Here's Why Thor's Stormbreaker Axe Is More Powerful Than You Thought

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Remember when Thor first appeared on screen wielding the mighty Stormbreaker on the big screen? When he appeared out of the Bifrost and turned the tide of battle in Wakanda? That one moment went a long way to showcase the sheer power of Stormbreaker. However, what if we told you that the axe was more powerful than you know? What if this weapon possessed an ability so potentially devastating that it single-handedly makes Stormbreaker the most powerful weapon in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, it does. Don’t believe us? Watch the video, and find out for yourself.
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Feb 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Screen Rant
Screen Rant Year ago
Thanks for watching! Check out "Captain Marvel: All of Her Superpowers from Epic to Useless" from our friends at The Binger! ruvid.net/video/video-PL2LV5OGAh0.html
Christian Marten
Hulk was going to lose until the grandmaster zapped him
Brandon Poindexter
Frost Giants will become the only ones worthy of yeilding the storm breaker bc their Sun was killed by thor just to create an ax. The fact that they have survived for many lightyears without a Sun makes them worthy enough to yield the Stormbreaker!
Brandon Poindexter
I think that now with the time travel thing in play maybe it was Thor who tool the sun from the Frost Giants. It takes a long time for a star to die. Who is thor to decide?
Brandon Poindexter
Tim Patterson what if Loki fools everyone and takes the throne of Asgard? U know, the frost giant yeilding the key to his real people that he was kidnapped and stolen from when his people were defeated? Thanos has Frost Giant lineage and u should see how powerful he is with his transformation on the Frosty Planet. He and Loki are unstoppable on the Frosty place and then they make the entire everything become the Cold Frosty 🗺, even Asgard and Earth. Then they r unstoppable period. Even get a few spin off movies when people realize Thor is Hannibal Lektar son! Hello Clariece
Adeel Ahmad
Adeel Ahmad Year ago
Your theory is wrong look at my comment
22_Chew Jun liang
nice video bro i sub to u and like
Avery McConnell
Avery McConnell 2 days ago
There is a baterade bill Easter egg in Thor rangnorok
Dckinggambo 2 days ago
5:12 he lifted it because it wasn't forged yet
malek mazrae
malek mazrae 3 days ago
When he said hulk beat Thor who else got pissed off
Dckinggambo 2 days ago
Taniwha Yt
Taniwha Yt 3 days ago
Squidzman 3 days ago
Can’t believe they said Nidavellir wrong
Simon Wildman
Simon Wildman 4 days ago
Marvel: Avengers Alliance package: in tips powered Wakanda forever make continue not 2013
Rubaba Ahmed
Rubaba Ahmed 5 days ago
In comics Stormbreaker also needs worthiness
heretic hrahsel
heretic hrahsel 5 days ago
I like to think that anyone who can lift stormbreaker doesn't necessarily have the ability to fully weild its power. I mean,one could easily lift the axe but summoning the bifrost straight up would be a different thing totally..that is unless thor love and thunder sheds more light on the matter...
iTz Angel_YT
iTz Angel_YT 6 days ago
Wait so y didn't groot's arm on the axe not break when taking the full power of all infinity stones?
Derek Torres
Derek Torres 7 days ago
Sam Winchester also lifted thor's hammer
KarsentubeHD13 -Gaming,Vlogs, and More!
You don’t need worthiness to lift Stormbreaker yes but they need to be very very strong physically to lift it
Tim goodyear
Tim goodyear 8 days ago
Also how much of Thor is in Stormbreaker? He afterall held the gate open
French_gxlow 9 days ago
Boyyyyy you got it alll rong dude they can pick the axe up but they can use lighting cause there not Thor duuuuu
Vasu Maru
Vasu Maru 9 days ago
does it matter if its stronger than what we think if thor didn't aim for the head??!!!
Wiking Olofsson
Wiking Olofsson 11 days ago
Wasn’t Asgard destroyed by the burning giant that killed Hela?
Spicy RefleXeZ
Spicy RefleXeZ 12 days ago
Hulk can’t lift Mjolnir because Thor would have won that fight but grandmaster shocked him so technically hulk didn’t win
Otto Ettema
Otto Ettema 13 days ago
Great we are captain americas
Sidh Thakur
Sidh Thakur 13 days ago
Well betaray bill was proven worthy because he was the protector of the people on his ship. His people. He thaught that thor was bad guy and faught him hi was willing to give his life to save his people therefore betaray bill was worthy
Shuriver 13 days ago
"He's not a dude.... you're a dude... this? This is a MAN."
Manchoi Phom
Manchoi Phom 14 days ago
Wrong interpretation
graddeos 14 days ago
These channels need to start doing some proper research b4 they release content that is half completed. Mjollnir was enchanted to seek worthiness by Odin, Stormbreaker wasnt. So yes technically everyone can *lift* it. But use it? No. 1st of using the weapons powers requires knowledge and 2nd it requires physical and mental strength that a normal human being doesnt possess. Thor even said it himself. Not every1 can hold a weapon made in Nidavellir. Their minds would crumble to the immense power. A villain getting the weapon, a strong one to survive the energies could theoretically summon the Bifrost but that would still require the knowledge to do so.
Asma Altaf
Asma Altaf 15 days ago
Stormbreaker didn't need worthyness but no one could use it's powers they can only lift it and use it as an strong axe because when stormbreaker came in the hand of thanos and cap it had no lightning powers there was no blue fire
Mr.Fuzion B.G
Mr.Fuzion B.G 15 days ago
Cuz he's a god!
Bro Thor
Bro Thor 15 days ago
Mjolnir’s enchantment was more practical to use often as well as keep it fairly protected from getting into the wrong hands. Speaking of, I wish we knew more about the AllFather. I hope they make an Odin movie.
Banoth Sunny Nayak
Banoth Sunny Nayak 17 days ago
Thanos weilded the strom breaker in endgame
Mustafa Hameed
Mustafa Hameed 18 days ago
At 3:17 you say “who the heck” but the subtitles say “the excess”
GoDx Rage
GoDx Rage 19 days ago
screen rant i just want to say that the stormbreaker is made for king and his power can just control by the god of thunder stormbreaker can be lifted by any one but his power cannot get control by any one
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 23 days ago
I know you don’t have to be worthy to pick up stormbreaker but do have to be worthy to call it to you ?
Robert Motto
Robert Motto 24 days ago
Thing is... if you had listened to what Odin had said to Thor after Mjolnir was destroyed.. Odin told him that the power was NEVER in the hammer, that it was just a vesself to be used for him to channel the power that was already in him. However that fact was not in the comics, s the comics say it was all in the hammer.. And yes.. I know that the enchantment says worthy of the power of Thor.. so to be honest.. everything is contdicting. And the movies showed that he didn't need the axe for anything really EXCEPT for being able to summon the Bifrost.. go figure
Tia Sweetie
Tia Sweetie 25 days ago
Thor is the best, most favourite, and the hottest avenger!!!!!!! He should have been shown as the lead in Endgame, he is beyond what the directors show...... expecting a lot from Love and Thunder
Ian Kelleher
Ian Kelleher 26 days ago
epic is: otto911gt5 on ps4
pranav r
pranav r Month ago
5:24 thanos lifted it in endgame.
BossAndrew Month ago
Thor is the god of thunder anyone else that uses the stormbreaker wont have thunder so it would be more powerfull if thor used it
Uguys Rapedstarwars
Thanos actually «used» it
AaRYaN Month ago
Vision also
AaRYaN Month ago
Captain America also
Arjun Sai
Arjun Sai Month ago
Mjlonir was also made from the heart of dying star,What are you saying man?
Luther McGee
Luther McGee Month ago
What kind of damage can it do? Forged from a dead star? It being made of neutron degenerate matter, if it hit a planet at it's hardest part, it could create a series of fault lines which could literally bring planetwide destruction. Only the planets gravity would keep the planet from exploding. Heh, heh, well, I was close.
Lisa Bradfield
Lisa Bradfield Month ago
People can pick up storm breaker but only Thor can use its lightening and by frost and coming back to them powers
Vicky Yendrembam
Peter Quill: Look, this is my ship. And I’m not going to… Wait, what kind of weapon are we talking about here? Thor: The Thanos killing kind. Peter Quill: Don’t you think that we should all have a weapon like that? Thor: No. You simply lack the strength to wield them.
Dan Gannon
Dan Gannon Month ago
Anyone could have lifted Mjölnir before Odin enchanted it
I am The Hammer
I am The Hammer Month ago
It isn't more powerful than Mjolnir. It never has been no matter what anyone thinks or what the marvel movies say.
Chill Vibes
Chill Vibes Month ago
And cracking open a beer
Ljiljana Mlakic
Ljiljana Mlakic Month ago
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago
But no, in the first Thor, Odin says for whoever is worthy to lift this hammer shall possess the power of Thor, so someone who is not worthy wouldn’t be worthy to use its powers. Compare this to vision and mjolnir. Vision lifted or, but couldn’t use it
Joshua Armstrong
Joshua Armstrong 2 months ago
My hot sauce could kill thanos its rated at 15000000 scovile units and i think thats lowballing it
Deepa Subodh Kale
Deepa Subodh Kale 2 months ago
Who is watching this a year AFTER endgame in quarantine?
The Rock013
The Rock013 2 months ago
Imagine if it did depend on worthiness, thanos would’ve probably been cut in third
Alex Marti
Alex Marti 2 months ago
Picking it up and being able to use its power is two completely different things
TheK01234 2 months ago
Should have been Bill's
Darth Danksaber
Darth Danksaber 3 months ago
"Bring me Thanos" was delivered in such a shitty way lmao
Dante Hellsing
Dante Hellsing 3 months ago
Stormbreaker (Apocalyptic) Mjolnir (Destructive)
Lightning 3 months ago
"thor is just a dude"
CallMehBlue7909 3 months ago
But no won can unleash the power of stormbreaker they only can get the lightning from mjolnir
EET CANDI 3 months ago
thor should have gone for the head
Kouji Chan
Kouji Chan 4 months ago
More powerful in the MCU not in the comics. So stfu.
Chris Angler
Chris Angler 5 months ago
It's a Hamaxe
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso 5 months ago
Why did they call this weapon "stormbreaker", it's NOT stormbreaker, it looks way more like "ULTIMATE MJOLNIR" from ultimate Thor.
Karlee Valentino
Karlee Valentino 5 months ago
The coolest thing was that Groot help make it. A part of groot will forever be embedded in it. Groot was worthy!!!!
Colby Heath
Colby Heath 7 months ago
Stormbreaker is made of uru, a magic obsorbing metal
Simba leo
Simba leo 8 months ago
The bifrost looks like it's made from all six infinity stones with the colorsthat's probably why stormbreaker was able to withstand such a blow from all six infinity stones
Karan Singwi
Karan Singwi 9 months ago
4:31 He is not a dude you are a dude he is a man -Drax
kama kaze 2
kama kaze 2 9 months ago
Ye but you don't have to be worthy to lift stormbreaker but you might ave to be worthy to use it for the byfrost or lightining
Amanda Hogan
Amanda Hogan 9 months ago
Hell ya of cours that seen was insane
M J G 9 months ago
Odin enchanted Mjolnir with the whole worthiness thing. Ya know, the whole plotline from Thor.... No need to bother the directors on Twitter about it, just watch the movies.
73 Stalin.A
73 Stalin.A 9 months ago
Captain America lifted Stormbreaker but couldn't use it like Thor.. you know with full lightning fire on it... Because Captain doesn't have god's blood in him to use its powers.. well thor is different.. his mother is an elder God which gives plenty of lightning in himself to use.. You can lift the axe and use it.. but you can't use it like Thor.. and last but not least Thor has his flying capabilities enhanced with the Axe..
Noro 9 months ago
I thought odin put the worthiness spell unto mjolnir so that only worthy person can weild mjolnir (see in Thor 1).. since stormbreaker doesnt have that spell, anyone can wield it, of course it also applies to mjolnir if odin didnt put the worthiness spell in mjolnir, anyone can wield it..
U Myo Kyi
U Myo Kyi 9 months ago
How about The Fmil Theory?
Enrique van Leeuwen
Enrique van Leeuwen 9 months ago
Soo the reason stormbreaker is more powerfull than i thought is because of its most prominent feature...
Taran Alvi
Taran Alvi 9 months ago
Thor handsome
Jacoob Cyrus
Jacoob Cyrus 10 months ago
No you have to be powerful enough if you're not you'll mind will collapse into madness
you2099 10 months ago
"Forged in the Heart of a Dying Star" ?? HA! Jus' like me Farts !
Diego 10 months ago
ehm...it managed to overcome the blast of energy of the 6 gems. therefore we already know how powerful it is
John Marston
John Marston 10 months ago
God of Battle Axes
Rigged 10 months ago
because groot is in there
Shazy Adventure
Shazy Adventure 10 months ago
Shazy Adventure
Shazy Adventure 10 months ago
so cool
The ballistic Tree
The ballistic Tree 10 months ago
Yeah thanks was decapitated
Shirley Hamailton
Shirley Hamailton 10 months ago
Can Donald Trump wield stormbreaker
A kids Stop-motion channel
If Thor was god of thunder would people be able to use the lightning and by frost
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