Helmet saves scooter driver's life after tanker accident in east China

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Video footage shows a driver opening his door and knocking down a passing scooter driver in Jinhua City, east China’s Zhejiang Province on Tuesday. The scooter driver spun away on the ground before her head was run over by a cement tanker. Thanks to the woman's helmet, she escaped death with only minor head injuries.
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Aug 9, 2018




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Comments 450
Charlene Joseph
Charlene Joseph 2 days ago
Rofegurson fegur
Rofegurson fegur 3 days ago
Did he die or survive?
Md Hasan
Md Hasan 9 days ago
Vinod Paikra
Vinod Paikra 10 days ago
Xx the first
Bakwan Reloaded
Bakwan Reloaded 11 days ago
Orang idiot, maen buka pintu ga liat2 dulu
MICHAEL LEE 17 days ago
Put the person who opened the car door in "firing squad".......
Jeevan J
Jeevan J 25 days ago
Xam m
Guddu Khan
Guddu Khan 28 days ago
Riki Rikom
Riki Rikom Month ago
Poor her
Kishan dhami Dhami
He bhagmann
Mas Aris
Mas Aris Month ago
stupid car driver!!!
MA ZAIN Month ago
Klevis Koka
Klevis Koka Month ago
DarkSoul 2 months ago
that stupid car driver should have been punished.
Resedul Rasedul
Resedul Rasedul 2 months ago
is the motor cycle drivers head crashed?
L M 2 months ago
I've seen one in my home, only difference is the motorcycle driver went to manhole and got unbalanced and stick his head on 18 wheeler track, bloods spills everywhere, helmet dented, brain parts all over the wheels and some parts! I got traumatized in a week when I saw that happen.
Raka Alfarizi
Raka Alfarizi 2 months ago
Kimak yg buka pintu mobil.gak liat liat gara gara kau nyawa melayang
Calling Tv
Calling Tv 2 months ago
Amin I
Nho Duy
Nho Duy 2 months ago
カレー大好き 2 months ago
Dhimas Slank
Dhimas Slank 2 months ago
Itu yg buka pintu mobil ngawur nya keterlaluan
lailatul fikriya
lailatul fikriya 2 months ago
Many stupid people on China doing this, if u understand in China country 70% people have sick heart social, individualism,bcoz they not believe god
Joko Sulistiawan
Joko Sulistiawan 2 months ago
Jancok yg buka pintu mobil
Nguyễn Vũ
Nguyễn Vũ 2 months ago
That’s why you always open the car door near the sidewalk , not the other side near the road with fast vehicles is running forward
TMT NEWS 2 months ago
Live Accident video : टीकमगढ़ लाइव एक्सीडेंट : मारूति ओर आटो की टक्कर, नदी में जा गिरी कार ruvid.net/video/video-3ffIWlGasbk.html
S-ONE TECH 2 months ago
Idiot Peoples All In The Worlds
NFS SekaY 2 months ago
Kepalanya langsung remuk itu bukannya selamat... Kenapa ada org tolol asal buka pintu...
C D 2 months ago
Head wasn't ran over. If it had, it would've crushed it like a grape, helmet and all.
ambil pengkolan
ambil pengkolan 3 months ago
the open door is totally sick
Lidia Gonzalez
Lidia Gonzalez 3 months ago
Qué animales que son!!
Azrulyusri Azrulyusri
Akash Saravanan
Akash Saravanan 3 months ago
So sad
sharif cheru
sharif cheru 3 months ago
Stupid people car driver
Kevin Lukow
Kevin Lukow 3 months ago
Yang salah bukan mobil penggakat semen .atau motor tapi yang salah mobil putih nya
Kevin Lukow
Kevin Lukow 3 months ago
Semoga yang jadi korban beri kesabaran bagi keluarga nya amin
Aris Sulistyo
Aris Sulistyo 3 months ago
Car Drive is Idiot man
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 3 months ago
So sad varela kahe dehat se Aya ho ga salla
នី ចំរើន
kazuyoshi sakamoto
kazuyoshi sakamoto 3 months ago
His head is gone!
Yee IamXiaoYiYi
Yee IamXiaoYiYi 3 months ago
Jacqueline Henriquez
Abrió la puerta y el de la moto choco .. y el camión le reventó la cabeza !!!???
shreyash namdeo
shreyash namdeo 3 months ago
*********car driver 😠😠😠😠😠
eH diWOW
eH diWOW 3 months ago
Useless side mirror wtf
luBNA amreen
luBNA amreen 3 months ago
Oh my god.... Idiot man . .
ღ⌊Cửυ†Tнιêи†Hσàиɢ⌉ツ TM
Thanks for the helmet it save the man and I hope he's okay!! 男を救うヘルメットに感謝し、彼が大丈夫であることを願っています!!
saladin hamza
saladin hamza 3 months ago
stupid car driver
బై బై
బై బై 3 months ago
🚗 car door. rip
Aero TV
Aero TV 4 months ago
والله لله حاسبه يوم القيامة
dewi antum
dewi antum 4 months ago
Orang mandi dik Ahasih sampo
PredatorX 4 months ago
...พาดหัวว่าหมวกกันน๊อคช่วยชีวิต ช่วยยังไงหว่าหัวแบะขนาดนั้น....- -"
True Truth
True Truth 4 months ago
Oh no!
Mohd Sabree Yacob
Mohd Sabree Yacob 4 months ago
That scooter death on the spot,
Akash Sahoo
Akash Sahoo 4 months ago
So sad
Devtudu Video
Devtudu Video 4 months ago
O my God
Wisdom Georges
Wisdom Georges 4 months ago
Rosana Zhong
Rosana Zhong 4 months ago
7878 k
7878 k 4 months ago
Always car door
Hoa Pham
Hoa Pham 4 months ago
Nát đầu rồi. Phọt óc ra. Người ngồi sau mở đã đành. Mang tiếng lái xe mở cửa ko nhìn.
Sandi Pribados
Sandi Pribados 4 months ago
mobil goblog ga liat ke belakang
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