Help Me Smash Daniel's iPhone (Game Master Spy Camera Roll Challenge)

Matt and Rebecca
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After Rebecca Zamolo created We went through Daniel’s CAMERA ROLL for 24 hours and FOUND This… (Game Master spy hacker is a liar), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Is Game Master Spy Hacker a Liar? (Ninja Lie Detector Test on Daniel to Find the Truth) we needed to open the box that was left in the mysterious location by the pirate battle ship. We also found DNA evidence of Rebecca's hair in the tree house. Could this be another 24 hour challenge overnight at 3am to find the clues? Maybe its just a $10,000 who wins challenge. After we went through Daniel's camera roll we decided it was a bad idea. When we started to unbox the haul a member of the quadrant walked in. He Wanted to play another challenge. This one is do not smash the wrong mystery box just like CWC or Chad Wild Clay with Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo. We all had to choose an item, Rebecca chose my glasses, I chose Rebecca's make up and the quadrant decided on Daniels iPhone. I thought his phone was missing. We lost him for a second just like the gamemaster. The mysterious man is in a hidden secret location in an abandoned underground tunnel passageway. We need to confront Daniel soon and maybe reveal his mask. Perhaps we can save him and put him through a lie detector test! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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Comments 100
Matt and Rebecca
Should we trust Daniel? It isn't looking good right now. Let us know what we should do and what the next challenge should be!
pushen Burger
pushen Burger 3 days ago
4 pairs of glasses
Machaela Destiney
I kind of don't even believe Daniel right now I'm working for the gamemaster
Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson Month ago
You should’ve asked the quadrant if Daniel works for him
Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson Month ago
No don’t trust Daniel he has been so supisious
Mysterious Moon
Mysterious Moon Month ago
Alyssa Diaz
Alyssa Diaz 58 minutes ago
I have 4 pairs
Avery Poole
Avery Poole 2 hours ago
Mission complete
Jaliyah Jackson
Jaliyah Jackson 2 hours ago
Mission complete
Damario York
Damario York 3 hours ago
Mission complete
Brittany J
Brittany J 5 hours ago
I where glasses but I broke a 4 pers
Sophie Tait
Sophie Tait 8 hours ago
mission acompleshed
Aubries arts, crafts, N other stuff
Mission Complete
Surinder Kaur
Surinder Kaur 16 hours ago
I have glasses and a lot of peers
Aimee Lair
Aimee Lair 21 hour ago
Mission complete
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 22 hours ago
It is on the right side
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 22 hours ago
My dad has 9 glasses
Breayanna Mendoza
Breayanna Mendoza 23 hours ago
Mission completed
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 23 hours ago
Mission complete
Dorothy Durden
Mission complete
Abraham Salas
I have 19
Rayven Gillespie
the sample of hair it is Rebecca Zamolo hair if you notice a peice of her hair is shorter than any her other on herright ear
creative corn diy hacks and ideas
Sometimes I do
creative corn diy hacks and ideas
Yea he is risky lie detector on him or truth syrim
Pewdiepie Only
Pewdiepie Only 4 hours ago
creative corn diy hacks and ideas ssaddracvrar fver dfrede fwd did Hhhhninidewinuyjiid jdjaijsisccjjdhsd sxjjdsjsjwjcj kkrkkerfkjfejrf crkkekkeferk fkfkfkcfm
Courtney Williams
Mission complete
Jaycey Bell
Jaycey Bell Day ago
Mission complete
Marivic Zafe
Marivic Zafe Day ago
Dont trust Q he is being like the red hood cause he still want the clue from the game master! And can i have a shout out please?
Shikya Mcpike
Shikya Mcpike 2 days ago
I have 2 peers of glasses love you
roblox gamer girl
mision complete '
Rose Wass
Rose Wass 2 days ago
i where glasses and i ONLY have 1 pair no exra pairs
LaVannah White
LaVannah White 2 days ago
Mission complete
Rose Wass
Rose Wass 2 days ago
misson complete
Mia Limon
Mia Limon 2 days ago
Q will win love you Q
Carter Thomas
Carter Thomas 2 days ago
Mission Complete
pihu kuhu
pihu kuhu 2 days ago
Mission complete
Ema Park
Ema Park 2 days ago
I have Glasses and i have 1 per
Teri O'Reilly
Teri O'Reilly 2 days ago
Mission complete
Mellie Princess
Mellie Princess 2 days ago
That quadrant member didn't have a voice changer. I think he sounded like chad............
Cecelia Byers-Bell
I have 2 pairs of glasses
Bryant Garcia
Bryant Garcia 3 days ago
Missing complete
Machaela Destiney
One of the quadrants keep fallowing me I'm scared
Machaela Destiney
Mission complete
oli&yu 3 days ago
Caitlyn Wilson
Caitlyn Wilson 4 days ago
I wear glass and I actually have 2 pears of glass and I would not do that with my glass my glass are really expensive
Laila Lopez
Laila Lopez 4 days ago
This is how many people have done all 3 things ¡
Barbara Antonelli
Robecca is going to win all the rounds
Ella Mervyn
Ella Mervyn 4 days ago
Mission Complete
Afzal B
Afzal B 4 days ago
Mission accomplished maam
feryal alshammari
Mission complete
Savannah Townsend
Q is going to win
Izabella Guimbra
Izabella Guimbra 4 days ago
"MISSING A COMPLETE " I have 1 pair of glasses and I sometimes have then on so I am not like Matt
James Silva
James Silva 5 days ago
Vernon Rodden
Vernon Rodden 5 days ago
Mission complete
Kiki Varges
Kiki Varges 5 days ago
I ware them and one pare
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 5 days ago
Sorry Daniel
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 6 days ago
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 6 days ago
Mission complete
Alissa Rodriguez
Alissa Rodriguez 6 days ago
Hi my name is Isabella and I loveMurch and I am missing a clump
Konleigh Graham
Konleigh Graham 6 days ago
I wear glasses I only have 1 pair
Vijaylaxmi Dighe
Vijaylaxmi Dighe 6 days ago
Mission complete
unikitty 1107
unikitty 1107 6 days ago
Does Rebecca still have a bag Rebecca you were so brave going through surgery
Manaswini Mishra
Manaswini Mishra 6 days ago
Missen complete
Kala Krishna
Kala Krishna 6 days ago
Mission complete
Dennette Chambers
Mission complete
koko281971 7 days ago
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Aeriana sprks
Aeriana sprks 7 days ago
I wear glasses but they broke
Neeve Kipling
Neeve Kipling 7 days ago
My mam had glasses and she had 4 pears
Emelia Salmon
Emelia Salmon 7 days ago
Mission complete
nicole rhinesmith
I am so sorry
Unicorn Nicholls
Unicorn Nicholls 7 days ago
Mission complete
Ethan Slone
Ethan Slone 7 days ago
Mission compleat
Maria Quintero
Maria Quintero 7 days ago
Mishun cumplet
Isley Murdock
Isley Murdock 7 days ago
Hi haven😻
Kristen Robinson
Kristen Robinson 8 days ago
I were glasses and have one backup
BRENDA VANCE 8 days ago
Mission complete
Liliana Lolmaugh
Liliana Lolmaugh 8 days ago
Mission complete
Aveyon Reed
Aveyon Reed 8 days ago
Mission complete
Cameron Lemieux
Cameron Lemieux 8 days ago
I wear glasses and I have 2 pars
Soph Alexandra
Soph Alexandra 8 days ago
Mission complete. 💼💼💼
Angel Dignam
Angel Dignam 8 days ago
8gnzerindffpighbdngjomgojpnni F😃😮😃😦
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson 8 days ago
Mission complete
Alani Rodríguez
Alani Rodríguez 8 days ago
Isabel Clarkson
Isabel Clarkson 8 days ago
I have 3 pairs of glasses lol sorry Matt and Rebecca
Rick Moss
Rick Moss 8 days ago
Boston Duncan
Boston Duncan 9 days ago
A have glasses and I only have one pair
Brynn Mullins
Brynn Mullins 9 days ago
I wear glasses and I have two pair one is a backup pair.
Brynn Mullins
Brynn Mullins 9 days ago
Motion complete
Pedro Salvador
Pedro Salvador 9 days ago
Mission Complete
Tiwha Rukuwai
Tiwha Rukuwai 9 days ago
Jackie Knapp
Jackie Knapp 9 days ago
I Did it
Shafayat Dar
Shafayat Dar 9 days ago
I think we can trust Daniel
melany hernandez
melany hernandez 9 days ago
I wear glasses and I have 3 pairs
Abbie's Life
Abbie's Life 9 days ago
I am from🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
RealBobbyRBLX 9 days ago
I wear glasses. I have 1 extra pair, I am wearing 1 and my BackUp is in the drawer
Haylee Evans
Haylee Evans 10 days ago
Mission complete
Carter Sygowski
Carter Sygowski 10 days ago
Mission Complete
Breeanna Airey
Breeanna Airey 10 days ago
mison compleat
Lexi Bishop
Lexi Bishop 10 days ago
Love u guys stay safe
Laura Casas
Laura Casas 10 days ago
mission complete
Belibou Mirela
Belibou Mirela 10 days ago
Donna Mcfall
Donna Mcfall 10 days ago
Jared Naidoo
Jared Naidoo 10 days ago
Mission complete
anne sitnik
anne sitnik 11 days ago
Only one pair
Miranda Berger
Miranda Berger 11 days ago
I do trust Q!
Miranda Berger
Miranda Berger 11 days ago
You should not trust Daniel at all!
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