HIS VOICE IS ANGELIC - Fallin - Alicia Keys | Allie Sherlock, Fabio Rodrigues, & Jason Mcnemara

Allie Sherlock
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Hey Guys.
Here, I got together with Fabio on guitar and Jason the amazing Drummer.
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Jul 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Chrissy Bagwell
Chrissy Bagwell 2 months ago
Allie sings sensationally beautiful "Fallin" emotional heartfelt song! Fabio plays fantastic guitar music, and Jason plays superb drums music! 🎤❤️🎸❤️🎧❤️
Music Lover 66
Music Lover 66 8 days ago
@Turan Serce Yeah!!
Peter F
Peter F 12 days ago
Fabio needs to loose weight or he dies in few years
Comedytainment 16 days ago
Amazing 🥰
Joshua Daniel
Joshua Daniel 21 day ago
Same here
Debbie Yelverton
Debbie Yelverton 22 days ago
Gurl you have a Beautiful voice!!❤❤💝
Adriano Félix
Adriano Félix 14 hours ago
Sheppard W
Sheppard W Day ago
Shes really filling out
Lurch Hightower
Tainted heart huh? Another Britney Spears type tool? We'll see how much this will degrade, won't we...
Ambon Melayoe
Keren sekali
Marçal Vargas
Marçal Vargas 2 days ago
10 !!! :)
Patrick Fahie
Patrick Fahie 2 days ago
This cover reminds me of the movie “The Commitments”
TLY TLY 3 days ago
Khanh Le
Khanh Le 3 days ago
Wow ! EXCELLENT. 👍. ALLIE SHERLOCK 😊☀️🇺🇸 Thank you. 😊
Ernesto Santiago
Ernesto Santiago 3 days ago
I agree Allie is the prettiest.
Smileyone 4 days ago
levent otakli
levent otakli 4 days ago
Amazing, what a voice.
Eugene Verster
Eugene Verster 5 days ago
perhaps when you label a video "his voice is angelic" maybe HIS angelic voice should be featured more? I waited through the whole video to hear HIS angelic voice and am left a little disappointed
Guitar Goone
Guitar Goone 5 days ago
both of them are so sick. holy moly
Leni Nekk
Leni Nekk 5 days ago
Ja to zakochany w Tobie jestem 💕💓❣️
vamborala 6 days ago
This is beyond perfection.. i just love when a cover gets better than the original
Spencer Waldron
Spencer Waldron 6 days ago
When I feel down I always listen. Voice of an angel keep it up..
Silvana Patrono
Silvana Patrono 6 days ago
I remember I saw her for the first time singing in a street of Cork, Ireland and I told her: you are amazing, girl, you'll be famous one day. Here she is. Absolutely fab! Who is the guy? He's amazing too.
Keith Parrish
Keith Parrish 6 days ago
Fabio should have his own singing contract. He is really good.
EJ 6 days ago
I love the way they find the first notes. Can't watch them enough.
Geoff Pentz
Geoff Pentz 6 days ago
wonderful... and please protect that voice... I'm sure your voice coach tells you to be nice to it as you come out of your teens...
Katrin Weigel
Katrin Weigel 7 days ago
Wow. That’s so great!!
Jopo Keitola
Jopo Keitola 7 days ago
already having back problems from those hoonkadooras :c
Luca Belcore
Luca Belcore 6 days ago
Hoonkadooras? 😅
Black Green
Black Green 7 days ago
Beautiful voice beautiful face !! Love love love
TN Twentyone
TN Twentyone 7 days ago
@2:17 music's powerful
Serge Grattu
Serge Grattu 8 days ago
Cette chanson va particulièrement bien à son timbre. Elle est magnifique cette nana!! J’aimerais bien la voir sur ‘man down’ de Rihana.
Ginny Devine
Ginny Devine 8 days ago
How is this titled his voice is angelic? HER voice is angelic. Not saying he is not talented but WTH?
Lety Luneé
Lety Luneé 8 days ago
Allie y Fabio siempre juntos , un excelente dueto , la voz de ambos hermosas , y la voz de ambos juntos en una misma canción es extraordinario , Muchas Felicidades y éxito .
Music Lover 66
Music Lover 66 8 days ago
Thats amazing.....
Mykolaitis Mykolaitis
Is it just for me that it sounds way better than the original version??
joe morrison
joe morrison 8 days ago
Is she irish? Is that grafton street. Fantastic singer. And musicians
Philip Langford
Philip Langford 8 days ago
How in the world can you have such a soulful voice at such a young age? It makes you believe in reincarnation. Thank you for sharing your talent. It is the diversion I need right now.
ed3432 9 days ago
Very few masks and no social distancing. Dublin will soon be a ghost town. Be very careful, Allie🤓
An Per
An Per 9 days ago
Este grupo vale mucho. La chica tiene una delantera mejor que la del barça del sextete.
Nuno Alexandre
Nuno Alexandre 9 days ago
johny_devil 9 days ago
Karina Wong
Karina Wong 9 days ago
Perfect mix of the band
Frank Carbasho
Frank Carbasho 9 days ago
She is just completely amazing. If I knew what days she goes there n sings I'd fly there from Pittsburgh pa just to watch
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis 9 days ago
Pandemic ... what Pandemic ?
Brenton Crowhurst
Allie is a gift to humanity from another dimension. Thank you to daddy sherlock for nurturing her performance chops while protecting her from the unnecessary but inevitable ugliness out there.
Przemo Bielawsky
Przemo Bielawsky 9 days ago
Pięknie .Odpłynołem w nieznane.👍🇵🇱
Linda Shields
Linda Shields 9 days ago
Allie, your beautiful Voice is like a drug!!! Hope your Poppa Guides You Well!! Stay Humble, Stay True to Yourself!!!❤❤❤❤❤
William Pounds
William Pounds 9 days ago
I love to hear her sing. Awesome.
241058bandit 9 days ago
Tolle Stimme
Music M أغاني مترجمة
Wow very nice 👍
Jr Dowdy
Jr Dowdy 10 days ago
Fabio is the best
indonesia bagus
indonesia bagus 10 days ago
ECCENTRICITY 10 days ago
David Yates
David Yates 10 days ago
The next BB King
Twilight_Eyes 10 days ago
Slaves in masks
David Yates
David Yates 10 days ago
Allie and Fabio should be a duet they so good together
Joel Fialho
Joel Fialho 10 days ago
The Allie Sherlock have strong voice fantastic sing sound.
Junior Vicente
Junior Vicente 10 days ago
Quem o cantooor iruuuuuu Brasilllll
Menautube 10 days ago
Amazing, gorgeous etc...
Random Student
Random Student 11 days ago
That’s what she said
Y Abbasi
Y Abbasi 11 days ago
Oceanlife 11 days ago
Notice me please...... im from philippines im a fun of yours 💜💚❤️
Jaime Mejia-Peña
Jaime Mejia-Peña 11 days ago
Amigos! Me agrada mucho ver y escuchar sus interpretaciones. ...ustedes llegaran muy alto, espero verlos!!! Felicidades.
Carol Morris
Carol Morris 11 days ago
Love your voice but please stop touching your body and hair..
Guilherme Bispo
Guilherme Bispo 11 days ago
Fabio is awesome!
lauren oquain
lauren oquain 11 days ago
My GOD the voice of an angel! I don't ever listen to music anymore, but I randomly came across your song and I had to hear it all and more! I subbed and this is the 10th or so in a row. Wow!
Vinn Artaigh
Vinn Artaigh 11 days ago
Dublin tourism will be going up by two from Vancouver.
Ruben Morales
Ruben Morales 11 days ago
Un talento increíble, admirable
Lisa McLaren
Lisa McLaren 11 days ago
You are Beautiful, a Great singer and are riseing very fast. For your shirt add lace and it will be custom, less revealing and stylish. I think your face is absolutely, Star Material! Lisa 😊💖
Andrea MüKa
Andrea MüKa 12 days ago
😊😊😊👏👏👏💖👍🍀🏄‍♀️wow great!!!👏👏👏
Michael John
Michael John 12 days ago
Her singing style is so different and beautiful yet annoying at the same time. IDK, maybe it's just me.
hahaha hahaha
hahaha hahaha 12 days ago
i don't often watch music related videos. Why RUvid suggests me this ?
Oscar Castro
Oscar Castro 12 days ago
Ñam ! Beautiful and powerful
MikeimInternet - Gaming
Die Stimme braucht mehr Nuancen.
Peter F
Peter F 12 days ago
Very nice cover and 0_0 loving it
jorge mura
jorge mura 12 days ago
Hermosa voz y versión, saludos desde Córdoba, AR
Асхат Кукузов
Ребята молодцы, а девушка вааащэ шикарна голос супер и тити тоже😉
Austin Wong
Austin Wong 13 days ago
Your singing is so good. I have listened to it more than a dozen times and look forward to seeing you live in Dublin.🌹🌹🌹
Bluesman John
Bluesman John 13 days ago
Love you Allie! You're the best girl!!! Getting better all the time. Love Fabio's guitar playing
Jonas Froud
Jonas Froud 13 days ago
Makes me not make me lol 😂
aydoğan taşkın
aydoğan taşkın 13 days ago
Karthick D
Karthick D 13 days ago
2:06 - 2:20 ♥️
Martin de Wied
Martin de Wied 14 days ago
Love, love.....love....
Sharad Talekar
Sharad Talekar 14 days ago
This is one of my favorites. Absolutely loved to hear you sing it.
Codot ShankWu
Codot ShankWu 14 days ago
Nadi JZR
Nadi JZR 14 days ago
You're wonderful 🏆🌷❤
amch universal
amch universal 14 days ago
Very powerful voice 💪👍🙂
raul maximo
raul maximo 14 days ago
this is gonna age well
JAVIVIPRO 15 days ago
Para hispano parlantes que brillan por su ausencia lastimosamente aqui y demas videos de esta chiquilla, quiero hacer este comentario....aunque quizas solo algunos lo veran con suerte, quisiera animarles a oir mas magnificas interpretaciones cover que hace esta joven y linda cantante que por cierto,a veces me dijo por que Dios pone tanta belleza junta en algunos seres humanos...je je. Alicia Keys ha sido una de mis favoritas cantantes, su talento es indiscutible, pero me hace pensar que si pudiera sacarle de un estudio y pudiera ponerla al lado de esta chiquilla en plena calle...la verdad no se si fuera mejor...en realidad y honestamente calculo, seria un duelo uhhhh.... que creo, sadrian en un empate....esto eleva el valor, empeno y ganas que esta joven y futura estrella pone ya en sus callejeras presentaciones y lo admirable es que ademas sin ninguna clase de esfuerzo logrando mover las mas intimas fibra de nuestro ser y alma...congratulation pequena gran estrella....y siento el presedente de haber podido en persona estar un dia en un " rehersal " ensayos de Alicia, en una de sus presentaciones en Miami, no hace mucho por cierto....adelante pues solo estas a pocos pasos de ser una gran cantante...
Matthias Hoffmann
Matthias Hoffmann 15 days ago
Alle overdoe so much with her voice; thee maximum is not always the best
Лёша Korsak
Лёша Korsak 15 days ago
Когда с Фаст Фуд завяжешь???
Mark Twiselton
Mark Twiselton 15 days ago
I thought Alicia‘s original was brilliant but Allie’s version is even better if you ask me. She sings it with so much maturity that I think there must be a conspiracy about her age! For one so young, this girl has PHENOMENAL talent. I need a trip from London to Dublin to hear her live before she hits the big time!
Peter F
Peter F 12 days ago
Fabio needs to loose weight or he dies in few years
TheChris Grace
TheChris Grace 15 days ago
Гитарист тоже хорош, и вокал и гитара
Animal Black
Animal Black 15 days ago
So excellent
gmanner1 15 days ago
Fernando Illescas
Fernando Illescas 15 days ago
Hey you Allie and these friends, I have a radio program I'm inviting you to. Interview and some materials. Not much but we have at least 70,000 of audience. lfjill@gmail.com Luis Station is radiomas.mx
Fernando Illescas
Fernando Illescas 15 days ago
Perfect voice, perfect Allie
Carlos Romero Romero
Te lo juro que ya no quiero verla porque me enamoro cada vez mas
Q - Perspective
Q - Perspective 15 days ago
Alie this song is an upgrade, your finally challenging your self good work, now your in the second grade of Rock star! congrats 10 grades to go.Then you will be a Rock star by USA standards! next study kimbra - ruvid.net/video/video-K1kj8-2Liz4.html
Carl Doby
Carl Doby 15 days ago
What is amazing is she is only 15 years old. Her voice is so unique. The sky is the limit for this Irish girl.
jesus vasquez
jesus vasquez 15 days ago
super like.
Uve Ortgies
Uve Ortgies 16 days ago
Wow super Voice and very nice Girl.
Daniele Simões
Daniele Simões 16 days ago
How old is she?
Micheal Blake Meadows
2 great performances Fabio and Allie!
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