High Kill Solo Game Full Gameplay (Fortnite Chapter 2 Ps4 Controller)

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High Kill Solo Game Full Gameplay (Fortnite Chapter 2 Ps4 Controller)
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 60
KingJoe83 8 months ago
♥️Use Code KINGJOE83
cr7 crazyshot
cr7 crazyshot 3 months ago
You ha e a good game sense
cr7 crazyshot
cr7 crazyshot 3 months ago
Hello king Joe 83 can you coach me
Adam Alasadi
Adam Alasadi 3 months ago
Tam abi❤️
Jeremy Orellana Marcia
Michael Sandifer
Michael Sandifer 5 months ago
I've always wanted to see your k.d ratio, maybe in a future vid?
selcuk cabul
selcuk cabul 3 days ago
Harc YT
Harc YT 4 days ago
Weird gamer Kaniya
11:37 how did ur health randomly become full
Hector Sanabria
Hector Sanabria 7 days ago
Why don’t u have 1 mil subs
Aadit Taneja
Aadit Taneja 10 days ago
My epic username Aarav-hero02
Aadit Taneja
Aadit Taneja 10 days ago
Aadit Taneja
Aadit Taneja 10 days ago
I will use king In the I team shop
Aadit Taneja
Aadit Taneja 10 days ago
He is not hacker
Aadit Taneja
Aadit Taneja 10 days ago
How do you do this howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Dylandcool591 Gaming
Hes just a god
Dylandcool591 Gaming
Fake default
0:56 HE SHOT THROUGH THE DOOR!!! bruh that is an insane glitch
FTBH REO Month ago
U are boss
Juan Jose Melo Rincon
0:53 aimbot y wallhack confirmado >:( me decepsionaste hacker
s u n s h i n e
s u n s h i n e Month ago
I feel like ur teaching me how to win.
Kewin Mikucewicz
Joe your so good at fortnite make more fortnite videos
Stephanie Hilsinger
Stephanie Hilsinger 2 months ago
10:46 what you doing there?
01 X A Ayush Attarde
Hey I am new to fortnite. Can you teach me. I have started it but I am really bad at it I use PC but I don't use high class gaming equipments. So can you teach me cuz I am really bad at building and aiming and I am very slow in it.
Clutch Team12
Clutch Team12 3 months ago
U have not lobbies u don't look good when you level 8
San91 3 months ago
The way you aim makes me very suspicious, you’re so consistent it’s like you’re aimbotting.
Lettiei Petah
Lettiei Petah 28 days ago
Yeah he also shot thru a door
Julieth xDxd
Julieth xDxd 3 months ago
0:55 hasta yo me hubiera enojado por eso xd
Luca Peter
Luca Peter 3 months ago
#kingjoe83 best of RUvid Kanal 🙌
emma farghum
emma farghum 3 months ago
i was shook when he didn’t take the blue pump over a green tac
ZEROPOINT King_ Fortnite
King Joe is a God at fortnite. Can you 1v1 me, my epic username is Volcanic2315
ZEROPOINT King_ Fortnite
Sub to me
Michelangelo 4 months ago
King joe is my friend on ps4
Josh7rm 4 months ago
Can you sub to me it helps me grow
Adnan Jahic
Adnan Jahic 4 months ago
Hahahahaha 👍👍👍👍👍👍💟
Jeremy Orellana Marcia
Ur settings made me a beat love ur vids
bo setings
沼田知也 5 months ago
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 5 months ago
Cooooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooool
Alli Volner
Alli Volner 5 months ago
anyone gonna talk about how he shot through multiple walls?
king derreon
king derreon 5 months ago
No way how u Hit Dem in the head even time
king derreon
king derreon 5 months ago
I am not watch u no more u got Aimbot
Christopher Rafferty
CodingNinja 5 months ago
lol last guy got so scared he ran into the storm ...
gaming 939 leGAmer100
Dans bien
gaming 939 leGAmer100
Les enfants sont très bien mon mari est en tête pour moi mo bisous
JAD.SALIBA 6 months ago
4:58 like a house🙂
Julie Vincent
Julie Vincent 6 months ago
You are hacking
BM_FrozoneYT 6 months ago
imagine rejecting a blue pump
Damaris Ceballo
Damaris Ceballo 6 months ago
Emilian Bashev
Emilian Bashev 6 months ago
Marlene Sousaoliveira
Luan Sousa De Oliveira
lml_Black_Panter 6 months ago
You are so bad come 1v1 bot!
elaine mcginty
elaine mcginty 6 months ago
I'm. Retired. Pay up
Nemsz 6 months ago
Can you show us your controller settings for chapter to
oof it's me noah
oof it's me noah 6 months ago
He doesn't get lag
Victor Bojorquez
Victor Bojorquez 6 months ago
And great video
Victor Bojorquez
Victor Bojorquez 6 months ago
Why Do you switch user on Fortnite
Katarina Vusovic
Katarina Vusovic 7 months ago
Aim bot
ikonik galaxie
ikonik galaxie 7 months ago
Dani 7 months ago
You are a good Player
Venomous 7 months ago
Did anyone else see him shoot through the door and kill that guy
Noémi Király
Noémi Király 7 months ago
0:56 aimbot
PandaGam3r YT
PandaGam3r YT 7 months ago
00:56 wallhack
Christian Schilling
Christian Schilling 7 months ago
GOD vid but i did not like that you used the smg and used the shotgun as folow up O_O
fearless_gamer 7 months ago
Hey I don’t think he’s playing on ps4 because right now he has over 130fps
Thunder 7 months ago
Maybe he Has ps4 pro idk
How can i do fast edit in ps4?Please tell me...i am beginner and i don't know yet....
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