Here’s Why the 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 Is The Hottest Car of the Year

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 is the hottest car of the year -- by far. Today I'm going to review the new C8 Corvette, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 Corvette. Then I'm going to drive the 2020 C8 Corvette and tell you what it's like on the road.
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Mar 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Anton Zgurskiy
Anton Zgurskiy 7 hours ago
Very sexy car
Uly Grenot
Uly Grenot 7 hours ago
whoever made this car wasn't thinking about road dome.
Best of Cars
Best of Cars 9 hours ago
In europe it costs 100k
Eric Talkington
Eric Talkington 10 hours ago
Wow, I thought this was supposed to be that smaller engine Corvette I've heard so much about. If THAT is the new regular Corvette, that's ugly as fuck. I've seen a couple driving and they look fucking disgusting. The looks of the one that has been out that last few years was the nicest looking modern Corvette I'd seen. It was the first one since the 80's Stingray that actually got my attention. I mean if people like it, I hope you can have one, but I wouldn't drive that fuckin thing for free.
Wolfgang Oehry
Wolfgang Oehry 14 hours ago
They were finally able to get away from the flat board on wheels design. This one got me excited!
Bruce Bigby
Bruce Bigby 20 hours ago
Wow!!! 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds???!!! Under $60,000? Phenomenal!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 21 hour ago
whats with all the dirty marks on the seats???
Christopher Fields
Christopher Fields 23 hours ago
That car is ugly. It's definitely not a Vette.
Rafael portuguez
Skywalker will fly this ship.......impressive very impressive.
Midnight Worrior
It won't be hot until it will have a stick transmission, and the driver can truly "feel" the car!
M109A2 Redleg
I like the previous generation. Engine should be in front.
Onze Savino
Onze Savino Day ago
I bet you can play doom on that screen via the SD card
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Day ago
The car is cooler than your ugly face.
JayBird128 Day ago
I love hpw doug actually uses ratings how they are supposed too like he basically never gives a 10
Joker The Joker
Corvettes are badly built like all American cars. Terrible interiors and handling plus useless engines. Porsche slay them in every way.
BIG BOOO1 2 days ago
When you buy a Ferrari off of wish.
Shawn3002 2 days ago
I bet it hydroplanes like a banshee
Sadeg BenSalem
Sadeg BenSalem 2 days ago
no body :- people :- focus at douge words me :- focus on the rain how its fall inside the car
Alexander Kaiser
Alexander Kaiser 2 days ago
Uhh, who buys corvettes, why use money even tho they're extremely cheap, on junk cars. America just cannot make cars, it's embarrassing.
Donald Shakur
Donald Shakur 2 days ago
My gpas friend has been waiting a year for his, got it yesterday he says I can drive it
Stan K
Stan K 2 days ago
♫ Little red Corvette ♫ Baby, you're much too fast, oh ♫ Little red Corvette ♫ You need a love that's gonna last Prince would sing about this car in 2020
Randy Green
Randy Green 2 days ago
6 on styling, really Doug!
Dev1ce OP
Dev1ce OP 2 days ago
8:25 "that Guys reaction"
aramchek 2 days ago
It is not a good looking car, it looks ungainly from every angle.
resolution55555 2 days ago
Looks like Ferrari.
jon hennemann
jon hennemann 3 days ago
Yes, but no one is selling them for under 60K. So really it is a 100K car.
ONLINE NET 3 days ago
Yankee 3 days ago
32:12 The "important" part. 😉
Darryl Redding
Darryl Redding 3 days ago
Very very well explained thank you sir Great car , retirement ride I'm on my way...😊
Mark Ciccarello
Mark Ciccarello 3 days ago
Never in my life wanted a Corvette, but this one, with the mid engine....hmmm
heddu you
heddu you 3 days ago
"AND, another thing about the C8's interiorrr.... It is semi-waterproof, I've had this door open getting wet for 30 minutes now, no smell, no alarm signals on the dashboard, it's like they built the car for aquaman, yet let the public buy it just for kicks!" - Doug
Rupak Girkar
Rupak Girkar 3 days ago
8:40 "incase someone tries to kidnap you with their C8". Lmaoooooo
rocky lofeudo
rocky lofeudo 3 days ago
Another AWESOME Video !!!!
IKnowGunFu 3 days ago
"is that a Ferrari?"
BallOfBalls 3 days ago
thats a sexy car
Donald Miller
Donald Miller 4 days ago
Has anyone noticed that you'd have to be double or maybe even triple jointed to have sex in this car ?
CHUCKBALLER 4 days ago
All My Life i Never Liked the Corvette....Until Now
r.t. 4 days ago
that rear camera display option in the 'rear view mirror' is absolutely fantastic and i hope that becomes the new norm going forward! excellent video as always
Elemen56 Gaming
Elemen56 Gaming 4 days ago
I’m gonna buy this car and edit this comment when I do.
Curtis Peyton
Curtis Peyton 4 days ago
@35:25 Homie thinkin' about jackin' Doug for that C8. Hope Dougie carries, but probably doesn't 'cuz California. He doesn't seem to be the "self-defense" type at all anyway.
uroprop 4 days ago
magnussen is the only reason corvette got any clout left
uroprop 4 days ago
getting past horse pulled suspension..is not a big deal...and stealing the look from the nxs....its just not amazo sry
The main man
The main man 4 days ago
You could’ve done this on a dryer day 😆
uroprop 4 days ago
its literally not the hottest....murritards are just desperate
Jason S
Jason S 5 days ago
Nahhhh... it’s pretty embarrassing when a 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera S (non-turbo) beats the new Corvette in all track distances. That’s sad... Corvette just looks cool but so does a Canadian Vex (Porsche Kit Car). Wow, the Corvette that could have been so so much more! And when I say more, think Acura NSX with 5 engines, 4 motors are electric. All this time to produce a slow shiny turd. Sorry, that’s my input on it. And if this Stingray can’t even hang with a naturally aspirated 911 then Corvette is in huge trouble with their next Z-Model. I would bet it won’t be faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo S let alone the faster Naturally Aspirated GT3 RS. 400 HP is WEAK for a Mid Engine... just WEAK! This car is deserving of 600+ HP to contend with true mid engine performance
I saw one in my town last week.I was like "the fuck is that" The back end looks kinda like a ferrari.Then it made the turn and came towards me, then i realized it was a Corvette. fucking nice
Dennis Montero
Dennis Montero 5 days ago
I think the 2020 Corvette is too slow it looks nice but it's too slow I rather buy me a Ferrari f8 convertible Cabriolet 2020 thank you very much
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano 5 days ago
Hottest car of the year.....Germans and Italians are peeing their pants laughing
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano 3 days ago
And you be surprised at how many better German cars in the same price range you can find
Fabio Balenzano
Fabio Balenzano 3 days ago
Donald Miller the title said nothing about affordable.
Donald Miller
Donald Miller 4 days ago
@Fabio Balenzano , Hottest car of the year that is more affordable. The cost of this car is about what the down payment is for an equal Italian or German car.
Patrick Christison
That dude looking at the car at 35:30
Patrick Christison
My 2006 mercedes take like 10 seconds to raise 2 cm
Scott Flynn
Scott Flynn 5 days ago
Doug's the type of guy to call and say "I'm thinking of buying a certain car, can we talk?" I've had my Accelerate Yellow C8 Z51 for a month now, and it wasn't until I watched Doug's video today that I realized there were logos in the rear glass and the center speaker. I also missed the fact that I can simplify the center gauge cluster (though I'd never want to). I love watching Doug's "quirks and features" reviews! Keep up the good work Doug!
Dan Hannity
Dan Hannity 5 days ago
This new LaFerrari looks amazing 🔥
ACEO SEVEN 5 days ago
I will never understand why poor ppl watch car channels about cars they will never ever be able to afford or ever see in real life! Rich ppl don't watch car videos, they actually buy and review cars at the car dealerships. Man, PDD (psychological damage depression) is a monster!
jacesaces15 5 days ago
its under $60k? haha the vette is and always will be the poor mans sports car.
johnny bagley
johnny bagley 4 days ago
You couldn’t even afford it broke bum 😂
wfma779 Wdcsdc
wfma779 Wdcsdc 5 days ago
Damn, I’m 16 and always wanted a brand new corvette with the older body design once I get got the money. Guess that’s never gonna happen
Prabhath madusanka
Random guy who is reading this comment gonna be a millionaire and buy this car one day!
Andres Fernandez
Andres Fernandez 5 days ago
Looks like a Camaro molested a Ferrari. I DONT LIKE IT. FIGHT ME
Ferruzzicati 5 days ago
“I’d still choose a Chevy Chevelle and that’s a fucking terrible car”
Jonah Mason
Jonah Mason 5 days ago
Doesn’t look as good as the ZR1
M4R!0 SV
M4R!0 SV 6 days ago
I thought this car car was way more expensive And also if u r a GTA game player u know that in this last update they made a car that looks like the C8 and costs 1.5 mill, I use mods lmao so I don’t play online that much and I installed it
James Flames
James Flames 6 days ago
Only crap thing that bums me is they sound like SHIT with a aftermarket exhsust or muffler i heard one yesterday at a car show just cant get the same ol exhaust note from a mid engine
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller 6 days ago
Doug is a hater. He hates American vehicles! He's getting ridiculous as he reviews vehicles. Bang for the buck, nothing can beat the corvette!
99 BOOTS 6 days ago
Yeah as far as looks go i dont think that you can beat the C7 GrandSport
Old School
Old School 6 days ago
I love C8 😎👍
rickie hathaway
rickie hathaway 6 days ago
Sorry Doug I have to call you out on this one...the Corvette hasn't always been around. There was no 1983 model.
Tamer Kiykioglu
Tamer Kiykioglu 6 days ago
I'll wait for the EV version. I can't put money into anything gas anymore when EV technology and products are now here.
Josiah Presberry
Josiah Presberry 6 days ago
I noticed he’s recording with an iPhone 11 Pro the quality was so good I thought it was a camera
Julius Steponavicius
Абу Абу
Абу Абу 6 days ago
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Wilson Calil
Wilson Calil 7 days ago
This changes everything
The King of weirdos
15:00 Doug stopped and kept the temperature at 69 degrees
Gerald Braxton
Gerald Braxton 7 days ago
Great review as always. This is the future..!
dave runner
dave runner 7 days ago
I will have one. Dont doubt me.
ray1983able 7 days ago
No offense ! Is it just me or does the Host look and sound a lil like Jay Leno ? He's maybe 1/4 Cousin of Jay Leno ?
Guiller de Guile
Guiller de Guile 7 days ago
They should make a 6 cylinder version and price it modestly. Additionally, why didn't they made it a hard top convertible?
shovington67 8 days ago
Looks suspiciously like a Transformer. Whens the next movie due?
John D
John D 8 days ago
Yeah I’d let him use my car for a review, leaves window down in rain for 70k car. Smh.
nanah p
nanah p 8 days ago
can't wait till it reaches 3yrs old so I can get it for 30k
Clayton Zivkovic
Clayton Zivkovic 8 days ago
So your telling me I could sell one of my balls and I could buy that car?
DEFIANT ONE 8 days ago
you talk like Dimitri from Cobra Kai
Marko Mircea
Marko Mircea 8 days ago
Finally, a good looking car from the 🇺🇸
MAD GRUMPYMAN 8 days ago
It looks more like a Nissan or Acura NSX now.
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos 8 days ago
when i was younger, i thought that a car wasnt cool unless the engine was in the back. but i have grown up since then and ive grown to really, REALLY like the old front engine rear wheel drive layout. i really hope they come out with a new model that will at least add a manual or something down the line
biff647019 9 days ago
Gosh that looks like Vegas, ah Flamingo Dr. yes, I can't believe you caught it on the couple of minutes per year that it rains. Buca Di Beppo, the palm trees, Jack in the Box, Blueberry Hill, left all of these things behind when I moved.
David Platt
David Platt 9 days ago
Well, that was a waste of time.....all talk and no, absolutely no driving. Worst of the C8 review vids.
Martin Valenzuela
Hey Chevy, Ferrari called they want their design back
Mike Nunes
Mike Nunes 9 days ago
Don't get Bonnie Hubbard knees.
Mars Clayton
Mars Clayton 9 days ago
Who in the hell is that "Dick Welts" guy just losing his mind in the thread? Someone get him some meds asap! 🤣🤣🤣 Holy sh!t! He makes all Americans looks like the worst stereotype imaginable. 😬😑🤭
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 9 days ago
Another interesting thing........😝 but seriously I'm conflicted. I like it in some areas and don't in others. The interior seems a bit odd but damn it's a lot of car for the money.
William Martin
William Martin 9 days ago
here's what sucks why they come outw this shit when I'm too old to buy it anmd Look sensible or cool. won't work for me damnit.
Zavian Jones
Zavian Jones 9 days ago
Looks like a Ferrari. The body ruins it for me. Btw less horses than a hellcat
Tyreda Shyt
Tyreda Shyt 9 days ago
Mario Ramirez
Mario Ramirez 9 days ago
So much for getting head while driving this car
Phil Brown
Phil Brown 9 days ago
Very well done video this guy did. I’ve seen probably 20 on the C8, and he gets to all the high points and enough detail to really give a really honest review.
ŁıŁ ŁıøN
ŁıŁ ŁıøN 9 days ago
I am waiting to buy this car. After buying this car i will edit this comment . Edit : (PENDING)
blaster915 4 days ago
Get the convertible!! It's a steal it's performance!!
Michael Brazeau
Michael Brazeau 9 days ago
Tryin to be a Ferrari so bad
Percaholic 9 days ago
Billy Ayers
Billy Ayers 9 days ago
Awesome review Doug! Thank you!
therealseal 10 days ago
Still a Chevy.
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