Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat

Morgan Adams
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 100
CORBO 5 days ago
Omg she sounds like Kelly Anne conway
Aleksandra Kopaciova
Ryan has 1 glass on wine and suddenly this class becomes a wholesome chat. 'Are you kidding me?!' Then asks for more wine.
EremikaHaven 15 days ago
We need more of drunk Ryland
Justine D
Justine D 16 days ago
Lisa is amazing
thephillawson 23 days ago
This really is one of my favorite videos ever.
cassvii 25 days ago
😅🤣 the whole interaction between Ryland and that lady is hilarious.
Just Emma
Just Emma 27 days ago
12:37 6:01 10:39
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller Month ago
this is everything
Ryland has had too much wine and he’s giving his whole evening routine of cleaning to this woman 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂
Can you please not point that at your neck please”, regarding the knife then she calls them morgan missy! OMG then she’s actually helping her eat behind her back how awkward!
You are perfect just the way you are Morgan ❤️
Tori Baker
Tori Baker Month ago
This video genuinely made me laugh a lot😂I love this
squidward saggy tittys
hito the person reading this
Conversations with Kat
She was so cool, and I was thrilled to see that I actually already do everything she taught. I have always loved manners, and I grew up in the south. I just wish everyone could care enough about others to have manners.
Come high schoolers need to watch this Damn actually they just need to learn to shut their mouth when they eat lmao
Bro my grandma still says I can’t have my elbows on the table 💀
qilliox Month ago
one of the best duos: morgan + ryland they r sibling GOALS... and both MOODS
Mia 2 months ago
Lisa is like everyone's favorite teacher in elementary
Nelvanator Q
Nelvanator Q 2 months ago
You make me feel like being a mess is okayyyyy. Also did you wear that dress on purpse cause “you lost your strap there sweetheart”
Nelvanator Q
Nelvanator Q 2 months ago
Morgan how are you so cool without trying? Lol crack me up. You’re vids are always do interesting
Kim Mohamed
Kim Mohamed 2 months ago
Her: Do you eat fish? Me: Yes, I only eat snoek :D
Shelley Collins
Shelley Collins 2 months ago
Wow Ryland cleanse up Awesome. So cute
Kimberly Equestrian
Kimberly Equestrian 2 months ago
This was the fanciest mukbang I’ve ever watched
Diana King
Diana King 2 months ago
Lisa is giving me life 💛💛
syazwan 2 months ago
Every The Squad's channels provide us with a very good contents and with a very entertaining editing.. like every each one of them have the same kind of video editing but it's absolutely different in so many ways.
PHAN TRASH 2 months ago
Does anyone else think Morgan is actually a really good saleswoman? Like I would buy anything she advertised 😂
Valerie Joyful
Valerie Joyful 2 months ago
But how long has she been married?!🙏🙏🤷🏼‍♀️
its K7
its K7 2 months ago
Judging by her reaction to Morgan's response it's below 30 years I assume
Emajaeli 2 months ago
Morgans straps = me in 2020
k80 x
k80 x 3 months ago
"that was a big sip" hahahaha morgan is me
LDN youth
LDN youth 3 months ago
I hope it isn’t the french eating thing bcs then are a lot of faults in it .
Nicki Ann
Nicki Ann 3 months ago
Me at home shoving pizza in my face
Sam Romack
Sam Romack 3 months ago
we stan lisa
Rkp 3 months ago
Seriously she wears that to this type of place... Pretty Women Moment. Trash trying to be class.
Shōtodaddy 3 months ago
i- she just roasted Denmark- Plot twist i live in Denmark
Jeffery Lyn
Jeffery Lyn 3 months ago
This was an outstanding and informative experience......Do more of these videos. Plus, I downloaded Lisa’s book. Morgan and Ryland has me cry-laughing......so hilarious.
Karly Bug
Karly Bug 3 months ago
I just got a free class!
Dylan Pritchard
Dylan Pritchard 3 months ago
Growing up with two British parents; my father especially was extraordinarily particular about table manners so I was forced to eat properly with a knife and fork. Even crossing the knife and fork at the end of the meal to signify you’re finished. Once I burped at the table and I was sent to my room. It sucked then but I’m very grateful that I have exceptional table manners now.
Lagoni 3 months ago
Did she just say that something is rotten in Denmark. I wonder if she really knows anything about this?
Lagoni 3 months ago
And do you even know what you were laughing at?
Trevor Michael
Trevor Michael 3 months ago
This was funny. I wish she’d do more videos like this 🙃
Alex Murray
Alex Murray 3 months ago
Humble, funny, proper, happy... we need more people like Lisa!! Lisa is a goddess!!
Frank Parent
Frank Parent 3 months ago
6:01 The tiddy just went *bye*
Sunshine 3 months ago
So how long has Lisa been married for?? I wanted to know??!!
jessicalynnxo 3 months ago
the way the lady talks literally reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker .. and then she says she’s a New Yorker jew okay queen
Chasen Brown
Chasen Brown 3 months ago
Morgan this is so good.
Paige Skuby
Paige Skuby 3 months ago
Ryland is built for this oml
Inez Nowacka
Inez Nowacka 3 months ago
it's so sad that they don't know how to act at the table...
Nabih Mousharbash
Nabih Mousharbash 3 months ago
me after first drink 6:30 my boob gets out on its own HAHAHAHHA
Le Potato
Le Potato 3 months ago
Blast shield
niamh •
niamh • 3 months ago
Ryland being drunk off of two glasses of wine is amazing
Anthony Handzel
Anthony Handzel 3 months ago
You can tell ryland was drunk 💀
jelsy1300 3 months ago
I love how this started to be a video sponsored by Honey and it ended up as a video sponsored by Audible 😂
Kat Lopez
Kat Lopez 3 months ago
Morgan, I love you so much. You’re such a sweet humble person. keep making videos !!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
Marissa Katherine
Marissa Katherine 3 months ago
I had a 6th grade teacher that spent months teaching the whole class proper etiquette & manners. She literally taught us how to ball room dance lmaooo.
liv 3 months ago
onion fetus
onion fetus 4 months ago
watching this as i'm eating meatballs while sitting in bed.
chels 4 months ago
Yeah no I would have gone off on that lady and gotten kicked out the first five minutes with that skirt comment. She really is one of those women you can't stand but also desperately crave the approval of lol
Daylan xD
Daylan xD 4 months ago
"Taco sauce dripping into my tits" ME-
gracie hernandez
gracie hernandez 4 months ago
me eating while watching this video. realizes I’m using a paper towel and doing my soup scooping wrong
Brianna 4 months ago
r yland is so funny and underrated 😭😭
Samantha Voigt
Samantha Voigt 4 months ago
2 different ways to hold a glass... there's ryland and then there's morgan... 7:08
Anna S.N.
Anna S.N. 4 months ago
When Ryland mentioned being engaged to a shane, because Morgan said he’d never date the lady’s daughters. I DIED
lilyxevelyn 13
lilyxevelyn 13 4 months ago
Me watching this laying in bed eating a salad out of a take out container
Kim Bueno
Kim Bueno 4 months ago
Omg I'm one of those people that puts my napkin on my plate.... I'm so awful
Juané 52
Juané 52 4 months ago
When se said ‘ i cant have taco sauce dripping down my tits’ I immediately thought of the vine ‘ barbecue sauce on my titties’ 😂😂😂
SilvanaMourano 4 months ago
I am now starting to wonder whether table manners are a european thing because everyone I know has been taught these basic things by their families from a very young age
Henry Livingstone
Henry Livingstone 4 months ago
Ryland and Morgan are a bit tipsy 😂😂😂
Laurenlittl3 4 months ago
wow morgan is honestly so gorgeous
mettycandy 4 months ago
Meanwhile I'm over here literally eating my dinner on my bedroom floor, hunched over, watching this video
mettycandy 4 months ago
Oh my god I want her to be my grandma
Sarah Layhe
Sarah Layhe 4 months ago
*gets to the end of the video* Wait I’m sorry was this sponsored by audible or honey
Sarah Layhe
Sarah Layhe 4 months ago
This lady is super cool, makes the whole video
nicslove777 4 months ago
Morgan is fugly
Ivelin Hristov
Ivelin Hristov 4 months ago
The sound at 11:56
James SM
James SM 4 months ago
This is one the funniest videos I've seen in a while
Simone Meneses
Simone Meneses 4 months ago
Majority of portuguese parents teach these manners to their kids... Idk, for me it's natural and it's the easiest way to cut the food and eat...
Alycia Riley
Alycia Riley 4 months ago
Ryland got drunk and was spilling all the tea with Lisa love it lmao
Stevie Andersen
Stevie Andersen 5 months ago
Ryland be spilling on his hatersssss
Kelsie Burgess
Kelsie Burgess 5 months ago
Lol who else had a free lesson from this
The Official Andy Saenz
Ryland gets really worked up when he talks about cleaning up after other people. 😂🤣
The Official Andy Saenz
Shane and Ryland got married? I see a wedding band on Ryland.
The Official Andy Saenz
This video is sponsored by honey. All RUvidrs endorse honey. You need honey. Honey is good for you. 🍯
Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna 5 months ago
Her: You can get butter on the corners of your mouth if you eat it wrong Me: Isn’t that why you have a napkin?
Sky Sky
Sky Sky 5 months ago
Me watching this again then realized that it was posted on my birthday thx Morgan for making me laugh ❤️
Jojo Maus
Jojo Maus 5 months ago
I am way to much european for this :L
Casey Creations
Casey Creations 5 months ago
Its sad that I knew most of this...I'm 16, a virgin and my family isn't rich😂😂😂
ellenixs 5 months ago
Some of that wasn't new information, maybe it's just me? I am British (not to stereotype British people or anything because 60% of us eat like cavemen) and I have fairly good posture, eat over the plate, rest my wrists on the table and eat using my knife and fork as shown in the video - other than that everything else was new. Cool.
oakley fox
oakley fox 5 months ago
i think morgan has lost her mind lol great vid
kelsey devlin
kelsey devlin 5 months ago
bmw = big massive willy
la larwert
la larwert 5 months ago
Morgan hinted at the Conspiracy Pallette when she said she had to be quiet for 8 months about a project. WHOAH it happened somewhere in the 3-4 minute mark
la larwert
la larwert 5 months ago
Ryan immediately responded MORGAN
la larwert
la larwert 5 months ago
steal their ideas girl! they don't even bother doing them anyways, you're the active one who can bring their ideas to reality. You're like the gatekeeper :O
emma 5 months ago
i have a girl crush on morgan tehe
Allison Spray
Allison Spray 5 months ago
This is one of my favorite videos ever. I laugh along pretty much the whole time. The posh setting plus Morgan and rylands drunken banter is golden
Peppermint Patty
Peppermint Patty 5 months ago
6:02 😂
just carla
just carla 5 months ago
I saw this video when it came out and now I’m watching it again realizing that... those wore basic manners in the table for me since a was a child, and I’m low class. Like... do y’all really gulp drinks, eat with only one utensil AND NOT USING CLOTH NAPKINS?!?!?!? AND EATING WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN HOW THE F ?!!?!!!
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 5 months ago
Me and Ryland both have the same crazy, high maitnence, and cleaning up dinner as soon as possible.
Reilly Jordan
Reilly Jordan 5 months ago
I’ve never laughed so hard at a video
Rachel Reese
Rachel Reese 5 months ago
Wait I wanna know how long she has been married
Tiffany Devereaux
Tiffany Devereaux 5 months ago
8 months are you pregnant with Shane and ryland baby
James Furey
James Furey 5 months ago
This etiquette stuff is bullshit. You eat, the fucking end.
Toffee8373 5 months ago
0:45 Morgan stop attacking me 😂 Just to clarify I’m joking love u Morgan your beautiful x
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