Highlights SD Eibar vs FC Barcelona (0-3)

LaLiga Santander
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Great win of FC Barcelona in Ipurua with goals of Griezmann, Messi and Luis Suarez those who played a great game #EibarBarça J09 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Memphis 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *football is the meaning of life* 1:40 💝 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie 2 months ago
Good game
Khalid Ibn Walid
Khalid Ibn Walid 3 months ago
We faced Eibar again today (5-0) so I came back to see these highlights. It feels weird seeing Valverde here 😅.
Mohammed Mechennef
Mohammed Mechennef 3 months ago
Eibar couldn't win after years the only win vs barcelone was in 2017 2/1 but this year barcelone CONTROLe and next Sunday will burn in camp nou ❤❣💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❣💜❤4/0
manuel garcia
manuel garcia 6 months ago
Rah2f 6 months ago
Mc 7 months ago
People say Messi being generous for giving his teammates opportunity to score,but for me Messi learn from mistake from his fail dribbling the keeper so he pass to his teammates.
Josee Kosta
Josee Kosta 7 months ago
I think that asist for the second goal is most beautiful asist from this season in all competitions,,,,,!!! Damn its remind me at xavi
Amina Amina
Amina Amina 7 months ago
Boriz channel anak petualang
John Legend
John Legend 7 months ago
Why lost this match Eibar,why?????
John Legend
John Legend 7 months ago
BRAVO Barcelona!
George William
George William 7 months ago
The best player and the best team in d world
Youssef Belakhdar
Youssef Belakhdar 7 months ago
and messi wew and feevrt
The Elegant iguana
The Elegant iguana 7 months ago
The best commentator for football xD
PRORAYDE[FF] 7 months ago
Тройка красавцы!!👍👏
Bame Dikgope
Bame Dikgope 7 months ago
The day Messi will retire i will stop watching football and sell my wifi router, television and DSTV decoder, he is extraordinary
Auluna Sagita
Auluna Sagita 7 months ago
Ifah 7 months ago
football again ☑️
The Woken one
The Woken one 7 months ago
Velverde enroute yo dishin messi his worst season
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 7 months ago
If that was Ronaldo through on goal he would never pass that. Messi is the best
sudirman67 7 months ago
The best
azgardian32odinson 7 months ago
Griezmann if on fifa 20 incoming
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 7 months ago
Is nobody gonna talk about frenkie de jong? That kid was a magician in this match
Emily An
Emily An 7 months ago
Is nobody gonna talk about frenkie de jong? That kid was a magician in this match
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 7 months ago
Too short video!!! Please make it longer!
King jaffe
King jaffe 7 months ago
Saurez goal for me sums up the difference between Leo and Cristiano. Messi has started a bit slow this season due to injury and could have easily scored that to boost his stats, but no, he is the ultimate team player!!!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 7 months ago
BILDAD TV 7 months ago
La liga swahili
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 7 months ago
Ddv Sgd
Ddv Sgd 7 months ago
This commentator is so bloody monotone
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 7 months ago
First goal: Lenglet - Griezmann it's so genius⚡Second goal:Suarez- Griezmann-Messi🔝Third goal:Griezmann- Messi-Suarez🔝
Emily An
Emily An 7 months ago
Damn Messi megged the defender for his goal lmao.
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Dwayne James
Dwayne James 7 months ago
Septian arya wijaya Septian
SGM , MSG , GSM ?🤔🙄
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 7 months ago
jaja ya espero el clasico
MD Vlogs
MD Vlogs 7 months ago
Sub to me if u are a true fan of fcb
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 7 months ago
Griezman and Messi is Awesome
Homie Homie
Homie Homie 7 months ago
Did Messi point to Griezmann 😃
Daniel Haris
Daniel Haris 7 months ago
Generous messi
CHiLL-FEVER 7 months ago
Йукшў Sozig
Йукшў Sozig 7 months ago
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 7 months ago
MSG will destroy Europe’s best teams
1989ElLoco 7 months ago
Too short video!!! Please make it longer!
Thủy Vũ
Thủy Vũ 7 months ago
Zephyr Trading
Zephyr Trading 7 months ago
Joanna 7 months ago
Damn Messi megged the defender for his goal lmao.
Pri yanto
Pri yanto 7 months ago
Midlefielder, Arthur, de Jong, Coutinho
Josuel Silva
Josuel Silva 7 months ago
Messi e sua sempre gentileza.. Não é fominha
ALEF MACHADO 7 months ago
Griezman and Messi is Awesome
Joanna 7 months ago
Messi! 😍
jaja ya espero el clasico
Joao Paulo
Joao Paulo 7 months ago
MSG Arthur De jong Busquets Alba Umitit Lenglet Nelson
Mading Moo
Mading Moo 7 months ago
Woaa.. Messi is so unselfish, he passes the ball to Suarez.
MTHURA TI 7 months ago
Messi had an obvious chance to score but chose to give it to suarez, wow
kado terindah
kado terindah 7 months ago
MSN to be GSM
Mihalych Ахметзянов
Месси Великий, Барселона навсегда!
Patrice Lafamille
Patrice Lafamille 7 months ago
Ivica Pavić
Ivica Pavić 7 months ago
That pass by Griezmann for 3-0 was pure fire.
Manghuce Defaki
Manghuce Defaki 7 months ago
Okce weiasan
Smallman Jimu
Smallman Jimu 7 months ago
i dont understand why people keep mentioning messi messi whereas Grizeman should be getting the credit
Johnk 7 months ago
rip dembele
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks 7 months ago
Very exciting announcer.
Venom RR
Venom RR 7 months ago
Messi mantap..gak pelit sama bola , bagi bagi gool
Percy Calahorrano
Percy Calahorrano 7 months ago
Let’s hope the boys take off from here on out and keep getting stronger and better . Especially Grizzy, De Jong, Arthur, Umtiti and Dembele(this guy needs to get his shit together outside of the field and be more professional)
happy I care
happy I care 7 months ago
Messi! 😍
Boss zulu
Boss zulu 7 months ago
Griezman was very technical on this occasion. Hope to see more of that performance from him.
GIBRAN GAMER 7 months ago
Trio MSG🔥
HakxxaW Official
HakxxaW Official 7 months ago
The start of a new G.S.M era
I Putu Myartawan
I Putu Myartawan 7 months ago
GP. MØB 014!
GP. MØB 014! 7 months ago
Griezzman o mais brabo... 🌊🌊🌊🐊🐍🐉🎙🧪🕋🌪
adepoju william
adepoju william 7 months ago
This commentary is a fucking lullaby...
M2Y Channel
M2Y Channel 7 months ago
MSG the best
Tino Midzi
Tino Midzi 7 months ago
Neymar misses this
Tiburonzin Green
Tiburonzin Green 7 months ago
Lol, Griezman misses one goal :v bit he did an awesome match
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 7 months ago
Messi's goal was sublime
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 7 months ago
This why MESSI is the greatest ever to grace the pitch, his personality on the ball completes him, cr7 would never pass that ball
sven bos
sven bos 7 months ago
Like=de Jong Ignore=Modric
Philip Amedanu
Philip Amedanu 7 months ago
When you're sooo unselfish it makes you self-centered... Messi passing that ball...
Bro Chet19
Bro Chet19 7 months ago
They are combined
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 7 months ago
Thes commentators are crap 😂
Ramuan Herbal Sriaji Obat Hiv Aids
MSG on the best
Mostafa Esmaeili
Mostafa Esmaeili 7 months ago
but I think Messi passed the ball just because he ruined a goal before
Zinha Leandro
Zinha Leandro 7 months ago
lindo gol do Messi meu favorito!!!!
Valter Neto
Valter Neto 7 months ago
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M2 Mexican_Swag002
M2 Mexican_Swag002 7 months ago
Stupid selfish messi!!
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