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Extended highlights from Old Trafford as Manchester United beat Watford 3-0 in the Premier League.
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Welcome to the official home of Watford Football Club on RUvid. The only place you’ll be able to find fresh content from throughout the club, including behind-the-scenes access at training, interviews with stars past and present and all the best action from each and every Watford FC Premier League game. See all the latest from stars such as Troy Deeney, Gerard Deulofeu, Roberto Pereyra, Nathaniel Chalobah, Abdoulaye Doucouré and many more.

You’ll also be able to find out much more about the history of the club, including legends such as Graham Taylor, Elton John, Luther Blissett and John Barnes.


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Feb 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Benjamin Shedd
Benjamin Shedd 16 hours ago
13:31 12:52 12:30
aluminate rock
aluminate rock 16 hours ago
10:20 , was Lindelof trying to head or duck ?
Rizwan Anwar
Rizwan Anwar 20 hours ago
Thanks for posting this guys ❤️ Hope you stay in the league
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Day ago
Watford played well8f they scored first result would be different
Robel Tekle
Robel Tekle Day ago
Respect for the upload
Zieno 2 days ago
I thought man united posted this. But it wasn’t. What beasts at watford
Mandume Ya Ndemufayo
Lindelof not good enough!
Olof Behle
Olof Behle 3 days ago
Satwik Roy
Satwik Roy 4 days ago
Extended highlights despite losing 3-0. You guys have earned a subscriber in me🙂👌
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy 6 days ago
greenwood is fucking incredible. what a talent. RVP, Rooney level easily.
Billy Hogan
Billy Hogan 8 days ago
Wan bassica wasn’t really on form in my opinion in this game felt was kinda tired
John Anthony Dennehy
hope watford stay up!
A R 13 days ago
A R 13 days ago
Eksplorasi Harisz & Fyra
Secure One
Secure One 15 days ago
Man united are back
Jo Jo De Witt
Jo Jo De Witt 15 days ago
Jams nice triye
Mick Cody
Mick Cody 16 days ago
Troy Deeney is a legend. met him once last year and just an absolute gentleman, great time for the guy
Lord 17 days ago
Mason is fucking crazy the guy never shoots of target
fardeen aullybocus
fardeen aullybocus 18 days ago
I like the way solskjaer called ighalo and the reaction of Eric was crazy 😁
Aaron Sharrocks
Aaron Sharrocks 21 day ago
Bruno fernandes aka Paul scholes Anthony martial aka andy Cole and Mason greenwood is van nistlerooy its freakishly similar to the class of 99 this united team I'm excited not been that for a while
sam akiode
sam akiode 22 days ago
These commentators are fucking amazing
rabin maharjan
rabin maharjan 22 days ago
One thing about this Watford team I should say is that they really were taking notes... Loosing 3-0 and yet next game at home they banged the champions elect Liverpool back 3. They were unlucky with United.. learn from mistakes..
SimenG 23 days ago
Hope watford stays in prem❤️ amazing how they lost but still took their time to make extended highlights🔶🔴
70 Ranqe
70 Ranqe 23 days ago
Watford are a class team. Up the troy deeney express, Utd fan.
Siddharth Malik
Siddharth Malik 23 days ago
majority of the viewers are utd fans
Will Norbury
Will Norbury 24 days ago
13:09 is so wholesome with Ighalo
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb 25 days ago
6:32 1-0 Fernandes 10:33 2-0 Martial 12:53 3-0 Greenwood
srtj s
srtj s 26 days ago
this commentator says Dawson has no idea why that's his fault and handball. I mean common, he tried to shoulder it but ended up arming it. he knew exactly what happened
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh 26 days ago
Anybody noticing what's happening at 11:05 ? Loving his bromance ngl
Proud Indian
Proud Indian 27 days ago
game shows what james lack. he has speed to get ball in the box but his shooting is not upto top level. if he can improve he will b deadly.
Proud Indian
Proud Indian 27 days ago
really like dacoure. likes his runs.
Irwan Ismail
Irwan Ismail 28 days ago
John Smit
John Smit 28 days ago
I got a manu app notification as soon as it kicked of on this vid
Bawna Khaleaa
Bawna Khaleaa 29 days ago
Michael 29 days ago
Massive respect for watford and also hammering liverpool something i like to see
MR Journey
MR Journey Month ago
Hope you stay in the premier league...caooo #Respect
Stacey Lawlor
Stacey Lawlor Month ago
Stacey Lawlor
Stacey Lawlor Month ago
Warning Do Not Reply to this comment otherwise you will be forced to delete it if you don't I will report it
Ardell Wijaya
Ardell Wijaya Month ago
Respect ✌️
Muluku Simushi
Muluku Simushi Month ago
This quarantine has reminded us how much football means to us fans
Bobby Sadd
Bobby Sadd Month ago
Fottbal Lover Cr7Goall
Pls sibecribe my chanell
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
Watford weren't even that bad this game from what I can remember. Would've scored a couple if they'd been abit more clinical.
steven nicholls
steven nicholls Month ago
As a utd fan... that wasn't (and if "officially" it is, it shouldn't) a handball
Marcellus Noreiga
As a man utd fan and a fan of football, I have to show great respect to Watford FC for that. I respect you
Pierce Hall
Pierce Hall Month ago
I’m a Manchester United fan so I’m happy
mursyi 67
mursyi 67 Month ago
ajudy Month ago
@ 6:42 Ole and his assistant, finally we have a penalty taker.
Cyrus Virus
Cyrus Virus Month ago
I watched this before. But I watched it again.. Who is here during COVID-19 🙋‍♂️...
matt baeom
matt baeom Month ago
for me..backup front ..rwf- JAMES cf-IGHALO lwf-GREENWOOD
rezi Month ago
I thought it was on man utd channel 🤣 huge respect to Watford 🍻❣
วันต่อวัน Ji
ขอดูนัดที่แมนยูแพ้หมดรูบบ้าง แพ้แบบสู้ไม่ได้เลย แบบโคตรกากแบบแพ้ได้ทุกทีม..คิคิคิ
DarnGoodYawn Month ago
that beautiful goal from martial... O_O
Archerz Month ago
Martial is sooo underrated
Birungi Joshua
Birungi Joshua Month ago
Try to prevent a pandemic coronavirus
David Preta
David Preta Month ago
I never consider lindelof like good defender!
Inspiration Tv
Inspiration Tv Month ago
papua review
papua review Month ago
Terrence James
Terrence James Month ago
Manu are well on the road back to glory days, 2 years from now they will dominate the premier league! many thanks to Ollie.
Rachid Khamlichi
From a United fan thanks Watford FC channel
it was indeed a great job done by united
Ojabu Deborah
Ojabu Deborah Month ago
I hope man United can do this again, when epl reopened again
Yasirisla33 Month ago
Man Utd fan here I respect that even though they lost by a lot they still made the long highlights 🙏 thanks. I respect you
Musabi Ronald mathew
Good bruce
Bharat Rajesh
Bharat Rajesh Month ago
Man U fan. We all love your club. Thank you for slapping up Liverpool when nobody else could. Also thank you posting proper highlights despite losing 3-0 unlike our channel. Also we would like to steal your commentator, he’s much better than ours😂😂
MoOnZtEr 1
MoOnZtEr 1 Month ago
I miss football :(
Amazin D
Amazin D Month ago
Greenwood with Tracerbullet 🤪😍
forever red
forever red Month ago
When you watch games without Fernandes then watch games with him you can see the real difference and my god we have got a real talent brunooooo
forever red
forever red Month ago
@Matthew Tanner sounds the same with me I've been painting and doing stuff I never had time to do but I do miss going to the games screaming at rashford when he smashed one over the bar aha.. I really hope you stay safe to you and your family bro and we see football returning very soon but with them leaked 2020-2021 kits I don't think we will sign many top players, what's your thoughts on the kits ?
Matthew Tanner
Matthew Tanner Month ago
@forever red I agree totally and you're right. It's completely done my head in not having any football to watch. I stopped my subscription to sky sports straight after this pandemic hit us. Weekends have been so boring and I've turned into a gardener of all things. I need my football fix!!
forever red
forever red Month ago
@Matthew Tanner I just can't wait for football to come back to see rashford and maybe sancho on the right with the midfield settled as such now we may have a chance to challenge Liverpool and city fingers crossed . You may not agree with me but that's fine
Matthew Tanner
Matthew Tanner Month ago
Well said!! We saw towards the end also Chong on the right wing. his best position I think.
Bayu Prasetyo
Bayu Prasetyo Month ago
Demi konten, lanjutkan Watford 😁💪
Jørund Ertsås Naas
"And that, in a nutshell, is why he can be one of Manchester Uniteds... most frustrating players!" God damn. the disrespect. I was sure he was gonna say "... one of Manchester Uniteds BEST players!" Well, you cant't please everyone.
Gianlugi Buffon
Gianlugi Buffon Month ago
im ManUnited fan. please Watford dont relegated 🙏🏻
Trav TDS
Trav TDS Month ago
I miss football so much
Yon Man
Yon Man Month ago
On other clubs channel like man utd or totenham u only see highlights for game they won but watford posted highlight even tho they lose 3-0.........
Matthew James
Matthew James Month ago
Doucoure needs a move, guy is brilliant!
geoffrey botha
geoffrey botha Month ago
Watford is Genius, most United fans will watch this and more views for them. Respect Watford
Dyogo Isabirye
Dyogo Isabirye Month ago
Man u supporter watching all the way from Buyende. Isabirye Dyogo Simon
Zeeshan Siddiqui
08:44 ....Wtf was lindelof thinking to let that ball go....A below average defender sign
konneh Mustapha Salia
covid-19 has spoil my moment
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Month ago
The best highlights even when losing
Twissted HD
Twissted HD Month ago
Next videos