history of the entire world, i guess

bill wurtz
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May 10, 2017




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Comments 100
Ur the yee to my haw bro ;-;
Who iS here when they're supposed to study or do something productive? . Nobody? Mkkay well i am
Normita Mendaje
Normita Mendaje 16 minutes ago
4M likes lets make this a million like to Go guys
Jo Coppus
Jo Coppus 18 minutes ago
*That’s how every it gets*
MadJo 19 minutes ago
yasma 20 minutes ago
Random 23 minutes ago
I am physically and emotionally confused why someone would dislike this
Mike TheScienceGuy
Mike TheScienceGuy 45 minutes ago
10:18 haha
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 45 minutes ago
I learned more here than in science and social studies in the 8 years I have been at my school
JoJo Zek
JoJo Zek 46 minutes ago
It got very every real quick
Kaleb Hills
Kaleb Hills 47 minutes ago
it sounds like he's on drugs
Su tart Albert
Su tart Albert 51 minute ago
3:03 The sun is a deadly laser XD
Mazen Elsayed
Mazen Elsayed 51 minute ago
Dude you just made my brain sound like my 4 years old microwave
Mike TheScienceGuy
Mike TheScienceGuy 54 minutes ago
forgot the part where the oxygen (produced by these revolutionary bacteria) killed most anaerobic organisms ('cause of the O2's acid properties) and then populated the world.
Spring Bear
Spring Bear 55 minutes ago
SJ 58 minutes ago
Sea animals: - We wanna go on land. *The sun is a deadly laser* Sea animals: - Understandable, have a great day.
simonemarcos 59 minutes ago
3:00 8:28
Michelle Grayson
My teachers will spend a month teaching about one day when bill can teach everything in 20 minutes
Obnoxas Hour ago
how have I never watched this it's the source of my favorite NB memes
Commander Wulf
And then coronavirus and everyone freaked out. Whoops American government is breaking
Gaming Session
1:09 and that’s how the neutron style was made
Get Megumin 1k subs
You can make a video out of this
Zara Gunter
Zara Gunter Hour ago
Marius Bartkevicius
Dislikes are flat earthers
Ahmad Kazan
Ahmad Kazan Hour ago
This is God like.
General Kenobi
"nothing is no where" Hmmmm yes the floor here is made out of floor
katie kate
katie kate Hour ago
this were 4 years of history on my school packet into 20 min
Schools are going to go out of business for this
Rehnuma Hasan
Rehnuma Hasan Hour ago
He is like a teacher who don't like teaching but still make it enjoyable
ssly Hour ago
lets be honest u watched all of this
- Redcloud -
- Redcloud - Hour ago
Bill Wurtz is right about those thing inventors inventing thing inventors, any day now AI will wipe out all human life.
Nikooo4ka Hour ago
1. I am god 2. no one else is god 3. Don't make fun of me 4. You can take Saturday off 5. Do what your parents say 6. Don't murder anyone 7. Don't be too sexy 8. Don't rob anyone 9. Don't lie about other people in court 10. Don't want to do any of the things i just told you not to do
Gabe 2 hours ago
Has it already been three years? I remember watching this over and over when it first came out man.
Вероника Алексеенко
name surname
name surname 2 hours ago
S.S håndverk
S.S håndverk 2 hours ago
My head hurts
Fren 2 hours ago
He put ads on!
i didn't get any
FruityKiddo 2 hours ago
Most liked video what in the
꧁omg꧂ 2 hours ago
NOW LOOK AT THOSE *BREASTS* Those are some nice dino tiddies. Noice.
Adrian Reynolds
Adrian Reynolds 2 hours ago
Basically an entire school semester in less than 20 minutes.
Chahinez 2 hours ago
The first minute i clicked the vid away
Sai Kote
Sai Kote 2 hours ago
The dislikes are teachers
Gabriel Abi Saad
Gabriel Abi Saad 2 hours ago
I am questioning my existence after this😳
max Ob
max Ob 2 hours ago
The sun is a ~deadly raiser~
Hans Oosterkamp
Hans Oosterkamp 2 hours ago
History is nor nececary any moren
Young Don The Sauce God
9/10 forgot to mention my birth
joey hardin
joey hardin 2 hours ago
2:35 *_NIFTY_*
Eve Marie Erro Drummond
I have probably learned more with this at history than anything on the rest of my life. And also you explain it in a way that is interesting and funny. Thank you for making this content, and even more for making it free!
【 ๑.sᴛᴀʀʀʏ.๑ 】
I just realised, there was no mention of Australia.
Aryan Rana
Aryan Rana 2 hours ago
Ohh it took 19 mins to create the world.. Nice
caleb株式会社 2 hours ago
Basti Zeiler
Basti Zeiler 3 hours ago
100Million views!!!!!
Silent_Studios_YT !
Those Ten Commandments tho
ZeWolferex 3 hours ago
Me:*hears lithuania* Also me:LITHUANIA IS HISTORY WOOO
The Magical Gamer
The Magical Gamer 3 hours ago
the dislikes are people that know that this shit tries to be funny and ends up being a piece of shit
sure thing buddy.
Ceres Hydra
Ceres Hydra 3 hours ago
imagine how long it would take to edit this
Ceres Hydra
Ceres Hydra 3 hours ago
I am the Indian
Anna Baker
Anna Baker 3 hours ago
You should do this again but instead of the "history of the entire world" it should be about the year 2020!!!!! Like if you agree!!!!!!!
Astrid Sunburst
Astrid Sunburst 3 hours ago
Anna Baker he quit RUvid for the time being, we don’t know if he’ll come back or not
Cool_Blu RBLX
Cool_Blu RBLX 3 hours ago
You forgot bout the istory of Hawaii. Just say, Columbus came and the Hawai’i like him then they didn’t. Years later. America came. And said, give us the land or you die. They jail their queen and they gone. That why America isn’t always great.
GAMERX Ani 3 hours ago
WTF he has 101 million views 🤩🤩😭\🤯🤯😳😳
Sugar Vibes
Sugar Vibes 3 hours ago
101million views wow
Soha Ahammad
Soha Ahammad 3 hours ago
It's the history of the world , I guess?
TheSoreOres 3 hours ago
*Is loving jesus legal yet?* Rome: _No_ Constantine: *_I sense a disturbance in the Empire_*
Gurman Chhabra
Gurman Chhabra 4 hours ago
Watch this one in you life. You dont need to watch anything else
Cleanoel 4 hours ago
Why did i... Why did you watch this whole video??
Old Toby
Old Toby 4 hours ago
Alright youtube, I watched it. Happy now?
don'tyouevercometo myclasswithoutapensndpaper
This has been on my recommended ever since it was released and I have no idea why I haven’t watched it yet.
Hameed Shikhani
Hameed Shikhani 4 hours ago
I saw this in my teachers recommended lmao😂😂😂
Callum T
Callum T 4 hours ago
Instructions unclear I am now Einstein
becca friedman
becca friedman 4 hours ago
5 minutes in and i’ve already learned more than in all my high school class combined
Zappymprgamer_fn 4 hours ago
How did i learn more things in this video than school
Cosmic_Galaxy9 4 hours ago
This is funny and scary at the same time
Tanmay Tikekar
Tanmay Tikekar 4 hours ago
Except Britain, cuz they don't feel like it 😂😂😂
Pdawg9999 5 hours ago
This feels like being high while learning
Chim Bơ
Chim Bơ 5 hours ago
Still too fast at 0.75 speed
ʝιиχ 5 hours ago
Me giving a lecture and my mind suddenly thing's about sh*t stuff
HESuper Pro
HESuper Pro 5 hours ago
"History of the whole world" 100 million people: Look there is me
HESuper Pro
HESuper Pro 5 hours ago
Imagine being this the only proof that humans existed.....
Gamz_Plays 5 hours ago
I bet this guy is good at history
Daddy Plus Sophia
Daddy Plus Sophia 5 hours ago
3:05 ✨n o t a n y m o r e t h e r e s a b l a n k e t✨ There never has and never will be a better way to describe the atmosphere
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 5 hours ago
I’ve learned more in this than I’ve ever learned in social studies
Ljubisav Madzgalj
Ljubisav Madzgalj 5 hours ago
Ive unironically learned more about the world than I did from history
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 5 hours ago
Nobody: 4:12 *My friends:*
rochill pasaporte
rochill pasaporte 5 hours ago
101M views uhmmm interesting ✨
Joseph’s Life
Joseph’s Life 5 hours ago
i bet the dislikes are religion extremists that think evolution is a lie and got offended by their religion being in the video that way
Joel Maiato
Joel Maiato 6 hours ago
Me during math class: 0:12 to 0:30
A random sylveon
A random sylveon 6 hours ago
lets just appreciate the fact that now recent comments go viral...
•Unknown Pastel•
The one cool History/Science teacher:
BurntBumhole 6 hours ago
I would like you all to tell me how many times they have come back to this video.
1991 Ghoste
1991 Ghoste 6 hours ago
👽 wtf is this?
A random sylveon
A random sylveon 6 hours ago
a masterpiece
Noob King
Noob King 6 hours ago
We hit 100m boisssss
Nic K.
Nic K. 6 hours ago
This video will be legendary
Gherardo La Tour
Gherardo La Tour 6 hours ago
Italy did get Ethiopia tho
Jerry Favila
Jerry Favila 6 hours ago
im using this video to cheat on my history exams
Francis McCorey
Francis McCorey 6 hours ago
I heard that I out of ten people are actual descendants of are descendants of the Gengescar
Enes PINAR 6 hours ago
Why Muhammad’s head is burning? I think It’s disrespect.Other than that, the video is great and was helpful.
Everyone who thinks that america is a country is stupid, is called USA. America is the CONTINENT
Nico Niko_ Gamer
Nico Niko_ Gamer 7 hours ago
year 2028
Raine 7 hours ago
Dude this vid helped me with my recitation earlier
Glen Dream
Glen Dream 7 hours ago
thats how we got on this marble.
Ella Frida
Ella Frida 7 hours ago
person: what is your biggest fear? gen z: 5:01
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