History Buffs: The Wolf of Wall Street

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Jun 17, 2018




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Comments 4 640
Joseph Fleeger
Do First Man!
IcemaN 16 hours ago
Love black skinhead as the background music
Avan Roy Official
Jordan you lucky son of a bitch
Tim Verheijdt
Tim Verheijdt 2 days ago
Pretty sure it's a Ferrari.. Nevertheless, cool video
What Fruit
What Fruit 3 days ago
Do you know what Jordan Belfort did after he left prison? Sell sub prime mortgages in pre 2008 america. The man shits money.
Minimal 15
Minimal 15 4 days ago
8:42 *WHERE'S WHO!??????????* . (I'M FUCKING KIDDING)
Paul Lee
Paul Lee 4 days ago
I know that beginning joke was done as a bit gag, but I would argue that this definitely does count as history
SleepLess 6 days ago
What happened to the money he smuggled???
Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith 6 days ago
Disboss 6 days ago
13:08 what movie is that Also what’s the music at 3:24
Disboss 4 days ago
Niche1316 thanks
Niche1316 4 days ago
movin’ out by billy Joel
NewSherriff InTown
This is a top 5 RUvid channel. I’m glad that you’re getting the subs and views you deserve. *salute emoji*
Vlad Pepeș
Vlad Pepeș 9 days ago
I'm here after Jordan made a podcast episode with the fbi agent that got him arrested lmao
KaptainBasketball 11 days ago
Amazing movie
Franc Marcus
Franc Marcus 11 days ago
What is the song used in this
Khalid AlAli
Khalid AlAli 11 days ago
Why did he get married? I don’t get that!
Runertje550 11 days ago
damn, whats the name of this song? 1:47
luminarymani 12 days ago
its so sad to see how much he changed
primepm 12 days ago
How about reviewing the movie War Dogs?
Bacraut 13 days ago
What's the song at 0:23???
Thecrazeecow 13 days ago
I got a Jordan Belfort ad before the video
Dorothy Bellion
Dorothy Bellion 14 days ago
of course its history!
Damian Patriot
Damian Patriot 15 days ago
Greatest fuckin movie ever
DaDaniel122 16 days ago
Would love to see your take on Spartacus the 1960 movie and even the TV show.
DraCc ShouHei
DraCc ShouHei 16 days ago
the movie was amazing plus...I got to see MARGOT ROBBIE NAKED ...so...life's good
Ryan Roddy
Ryan Roddy 16 days ago
This might be the best movie ever made!
christian santos
christian santos 17 days ago
Why is black skinhead playing in the background
Blue Pump
Blue Pump 17 days ago
But he called a plane to rescue them from sinking😂 what’s it’s gonna do? Land on a wave?
Finesta 18 days ago
It's all fugazi
Big WW
Big WW 20 days ago
Whats going on at 13:20 lol?
illuminati 21 day ago
Last week some guy came to my door asking if I wanted to do some stock trading. . His corpse will never be found.
Brenden w
Brenden w 22 days ago
The only problem is that most people miss the point, and actually look up to, and want to be like Jordan Belfort
123 123
123 123 23 days ago
Accent and slang fucking blows, and they call American voices annoying
docaholic 23 days ago
You can't say this movie isn't related to history. It captures PERFECTLY the greed of the 1980's. It is also a great indictment of late stage capitalism; the willingness of pretty much everyone to fuck over anyone to make a buck that so perfectly describes our modern society.
Dwaalgeest 25 days ago
Your channel is something else. Incredible content!
Osiris Paradim
Osiris Paradim 25 days ago
I love seeing Henry zebrowski in this movie
e Williams
e Williams 26 days ago
13.07 is actually funnier than anything in the Wolf of wall street!
Ryan Thomson
Ryan Thomson 26 days ago
Have we ever considered that the whole wolf of Wall Street thing came from Chong?? I dunno I mean Chong was pretty laid back and one day was like "you were like a wolf on wall street man"
Peo XXL 26 days ago
1:47 whats the song ??
Underdog 802
Underdog 802 26 days ago
What's the music after the intro?
Ryan Eick
Ryan Eick 27 days ago
My dad has worked in finance for a good 35 years, and is the same age as Jordan Belfort. He says that he met him a couple times, and Stratton Oakmont was famous (or rather, infamous) among his colleagues. He offered some interesting insights. Apparently the part of the movie with the dialogue scripts that Jordan Belfort gives out is 100% accurate; he believed his process was so perfect, that all he had to do was put the words into his employees' mouths, and they could sell. While I do not work in finance (although I did have some internships in college), I've lived around that world my entire life; many of the kids I knew growing up also had parents that worked in finance. And many of those same kids are currently working in finance now. Considering the people I grew up around, here's what I can say: I loved this movie. Wolf of Wall Street is a fascinating and extremely accurate look at the MINDSET of finance people, how they view themselves, how they talk, and how they think. Many of them, particularly the younger ones that are closer to my age, love this movie and approach it the same way I would imagine gangsters do "The Godfather". Although, while finance people do love to party, spend tons of money, and avoid sobriety wherever possible, I think a lot of that was exaggerated in the film. For instance, finance people love their drugs and alcohol, but apart from the occasional beer on a Friday afternoon, doing either of those while you're actually in the office is highly frowned upon. If you want an accurate picture of what the finance world is actually like, as opposed to the mindset of the people in it, "The Big Short" is 100%.
god_of_peanuts 3
god_of_peanuts 3 28 days ago
"To tell a cautionary tale, about the absurdity and dangers, of excess" Proceeds to comment, close RUvid and pursue absurd and dangerous excessive success
Bryan Chu
Bryan Chu 28 days ago
I really like the Black Skinhead music in the background
Roslyn Aubrey
Roslyn Aubrey Month ago
The most surprising thing to me was that the fbi fought a crime rather than covered up for a crime or was part of a crime.
Selina Riccelli
Selina Riccelli Month ago
Apparently the dwarf thing happened
Chico The Rat
Chico The Rat Month ago
Pisss me off how Leonardo didn’t win an Oscar for his role he plays Jordan so well
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Month ago
I know that in Privy world things don't go down like for regular crooks, but that guy should have every ting that made him an Alpha male cut off and given a $500 per month pension ie homeless.
Benjamin Haddad
Benjamin Haddad Month ago
Look to the left at 4:45 you wont be dissapointed
Casey T
Casey T Month ago
You should make more of these type of videos. Like interesting movie’s historical accuracy and if the fans that think it doesn’t apply to history and all that then that’s ok they’re probably right in some ways but maybe jus create a different threat or category for the movie ones. I’d certainly subscribe because I’m a movie buff and a history buff
Tom & Jaden
Tom & Jaden Month ago
Captain Who ??
Matthew Blair
Matthew Blair Month ago
Tommy Chong was his cell mate he's one lucky dude that would be so awesome id go to jail any day as long as tommy was my cell mate
matt smith
matt smith Month ago
They had to "water the story down" in order to release it in theaters and not a violent porn
To me wolf of wall street is one of those movies where some people just completely miss the point and instead focus on the lifestyle over the actual message. Perhaps that is the fault of whoever wrote it.
Davery Ibuado
Davery Ibuado Month ago
Can anyone tell me the song used around the 4:20 mark?
social justice mage
the new intro sucks
james Brazil
james Brazil Month ago
my favorite part is when hes in prison and it pans out "I forgot that I was rich" I think this explains life... Living in even in the congo is nice when you are rich.
Marvel is better Than DC
Punished Jordan for being slick. Investors shouldn’t be stupid with their money.
Stoney Tha God
Stoney Tha God Month ago
Lol I love that “blackkk Skinhead” instrumental in the background of the beginning.
Troy Dube'
Troy Dube' Month ago
I had no idea that was Bo Dietl playing himself. That guy deserves a lot of credit, working with Oscar level talent on a HUGE movie production takes a lot more than just memorizing some lines.
mijamag Month ago
do pain and gain
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez Month ago
“fuck the clients” wall street logo.
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