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Dec 22, 2019




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Comments 80
BasicallyIDoWrk 5 months ago
"Don’t forget you can download War Robots for free on iOS & Android patron.me/basicallywr #ad"
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw 2 months ago
Great video little short with editing. But nice to see 8 players at once.
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw 2 months ago
What is funny if the rounds are higher then 15 someone else could of won. No one got more then 3.
Mineultra 2 months ago
great vid but war robots was already free
TyWhiteFarms YT
TyWhiteFarms YT 3 months ago
I’ve played it before it ain’t that bad
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire 5 months ago
Thumbnail shows 5
Al Lo
Al Lo 16 days ago
Commentate on his own lady “and it’s inside there it is” 🤣
Aidan Fischer
Aidan Fischer 17 days ago
That was an intro and a half 😂😂
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 24 days ago
What this game called and can it play on xbox
Bio Blitz
Bio Blitz 25 days ago
Basically please tell me that you weren’t kidding about this being biannual because june 22 is coming around the corner and I am praying that this happens again
Underfell Sans
Underfell Sans Month ago
any commentary with legion is bound to be hilarious
YaMan Sethy
YaMan Sethy Month ago
Legion + Milton = Content overload
_Son Gohan! _
_Son Gohan! _ Month ago
So you and Smii7y are in to big RUvid groups?
BoxingMan 2000
BoxingMan 2000 Month ago
0:00 - 47:04 is my favourite part 🤣🤣🤣
Katherin Hugo
Katherin Hugo Month ago
13:57 was that vegeta
Kyle Webb
Kyle Webb Month ago
2:10 the Bob Menery imitation is so spot on and funny 😂😂😂😂
Bio Blitz
Bio Blitz Month ago
Can you do this more than twice a year please????
Jayr Ramos
Jayr Ramos Month ago
“I know ninja your’re getting reported”😂
kaleb moore
kaleb moore 2 months ago
Best video ever
Talon Hunter
Talon Hunter 2 months ago
You know smi77y was upset about it
Jen Sena
Jen Sena 2 months ago
that moment when you realize that milton T is keke in markipliers video Stan the Water Man
Zebo 3 months ago
Dat singing voice though: 38:54 "You feel through the game!!" Who sang that?
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 2 months ago
Richard Colston
Richard Colston 3 months ago
Bruh nobody's gonna talk about that intro tho? Gay af
Games Fan
Games Fan 2 months ago
if you ain't a lil' gay with your friends, y'all ain't really friends
Mikey Brugler
Mikey Brugler 3 months ago
Today's video is sponsored by I can't believe it's not butter, because I can't believe it's not butter.
Sam Christenson
Sam Christenson 3 months ago
Simp Police
Simp Police 3 months ago
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Daddy
Liquid Smoke
Liquid Smoke 4 months ago
funniest group good work
Veqra 4 months ago
y'all definitely need to do this again, funniest video I've seen in awhile
hodor 4 months ago
what why was i not subed eff u youtube! stop unsubbing me !
Dragongaming 4 months ago
Marcel plays Dungeons and Dragons, confirmed. MAGIC MISSILE!
Adenoidobject07 07
Adenoidobject07 07 4 months ago
I could have watched this for another hour
Aaron Clarke
Aaron Clarke 4 months ago
2:10 I almost choked 😂😂
SlayR 4 months ago
This looks sooooooo fun! Digital board game with friends, what can be better than this!
William Weed
William Weed 4 months ago
It’s like monopoly all over again
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen 4 months ago
I miss legion so much thank you so much!!
YOUNG SKRT 5 months ago
Legion: Courage is not the way right now Courage: *wins less than a second later*
Ga1axyW0lf 5 months ago
This is the funniest thing ever
Jona Arts
Jona Arts 5 months ago
why is the mobile *War Robot* better than the one they have on steam?
Rhino 5 months ago
12 mid rolls
Viziion 5 months ago
Drlupo is crazy!
I AM M4RKU3 5 months ago
0:10 - 0:31 When homosexuals play PUMMEL PARTY, lmao
Games Fan
Games Fan 2 months ago
so, these guys
Sea Forest
Sea Forest 5 months ago
Dr Lupo is OP AF
Hazel Strong
Hazel Strong 5 months ago
Oh dude I can’t wait for smitty to upload this by next holiday
Steamy Cream
Steamy Cream 5 months ago
we need to see this again it was fantastic
Konner Galbraith
Konner Galbraith 5 months ago
who else didn't realize this video was 47 minutes long XD
K P 5 months ago
Ya really sponsor these doo doo ass games
Frosted Vision
Frosted Vision 5 months ago
So much mid rolls!
Aldo Alvarado
Aldo Alvarado 5 months ago
We want more we want more we want to see twitch prime bets we want blood and also face cam footage of the madness
Wicksy Gaming
Wicksy Gaming 5 months ago
Soooo much YESSS to this video dude!!
Hi Look
Hi Look 5 months ago
Play it again
James Urban
James Urban 5 months ago
Best gaming crew 😂
KiiNgBasS 5 months ago
Kyle Shaw
Kyle Shaw 5 months ago
yall should do this again sometime
AGuyWithGames 5 months ago
So much salt, you guys could turn a lake into an ocean.
Sean McCarty
Sean McCarty 5 months ago
At 2:10 legiQn sounded like John Madden lol.
Hunter Vowell
Hunter Vowell 5 months ago
This legit needs to be a every Thursday thing
Addison Hydock
Addison Hydock 5 months ago
More of these kinds of vids!! This crew through diff board games would be epic!
glitched red
glitched red 5 months ago
Tis the season
Craig The Content Legend
Smii7y was robbed
Nick Tate
Nick Tate 5 months ago
Does anyone else hear Markiplier in there or at least someone that sounds like him?
David nechita
David nechita 5 months ago
Marcel please play this again. This video was hilarious
Viczilla24 Dreamer
Viczilla24 Dreamer 5 months ago
Brandt Schwer
Brandt Schwer 5 months ago
High stakes Monopoly next week?
MegaAkshay88 5 months ago
Man I love it when they play this party game! Hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katherine Bonkowski
Katherine Bonkowski 5 months ago
Aweful Waffle01
Aweful Waffle01 5 months ago
Make another video like this I enjoyed it alot
Keven wedemeyer
Keven wedemeyer 5 months ago
Please play more this was very funny, love your videos.
Inferno 5 months ago
32:15 of course Jack would get nugget lmao
AJ Masters
AJ Masters 5 months ago
neeeed more
ST6 5 months ago
these videos are all the best and they are so funny lol
ZekSkywalker 7824
ZekSkywalker 7824 5 months ago
This is just like the Golf It session he played with the others
Sickboi 5 months ago
Funniest gaming video I’ve seen in a long time. Really good video, well done
Connor Nielsen
Connor Nielsen 5 months ago
Run it back 😂
Jacques Lin
Jacques Lin 5 months ago
that end with Lupo 😂
Joshua Vallejo
Joshua Vallejo 5 months ago
This was AMAZING!
Shrkkng55 5 months ago
That plot twist at the end🤣🤣
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 5 months ago
for the love of god we need facecams from all bro, make this a triple A movie!!!!
Dorian Sookochoff
Dorian Sookochoff 5 months ago
I know this went up on the 22nd, but watching this on the 23rd was a great gift of an almost hour of a laughter. I truly appreciate it! Thanks Marcel, Smii7y, Courage, Lupo, Legion, Trevor, Milton and Tim!
Cheto Navarro
Cheto Navarro 5 months ago
That intro omfg ,😂😂😂
Amoes 21
Amoes 21 5 months ago
Wait. Is that kiki from GTA RP lol.
Jeremy Morales
Jeremy Morales 5 months ago
Comeback of the century!
Kenneth Day
Kenneth Day 5 months ago
Since when did marcel post long videos of pure gold back to back
alyssa nicole
alyssa nicole 5 months ago
I’m sick and can’t get out of bed, but this video made me laugh. Greatly needed and appreciated. Pleaseeee play more! Thanks Marcel❤️
Ty Mansker
Ty Mansker 5 months ago
Please Play Monopoly again. Still one of the most hilarious videos I've ever watched
Ty Mansker
Ty Mansker 5 months ago
Please Play Monopoly again. Still one of the most hilarious videos I've ever watched
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