History Buffs: The Wolf of Wall Street

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Jun 17, 2018

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Comments 4 361
CDonthebeat 20 minutes ago
Lucky bastud
Smaller Badger11
Smaller Badger11 17 hours ago
The south sea buble is close to it
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 21 hour ago
I bet most of it was bullshit but the drugs make it probably seem like it was.
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola 2 days ago
This is modern history - why would you even ask that lame question? Biopic = some history.
mickygriggs 2 days ago
I love your channel. You do great work. Please consider reviewing Young Guns.
Darius Kaperonis
Darius Kaperonis 2 days ago
Not true, he artificially inflated the stock by using Ratholes (stock that he secretly owned but that was in other people's names) and it was ability to manipulate stock value that caught the interest of investigators
Josh S.Rios
Josh S.Rios 2 days ago
I’m moving out billy Joel
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 2 days ago
Do titanic
Dominic Fastbender
Sorry, just thought I heard 'self respecting broker''. Yeah, and I'm an honest lawyer. The big reveal here, is how bad the commercials were.
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 3 days ago
You forgot one thing, you forgot to cover his Swiss banker who was taken down for laundering drug money for the founder of Benihana. You know the quote ever.
Beachdude67 4 days ago
Jordan Belfort was a scumbag then and he hasn't changed. He's still a scumbag.
Ron wilkins
Ron wilkins 4 days ago
Sh*t happened...therefore history
Levi Cathcart
Levi Cathcart 4 days ago
0:50 "Pump and Dump"- sorry, had to.
CactusYack 4 days ago
black skin head made me subscribe
Maggie Wiese
Maggie Wiese 4 days ago
Whats that song playing in the backround?
John Joyce
John Joyce 4 days ago
Nomi Malone
Nomi Malone 4 days ago
"History" doesn't have to mean 50 years ago (or more).
Nomi Malone
Nomi Malone 2 days ago
@g h You "belive" incorrectly. "History" means many things things. 1. It can be used as a noun to describe anything that happened in the past. 5 minutes ago can be considered history. 2. It can be used to describe a body of knowledge. It never means "at least 15 years".
g h
g h 3 days ago
I belive something can be considered «history» after about 15 years
Thatoneguy 5 days ago
His wife is still super fucking hot he was rich partied and only had to do 3 years in a min security resort most def worth it
theklamfyr 2 days ago
its never worth it if you cheat.
Augustin Olivares
watching DiCaprio get OFF A BUS is incredible in itself!!! What a world class actor and american icon
Joseph Murray
Joseph Murray 5 days ago
You really obviously didn't read the book because so much of this is not accurate and is more just rehashing the movie
AlienFirefox 6 days ago
u need too make a second channel and do none historical movies like this
TheTarkonator 6 days ago
What’s the intro song?
John Wick
John Wick 6 days ago
Sooo wait a minute they didnt mind of him stealing the money from the poor but when it come from the rich the government started to get pissef lets just think about that??? No one cared about stealing from the poor but rich is ridiculous... Wow
jason benjamin
jason benjamin 7 days ago
So in America if you steal 200 Dollars for food...Larceny... 5-10 years in Pound me up the ass prison. Swindle Millions...Tennis and Rehab!
justin h
justin h 7 days ago
Hes now running scams in Australia, actually... Look it up. Slimy fucker
justin h
justin h 7 days ago
The real wife is hotter than margo robbie.
elliot campbell
elliot campbell 7 days ago
Cant hate the man he played the damn game well
Jeffery Saulter
Jeffery Saulter 8 days ago
Stop doing white people history and do something like black panther and the history of Wakanda
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 8 days ago
Bo Dielt is the most corrupt cop ever! He is just like fat tony the mob boss from the Simpsons! Screw Belford for not doing real prison time!
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 8 days ago
Yet they never thought about lawsuits from women!!!! So therefore you guys do not have half a brain.
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 8 days ago
Too many males are unprofessional and therefore do not belong in the workplace!
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 8 days ago
What a dumb, desperate, and pathetic whore who got her head shaved for money for implants, and also for a bigger pair, her second pair!
Joe Ott
Joe Ott 8 days ago
Wow!!!!! Thank you soooo much for making this video! It was awsome and you made me laugh whitch made for a good rest of my day!
David S
David S 8 days ago
I'm glad I never sat through this ridiculously long movie! I'd have been angry as all hell, watching these idiots robbing people, and really getting away with it!
Zach Holt
Zach Holt 9 days ago
In the good ole days, he would of been trotted out in front of the working poor (peasants) and been torn limb from limb.
Arielxsiempre 9 days ago
If you're hungry enough you'll sell anything ...
Jordan Destoop
Jordan Destoop 9 days ago
All of it is real, Infact there is way more stuff that wasn’t in the movie
Kaisersozze 9 days ago
What are the dangers? I dont get it.
Guitarfollower22 9 days ago
4:40 Wait I don’t remember this scene in the movie. Is this from a trailer?
Geoffrey Desi
Geoffrey Desi 10 days ago
Please do a review on Zero Dark Thirty. Thank you my friend! Another excellent review! Cheers!
Wilfried J
Wilfried J 11 days ago
greatest movie of all time
Yani PRO
Yani PRO 11 days ago
Darren Semotiuk
Darren Semotiuk 9 days ago
​@michael g kelly NOPE. In 1989's SNEHNE Wilder and Pryor are 2 strangers (deaf and blind) who eventually are on the run together after being framed for a crime (murder). But in 1980's "Stir Crazy" they are actually IN prison (again, framed, bank robbery -- but this time they were already friends).
Yani PRO
Yani PRO 10 days ago
@michael g kelly TY ma man!
michael g kelly
michael g kelly 10 days ago
See no evil hear no evil
Bishnu KC
Bishnu KC 12 days ago
5:32 its a ferrari not a lambo
ZAKK THE MANIAC 13 days ago
Awesome fucking movie. Watch it all the time. One of my favorites. Never gets old.
Ajskells 13 days ago
My parents used to work on Wall Street and met Belfort
bad channel
bad channel 14 days ago
The fact the he was with tommy Chong really amazed me.
Kamren Apelskog
Kamren Apelskog 14 days ago
wonder if they let him and tommy chong smoke down in there? they should let inmates smoke pot, they're in a cell most of their life, would you wanna be sober?
Free America20/20
Free America20/20 14 days ago
So the same people that sucker ordinary people out of money made a movie to sucker people out of their money. Yeah I get it. When you score a touchdown you got a spike the football.
BritishBoy 123
BritishBoy 123 14 days ago
happend in the past= histroy
Davey Duff
Davey Duff 14 days ago
DiCaprio is now the wolf of Global Warming!
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