency brake
Chantelle Granza
Chantelle Granza 9 months ago
Yo I used to be afraid of elevators and would only ever take the escalator cuz no where has stairs anymore but guess it’s back to elevators😂
Ecstasy And Heroin
Ecstasy And Heroin 9 months ago
Ecstasy And Heroin
Ecstasy And Heroin 9 months ago
b.but you can stop it with your tippy toes
caT 10 months ago
O dang that looks like fun
pp 10 months ago
Guess what my new phobia is :D
i thirzty
i thirzty 10 months ago
escalator gear: breaks Inside Edition: press the red button 🤦‍♂️
eingew 10 months ago
Is the voice of the narrator piched down? :D
Alicia 10 months ago
How about not shoving 5,000 people on an escalator at once. Common sense people.
Infernus ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ
That's the normal speed of escalators in Hungary lmao.
Andrei Cabusao
Andrei Cabusao 10 months ago
Hockey Fans: Why is this escalator so slow? Ughhhh.... Escalator: YEET!
David T
David T 10 months ago
Yeah, no, that stop button isn't doing a thing in these situations. Can't stop an escalator when the belt snaps and there's nothing to stop it.
Anan R.
Anan R. 10 months ago
Escalator phobia activated
casual cactus
casual cactus 10 months ago
There where to much people on the escalator
Kyouko Toshino
Kyouko Toshino 11 months ago
I won't take my shoe off and shove it in the side
Apple Juice Simpson
Apple Juice Simpson 11 months ago
Shout out to the people who helped those who collapsed at the bottom of the escalator... *_Instead of pulling out their cell phones..._*
Floofer Pupper
Too much weight breaks the escalator.
Kehwanna Year ago
Damn it Comcast. You have sucky internet service and terrible escalators? Why do you like hurting you patrons so much?
Lilkeer Year ago
Just stop the escalator
Javier Peh
Javier Peh Year ago
If the people at the botton the people on top would not pile up and will have lesser injurys
Ruby Red X
Ruby Red X Year ago
Antonio Ramirez
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