High Speed Footage | Past Missions

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New camera views of past launches and reentries.

Missions in order of appearance: May JCSAT-14; July CRS-9 launch, stage separation, engine plume interaction, and re-entry burn; December 2015 ORBCOMM landing burn; July CRS-9 landing burn.

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Aug 9, 2016




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Comments 80
eJacob Cornelius
Did Grimes do this music?
Gilmar 2 months ago
0:32 what the hell I am look at?
Gilmar 2 months ago
0:42 this too, look too abstract for me
Madeline McAuley
This was my pride
Aaron C
Aaron C Year ago
It's almost been 3 years, but I love this clip. Can't wait for starship.
jupiter Year ago
Most underrated video on the internet.
4Null Year ago
I keep coming back to this amazing video
dexter gamingmc
HRJ RoZ Year ago
0:13 *_Coooooooool_*
Mahesvar Tr
Mahesvar Tr Year ago
0:52 looks like a buring vagina
Pyrus Rex
Pyrus Rex Year ago
For Christ's sake, Elon, release more of this kind of footage. It's the purest, best advertising that SpaceX could use to attract people to the cause. People who didn't give 1/8 of a f*ck about rockets would be interested after seeing that. Positive public opinion in space travel is just as important as the actual funding carry it out.
WHColours999 Year ago
Dear SpaceX and Elon Musk, thank you for making all our lives a little bit brighter. Seriously, those rocket engines are rather bright.
bassboylowg Year ago
This needs an update! Eye candy!!
CaptainKeeble Year ago
if its high speed then why is it going slow???
Heny Year ago
Dont lie to me thats Sauron's eye
Tyler Halnon
Tyler Halnon Year ago
It’s amazing to see the gasses coming out of the combustion chamber still going super fast even with slow motion
Ben Sylvester
Ben Sylvester 2 years ago
What is the music for this?
michaelvanv 2 years ago
Very impressive video. Thank you!
England is my city
England is my city 2 years ago
Vuvuzela 2 years ago
The underneath view of the engines in action is mesmerizing
Himanshu Bharti
Himanshu Bharti 2 years ago
Why more smoke comes when it(the rocket) is near the surface compared to when it is on air ?
Cody Slab
Cody Slab 2 years ago
*0:50** Eye of Mordor*
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 2 years ago
Orgasmic material.
Evan Schurr
Evan Schurr 2 years ago
Who in the world makes these? Do you guys have an in-house video guy?
rhn94 2 years ago
no, a billion dollar company doesn't have their own marketing department
P. Ricard
P. Ricard 2 years ago
Oh this is s o g o o d
Isaiah Schwartz
Isaiah Schwartz 2 years ago
I want to go back in time to the 1960s and show this to NASA and say nothing then leave
Clorox Bleach Chan
Clorox Bleach Chan 2 years ago
Isaiah Schwartz No!!! That will mess with the timeline!!!!
Drones and Sneakers
electric fields by david goldsmith
Aditya Radhakrishnan
Type of people who would dislike this: 1) Flat-Earther 2) Anti-Private-Space guy 3) Elon Musk Hater 4) A dumbass hater 5) All of the above
rhn94 2 years ago
im neither but you sound way too culty; calm down
Dan Chang
Dan Chang 3 years ago
I think this is beautiful
JimmyStiffFingers 3 years ago
49 ULA employees disliked.
charliem989 3 years ago
how do i work for this company?
Shenzhou 2 years ago
Paul Steven Conyngham
Best video on their channel.
Charles Cant
Charles Cant 3 years ago
Go humans!
Xnerdz 3 years ago
That's nerd porn
Monis Anwar
Monis Anwar 3 years ago
who would dislike this?? why?
Roy Andersson
Roy Andersson 3 years ago
Flatdicks. They don't believe that space exist.
Rener Jr
Rener Jr 3 years ago
name of the song?
GS540 3 years ago
Electronic Fields - David Goldsmith, Andrew Britton
BenjAmin Hoang
BenjAmin Hoang 3 years ago
Best thing about space x is that their footage is better than the governments
rhn94 2 years ago
gov isn't a private company and isn't trying to advertise
Master Marf
Master Marf 3 years ago
If one were to activate a warp drive or open a wormhole, I think 0:36 is what it would look like to an outside observer.
Eliteworld 33
Eliteworld 33 3 years ago
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 3 years ago
Thank you for making this video, i really appreciate the time you took too produce this video.
Mohammed Furqaan
Mohammed Furqaan 3 years ago
magnificence beauty power
KrXsS 3 years ago
This is some tight shit :D
Albin daci
Albin daci 3 years ago
Lolimuse Broccolious
This is so sexy...
Tim August Birkeland Christiansen
Amazing footage!
Teboski78 3 years ago
Chemical energy extracted from sunlight by photosynthetic organisms of millions of years past. Extracted from the ground and repurposed by us to accelerate our own complex creations to orbital velocity,
YihOnn Seetoh
YihOnn Seetoh 3 years ago
Was hoping elon being elon, he'd fast forward an entire mission cuz he... he just can
Viridian 3 years ago
Makes me want to play KSP except for the fact that the docking ports don't work anymore. What's the point if you can't dock and undock things in space.
Dumitru Dumitru Novorojdin
The Architect
The Architect 3 years ago
I got chills!!
Maru Ivan Rico
Maru Ivan Rico 3 years ago
I never expected boostback burns to be that epic
Peter Rees
Peter Rees 3 years ago
What's the music? Composed for Space X or reused?
GS540 3 years ago
Electronic Fields - David Goldsmith, Andrew Britton
SyrupGoblin 3 years ago
cool music
W Nys
W Nys 3 years ago
Максим Андрияхов
The Liberator
The Liberator 3 years ago
muh dick
charliem989 3 years ago
my prediction is spacex will rule the world in 100 years.
3 years ago
Arthur Tomaz
Arthur Tomaz 3 years ago
he, i dont think nasa is going to be the first ones to land a man on mars
Federico Favalli
Federico Favalli 3 years ago
And the song is?
GS540 3 years ago
Electronic Fields - David Goldsmith, Andrew Britton
jibcamera 3 years ago
why no cinematic, high speed, wide angle , stable, shots of the full last minute before landing? inquiring minds want to know...
Mini DK#9
Mini DK#9 3 years ago
The vehicle is flying back for more of the last minute and not doing the landing burn.. If you want to see what it looks like there are plenty of amateur videos filmed from sea showing the night time re-entry burns. SpaceX also released their on board video showing the entire landing sequence.
K C 3 years ago
This is like engineering pornography, rofl!
Christopher 3 years ago
Only at SpaceX
JaxRed33 3 years ago
waste of time, can't leave the atmosphere, just orbiting the earth, the moon landing was a hoax
Sarge Rho
Sarge Rho 3 years ago
Nope, orbiting the Earth *is* outside of the atmosphere, no it wasn't, you're a fuckwit.
Simon Pender
Simon Pender 3 years ago
Naked Pharms
Naked Pharms 3 years ago
This is all lies and masterful CGI... This is another great trick being played on the minds of the sheeple....I don't buy a bit of this nonsense and neither should you
The Liberator
The Liberator 3 years ago
Not an arguement.
petitrebel 3 years ago
I love you spacex, drink with me kompot
Korben DaIlas
Korben DaIlas 3 years ago
Saturn V style)
Ledmaster 3 years ago
MORE OF THIS. SpaceX for president this stuff is great. Finally, saturn five like videos of the Falcon's! Love you guys please don't give up MARS by 2030 we have to make it happen
acko 3 years ago
VAOS 3 years ago
Beautiful! :D
Caleb M. McLaren
Caleb M. McLaren 3 years ago
Sexy wow
DeathToCockroaches 3 years ago
0:41 "looks" like a wormhole
Royce Davis
Royce Davis 3 years ago
I saw nothing more than NASA fakery. If you want to show people something keys ditch the b.s. Fisheye cams and show a full length launch to docking vid. Never will happen though.
Sarge Rho
Sarge Rho 3 years ago
Are you going to watch several days worth of footage? Because the Dragon takes several days to reach the ISS. And lol NASA fakery. There is no NASA fakery, and this footage doesn't even *come* from NASA, or NASA-related flights. The JCSAT flight was contracted to the JCSAT corporation, a Japanese satellite operator.
Motokid600 3 years ago
@Royce Davis I'm sorry all I read is baseless accusations with nothing to back them up, could you rephrase that? Try less ad hominem and more proof.
Royce Davis
Royce Davis 3 years ago
+Motokid600 you're clearly an idiot. see you coming on my post makes you the troll. You saying you have looked through things only proves how much of an idiot you are. You are a boy that has been taught beliefs. You will fight till the death to defend things you know nothing of. You have either not looked into this or you are a hired government troll.
Motokid600 3 years ago
@Royce Davis Trolls don't have a right to call others trolls. Sorry bud. That's not how it works. Your the one in here making false claims. Therefore it is you who is trolling sir. You keep pissing into that wind. Lol "Nasa mainstream" I wish... Once again and probably not for the final time I will tell you ive looked into all the conspiracies against Nasa vigorously and there isn't ONE claim that's not been easily and quickly debunked in FIFTY years. Its all been the same crap just looped over. You have nothing. Its why you folks are viewed as satire. All you have is your bridge. Now craw back under it and wait for the next science/space video to pop up.
Royce Davis
Royce Davis 3 years ago
+Motokid600 incorrect yet again. this is funny. You troll my post then say I'm trolling. You think your belief is accurate because mainstream said so. If you were not such a child you might look into things but no. it's better to talk crap and act like the belief dictates reality. It's my post! If you don't like it tough. If it upsets you tough. You think because mainstream said something that makes it fact. or your just a NASA troll. One of those government clowns that get paid to troll social media. at any rate, you speak about stuff that has been proven bs and yet you say it's been proven fact. it's calling black white. your word are dumb. nothing has been debunked accept for NASA's photos. If you think they haven't then you are just lying our you haven't checked.
Glasstense 3 years ago
I can't get enough of that boost back burn footage.
tyrred 3 years ago
UltraStoat 3 years ago
Song is "Electronic Fields" by David Goldsmith. Little sad they didn't put a shout out in the description :(
BrownHusk Enterprises
SpaceX has used a few songs from this album too in the past, also welcome to 2019
Rens games
Rens games 3 years ago
Alex 3 years ago
Вот щас очень интересно,только ничего не понял
Anthony Ciccariello
too cool
Rocket Man
Rocket Man 3 years ago
30 dislikes from Hoaxers. lol
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