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James Charles
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HI SISTERS! Welcome back to my channel, it's been a while. Today's video is a chit chat get ready with me. I talk about what I've been doing for the past month during my social media break and also show you how to create a dripping rainbow pride makeup look. I really hope you enjoy, I'm so excited to be back. ❤️
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Jun 18, 2019

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Comments 54 746
courtney tuller
courtney tuller 3 minutes ago
I love you so much James you make me smile everyday ❤️
zavry nelson
zavry nelson 3 minutes ago
EXSILVER 420 3 minutes ago
Mariabo75 3 minutes ago
Hi Sisters!!! If you are watching this video, it’s because we are still supporting James and missed him LOTS!!! God bless to each and one of you.
-Lorence Fillers-
-Lorence Fillers- 4 minutes ago
BTS riley
BTS riley 4 minutes ago
he talks with his hands so damn much
Galaxy Vlogs
Galaxy Vlogs 4 minutes ago
This my look made my demisexual heart light up with joy!! Lysm❤️❤️
JACKIE MOON 4 minutes ago
Hey God so yeah I'm James I did all these things for people and never thought about me for a minute, obviously humans should be just like me and everything will be ok, THIS KOD REALLY IS JUST AN ANNOYING LITTLE SHIT.
The Malayali Manki
The Malayali Manki 4 minutes ago
Idk about his personality...but there is no doubt that he is very talented. 😍😍
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 3 minutes ago
Talented in what
Kayla Taylor
Kayla Taylor 4 minutes ago
HI fan we as always nice me how your day is going through very cool to see you
BANGWOOL to the ARMY 4 minutes ago
He really came back? Ewyuck
Gaming _life
Gaming _life 4 minutes ago
This guy disponts me
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 3 minutes ago
So does your grammar
YEILI 4 minutes ago
HEY SISTERS🥰👯 lmaoo🤪😭
lady gaga
lady gaga 4 minutes ago
literally pretty asf
Will Conner
Will Conner 4 minutes ago
The dislikes are growing.
Stine Larsen
Stine Larsen 4 minutes ago
Like vis du r fra Norge/Norway❤️❤️🇳🇴🇳🇴😍😍💗💗🤪🤪🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴
Katie McLaughlin
Katie McLaughlin 4 minutes ago
Omg! James your back!!! I'm so happy!
JACKIE MOON 5 minutes ago
God this kid is annoying as fuckkkkkkk.
Anti snow ,
Anti snow , 5 minutes ago
Nobody Nobody Absolutely nobody James Charles eeeeeeeeee🤷‍♂️🙅‍♀️ that’s his hand movements
Delilah 5 minutes ago
I was watching Emma chamberlaine video and it said #2 on trending so I checked who’s video was #1 and I saw that it was James and I was like ummmmmm reeeeet....!!!
marie trys stuff
marie trys stuff 5 minutes ago
All these people saying they never trash talked him
Victor54272 5 minutes ago
Sad he didn’t lose more
Daniela Paez
Daniela Paez 5 minutes ago
Are we not gonna talk about how his teeth are as white as the wall?
Cynthia Dee
Cynthia Dee 5 minutes ago
Love you little sister! I’m so happy you’re doing well. Big hugs. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋
Sun Shine Bear
Sun Shine Bear 5 minutes ago
Congratulations Sister! You’re #1 on trending!!
Victor54272 6 minutes ago
Still an Asshole tbh
Meaal Younis
Meaal Younis 6 minutes ago
I'm still mad at him
just a lost potatoe
just a lost potatoe 6 minutes ago
no... it cant be... my depression is rising
liz porter
liz porter 6 minutes ago
Oh sister.. I’m 30! Haha enjoy your 20’s!!!
12Jadyn12 6 minutes ago
I’ve been to Catalina! It’s so fun cuz there are literally no actual cars :P
Ginger Sortillon
Ginger Sortillon 6 minutes ago
Eldor Mamanov
Eldor Mamanov 6 minutes ago
Lakyla Johnson
Lakyla Johnson 7 minutes ago
Finally ur back sister
Addison Baroni
Addison Baroni 7 minutes ago
I was really mad at him but it’s good he’s made a clean nice comabck
Zach Gamerboy
Zach Gamerboy 7 minutes ago
James Charles More like... James Fails
Nicole Grande
Nicole Grande 7 minutes ago
Why do y’all act like u never talked shit ab him?wth
Coco’s corner
Coco’s corner 7 minutes ago
#1 on trending :)
LordBoxmanDaddy 7 minutes ago
XD the haters commenting on here want attention.
Trish Bell
Trish Bell 7 minutes ago
Im missing something... Wtf..
kyla faith
kyla faith 8 minutes ago
80 year olds: 70 year olds: 60 year olds: 50 year olds: 40 year olds: 20 year old James: I’m getting old...
Mia Lugo
Mia Lugo 8 minutes ago
i get tired of rainbow looks but this one is so cool i might have to recreate
Elias Gilchrist
Elias Gilchrist 8 minutes ago
Lakai Dominick
Lakai Dominick 8 minutes ago
OMG!!! You are 20😮😮😮 I thought you were younger. You certainly look younger.
Josh Sabiniano
Josh Sabiniano 9 minutes ago
Did he gain weight????
Luke Lesmeister
Luke Lesmeister 9 minutes ago
I’m not your fucking sister
Gone withthesummer
Gone withthesummer 9 minutes ago
Hi sisters my whole personality based on the fact that I suck cock
Jongup’s Cheetos
Jongup’s Cheetos 9 minutes ago
Me: *puts on power and stains all my clothes beige* James: *puts on powder in a white hoodie and doesn’t stain it at all* TELL ME YOUR SECRET 😭😭😭
Brb.Alexis 9 minutes ago
James Charles doing the pride colors hell yea
mikekxz 9 minutes ago
Vegan4ever 9 minutes ago
Why are there so many dislikes here? James basically proved most of the huge allegations false and admitted that he needs to improve and will. After sending him in such a dark place, can tall please be nice to him.
Livikitty :3
Livikitty :3 9 minutes ago
Me: hit the woah! My friends: 19:01
Rebekah’s Korner
Rebekah’s Korner 9 minutes ago
When did you start color correcting again? Or have you been doing it this whole time and I just haven't noticed?
Jaii C.
Jaii C. 9 minutes ago
What contacts does he wear!?!?!
Robben Tony
Robben Tony 10 minutes ago
no homo
Ava Singletary
Ava Singletary 10 minutes ago
He just got 2 million more back so 😂back off haters
lakernatic88 10 minutes ago
Just when you thought this fagget was dead...
Vegan4ever 7 minutes ago
Please take some time to reflect on what you said. Wishing death on a 20 year old boy for no good reason is pathetic.
Hollie Wolf- Browning
Hollie Wolf- Browning 10 minutes ago
James complains Bout beard. Is it just me but I would like to see him with one
gracie brown
gracie brown 11 minutes ago
Omg this vid is #1 on trending
Vegan4ever 5 minutes ago
@Gone withthesummer Millions of people apparently. He's just 20 yet has like 12 million dollars. His merch and cosmetics sell like crazy and he gets millions of likes on Instagram for each post.
Gone withthesummer
Gone withthesummer 10 minutes ago
Yeah. But why? Who cares about this loser?
Travel Lover
Travel Lover 11 minutes ago
How are we sisters u have a cock
Keith Fletcher
Keith Fletcher 11 minutes ago
Yall hear sum?
go away
go away 11 minutes ago
shut up
llama gang
llama gang 11 minutes ago
Woowww, you would not believe all of the gullible, hypocritical people who post comments on RUvid!! Just a few weeks ago everyone was posting comments putting James Charles down and you didn't even hear the whole story!!! And now everyone is acting like angels... What a bunch of hypocrites??!!!
Terrance McCray
Terrance McCray 12 minutes ago
But you’re a man
Clara_Phoenix 12 minutes ago
Omg I miss hearing that intro. Welcome back sister I missed you a lot ❤❤❤
Xxgacha sister'sXx
Xxgacha sister'sXx 12 minutes ago
Hey sisters!!!!!!
Jayliana Bracken
Jayliana Bracken 13 minutes ago
Omg I missed u so much sis
Shreya Chakravarty
Shreya Chakravarty 13 minutes ago
I'm soooooo happy that u posted a new makeup video 😍😍😍😍😍
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10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Go Like guys
Nicole gamer
Nicole gamer 13 minutes ago
I love you james I supported you all the way
Gone withthesummer
Gone withthesummer 10 minutes ago
Well you're a loser
Connor S
Connor S 13 minutes ago
Is she a boy or a girl?
Xandie Bradbury
Xandie Bradbury 13 minutes ago
He kinda got less annoying.....Kinda *Shook*
Bangbangtan Writes
Bangbangtan Writes 13 minutes ago
I miss you so much!!!Thank you for filming video and coming backkkk!!! *I love ya sistah*
Cc Ff
Cc Ff 13 minutes ago
Fuckkkk he’s back or she who tf knows
Olivia Wilhite
Olivia Wilhite 14 minutes ago
i feel like you should put that girls insta in your bio or something ://
Cho Chang
Cho Chang 14 minutes ago
He drove a golf cart OFF A CLIFF I'm confused how that happened
Gloria Cordova
Gloria Cordova 14 minutes ago
His white hoodie is blending with the background and I feel like I’m just seeing a talking floating head
Anne S
Anne S 14 minutes ago
"Old" please stop being disrespectful!
eggroll _thief
eggroll _thief 14 minutes ago
Omg i missed u so much 💗❤💓😄😄😄
gummy galaxy
gummy galaxy 14 minutes ago
Yasss sister
Ari FYI 14 minutes ago
What is that song at 23:05
Lucy stars
Lucy stars 14 minutes ago
Hi sister hi I'm james ima big COPYCATS, haha. ..
Lyzzie K.
Lyzzie K. 15 minutes ago
I came here just to dislike your video. You're welcome.
Sawyer Haas
Sawyer Haas 15 minutes ago
Nobody cares anymore. Just, stop.
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 15 minutes ago
Tisha Velda
Tisha Velda 15 minutes ago
Guru of the make up 💯 ❤️ i respect u 🔥💯
Ruben Villa
Ruben Villa 16 minutes ago
Girlycrafts101 101
Girlycrafts101 101 16 minutes ago
!!!! 16 minutes ago
Got pinned by keemstar can I get pinned by James Charles plz lol
Mariana Firestone
Mariana Firestone 16 minutes ago
why yo eyeshadow look like semen
Andrew Basehore
Andrew Basehore 17 minutes ago
Damn are we already done hating on this guy?
Husena Khambat
Husena Khambat 17 minutes ago
I don't what he will do when he will really age he is barely 20 and feeling old😂😂😂
Natalie Rea
Natalie Rea 17 minutes ago
aw fuck. Sister Snake is back...
123 123
123 123 17 minutes ago
he had 13 m’s didn’t he? what’s going on? clowns are getting back to the circus?
Anir Mandaa
Anir Mandaa 17 minutes ago
Well I am listening 👂 and listening and listening 👂 and done ✅
Suga V Rush
Suga V Rush 17 minutes ago
Skylar 18 minutes ago
bye sister
MorioRex 18 minutes ago
I’m just here to dislike and leave cya
yobardo562 Yobardo562
yobardo562 Yobardo562 18 minutes ago
ghoul ‘s
ghoul ‘s 18 minutes ago
i still won’t sub
Tazz 1530
Tazz 1530 18 minutes ago
This is how many like's I'm going to get. 👎🏼
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