Here's Why the McLaren F1 Is the Greatest Car Ever Made

Doug DeMuro
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The McLaren F1 is one of the most famous cars in history -- and possibly the very best car in history. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren F1, and I'm taking you on a full tour of the McLaren F1 -- then I'm getting the McLaren F1 out on the road with Jay Leno.
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Mar 19, 2019




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Comments 100
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro Year ago
And now you know how to change the CD track in a McLaren F1.
netweed09 Day ago
7:20 That's makes me shudder. Embarrassing, lol. This is why we should be grateful for all the new tech we have this day and age.
Bathroom Sign
Bathroom Sign 2 days ago
I didn’t see please timestamp
DONUTL0VER Month ago
who would need CDs in a F1, u have a giant engine in the back
Carl Ottosson
Carl Ottosson Month ago
Alex Newman!
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 2 months ago
You can't. You listen to dad rock because Gordon Murrary says so.
Aswin Bhusal
Aswin Bhusal 15 hours ago
To be honest, I wasn't really fond of Leno before but hearing that kid calling him an uncle story at 35:58 made me like the guy. He's just having fun.
I was just watching... I think your Grand National video and though... man... Doug and Jay should do a video together... and then I watched this. Amazing.
r0mpastompa Day ago
The total production was 106 cars, 6 - Prototypes, 28 - Racecars, so only 72 made it ever on the streets.
Patrik Floding
Interior trim looked surprisingly nice!
netweed09 Day ago
Lol, no friggin' way. It looks like some insect with the expression a parasite's coming out of it's ass. The Ferrari 458 and McLaren 720S (just to prove I don't bias brands) look timeless and light years ahead of this childish nonsense. Otherwise, why the hell would McLaren continue new designs if they thought this was 'Perfection'? Sorry to burst bubbles but nostalgia has it's limits
named as boy
named as boy Day ago
16 billion dollars??!? 16 000 000 000??!??!?!?!?!?!
Fernando Mixtli
Oh, Jay & Doug, look like uncle and nephew in the McLaren F1 inside scene!!!^^
Jay Doubleyhoo
Jay Doubleyhoo 2 days ago
Doug DeMuro looks like the C.E.O. of Hot Dog Concessions at my local community colleges' Jr. Varsity Athletics Department.🙃
Necrosis AR-CarX
Necrosis AR-CarX 2 days ago
Mclaren: *achieves guiness world record for highest top speed in a Street car* Bugatti 8 years later: *Its free real state*
Jay : c'mon get in the f1, I'll take you to school, hurry up. You're almost late Doug : yes daddy
A Brit
A Brit 3 days ago
"Maybe the greatest car ever made" Doug.
Seemore Speed
Seemore Speed 4 days ago
Hahahah, this guy is lucky, smart, funny and interesting.
diegosvega 4 days ago
Do a video with the Blue Bugatti from behind!!!!!
De Prins Van Mokum
33:08 ur welcome
terru gd
terru gd 5 days ago
Doug looks like hes about to have a panic attack when it first shows him with Jay Leno😂
John Pick
John Pick 5 days ago
Jay Leno is such a Gentleman who always drives with a big smile ! Great Episode Doug and Jay Thank you.
threel 6 days ago
Doug is happy like a baby who has just peed by himself, when he was riding in the car.
hali khan
hali khan 6 days ago
Love this car from need for speed 2 its really a dream car
Christopher Bynum
The smile you get every time he steps on the gas, even just a little, says all you need to know.
lil dinny
lil dinny 6 days ago
Doug"The slug" Demuro
memes 7 days ago
If I managed to get one, i'd sell if for a R34 and a Supra
hi youtube
hi youtube 7 days ago
It’s sad to see manuals die out, Ik new autos are super responsive and fast but why not offer a few models in stick
Brandon Nope
Brandon Nope 7 days ago
Jay Leno got some good hair.
Luca Blight
Luca Blight 7 days ago
Now it is finally clear why Doug has always seemed to me to be Jay Leno's secret son.
Jayant neelakantan
doug missed a type 57 atlantic in jay leno's collection. lol
CGWS2011 8 days ago
You would've loved to drive it yourself. And we would've loved to see you driving this thing
a4yster 8 days ago
Jay is probably behind the camera eating his nails away together with an insurance agent. "Oh got, my millions of bucks are in the hands of a peasant"
Silent Grind.
Silent Grind. 8 days ago
Boring rims for that price
Josh Medici
Josh Medici 8 days ago
Jay Leno never misses his childhood amazement and curiosity, he's always appreciative of the things he's able to do with his work. He does get to live the car enthusiast's dream.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 8 days ago
Leno has a McLaren P1 also! It's real nice!
Agent X
Agent X 8 days ago
everytime Doug says Quirks and Features it's super cringy
Imran A
Imran A 8 days ago
It's epic to see such a Doug and jay Leno Collab with the greatest car ever
Imran A
Imran A 8 days ago
Love the symmetrical design Who wouldn't want a practical supercar
Martin Scott
Martin Scott 9 days ago
problem with a mirror, go to the junk yard, really? why would you go to the VW dealer. I somehow doubt the owner of a multi million dollar vehicle would need bother himself with a junkyard
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo 10 days ago
Being the fastest car doesn't make it the greatest.
Daniyal Ahmed
Daniyal Ahmed 10 days ago
I feel like you cheated on the value score just to make this the best rated car. Because you always mention that the actual price matters too and not just how much a car depreciates or appreciates.
KURDISH cars 11 days ago
engine bmw m70 b53
Nicholas pingas
Nicholas pingas 11 days ago
0:03 fucking facts
A kid From mtl
A kid From mtl 11 days ago
0:20 16 billion? Can sm1 make sure I heard that correctly
Sipho Busane
Sipho Busane 12 days ago
So technically this is the fastest natural aspirated car lol
Noobmaster Gameplay
nah, there are many which have overtaken the F1 It is the last naturally aspirated car to be the fastest car of the time.
Vishal Talwani
Vishal Talwani 12 days ago
Doug and Jay Leno together sitting in the legendary mclaren F1 is like dad is taking his son from home to school in his favourite car because they kinda look alike.
J Greenseed
J Greenseed 13 days ago
You know, Jay should have let him drive it, the hell
j Warrior
j Warrior 14 days ago
you guys look like dad and son lol
Jacob Anteau
Jacob Anteau 14 days ago
Did he say Billion?! With a B?!
Beautiful car, needs detailing though. Larry @AMMO, free this Sunday? 😉
Giacomo_98 15 days ago
Every copy of the McLaren F1 is personalized
Robert Donovan
Robert Donovan 15 days ago
I attended the press introduction of the McLaren F1 road car at the Monaco Sporting Club. As I was leaving I noticed I was walking behind Denny Hulme, Bruce McLaren’s long-time team-mate, and Tyler Alexander, who worked with Bruce most of his career. They both hated the F1, with Denny’s epic vocabulary on display. I didn’t care for the car, probably for the same reason they disliked it: it wasn’t anything like the M6B GT Bruce had been working on when he was killed. We’ll never know if Bruce would’ve approved or not . . .
FANG 15 days ago
This car looks like that Dettling D-1 prototype car that I saw on youtube.
Nept Tune
Nept Tune 16 days ago
Ya but I wanna know if the driver is flanked with anything...
Jason Wilde
Jason Wilde 16 days ago
I saw one of those on the road in Santa Monica back in 2012. It was black, it might even have been this one.
xyz 16 days ago
Two Italians in a British car.
Life Is Good
Life Is Good 16 days ago
Always been curious how the title of Fastest production car is deemed when they make a hundred or so and stop 🤔
Average Dave
Average Dave 16 days ago
Kudos to Jay for this! When you said you were going to take it out... first thing I thought is - How on earth does insurance cover you?
Joe Chang
Joe Chang 17 days ago
What these cars are really designed to do is turn very rich men into just rich.
J AJ 17 days ago
My old boss owned a white F1 that was kept parked under a carport in hot desert climate but that’s when they were only $1mill. We also used to go on diving trips with the owner of McLaren . Wish I knew what they would be worth twenty years later and I would’ve offered to take it off his hands.
Skottink R.
Skottink R. 17 days ago
I love this video you an jay taking a ride in a F1. Amazing. Check that off.
Skottink R.
Skottink R. 17 days ago
Doug we know you love the owners manual. Most of us do not. 5min of that is 4min an 30seconds more then I need.
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 17 days ago
Jay Leno’s knuckles. Looks like a bare knuckle boxer. Or worse!
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 17 days ago
He is a “famous lefty” and has some brutal scars on his left hand knuckles only. Not from work but The kind of scars that only comes from violence.
Skottink R.
Skottink R. 17 days ago
FYI my gmc Sonoma has carpet that fits my truck perfect as well. 🤯
Skottink R.
Skottink R. 17 days ago
Ok if anyone ever wonders how to lock the doors an doesn’t know the button marker lock isn’t the process then shouldn’t own this car. If they wonder how to turn on the light when there is a button marked light .. gettin my point? Wow
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 17 days ago
Who needs a CD player when you’re driving a McLaren F1??
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 17 days ago
Doug is really Jay Leno Junior... Look at him. Listen to him. Tell me I’m wrong
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 17 days ago
Gordon Murray’s mullet was epic back in the day he designed this car.
Daniel Melendez
Daniel Melendez 17 days ago
This is my favorite car on the EA Need for Speed as it is able and extremely capable of beating faster cars due to its weight to power ratio, killer at taking the curves on the game. So I can only imagine what is like in real life...my dream car for sure!
inquizative44 18 days ago
Well Doug can't drive this car to say how bumpy it is......lol Doug looks jealous sitting in that back seat, not quite back seat. I would be jealous too!
Salman Shahid
Salman Shahid 18 days ago
24 carat mclaren
Joseph Hale
Joseph Hale 19 days ago
I’ve always LOVED Jay Leno!
Gifted Hands
Gifted Hands 19 days ago
Good to see double clutching on upshifts to match those synchros. Just gotta get Jay to rev match downshift😂
Gifted Hands
Gifted Hands 19 days ago
Hey Dough you sure you and Jay aren’t sharing some genetics?😂
Marko Kruc
Marko Kruc 19 days ago
To him, every car is the best ever made. Absolutely no credibility in this guy.
inceptional 19 days ago
Yeah, this car might be faster, but I'd rather own an XJ220 personally for the sheer beauty of the thing.
Harrysson 20 days ago
Doug the type of guy who says good night to all his cars before going to bed
E B 20 days ago
I own one. On CSR2
TheBarrelCrasher 20 days ago
I own a BMW E36 and I instantly recognized the turn signal, windshield wiper control, and power window button.
brianu333 20 days ago
Jay explains really well each car and what they do
brianu333 20 days ago
If you sit in middle how do you get out or close the doors
Dynamic Solution • 18 years ago edited
Serious question...if you blow the engine, crack the block...can you still buy an engine from bmw? If so imagine the cost!
Dynamic Solution • 18 years ago edited
Mclaren advertises a FUNCTIONAL super car...gives you a 1sq foot storage compartment.
GSWILL 11 20 days ago
Doug, you do a great job with your videos and I always thought you looked like you were related to Jay Leno, so this episode was too perfect. Also, appreciate the non click bait title.
小学生 20 days ago
Well, you know...
Raymond Goodwin
Raymond Goodwin 21 day ago
one F40 one McLaren F1 that well be all
Fernando Mixtli
Fernando Mixtli 21 day ago
Jay & Doug, you looked like father and son!!
Kevin Bright
Kevin Bright 21 day ago
M C Taylor
M C Taylor 21 day ago
Doug seems like Jay Leno's son. Am I the only one who thinks that?
Adam Ball The Southend Guy
You just have to love Jay. What an absolute petrolhead! And you can see how much love and respect he has for the F1, that has little to do with its value I suspect. And I think The McLaren has just made the top of my ultimate car list. Just phenomenal. And THAT noise, OMFG!
Garret Schweng
Garret Schweng 21 day ago
Jays review: if youre listening to the stereo while driving this, get another car! Dougs review: *spends 5 minutes on the cd player*
vwartione 21 day ago
Sound of that engine... pure porn!
Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill 22 days ago
Nobody: Jay Leno: i'll drive
Chad Hendricks
Chad Hendricks 22 days ago
Ugggggly looking welds on the oil cap. Sure they are good but nasty looking
Jon Hayes
Jon Hayes 22 days ago
Jemand 22 days ago
this is the only car doug wasn't allowed to drive himself, right?
superloose 22 days ago
Doug, in my estimation you’ve really gone up on brownie points... in a quirky kinda way!?
Hersel Olmos
Hersel Olmos 23 days ago
What a vehicle
Sabri -
Sabri - 25 days ago
Your like dady and son going a trip;) amazing
Mark Plain
Mark Plain 25 days ago
A few crazy things about this car: . The tyres are unique to the car ie: you can't buy them off the shelf, they are custom sized (and astronomically expensive). Also they don't 'balance' the tyres like a regular tyres - the tyres have to be purposefully 'warn' into balance - again astronomically expensive. . The fuel tank is a bag (a compromise on the volume available for the fuel). Because the fuel tanks is a special bag, it technically needs to be replace once every 5 years.... you need to take out the entire engine to get to the bag/tank. . Doug spoke about the mirrors coming from a typical VW Corrado, well the rear lights comes from a bus?? . The air conditioner.... it doesn't work. The air flow pipe for the aircon is so narrow and so long, that, well no cold air really makes it through.
whataname01 25 days ago
Wonder what it cost to insure it to drive on the road?
Mark Plain
Mark Plain 25 days ago
Just realised.... this car is made in the UK, yet they decided to place the gear lever by the right hand, kind of making the car a "left hand drive". . This is important cause Brits tend to believe that the correct 'ergonomic' to driving a car has it that your 'stronger' hand (right hand) is on the steering wheel while your weaker hand (left hand) is on the gear lever.... assuming you are right handed of course. . Now I kind of agree with the Brits in that I find that when I'm running through the gears on a British car, I keep my left hand on the gear lever while changing gears. On an American car I find myself changing gears (with my right hand) then instinctively placing my right hand back on the wheel. Then reach out again to the gear lever (as the revs get high). Meaning that on an American car my reaction time to change gears when I need to, is slower than on a British car. . Considering the McLaren designer knows racing cars better than anyone else.... I'm obviously wrong and left hand drive cars are stupid.... TAKE THAT BRITS!!!... oh here's the best part, the guy who designed the McLaren is not British (double whammy).
Mark Plain
Mark Plain 25 days ago
Dad's driving his F1.... I'm calling shotgun!!!.... . my brother: really? you know that....
Mike D
Mike D 25 days ago
Very cool of Jay to do this. He's a class act.
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