HIS VOICE IS GORGEOUS - Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely | Allie Sherlock, Fabio & Jason cover

Allie Sherlock
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Welcome to our new band! In this video we are performing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. It's me, Allie Sherlock, performing with Fabio Rodrigues & Jason Mcnamara. Enjoy!
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Aug 2, 2020




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Comments 100
Filiberto Alvarado, Jr.
This was phenomenal!!
Antonio Coelho
Antonio Coelho 2 days ago
RED ZowW 15 days ago
David Flinter
David Flinter 23 days ago
when you say phenomenal, what are you referring to?
Marco Aurelio
Marco Aurelio Month ago
muito bom!
Wilson Eusebio73
Firdes Topatan
Firdes Topatan 6 hours ago
Wonderful voice. You need a show in Las Vegas
Jaime Guixeres
Jaime Guixeres 7 hours ago
Amazing !!!!
Drummer Christian Hoffe
Great performance! The guitarist is amazing! :-)
Anderson da Silva
Anderson da Silva 9 hours ago
cara vem pro Brasil ganhar o the voice daqui
Geras Tablet
Geras Tablet 10 hours ago
Charles Mosquera
Charles Mosquera 17 hours ago
What's the singers/guitarist's name? Voice of an angel. The girl needs some vocal training: breathing, how to sing hit notes with little effort and not yell to try to get a high note, voice sounds raspy from probably years of bad vocal habits.
Cupitor Veritatis
Cupitor Veritatis 17 hours ago
You need memorize lyrics. It DEFINITELY changes how you'll sing snd impart your own character into a cover/song.
ron freeman
ron freeman 19 hours ago
Street performers? Gotta be joking, a recording studio snap these guys up, surely...Amazing..
Gianpiero 722
I came to ur youtube channel after a long time and WOW... You're older, keeping your talent. It's amazing.
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))) :)))))))
Robert Manzanilla
Great Band! Where are you from?
Vincent Deloge
Très bon guitariste
Davilson Silva
Fabio, you are one of the best guitarists I have ever met. You sing wonderfully, as does your friend, also a singer, Allie Sherlock.
Patrick Hygonnet
fabio continue to keep her safe
edgarra setentayocho
Like like like mil like!!
R Smith
R Smith 2 days ago
Phenomenal guitar!
naszawaszaich 2 days ago
kobieto - kobieto - -
Cesar Paz
Cesar Paz 2 days ago
Леха RUS-MCK 2 days ago
Москва слушает.)
Yves Roc
Yves Roc 3 days ago
Igor Papkou
Igor Papkou 3 days ago
Этот пухлечок твой шанс, держись его!
Mikael 3 days ago
even he sings well . I'm man and cant get over those huge you know what
sooy been
sooy been 4 days ago
De Tudo um Pouco, Cleytinho
I love your voice Allie, so good listen you! I'm lovely for you 😍😅 Congratulation 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎶🎸🖤
Edgar Gama Luna
Edgar Gama Luna 4 days ago
In what City this happened?
T C 2005
T C 2005 Day ago
Dublin City, Ireland,😊🇮🇪
Владимир Голиков
shawn mcintyre
shawn mcintyre 5 days ago
Wow Thank You !!
christoph !!
christoph !! 5 days ago
Malazar Fidel
Malazar Fidel 5 days ago
"His" voice !?
Wellington Miranda
Esse cara do violão é muito bom e tem tudo pra ser brasileiro
e3scaff longun
e3scaff longun 5 days ago
I love her voice but that boy can play o my god it was sooo fantastic made me happy cry a lil bit
Fook Utube
Fook Utube 5 days ago
Fabio picking is awesome,theres only one person who can play like him..
Pete Partak
Pete Partak 6 days ago
Really great stuff!! Great inspiration for me to take making music more seriously, and believing I can make a career outta something I enjoy. Yes this half a channel plug, but seriously great rendition of the song. Adele must've been a big inspiration for you!
Frank Penna
Frank Penna 6 days ago
Fabio is great 👍
fatbelly27 6 days ago
Miss Allie, go!
CringeyWeeb 7 days ago
1:35 a normal day in CANNABISLAND
85passthru 7 days ago
misterix24 7 days ago
Best 👍🤗
David Kristal
David Kristal 7 days ago
abraham Llave
abraham Llave 7 days ago
I got stuck at this two talented singers for hours after I hear and saw both of them perform so fabulously talented performer, smooth guitar sound of Fabio really amazed me to the max...Allies so mersmerizingly georgeous everytime she sings!
Diana Flongares
Diana Flongares 7 days ago
The guy really have a talented soul
davefistr 7 days ago
Samuel Oliveira
Samuel Oliveira 7 days ago
Fábio Rodrigues é um monstro!! 💖
Samantha Stephenson
You guys are powerful! This is so beautiful and moving!
bekantas bekantas
West Lee
West Lee 8 days ago
He was vibinnnnnnn
francisco saldanha
Porque essa menina ainda canta nas ruas? Era para estar fazendo grandes shows já. Ela é maravilhosa!!!!!
Jae Amado
Jae Amado 7 days ago
She already have cd’s and also you can get it in iTunes and Spotify
MMR 786
MMR 786 8 days ago
Is she atleast 18 now?!.... *after billie jean*
Сергей Сладкий
You're a super talented Allie, you sing beautifully. Come to Russia to Moscow for the program " Voice" He won us over with his talent. Success is guaranteed..... Show rules Golos is a super project that is fundamentally different from the usual vocal competitions and shows for finding musical talents. We found the best voices in the country. Outstanding vocal skills are the only way to get into the Voice project, get a unique chance to go through a sieve of musical duels with competitors and fall in love with millions of TV viewers. www.1tv.ru/shows/golos-9/pravila-shou
susan morton
susan morton 9 days ago
Shamanbear Two
Shamanbear Two 9 days ago
You guys are awesome...but your audience sucks!
Shantel Hernandez
Music is so powerful it can change the world it makes so so happy you can do so much with it
Yannick 9 days ago
I still can't figure out how a fifteen year old has that kind of voice. It's such a well developed sound.
fatbelly27 5 days ago
She's been busking since she was 11 and her control is getting better this year - I think the guys she plays with really help
jlrock69 9 days ago
Fabio plays a great guitar. No electric cord? seems he has some thing in the end of the guitar.
Bryan Wren
Bryan Wren 9 days ago
She’s 15?? Super strange
Сергей Сладкий
You're a super talented Allie, you sing beautifully. Come to Russia to Moscow for the program " Voice" He won us over with his talent. Success is guaranteed.....
fernando fernandes
fernando fernandes 10 days ago
Simplesmente lindo, parabéns
Sheila Klugman
Sheila Klugman 10 days ago
Love listening ♥
Daniel Devereaux
Daniel Devereaux 10 days ago
I loved this. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.
Thatwhit 10 days ago
The black sumo wrestler is extraordinarily talented with very refined vocals - makes Allie's vocals seem little rough...
Benjamin Dantzie
Benjamin Dantzie 10 days ago
Fabulous guitar player...and your vocals...fantastic. Very very talented...
brian plummer
brian plummer 10 days ago
great guitar playing great singing.oh and the drummer reminds me of craig [onion] from perth wa
Sandro Puleo
Sandro Puleo 11 days ago
Awesome 💞
Bryan Simmons
Bryan Simmons 11 days ago
Man or woman, if you can do SW and do it justice you have some serious chops! Love this all the way around.
Robert Denton
Robert Denton 11 days ago
Wow! Superb!
kevin omahony
kevin omahony 11 days ago
bikeanddogtrips 12 days ago
the drummer guy looks like the secret love child of ringo starr and bono
Mendes João
Mendes João 9 days ago
Nemesis Ramūnas
Nemesis Ramūnas 12 days ago
Amazing 😉
Stephen Tackie
Stephen Tackie 12 days ago
This is all music is about..just to enjoy yourself..have fun guys
Tristan Vickers
Tristan Vickers 12 days ago
That was absolutely amazing. Well played and amazing voices 👏
Hugo araos
Hugo araos 12 days ago
soy , mismo .cantante .no mostrar
manager ni Rafael
manager ni Rafael 12 days ago
Full support here lab lab 😊
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 12 days ago
Fabio I could listen to you all day.
Gregory Valiant
Gregory Valiant 12 days ago
QUE Voz mas Linda!!!
James Roome
James Roome 12 days ago
You can tell its Dublin. The Irish guys are all wearing their best tracksuits for the occasion lol
Bob Amlie
Bob Amlie 12 days ago
Where's the Bass Guitar? Back in the studio?
Bob Amlie
Bob Amlie 12 days ago
The performance, In my estimation, is is very skillfully sound-dubbed. That said, they are a novel act, and entertaining. I wish them well.
Kristian Gusho Official
ruvid.net/video/video-c6hWsYRa2To.html. check my version ,,, hope you like it
Coy Carlson
Coy Carlson 13 days ago
You guys surely are GROOVIN - wonderful classic - and you guys do it justice 😊😊😁😁👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️
Joeyolo Official
Joeyolo Official 13 days ago
Is that white snoop dogg playing drums
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil 13 days ago
the baterist need more drugs
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 13 days ago
Yesssss+ 💕 #MikeJohnsonJazz
Christophe O'Connor
Excellent guitar player ! And Allie is gorgeous !
Benetti Zé Maria
Benetti Zé Maria 14 days ago
Parabéns, Parabéns, Parabéns, para os TRÊS.
MrJinwong 14 days ago
I love her voice !! I just find this street artist phenomenal!!
David Knight
David Knight 14 days ago
You two make an awesome singing duo! Allie you just have this glow about you whew ! loved that rendition thanks! xx, it looks like there is 458 tone deaf people have been here, poor buggers feel for them keep up the great work Dxx
MrPickledede 14 days ago
Freakin amazing guitarist!! He is professional. She plays guitar really well but her voice isn't great I feel she is screaming too much and is contorting her mouth in a manner to produce a contrived voice almost as if she is trying too hard to produce a voice that is not her own natural voice. She isn't breathing well and she is not opening her mouth wide enough, as if she is afraid that if she uses her own natural voice she is afraid that it will break and become extremely pitchy, which is fine if you learn how to use the limitations of your voice to your advantage, i.e. maybe she shouldn't try to sing such high pitched songs her voice can't handle.
Medical Interest
Medical Interest 14 days ago
"Miss Allie..... Go....." Fabulous leadership/ conducting Fabio. You are so solid in your playing you bring out the best in Allie.
Ryan St
Ryan St 14 days ago
that dude's got some george benson to him. just sayin
Mustafa Kemal Önder
You are wonderful again, sweet and beautiful girl.
Marva Horton
Marva Horton 14 days ago
slikki 14 days ago
If she is 15 i wonder how her voice will still change
Han Solo
Han Solo 14 days ago
That guitarist is so good.
DealMe 1972
DealMe 1972 14 days ago
Great cover . . . .But i wanna be friends with Jason . He looks like he knows where all the parties are happening LoL .
Bill Haan1
Bill Haan1 14 days ago
Suaranya Mirip andmes kamaleng dari Indonesia
Gary Alexander
Gary Alexander 14 days ago
This song suits their voices so well!
Candace Nelson
Candace Nelson 15 days ago
This was beautiful omg.
MACINA1973 15 days ago
Next videos