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Highlights FC Barcelona vs SD Eibar (3-0)

LaLiga Santander
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FC Barcelona won the game agaist SD Eibar with the goal number 400 of Lionel Messi and a double de Luis Suarez. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019
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Jan 13, 2019

españolaoficialsoccerfootballspanish leaguelaligaresumenhighlightFC Barcelona vs SD Eibarsp:st=soccersp:vl=ensp:dt=2019-01-13T17:30:00Zsp:ti:home=fcbsp:ti:away=eibsp:ty=highsp:or=2sp:li=ligaMessiLuis Suarezlionel messi400golazogreat goal




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Comments 248
luka king king
luka king king 4 months ago
Goal messi
Nadson Caldas
Nadson Caldas 4 months ago
Vai Barça
Nadson Caldas
Nadson Caldas 4 months ago
Vocés já são campeão
Horror movie
Horror movie 4 months ago
Messi has now scored 25+ goals for Barcelona for the 11th consecutive season 2008-09 38 goals 2009-10 47 goals 2010-11 53 goals 2011-12 73 goals 2012-13 60 goals 2013-14 41 goals 2014-15 58 goals 2015-16 41 goals 2016-17 54 goals 2017-18 45 goals 2018-19 25 goals continued
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 5 months ago
Go Messi
IL JOLLY 5 months ago
The first goal of suarez is... *WTF*
Hadyatma Pratama
Hadyatma Pratama 5 months ago
The commentator sounds sleepy. Is he Madrid fans?
Аббос А
Аббос А 5 months ago
Salman Abdullah
Salman Abdullah 5 months ago
Messi the king
Elwood 11
Elwood 11 5 months ago
1:23 suarez is in some pain faaaawk!!!! That's why all the hype about a new striker from the MLS is true so suarez can rest. Damn guess the knee is really bothering him. Damnit! We need the ucl this year and I don't know what's going to happen
metal garurumon
metal garurumon 5 months ago
Legendary Suarez
Wilian Conceicao
Wilian Conceicao 5 months ago
Muito bom
Suro Muradyan
Suro Muradyan 5 months ago
good game
出刃 5 months ago
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 months ago
#47 on trending
The Mask
The Mask 5 months ago
When it resembles pin ball like this it worth a shake
Aqbal Tube
Aqbal Tube 5 months ago
Suarez the best player in parca
Yi Shi
Yi Shi 5 months ago
Great game
90sdance Moves
90sdance Moves 5 months ago
Gotta love easy mode La Liga. I wonder which of the 2 trans will win the league this year ?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 months ago
#43 on trending
Darrius Leonard
Darrius Leonard 5 months ago
Text it,it replies😱 9174991561
msdogooder 5 months ago
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WhizTV lol ur right who ever wrote this trash talk about Jesus is just a gay ass lol
WhizTV 5 months ago
msdogooder bro shut up I’m trying to watch the game
90sdance Moves
90sdance Moves 5 months ago
msdogooder amen lord 8 lb. 6 oz baby Jesus
Alexander Arnold
Alexander Arnold 5 months ago
Michał XX
Michał XX 5 months ago
Kauan Ramos
Kauan Ramos 5 months ago
Real Madrid 19-20 Neymar, Kane, Coutinho!
Pape Seck
Pape Seck 5 months ago
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 months ago
#37 on trending
Yes Jesus Loves Me
Yes Jesus Loves Me 5 months ago
Go Barca !!!!! ⚽💪
Ali Sobh
Ali Sobh 5 months ago
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Neimsterdam 5 months ago
Gigi Pinos
Gigi Pinos 5 months ago
Yayyy!!! Força Barça
Cole Pratt
Cole Pratt 5 months ago
Worlds most boring sport
Seung Lim
Seung Lim 5 months ago
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who deserves to be the King of football according to you bro ?!! Leonel Messi? C Ronaldo? or more??
John Holmes
John Holmes 5 months ago
0:41 look at the defenders. Are they even trying? This is why people call our league a farmers league. I feel like any top prem player could come in and succeed.
Rand oms
Rand oms 5 months ago
Suarez’s first goal was lit af
Xx ExilaratorxX
Xx ExilaratorxX 5 months ago
Yay Ronaldo I’m just joking guys chill
morteza bakhshi
morteza bakhshi 5 months ago
واقعا این مسی دیوانست .
Maxi Estevez
Maxi Estevez 5 months ago
Luis Suárez the best striker in the world
Lucia Lucca
Lucia Lucca 5 months ago
400th goal congrats 😍😍😍
Murad Necefli
Murad Necefli 5 months ago
Aswad Hazrul
Aswad Hazrul 5 months ago
coutinhooo..go go..go...u r greatsss..be spirit
Reymer Vasquez
Reymer Vasquez 5 months ago
Pele tu sigues
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 months ago
#22 on trending
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 months ago
xHoser 5 months ago
Soccer is boring.
Марина Левина
Барселона рулит
Dom S
Dom S 5 months ago
Why do i feel like the comentator was told to stay a little quiet and not go crazy when a goal was scoared, like come on you're seeing the one of the best footballers play...
Dom S
Dom S 5 months ago
@Pinhead oh...okay thanks for that ☺
Pinhead 5 months ago
Because this was just a recap, that wasn't the actual live commentary, you can't really go crazy after you already saw the goal
enzo randrock
enzo randrock 5 months ago
Connor16 5 months ago
Mino2315 5 months ago
messi shouldve passed to coutinho the poor guy , dont even always play and he tries to give assits .
Trips579 Trips579
Trips579 Trips579 5 months ago
Can't see end of video, because you put an ad up ass.
Ahmad Thoha
Ahmad Thoha 5 months ago
Barcelona andalanku
Matt 5 months ago
173 comments and 19th on trending. This is what RUvid has come to, brothers and sisters. Pure shit.
Ignacio Gomez
Ignacio Gomez 5 months ago
Visca Barça!
👍gσσ∂ ʝσв
Kaust Shroff
Kaust Shroff 5 months ago
Nothing to see here people. Move along, now. It's only the fifth best player scoring a measly goal and being involved all all other key plays... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #FifaDumb
Justice 5 months ago
When is a good pass from Barcelona.. there's another... outcome is a golazo⚽️
Brian Jesús G
Brian Jesús G 5 months ago
The best time
Rafa YouTube
Rafa YouTube 5 months ago
caua gamesplays
caua gamesplays 5 months ago
eu quero fazer sabão
Angela Cruz
Angela Cruz 5 months ago
This is great but 400 goals for Leo? Isn’t it like 600?
Alan P
Alan P 5 months ago
Angela Cruz That was his 400th goal in La Liga. Not in all competitions.
Nur Mas
Nur Mas 5 months ago
GDI 5 months ago
embedded video blocks the video...
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 months ago
#18 on trending
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes 5 months ago
o suarez tava há 3 jogos e 3 meses sem marcar gol no camp nou desde dos 5a1 contra o real madrid que ele fez um hat trick
The Casual Firm
The Casual Firm 5 months ago
Alex Guerrero Jr.
Alex Guerrero Jr. 5 months ago
marco 5 months ago
Someone tell me why tf this dude says suareth instead of suarez
Pinhead 5 months ago
It's the Spanish pronunciation of the letter "z", it turns to a "th", sort of like a lisp. I thought the commentator had a lisp when I first heard him but then I realised he said "s" lettered words properly so I was just confused lol
The Real New England Patriots Fan!
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago
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Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes 5 months ago
BozanicJosip 5 months ago
Messi should've lobbed it
Itz Sombra
Itz Sombra 5 months ago
The Messi affect. This is why you better play him in leg 2 dumb dumb Valverde
Lann David
Lann David 5 months ago
Messi is 🔥
LoReN !
LoReN ! 5 months ago
ANGEL ALVARADO 5 months ago
No comp for barca maybe we need more international friendlies
Trading Escapes
Trading Escapes 5 months ago
Nice vid... we are in a good mood, made $581.00 day trading this morning. #tradingescapes
Natsu Kiiroi
Natsu Kiiroi 5 months ago
400 goles Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Moero Leo Moero Yooo !!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
Sulmy Trujillo
Sulmy Trujillo 5 months ago
///////////////// 5 months ago
I think Liverpool and Barcelona are the two best teams in the world right now but I can't decide which is better. I hope they meet in the champions league.
Gavin Page
Gavin Page 5 months ago
@Alan P Low? You talk shit pal
Alan P
Alan P 5 months ago
StRider 99 Liverpool? Are you crazy? Why on earth would you even think about mentioning Liverpool in the same breath as Barca? Because they are top of the low level EPL? Big deal!
Idk Tho
Idk Tho 5 months ago
StRider 99 salah 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬
random dude
random dude 5 months ago
Barca is retarded if they sell Coutinho, Valverde needs to go, not Coutinho
Kaiu levanta porra
Kaiu levanta porra 5 months ago
Medina Jr
Medina Jr 5 months ago
thats Cavanis name
MAX GAME 5 months ago
Короче вчера в вайбере перед игрой поставил барса 3:0 эйбар. Вот и угадал
Nyomo Nyimi
Nyomo Nyimi 5 months ago
Barca mantep tenan
GamerXpress CO
GamerXpress CO 5 months ago
Estaban de blanco, pensamos que eran del real madrid. #HUMOR
emil faiq
emil faiq 5 months ago
Luis suares 2qol messi 1əla qol. Messi futbolda bütün oyunculardan Çox fərqlənir. Çox qol vurur.əla qollar vurur
MilCore Football Fanatic
ruvid.net/video/video-9nl_WqrfKb8.html must watch
Habibo 2000
Habibo 2000 5 months ago
It's too short
レオレイ 5 months ago
レオレイ 5 months ago
@Leonid Zas I’m Japanese
Leonid Zas
Leonid Zas 5 months ago
Япония Китай
Mickael Jobert
Mickael Jobert 5 months ago
Bring Dembele - Semedo - Vidal back and take coutinho - Sergi Roberto Arthur Melo out. That game was awful to watch.
Pinhead 5 months ago
Wtf Arthur was good, and Roberto helped with the attack
Alan P
Alan P 5 months ago
Mickael Jobert Are you smoking crack?
SuperMessi G.O.A.T
SuperMessi G.O.A.T 5 months ago
coutinho was great in that match and vidal is not that creative
Agatha e Manuella ferreira
Messi joga muito 😎
Sơn Ngọc
Sơn Ngọc 5 months ago
Please!Coutinho doesn't go MU
burritos man
burritos man 5 months ago
Suarez qué jugador 😍 Messi es tranquilo
Anggitajr2606 Jr2606
Lio Putra
Lio Putra 5 months ago
Messi suarez coutinho just perfect
yTellCraft 5 months ago
messi suarez neymar too
joshua chauke
joshua chauke 5 months ago
Luis Suarez is the best number 9 in the world.
joshua chauke
joshua chauke 5 months ago
classic Messi would've chipped at 0:50
Guillermo G
Guillermo G 5 months ago
Sadra Mousavi its L1 to chip btw, R1 is to finesse
Sadra Mousavi
Sadra Mousavi 5 months ago
Didnt press the L1 ... Edit: Thanks guillermo g
Daniel Cubilla
Daniel Cubilla 5 months ago
Ponemelo en español la puta que te pario.
Another Realm
Another Realm 5 months ago
Ya saben putos.
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