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I highballed a load of people on facebook marketplace today to see how they'd react
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Comments 80
Staticz 4 hours ago
I had to hit a quick fornite dance since he said my name
the ushanka
the ushanka Day ago
Did I see adias shoes?! *heavy slavic breathing...*
Joseph Desantis
Joseph Desantis 2 days ago
I like them waxy😛
HARD IN DA PAINT 4 days ago
This is a good idea to do in quarantine!
Are you wilne??
MayoSucks Veres
MayoSucks Veres 5 days ago
Am i the only one who noticed my main manz *_István_* ?
Doge Bylat
Doge Bylat 5 days ago
What's the background game
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 5 days ago
3:52 my man got messaged by a curry
drag hag
drag hag 6 days ago
I remember when we used to just prank call people 💁
Hannah the Yak
Hannah the Yak 7 days ago
2020 new PlayStation model. The PlayStation Snuggle.
mikuchuu ‘
mikuchuu ‘ 7 days ago
(Highly Recommended) Me:HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... .... .... .. Yes.
FollTrace 8 days ago
RUvid really wants me to watch this video again
Shourya Soni
Shourya Soni 9 days ago
Which game u playing
James Ray
James Ray 9 days ago
Honestly, this used to be funny but now as I sell stuff regularly it just seems annoying...
Just a regular meme account
Pornhub premium is now free in Italy Me with ExpressVPN: buon giorno
Molly Anne
Molly Anne 10 days ago
The bunk bed you showed is the one I’m laying in😖
Rimby Carkey
Rimby Carkey 11 days ago
I own a psvita it costs 200$
toster boi bred
toster boi bred 12 days ago
What is that gamesl
Eli the one wheeler Yt
I lowballed someone for a 1000$ product and I got 100$ for it
PixelPanda 12 days ago
Wolfie Artz
Wolfie Artz 12 days ago
ok i rewatch this and is no quetioning why,was he watching Sex educations
Red winger 12
Red winger 12 13 days ago
It’s pounds not dollars
Kai 13 days ago
what game are you playing
Links 13 days ago
What game are u playing
Amber Cleary
Amber Cleary 14 days ago
James and George have the humour of a 14 year old and we are all here for it lmao
Sarah Ngai
Sarah Ngai 15 days ago
My last two brain cells during a test
old Ivo’s Animations
😒 👕 👖 👟 This is me rn
Lord wumps
Lord wumps 16 days ago
DipDemBallz 18 days ago
What’s that game he is playing
FireDoc 21 day ago
What game is that 0:00
Person Boi22
Person Boi22 15 days ago
FireDoc same question here
DD XX 23 days ago
the guy named madaras and istván are hungarians
Mr Gnome
Mr Gnome 28 days ago
Why did it it autocorrect to HUB 😐
bob miller
bob miller Month ago
5:27 Me in GTA: oh well good job i have the turrismo
ItzNeon Month ago
I’ll pay double for the kid lmao!!!! I’m rolling over holy that’s funny
Peterson und Findus
5 Ads thats just class mate
Lakuv GG
Lakuv GG Month ago
Sooo you didn’t buy anything.
Premium Gaming
Premium Gaming Month ago
Who’s watching this now?
Lord wumps
Lord wumps 16 days ago
No one
PIE Month ago
Who else is in memeulous group chat wagwan piffting
Silver Eyed Reaper
Can someone tell me what game he is playing looks really good??
Fall Out! At my Green Chemical Piløts
its in the description
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Month ago
This video was so unsettling to watch purely based on how many times my full name was used
Hefelump x
Hefelump x Month ago
A lot of forced fake laughs in this video it’s kind of uncomfortable to listen to 😂
A Winner
A Winner Month ago
Why are they using feet for height?
Anime Films
Anime Films 2 months ago
i love sex education 5:17
Cqzx YT
Cqzx YT 2 months ago
The other day I asked someone if I could buy a Mercedes for 120 quid in Pokemon cards when it was 6980
randomcarvidsyt 2 months ago
5:52 I see a bad man if you know what I mean.....
Cameron Price
Cameron Price 2 months ago
Tried this myself lol
Jacob_ Rose yt
Jacob_ Rose yt 2 months ago
Dan 2 months ago
What game are u playing at 0:00 someone plz tell me
Itz Iby
Itz Iby 2 months ago
Black Ocelot
Black Ocelot 2 months ago
Can i play that gane on android?
father 2 months ago
disgraceful content
Custxr 2 months ago
You’re supposed to buy the goddamn product not just fucking give them a price
573drolhciwdnas 2 months ago
For god sake, Ryan got the idea from JackSucksAtLife 😂
Digiac OSRS
Digiac OSRS 2 months ago
07:59 Runescape earnt my sub
StrawDurpy 2 months ago
i’m a size 6 are u calling me dainty b****
catrexlol 2 months ago
What game was that you was playing
Joy Kazuhira
Joy Kazuhira 2 months ago
"are you gay dude?" "nah...unless youre asking" lol
MeSmellLikeFeetus ALIEN
tell someone “honestly im not ready for this relationship”
cjvlogsstuff 2 months ago
Omg I saw somebody selling a Bentley Continental GT 😂 7:20
PlatinumPlonker 2 months ago
Why does George say he can get you **insert sponser** like it's somekind of drug 😂
PurpleBaron 2 months ago
i laughed so hard i almost spat my vimto in my noodles
Moroiz 2 months ago
can i get the kid?
kai_T 2 months ago
Cool game
Prince H
Prince H 2 months ago
Listen to this tune 🔥🔥🔥 ruvid.net/video/video-kgquvPehzAE.html
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith 2 months ago
Anyone confused about his continue watching sex education? He is weird
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith 2 months ago
John Short on his continue watching Netflix
John Short
John Short 2 months ago
Shetro o
Shetro o 2 months ago
Its meme in hes name HES THE REAL MEME
ThatBoyRell thatboyrell
what game is that
Shadows 2 months ago
What game is he playing??
Sharkz Tr3xbeatz
Sharkz Tr3xbeatz 2 months ago
Do more of lowballing
【no one pretty】
【no one pretty】 2 months ago
I’ve choked multiple times watching this
Draa 2 months ago
10:30 LMAO
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 2 months ago
Loves how it’s his mates account and he ain’t listening to him
Hakob Arzumanyan
Hakob Arzumanyan 2 months ago
Bruh... i do this to taxi drivers every time xD
Pietahr 2 months ago
Whats the game he is playing??
EliaberHD 2 months ago
Want to watch your reaction Hello, I am God and I am using you to send this alert, I am coming and if you deny me on earth I will deny you in heaven if you are not ashamed of me send it to 40 friends and do not ignore it and in 4 minutes you will receive good news
Ricko Rodriguez
Ricko Rodriguez 2 months ago
I got an express VPN watching this, coincidence, I think NOT!
Alex McCartney
Alex McCartney 2 months ago
Mefistic 2 months ago
69k Likes *n i c e*
Berk 2 months ago
name of the game in the beginning?
Arrowverse 2 months ago
When big George memeulous needs help with spelling dainty
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comment bot : 15 2 months ago
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