Here's How The Black Plague Finally Ended

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"The church of 40,000 corpses" sounds like the title of a Rob Zombie movie, but it's actually the BBC's description of the Sedlec Ossuary. Located roughly 50 miles east of Prague in the Czech Republic, it houses chalices, ornate wall ornaments, and even a chandelier built from the bones of more than 40,000 skeletons. About 30,000 of those skeletons belonged to people who succumbed to the Black Death during the 14th century. On its own, that's an ungodly number, even for a church. However, it accounts for just a tiny fraction of the plague's total death toll.
The BBC says an estimated 25 million people, over a third of Europe's population, succumbed to the plague. Historian Ole Benedictow provides an even higher estimate, writing that "quite likely around 60 percent" of the populace perished and it was a horrific way to go. People developed intensely inflamed lymph nodes and would vomit or cough copious amounts of blood. Death typically came within two days. Benedictow writes that the plague was unprecedentedly terrible, and argues that contemporary Europeans had actually dubbed it the "terrible death," not the Black Death: The Latin description of the plague, atra mors, lends itself to two interpretations because "atra" translates to both "black" and "terrible."
Eventually, the terrible, black cloud hovering over Europe dissipated, enabling society's long, arduous healing process to begin. But how did the Black Death end?
Honestly, the true answer to the question could be buried in the Sedlec bone church for all anyone knows ... because historians cannot, in fact, tell you how exactly the Black Death died. There are theories worth mentioning, but authoritative sources don't even fully agree on when the Black Death ended. The Science Museum of London, for instance, says it lasted from 1347 to 1351. Benedictow claims it spanned the years 1346 to 1353. Further complicating matters, while the term "Black Death" refers to this relatively limited interval of time, in reality the plague persisted for centuries, ravaging Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in uneven waves.
The last major plague outbreak, though, occurred in London between 1665 and 1666. Some historians credit advancements in medicine for stemming the spread of the plague. Notably, during the first wave of the Black Death, societies did begin implementing measures such as quarantining patients and isolating people. Others experts view the issue through an evolutionary lens, claiming that genetic changes in the plague bacterium or its carriers broke the cycle of outbreaks.
Per the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Black Death marked the emergence of the quarantine. Back then, the word "quarantine," which comes from the Italian term for "40," referred to a precautionary measure imposed by European port cities. Incoming ships had to rest at anchor for 40 days before landing. This was distinct from the practice of isolation, which entailed separating sick people from the healthy. With quarantine, seemingly healthy people who were exposed to the plague had to remain sequestered just in case.
Some locales went to great lengths to keep people away from each other. As noted by the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, "in 1374, [authorities in Italy] declared that every person with plague be taken out of the city into the fields [...] to die or to recover." In 1377, authorities in what is now Dubrovnik, Croatia required anyone arriving from a plague-riddled region to enter quarantine for 30 to 40 days. Additionally, a treatment facility was built outside the city for sick residents and outsiders. Hospitals erected to combat the plague stayed in operation until the 1900s.
The plague never completely kicked the bucket, but it's a shell of its hellish self. Live Science explains that the present-day plague evolved from a less virulent species of bacteria, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, which often causes "mild stomach infections." However, the bacterial strains that brought Europe to the brink of breaking resulted from two mutations. The first alteration cursed the world with Yersinia pestis, which had the capacity to cause pneumonic plague, a nasty lung infection that spread through sneezing or coughing. The second change spawned the bubonic plague that inflamed lymph nodes.
A 2011 DNA analysis of 109 Londoners who died during the Black Death suggests that the bacterial strains responsible for the medieval pandemic went extinct. What changed? Human evolution might have something to do with it. In a 2014 study by a Dutch university, researchers concluded that the Black Death forced affected populations to develop immunity. Watch the video to learn How The Black Plague Finally Ended!
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What do you find most interesting about the Black Plague?
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That it’s back
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@Iva Tenji i was just like him a long time a go now he dies
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@Beshoi John how will U kill pandemic?
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@Iva Tenji i will kill him mohaha😈😈
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Ima tryin to survive 2020 cause a kid just died from it
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And now it’s started again...
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Next Virus: Rabid Zombies. 😎
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It's back.
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This aged well
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People yes more plauge Yersinia pestis: hold my rice wine
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It isn’t over, June 14, 2020 a squirrel on Colorado has the plague
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RavenFromTeenT 2 days ago
Imagine how much worse these plagues and viruses will be when flu season hits again.
RavenFromTeenT 2 days ago
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I don't think China is ever going to learn
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And now it’s in China!! haha earth is ending
speedy Gonzalez
speedy Gonzalez 3 days ago
Welp it has returned 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jack 3 days ago
It has not died. It’s an infectious disease and people in the 14th C, the 6th C etc - somehow managed to stop the spread of infection. Probably by improving sanitation, burning down infected villages and otherwise barring entry to cities and other settlements. The bacterium yersinia Pestis which sits in the gut of the oriental rat flea, is still a real threat and killed roughly 580 people in the last 5 years.
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justine pascua 5 days ago
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Sergio Ortiz
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Last I checked, it was called the "black death" because the sores that would appear on the skin would turn black from necrosis
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2020 Black Death: yo waddup
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This is bad. Black Death is back and there is Covid-19 following. Right now, we are still able to go outdoors. (For some people) Once Black Death becomes worse, Covid-19 will probably also be worse. Worst thing is, Black Death isn't just a virus that spreads through the outdoors.. it's a virus that can go indoors as well.
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And Start Again
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Raj from tech support
Btw it’s been here forever and between 2010 -15 there were over 3000 cases of it. Outbreaks are different to individual cases
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