Hiroyuki Endo / Yuta Watanabe The KING Defense of Badminton

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Hiroyuki Endo / Yuta Watanabe amazing defense and save

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Jan 3, 2021




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Comments 0
Shaunak Nene
Shaunak Nene 16 hours ago
Sasuke and Itachi be like
Elaine Hua
Elaine Hua 11 days ago
The match between the minions and this Japanese pair has been the best mens double match I have seen the best attackers against the best defenders always gives me goosebumps
effendy tunyuik
effendy tunyuik 12 days ago
Sasuke's eye, shikamaru's focus, minato's reflex = hiroyuki Endo
runeer 17 days ago
They have problems against Ahsan & Setiawan (h2h 2-6) and Goh & Tan (h2h 0-3), the 6-0 run against minions is remarkable tho!
Velvet Thunder
Velvet Thunder 17 days ago
Li, Liu: *195cm smashing beasts, receiving a dead shuttle near the net* Why do I hear boss music?
Yunsong Leo Lu
Yunsong Leo Lu 19 days ago
love to see the minions looking like two idiots in front of Hiroyuki/Yuta
Hulk Incredible
Hulk Incredible Month ago
Yuta Watanabe best double player!!
Sarah Anuar
Sarah Anuar Month ago
Ahmad Furkon
Ahmad Furkon Month ago
Endo yuta emang gokil.. sayang Hasan Hendra makin tua😅
Lam Duc Trung
Lam Duc Trung Month ago
Cucu 10
Cucu 10 Month ago
people said yuta is better, but for me endo is just as amazing as yuta,sometimes even better
yeski irawan
yeski irawan Month ago
yuta cant defend by him self,he need partner as good as he
Sean Fagan
Sean Fagan Month ago
What's funny is that most of the opposition avoid Watanabe and pick on Endo - but Endo is a beast (as is Watanabe, of course).
me links
me links Month ago
seem like only goh v shem can break their defense....
Bá Nam Nguyễn
Bá Nam Nguyễn 2 months ago
Like you smash into the wall
who ??
who ?? 2 months ago
Minion cant trully never defeat this japanese pair
Jayden Leong
Jayden Leong 2 months ago
i just cant stop watching this
D Hills Ssantillan
D Hills Ssantillan 2 months ago
JAHURUL ISLAM 2 months ago
After seeing the defence my reaction is🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
B.R.M 17
B.R.M 17 2 months ago
Kalo ini memang iya...
Devis Piee
Devis Piee 2 months ago
Its a new legendary on the making..beleave me..haha.
LT Haokip
LT Haokip 2 months ago
Best so far😍😍😍
wing jun
wing jun 2 months ago
amirul syazwan
amirul syazwan 2 months ago
Gila kentang ah
michi k
michi k 2 months ago
Max Chicken
Max Chicken 3 months ago
Japanese has 101% discipline than anybody in the WORLD. Thats a Fact.. So..everything is posible to them
Vikingdom 3 months ago
2:25 is crazy rally which the Japanese has no right to win..but they did🤣🏃💨
Baby Comel
Baby Comel 3 months ago
like japanese army in ww2...superb
Baby Comel
Baby Comel 3 months ago
superb endo n watanabe
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le 3 months ago
And they say Endo has a weak defense...
jaya kroto
jaya kroto 3 months ago
Will not seeing this defensive king play againts minions speed or dadies tempo play in all england 2021.
Bohem flavour
Bohem flavour 3 months ago
9 Minutes of showing defensive moments. I admitted, they are really perfect in defending
Bohem flavour
Bohem flavour 3 months ago
The tips is. Focus..
Info Bank TV
Info Bank TV 3 months ago
Merinding liat bertahannya 💪💪
Ravid Alvinas
Ravid Alvinas 3 months ago
Lee yong dae/yoo yeon soeng tertawa melihat ini
Rana Saif
Rana Saif 3 months ago
Good player
Chongmin Wang
Chongmin Wang 3 months ago
I really like this Japanese pair. I think they have the best chance to win the Olympic gold medal this summer.
Divine Blood
Divine Blood Month ago
@jagadeesan n.p Sanjaya sukamuljo got 3 points in a game against endo watanabe LOL
123s 2 months ago
jagadeesan n.p
jagadeesan n.p 2 months ago
No way. Sanjay sukumajo wil win
Robby Burnpipe
Robby Burnpipe 3 months ago
A defensive player has always have the offensive ability. But they often choose not to attack. While offensive player are always on the attack. And crumble while defending. There are many way to defend. Your alignments should be adjusted by the way you defend.
M.khuzairie Ezat
M.khuzairie Ezat 3 months ago
Idol ku 🤩
Tekendra Sanodiya
Tekendra Sanodiya 3 months ago
Bhai totally Unbelievable.😎
Soficatty Cutie
Soficatty Cutie 3 months ago
This Endo very smart
vishalkhannaicici 3 months ago
This is for true
vishalkhannaicici 3 months ago
They play good but they are not better than Gideon and Kevin
zorro laaa
zorro laaa 3 months ago
Now minion or daddies... Cant beat endo n watanabe...
Hisyam Odin
Hisyam Odin 3 months ago
3:18 when your opponent are too powerful. The only option is pretend to be dead
Kabar OIahraga
Kabar OIahraga 4 months ago
Goat badminton
Kovacs 4 months ago
Imagine you are putting all your strength to smash to get your point but this pair just keeps defending it as if it were nothing. Their wrists and reactions are godlike
Herul Hazard
Herul Hazard 4 months ago
unfortunately endo will retire soon.
サイド12 4 months ago
自分らのスタイルとか勢いとか思いっきり へし折られるってどんな気分なんやろな
Salman Alfarisi
Salman Alfarisi 4 months ago
Calm and composed in defense! It's like facing 2 Kento Momota at once.
Sheldon Lee
Sheldon Lee 4 months ago
i can play better
Sheldon Lee
Sheldon Lee 4 months ago
Nico Paulo Da-an
Nico Paulo Da-an 4 months ago
Those emotionless monsters
4:35 このラリー終わったと勘違いするのダブルスあるある
yana 4 months ago
0:18 0:43 4:32 5:03
WGO太陽神 4 months ago
Nanang Waluyoaji Channel
Endo & Yuta pemain yang sabar juga mematikan
Dilong 4 months ago
1:43 インドネシア選手 「やっといい相手あったぜ、燃えてきたっっ」
ADITYA RAJ 4 months ago
iwan salopa
iwan salopa 4 months ago
Minions is the best ...
Onleh Qym
Onleh Qym 4 months ago
They got Ackerman instinct (Reference from Levi & Mikasa from Attack on Titan)
Kupas Anime
Kupas Anime 4 months ago
No, he got Ultra Insting(Migatte no gokui)😂
Cory Anselmo
Cory Anselmo 4 months ago
minions had a tough time against them, 21-3 in point, thats what the “tengil” is means? 😂
Mcbright stndly Frdy
It's makes sense
Rafi Parulian
Rafi Parulian 4 months ago
@Maulidin it is not. but u can see minion againts that japanese duo
Maulidin 4 months ago
8:11 that's not the Minions!
Rafi Parulian
Rafi Parulian 4 months ago
i accept that this pairing deffense was really incredible.
rifqi haq
rifqi haq 4 months ago
At that time, they were shocked by the japanese pair, because they almost never met any opponents who had very solid defense since boe/moe.
Aurora Perrona
Aurora Perrona 4 months ago
they're using haki
Colin Napitupulu
Colin Napitupulu 4 months ago
Now you will see "kenbunshoku haki" in real life,...
Li 4 months ago
red courts are terrible.
へんばsumi 4 months ago
Eman Suherman
Eman Suherman 4 months ago
Mungkin mereka menggunakan sharingan 😅
nuel kana
nuel kana 4 months ago
4:37 lol, he thought it get in.
! TKN 4 months ago
Ehsan Ali
Ehsan Ali 4 months ago
Made in Japan
4 months ago
4:25 ラインズマンの自信なさげなアウトのサイン好き笑笑
ANcha YUsya
ANcha YUsya 4 months ago
Endo the king of defence
anton jaya
anton jaya 4 months ago
Minions better
CC 4 months ago
The only team that minion can’t beat
Sumit singh
Sumit singh 4 months ago
my favaourite team in doubles
Jayahari Krishnan
Jayahari Krishnan 4 months ago
Good against minions but always lost to the indians
navid ahmed
navid ahmed 4 months ago
i wll pround of you watarable
Cinema Cicak Network
Damn!! To strong! Untuk saat ini hanya LI/LIU yg bisa ngimbangi endo/watanabe -_-. Man double Indonesia harus tiru strategi Li/Liu nih untuk fight endo/watanabe.
dan ternyata ahsan hendra kalah di quarter dengan hj endo
M. Zurifadil S.
M. Zurifadil S. 4 months ago
ahsan hendra si emg udah sering ngalahin yuta endo. yang sering kalah cuma kevin gideon
Muhammad Alfahri
Muhammad Alfahri 4 months ago
Tapi pertemuan terakhirnya kalah jauh, dan peak performancenya Endo/Watanabe emang dimulai dari BWF World Tour Final 2019 yang mana cuma The Daddies yg bisa ngalahin mereka sejak saat itu sampe sekarang
Acmad Mirza
Acmad Mirza 4 months ago
haji endo
Sehminhao Lunkim
Sehminhao Lunkim 4 months ago
3:13 how on earth is that sound of racket string 😯
Fawad Lang
Fawad Lang 4 months ago
What's the song in the start intro
Long Distance
Long Distance 4 months ago
Only Li/Liu can break this Japanese pair
Muhammad Alfahri
Muhammad Alfahri 3 months ago
But in their last meeting, Li/Liu lost to Endo/Watanabe by far
nuel kana
nuel kana 4 months ago
@Long Distance it becomes wrong if you say "only Li/Liu"
Fayo Giffaro
Fayo Giffaro 4 months ago
@Long Distance "oNLy"
Long Distance
Long Distance 4 months ago
@nuel kana so what?
nuel kana
nuel kana 4 months ago
Ahsan / Hendra have more h2h wins than Li / Liu.
water drops
water drops 4 months ago
how stupid is kevin(indo) placed the shuttle so high even a kid can tap it down... 😂 😂 😂
Rommel Puyaoan
Rommel Puyaoan 4 months ago
Endo is a freaking monster.....
shyam sundar
shyam sundar 4 months ago
Vera level defence
Aji Joko Laksono
Aji Joko Laksono 4 months ago
They're inhuman
Ashish Mahamuni
Ashish Mahamuni 4 months ago
These guys are just insane. They make their opponent look like fool. ha ha ha
あほだよ 4 months ago
こんな世界の攻撃力ハンパないやつらのスマッシュを凌いでたら、国内の試合ではレシーブ突っ立っちゃいますわ笑 国内の試合では散歩してるかのように歩いて脱力しきって構えてますからねー
Siti Aisah
Siti Aisah 4 months ago
Coba kalo kemot ga positif w bisa liat mereka main lagi aduhhh kangen liat yutaendo main + kemot
Ahmad 013
Ahmad 013 4 months ago
Emang gila beber nii perthnn duo japan... Yg tanggung aja di blikin.. Capek smash troos... Ajib lah
Rz'ikri Gaming
Rz'ikri Gaming 4 months ago
WILLY 4 months ago
Yahh Endo main di Indonesia aja kala
Taufik Ramadan
Taufik Ramadan 4 months ago
Endo & Watanabe the legend of Japan..The samurai👍😀
jobi xavier
jobi xavier 4 months ago
Felix Foo
Felix Foo 4 months ago
From a line of samurai
AD LTD 4 months ago
wow what a nice (intro)......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yasir Bintara
Yasir Bintara 4 months ago
avadhut More
avadhut More 4 months ago
japanese people already got Ultra instinct ❤️
Lonely puppy
Lonely puppy 4 months ago
yes grand minister
ADITYA RAJ 4 months ago
After all they have invented it
elva danizar
elva danizar 4 months ago
Dragon ball fans lol
Yi Seng
Yi Seng 4 months ago
It was very unfortunate that they did not take part in the two concluded Thailand Open the Yonex and Toyota otherwise the Chinese Taipei pair of Wang Chi Lin and Lee Yang would not have walked away with back to back titles
Yi Seng
Yi Seng 4 months ago
It is very difficult to play against a doubles pair that have a southpaw and a right hand.
ronnel franco
ronnel franco 4 months ago
@NalandaLand momota tested positive for covid just when they are ready to take off from japan. The association decided to withdraw and subkect the whole delagation to quarantine
NalandaLand 4 months ago
What was the reason for not taking part?
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