Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat

Morgan Adams
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 5 628
Brigitte Reichardt
Love this video Morgan...very funny and entertaining! The table setting and the service was not on point...but the teacher done a good job!
seahawk665 Day ago
My sister in law's mother in law is also an etiquette expert. She also teaches etiquette classes. She used to be really anal when my sister in law first married her son (I didn't know them then), but relaxed a lot since then. She never said anything about my bad eating habits, because I realized I'm not as polished as I thought after watching this video lol, but I always feel like she's silently judging me.
Itz Txlly
Itz Txlly 7 days ago
“Well, I’m already engaged to a man so...” “Oooookay..” :/ Bruh
Kavik Runner
Kavik Runner 7 days ago
ok I am usually here to roast.........but this was actually a genuinely cool vid. Love it!
Angela Pickett
Angela Pickett 7 days ago
nice swallow
Teri 8 days ago
"assuming you have some real dishes" Flashback to the blue apron video where they had to go out and buy a pot xD
Hayley Knight
Hayley Knight 8 days ago
Ryland’s towards the end talking about his ‘crazy’ is like a rich mum and I love it.
M Queen
M Queen 9 days ago
Morgan you just have to go with Garrett, Shane and Ryland to have her teach you to walk in heels!
Chapstick Addict
Chapstick Addict 11 days ago
15:57 Almost every wife and gf who lives with their bf or husband relates to Ryland including me. OMG. This was so so true!
Dottie Sunshine
Dottie Sunshine 11 days ago
that strap is a lewk
Info ectious
Info ectious 12 days ago
11:00 that whole conversation killed me, that was so awkward.
Info ectious
Info ectious 12 days ago
"college frat boys - high class individuals"
Egg westmorland
Egg westmorland 12 days ago
Ok i just want to say, youre the best and you make me feel happier and feel relatable to you. Like you make me feel like there is another person who can relate to me. and i just hope the best for you and you can keep making youtube videos.
Francois Vlogs
Francois Vlogs 12 days ago
My future job.
Em Covone
Em Covone 13 days ago
Please do more videos with her!
Liz Lemon
Liz Lemon 14 days ago
i want to see morgan do the walking in heels class
gymdollchels32 15 days ago
Ryland is HILARIOUS when he's drunk lol
Leah Senn
Leah Senn 17 days ago
Sutianos mukbong is lit
Potent Beauty
Potent Beauty 18 days ago
You can get one meal and one drink at chili's for that lol
Louanne Melendez
Louanne Melendez 20 days ago
DanniiTink 21 day ago
This lady has the patience of a saint putting up with Morgan and Ryland. Too funny
Kenneth DeWinter
Kenneth DeWinter 24 days ago
You CAN have taco sauce drip cuz you're literally perfect!!! (This is the weirdest thing I've said on RUvid...oof)
Gill 24 days ago
Omg the strap thing always happens to me as well. Dont stress it Morgan 🤣
M M 26 days ago
She knew what "plug" meant.. nice
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez 26 days ago
when I'm hungry .... like an absolute slob .... at least I'm not 400 pounds ..... my life could be marginally worse than it is now .... I need to count my blessings
Breeah Thompson
Breeah Thompson 26 days ago
I love her either way though 😍❤️
Breeah Thompson
Breeah Thompson 26 days ago
I wish Morgan's videos were a but longer 😔
Soxy 27 days ago
xD how does this video make me look whiter than you? suddenly I feel hella dignified, lol
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor 29 days ago
That lady is TINY
K2 Dd
K2 Dd Month ago
She’s absolutely adorable .... ! Love her... was expecting someone who would look down on others but she was just lovely 😊
robin crean
robin crean Month ago
No shade for elbows on the table????? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
please enter a name.
“i will show you what i call a party in your mouth” ryland: “okay. every tuesday night” morgan over here, dying laughing the lady being like “i don’t know what that means but i’ll pretend like i didn’t hear it.”
Spaceladdy Month ago
The secondhand embarrassment from the lady fixing Morgan's strap STILL HAUNTS ME
joinsnack Month ago
this woman would be out of a job in europe lol. not only does she teach.... common knowledge/manners, shes lowkey looking down on her clients and its obv
TIffanyrose Angeles
Morgan!!! STOP your wonderful as you are!! You make me SMILE as soon as I see your face! Then I laugh!! Why? Bc YOUR A REAL GIRL!! Omg the etiquette lady needs BOTOX!! You my lovely,have flawless skin not a wrinkle upon it,a lovely charming laugh.This damn etiquette lady is reminding me of bad math teacher,f.ing snob!!!you -2 are not exactly doing well at this but your giving it your best try. I still think before you leave casually say to the etiquette lady needs BOTOX BIGTIME!!! LEAST YOU GOT PLENTY OF WINE & SOME GREAT FOOD MORGAN & RYLAND!! CHEERS!!!!
Mamamia Month ago
I could NOT stop laughing at Morgan’s titty hanging out at a proper dining lesson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Danica Tanner
Danica Tanner Month ago
Zakkary Keith
Zakkary Keith Month ago
@7: 45 "It looked like a nice swallow" lmaoo
Jessica hebb
Jessica hebb Month ago
I loved this. It was easily my favorite video of the month at least.
just mae
just mae Month ago
What I love most about Morgan is that her subscriber to views ratio is so??? Amazing?? There's millions of us who watch EVERY video, that's tea
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