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Phil Mphela
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In the video, Beyoncé parades through the streets smashing cars and things with a baseball bat. She’s being accused of stealing the idea from Swiss visual artist Pipilotti Rist’s project ‘Ever Is Over All’.


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May 3, 2016




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Franciska Horváth
If all the things she produces were original ideas she would never have that much material as she does. It's impossible to produce that much authentic ideas in short amount of time. I realised that she copied a thousands of artist and puzzled together herself. She lacks originality. Although I think she is a great performer. It's just sad she never mention her influencers. Maybe it's because she rather steals than inspires.
Jaeshaunda McIver
Y’all never heard of inspirations ..? Stop crying
Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci 6 months ago
Thats why I think shes overrated. Mainstream media puts her on a pedestal when she does not write her own songs and keeps stealing ideas from other lesser known artists thinking she can get away with it.
Shannon Sunshine
I swear, nobody is original these days. I bet that bey didn’t even know
lanibouecaneq 5 months ago
I mean the bible says ain't nothing new under the sun
MissKHYT1 Year ago
Those complaining of Beyonce stealing: can she - or any other Black person - reliably trace their ancestry back more than 400 years? And if not, why? And please explain your answer.
I Co
I Co Year ago
They don’t love you Like I love you like in M.A.P.S?? Omg
Nicole George
Nicole George Year ago
this crazy white bitch steal's everything!! im talking about niggayonce
Rishab Year ago
She copied from Kylie Minogue also
Christopher Raley
Who cares? Bey did it better.
Steph E.
Steph E. 6 months ago
@s g Thank you! Most people would never understand until she steals from them!
s g
s g Year ago
No, she had a much bigger budget, and if she copied your work without giving due credit, you would have a problem with it.
Piet Baumgartner
an update: ruvid.net/video/video-yONpakUUWnA.html
BeAsA Roze
BeAsA Roze Year ago
Hide to kids, hide to wife, hide yo concepts because _"somebody"_ is gonna be _"inspired"_ . 😏
day light
day light Year ago
this is shameful
MaYen Year ago
I want to reenact this scene in my street but I'll get locked up 😭😂😆😭
loroporoto Year ago
Ehh, SZA blows her out of the water.
One of the only original thing she did is Videophone with Gaga, because I guess she does not want Gaga to know her unoriginality. That's why Videophone video is damn weird compared to Telephone.
Edilio Covele
Edilio Covele Year ago
So its mean Beyoncé copyng her?excuse me .maybe she just had inspiration...coz when can see the Beyoncé video have much work...and the reason of the videos a diferent,a mean the lyric...anyway i don't care about youtubers,Beyoncé is the Queen
This doesn’t mean Beyonce has seen the contrasting video. The videos director could have stolen the idea and Beyonce could have liked what he brought to the table. Don’t be simple minded
s g
s g Year ago
Or gullible, like you.
Antwon Cooper
Antwon Cooper Year ago
Well, who’s to say that she didn’t pay them to use this scene as a reference? Paying for something isn’t stealing..
Laura Year ago
Further information: The video of the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist called "Ever is Over All" was recorded in 1997. Beyonce's video was made in 2016.
dipdupree Year ago
When are folks going to see her for the fraud she is..
Jean Grey
Jean Grey Year ago
Beyonces gives a better life to things just saying. Cause video with the white lady the song on it feels boring.
Dole phantom
Dole phantom 11 months ago
Seriously?? Still not creative... its copying.
MelbeeRose 2 years ago
She has the money that's why it hasn't stopped she can steal and still settle in court like it's not a big deal for, but dam this is disappointing
Mr. Check Yourself
Mr. Check Yourself 2 years ago
Her smashing shit with a bat she copy from Janet Jackson to
Ghea Marrie
Ghea Marrie Year ago
DON'T foget the girl who sang. I bust the window to your car....i don't know her name
M T 2 years ago
This is who y’all call the next MJ? Lmao.
SwtOutsold 2 months ago
M T yes.
J. Queen
J. Queen 2 years ago
What gets me is that Beyonce blantly steals from other artist's creations and give absolutely no credit to them!!! One thing I know about life is that when you steal, lie and deceive eventually it will come back on you! When it's her time to give an account for all the deception and stealing she has done, I hope she will be able to stand the pain. The bigger they are is the harder they fall. It may seem like she's on top of the world right now and she can't be topped, usually that's when God steps in!!
Angela McElroy
Angela McElroy 2 years ago
Wow, not again!
aweful 2 years ago
Except this is credited. She literally put this in the credits. How the fuck is it stealing if where she got this from is credited?
Krissea '
Krissea ' 2 years ago
Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of this. Beyoncé constantly stealing other artists work and never crediting them for it. Beyoncé is over rated after all.
Ti 18 days ago
SwtOutsold you’re the dumb one if you can’t see the truth. If Stevie Wonder can see it, I’m pretty sure you can too.
Ti 18 days ago
Bianca Abdalla facts!
Bianca Abdalla
Bianca Abdalla 2 months ago
SwtOutsold There’s receipts boo
SwtOutsold 2 months ago
Bianca Abdalla the hell u talking bout? The Gift was original. yall truly dumb. do ur research.
Bianca Abdalla
Bianca Abdalla 5 months ago
Alexis wilson The same lame excuse. “I was inspired”, “why can’t she be inspired” is all she and her bat shit crazy fans have to say when they get caught. Imitation and inspiration are two different things. She’s still at it, look at the Lion King “The Gift” album. She stole that whole concept from Petit Noir. Nothing wrong with being inspired by someone, but credit and pay them.
KNG N 2 years ago
That is so fake this tape was taking after Beyoncé clip
Laura Year ago
No, it wasn't. The video of the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist called "Ever is Over All" was recorded in 1997. If you don't believe me, you can look it up yourself.
First of all
First of all 2 years ago
no its not wtf
KNG N 2 years ago
Lene Kaufmann yes it is
Lene Kaufmann
Lene Kaufmann 2 years ago
KNG N are you serious?
Angela 2 years ago
Smashing car windows ... how unique ...
The Otherme
The Otherme Year ago
and the wardrobe. and the affect. and how it was shot. bey (or the director) 100% saw this reference and copied it
rialuxe 2 years ago
MAYBE she was remaking? Some artists do I guess. I don't really know how to explain it but say an artist from a while ago performed a popular act and was respected for it. Maybe Bey was trying to remake for fun?
Nokss 3 years ago
ofcourse 😂😂
G.C. Art
G.C. Art 3 years ago
shes not "being accused" lol the fact is literally in front of your eyes
SwtOutsold 2 months ago
G.C. Art it rly isnt, u think she fully comes up with the ideas for the vid? her management team comes up with the ideas for her MV.
Siyasanga Makie
Siyasanga Makie 3 years ago
Beyoncé strikes again,😂😂😂😅😅ahh wow this chick. I still enjoy her plagiarism tho..
MaYen Year ago
Deedee 2cute
Deedee 2cute Year ago
Siyasanga Makie lmaooooooooo rite
Ky 3 years ago
this is so disappointing... had she meaningfully referenced this work and given credit to pipilotti, it would have been different, but to just use the idea without mentioning her is pretty shitty.
Fernando Martínez
Kylie Ann It is called STEALING. That is a shame.
pameli ta
pameli ta 3 years ago
She just did a referece.
Hey There
Hey There 3 years ago
pameli ta It's actually a good thing that art is referenced because then the art lives!
magic spoon
magic spoon 3 years ago
this harlot is ALWAYS stealing people shit......so why do people allow this to happen??????
Bleachyonce is the biggest copycat thief in the music industry. She's such unoriginal person. I have no respect for her 😒
magic spoon
magic spoon 3 years ago
speak that shit
Queen:X-Tina 4 years ago
Beyoncé is always being sued for copyright infringement but she does not care cause she has money so she just settles out of court & keeps on stealing others peoples ideas .
elle x99
elle x99 11 days ago
SwtOutsold did u not just see the video?
bigbarb Tingz
bigbarb Tingz 14 days ago
SwtOutsold she steals EVERYTHING! Literally
SwtOutsold 2 months ago
she dont steal from no one tf
Kereign 3 years ago
so done should sue her for $1,290 millions the she would not have enough money.
MusicaJamiel 4 years ago
4 years ago
This makes me sad. Countdown was totally ripped off, clearly this is too. I really like Beyonce's music but it speaks negatively to her character that she continues to do this.
Ranita Mckellar
小龙女 and love on top to
Lazzo K!NG
Lazzo K!NG 3 years ago
Even single ladies n crazy in love n even baby boy also others 😭😭
markus albano
markus albano 4 years ago
Berdie 4 years ago
It never seems to stop...I really thought that Lemonade was original from the beginning to end 😪😪😪 Bey stop doing this to me, how am I going to defend you then?
Lesego Tshomela Karim
@SwtOutsold Then stop praising her ad an artist. Also, you people say the opposite when she's NOT caught yet. Which one is the lie? She's just a vocalist and dancer. That's all.
lanibouecaneq 2 months ago
@Noire Talk dont get me wrong I dont idolize any of these stars I enjoy there entertainment its just that simple and, I not sayong every artist copys or not as saying is some people do copy and, they due it better but yes give credit where its do i totally get it
SwtOutsold 2 months ago
Noire Talk her team comes up with the concept for the videos luv.
Noire Talk
Noire Talk 3 months ago
@lanibouecaneq Don't get me wrong B is talented, a hard worker & she knows how to put on a show she's a good entertainer. However a lot of her concepts is *not original* that's not what being a real artist is all about. Its ok to get inspiration but she copies everything to the T and some times don't even credit. It don't matter if she did it better it all proves is that Beyonce can never come up with her own original ideas. You will never hear Prince taking from an artist because he created his own art that's what real artist do.
lanibouecaneq 5 months ago
She still makes it better
Next videos
Ever is overall   Pipiloti