Hillary Clinton gets candid in interview with Howard Stern

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes a guest appearance on Howard Stern's show where she opens up about her personal life and politics.
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Dec 6, 2019




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Alicia Trujillo
Alicia Trujillo 4 days ago
What is she showing the youth that if you don't like someone and everyone else will follow it's OK to attack just because you SAY your the good guy. No that makes no sense, be grown show your strength and fight in doing for the people go to the people ask get involved with the committee and that will show a true strength. So she lost ok when a child loses is it OK to blame the winner just because you don't like them NO you want your child to be a good sport ethic and practice change there strategies. It's sad to see how the example she is setting for those who follow her let's talk bad about who ever supports trump why .? Different wants needs beliefs are no reason for close minded behavior we should be able to speak without insults if we disagree we disagree as long as we respect each other then we can change the world if you don't know something then ask if you feel strongly about something and are passionate then educate with truth not ignorance.
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 11 days ago
I Think Communist Nazi News (cnn) and (msnbc) are a Close fit With HRC and the DNC, any one who Steps in CNN, MSNBC, DNC or HRC Must Throw Their Shoes Away and buy new Shoes Since Their Shoes can Never be Cleaned OFF, lol!!!
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 11 days ago
I Thought Even Howard Stern had More CLASS Than to Ever Interview a SLUG??!!!
Michael Ferngettie
Michael Ferngettie 15 days ago
Robin WTF is on her head
Eric Dee
Eric Dee 15 days ago
This is 3 deranged airheads full of S-I-H-I-T
Michael Dolap
Michael Dolap 16 days ago
This old lady has a very thick face...a mafia boss and a liar....
MG Massey
MG Massey 19 days ago
She lost because of her tone deafness about vulnerable people. Sexual abuse of children for instance. Monetization of child protection was disastrous legislation
ben 19 days ago
The first line is funny and true
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher 20 days ago
Did howard ask her to show her tits , so he could judge them ?
Darth Aquarius
Darth Aquarius 21 day ago
CNN headline: “Hillary Clinton absolutely destroyed Bernie Sanders in her Howard Stern interview” CNN is 🗑 Hillary thinks she was entitled the presidency.
chris 21 day ago
This woman is a Monster! And Howard Stern is and always has been an idiot, ask his father ,he thinks so too.
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson 22 days ago
Howard didnt ask Hillary about Epstein, painting of Bill in a dress?
Steve Anthony
Steve Anthony 25 days ago
Howard a genius interview? Wow explains the mindset of CNN
Somerset Frisby
Somerset Frisby 26 days ago
The ugly witch lies again to Howard the Coward when she said she didn't hate anybody. She hates all those deplorables as well as the guys who came up with the electoral college.
Somerset Frisby
Somerset Frisby 26 days ago
Satan wants Hillary to live a very long life. He's terrified when this skank dies that he'll be deposed. Just watch Howard the Hillary ass-sucking Coward Stern as he sucks up to the most embarrassing POS since Michelle Obama. She proves again she is a liar. How could she tell over the phone that President-elect Trump was "shocked"?
Thiruvenkadam Gopalan
She win the election but trump group play underground
raymond Dimech
raymond Dimech 27 days ago
honest lol lol that,ll be the day
Kris Murie
Kris Murie 27 days ago
Everything about that woman is disgusting.
Dave Stambaugh
Dave Stambaugh 28 days ago
Hillary's victims mentality is matched only by Trumps victims mentality.
Shalonda Lewis
Shalonda Lewis 28 days ago
Deborah Boyce
Deborah Boyce 29 days ago
Hillary is evil and I am a Democrat. I would rather have Trump who I despise over this evil woman. Her and Bill need to go, they are criminal. May the Clinton’s rot in hell for the pain they have caused and the people they have allegedly murdered. She sold her sold to the devil when she was a little girl. NO to the Clinton mafia!!!
Oddvard Myrnes
Oddvard Myrnes 29 days ago
This women is lying her teeth out. This is a very real takdown on Bernie Sanders and how she is telling straight out lies about him. ruvid.net/video/video-7BJv8YNapFk.html
Danny Balint
Danny Balint 29 days ago
Does she remember this picture scontent.ftpa1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/73458685_1572321972906339_6976935765443870720_n.png?_nc_cat=105&_nc_oc=AQnHzlAFMyYYLxJlExqI9Sb5Il5LjMR8zHrmV9R9DxPurtiYJVq7ExinyV4oSf-Vd4VoMI5jr1RN7VUnpYUsjOLj&_nc_ht=scontent.ftpa1-1.fna&oh=8ea405d838e6d399a092e791d7631edb&oe=5E572C74
Stealthmann Month ago
She seems happier now that her adversary is about to be beheaded. I bet she's been celebrating with countless glasses of champagne ever since the Trump impeachment...
Sri Kothur
Sri Kothur Month ago
This lady might should run for president. I bet she would get the most votes.
Sam G
Sam G Month ago
"I ran for student body PRESIDENT" "Did you win?" "No of course not" 😂😂💀💀
Marilyn Ines Rodriguez
Best interview of hers ever. We missed out on a super qualified President.
Wayne T
Wayne T 29 days ago
@Shawn mendrek that's everyone who voted in the last election other than the idiots who wasted their voted on third party
Wayne T
Wayne T 29 days ago
@Shawn mendrek deplorable
sqlb3rn segfavlt
the problem with Howard's dumb class prez analogy is, all the other schools in the district get 40 minutes for recess and free meals for students.
Cherie Cullum
Cherie Cullum Month ago
If Trump wanted Hillary to go to jail he should have just hired her.. Gates, another tRUMPER in jail
eigensinn83 Month ago
When will HRC endorse Warren, already?! It's time for that™ change, and it is part of her legacy to make sure it happens ESPECIALLY after how 2016 went!
eigensinn83 Month ago
It's like there's a tribal shism on how the Galaxy should be run, but there's no Trump show on the Holos about how to talk about good and evil in pre-FTL times.
TheBloominRage Month ago
She's just so awful and fake.
Man Yau Edwin Law
popular h Clinton.
Jeannie Glickson
Please go away Hillary. Find some hobbies. You blew an election to the biggest loser in the world.
serious Month ago
She should have done this in 2016...it could have made a huge difference.
Jeff Ambrosia
Jeff Ambrosia Month ago
I'll do what ever I can,says the broad who for the past three years, did nothing but fight it...Howard has long sold out to the establishment ,no pushback questions.hes a total chickenshit
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis Month ago
Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern show. 😀😁😂 Christmas came early.
CJ Month ago
I liked Clinton and Stern is a great interviewer. I wished Clinton won in 2016, she got so close but narrowly lost. But she should not run in 2020 because that be a huge mistake
Joseph Zao
Joseph Zao Month ago
Mark Haga
Mark Haga Month ago
Who cares what she does or says, no one I know
Carol Woolsey
Carol Woolsey Month ago
Lindsey doesn't have John McCain to hold him in check anymore......
Open and lying like a rug! Bill and I were sitting there with George and Laura Bush (So Bipartisan). As for the Bernie garbage. that dude hit 30 campaign stops just for you, What did you do for Obama when the shoe was on the other foot? You drew on Robert Kennedy's assassination in California in June as your reason, YOU ARE A PIECE OF SH*T TO YOUR CORE HILLARY! Howard, Oh and Kissinger is the gold standard of war criminals, nothing more than that! You are both representaives of everything that is wrong with our culture. You both belong in space like the Sirius satellite.
Bitcoin Trades
Bitcoin Trades Month ago
Stern does the interview CNN could never do, as the entire CNN staff lack any real interviewing talent. Instead they give you a bunch of IMO political correct nonsense stuff, even the coverage of said interview is total crap.
leek the king
leek the king Month ago
First thing , cnn HAVEN'T talked about Bernie in couple days and BOOM NEGATIVES story about him . Many modern democrats have said , they won't support Bernie if he wins . Then Obama said he'll step in and speak against Bernie if he starts winning . Hillary Clinton lost because she didn't run on progressive ideas like Obama and then flip flop in the white White House. THATS THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS AS A CENTRIST CANDIDATE! She cheated Bernie and expected him to bow down . He did 39 rallies for her and she hurt still😂😂🤡 after everything settled, Bernie kept doing rallies till the next election while she's still home crying. Tell her cry BABY ass to jump in or disappear.
Darth Aquarius
Darth Aquarius Month ago
This isn’t newsworthy cnn. You suck.
RawStickySweet Month ago
As someone who likes Bernie and would absolutely support him with my vote, let's be brutally honest with ourselves here: he didn't have a chance in 2016 and he doesn't now. The "Bernie or bust" crowd is just as responsible for what we have going on today than the "deplorables" who voted for Trump. Clinton HAS taken responsibility for her part in the failure of her campaign. People constantly say she hasn't but that's not true. Read/watch any number of interviews with her since then. Hell, she wrote a whole book about it ffs.
Luke Sky
Luke Sky Month ago
Epstien did not kill himself...
EXT0 Month ago
It should be clear that she's not running, right? Put it in writing
Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone Month ago
and in the opening statement "OPEN and HONEST!" Lol Hillary has never been honest a day in her life! I mean it is proven she started the Russian Hoax and bought the dossier!
Po Tato
Po Tato Month ago
I'll like your comment so you don't look like you're the only one who liked your comment
PlainBagel Month ago
George W must of been like " thank god he will be worst then me"
Beam light
Beam light Month ago
@Josh Smith spelling error🤔
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Month ago
PlainBagel worse*
Usama Yousaf
Usama Yousaf Month ago
Hillary is big hearted lady even supporting her opponent
Christina Gomez
Christina Gomez Month ago
What the What!!! Not by ANY imagination! #Bernie2020OurNations21stCenturyFDR !!!
John Saylor
John Saylor Month ago
I really wish she had won that election. It would be so different now.
inigojuancarlos Month ago
John Saylor she did but not on electoral college
Dat Meme
Dat Meme Month ago
So after manipulating the process to keep Bernie from being the nominee she was surprised he didn't endorse her quicker?
Dat Meme
Dat Meme Month ago
Can someone tell me why she was signing contracts on behalf of the United Arab Emirates before running for president?
Stanley Patterson
If Hillary does get into the 2020 race, she would be the leading candidate. Read a article about a recent pole. All the poles should include Hillary as an option. Bernie is in 4th or 5th place without Hillary. Face it, BERNIE will NEVER BE PRESIDENT. I like Joe, but his position on fracking has me rethinking. I like Elizabeth's ideas. Very progressive. Problem with Elizabeth is she lacks the political chops to be effective on the world stage. Obama owes Hillary a Great deal of credit for his foreign policy success. Elizabeth has no one to fill that void on her radar. I like Pete. Sad to say Pete is one of the least qualified candidates for the world stage. And least, but not last (yet), Bernie could not, & did not successfully rally his Ilk for Hillary to Defeat Trump. Why? Was it the Russian backed bots out of Moldavia and Ukraine driving his base to a fevered pitch, that inspired Bernie to think he stood a chance, & deepen the division between the liberal candidates? Yes Bernie has acknowledged the FACT Russia interfered on Bernie's behalf, in his efforts to become the Democratic Party Nominee. Bottom line, Bernie's futile effort to win the the Democratic Party Nomination was SELFISH! "I" SERIOUSLY DOUBT if any Bernie's Supporters like you, who are so rabid against Hillary, voted for her. It's my guess some of you VOTED for TRUMP. Fact is, Hillary GOT MORE VOTES. NEXT TO PUTIN, & TRUMP, THE TRUE EVIL IS THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, AND ALL THE CORPORATE MONEY, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC, FLOWING INTO POLITICIANS POCKETS. The Love of Money is the Root of ALL EVIL.
Man Mom
Man Mom Month ago
Open and honest to see if she should run.
shkspr78 s
shkspr78 s Month ago
Hillary is running again? How depressing. Epstein didn't kill himself. Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
JayMane Month ago
Bernie bro here, but reluctantly voted for Hillary because Trump is a racist moron who very clearly knows nothing.
Paula West
Paula West Month ago
Not the first lady of Arkansas
Paula West
Paula West Month ago
God annz is ugly !
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