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Michelle Phan
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I missed you 😢

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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Buttercup xyz
Buttercup xyz 18 hours ago
Psa: her and dodie have the same birthday which is also my birthdat
Grace Kang
Grace Kang 2 days ago
We missed you soooo much. Rewatching this again cuz it's so nice to see your passion and nerdiness over creating again.
Ashunii 12 days ago
Only ogs will remember watching her when they were 7
Ggukreum 12 days ago
blommie 8
blommie 8 15 days ago
I've been waiting for you....first beauty bloger i watch. And suddenly you dissapear......i'm glad you're back
Amy Brillon
Amy Brillon 18 days ago
Finally! The ONE person who doesn't go by drag queen makeup standards. (Which there is nothing wrong with drag queen makeup. On drag queens.) Natural, flirty and fun makeup. Not 50 tips and products you don't need. So happy to see you refreshed, happy and healthy. Welcome back sweetheart. You deserve both success and happiness on your terms. I am merely here to watch you grow and become exactly the incredible person I'm sure your mother is incredibly proud of. You are a prime example of a beautiful person inside and out and I wish nothing but happy, healthy success for you. Fellow artist from Boston. :-)
danilopezz18 18 days ago
The queen is BACK.
Amina Tryon
Amina Tryon 21 day ago
I’ve missed you :( I came to your page to re inspire myself and I truly feel like crying that you’re back you helped me through so much.
kiw1 23 days ago
i swear the internet nowadays yall cant even let one of the queens of youtube chill like damn. She did not leave for 2 years to come back to people telling her she only here to advertise to money. This might shock some people but shes a human with human emotions why can't anyone understand that
Nadiza Permata
Nadiza Permata 25 days ago
Your voice is so soothing 😍
Rubyy 29 days ago
The og the one that started this whole beauty community
Horrendous Gamer!
When I was a childish child I always watch your vids when you were gone i we missed you, and now you're back
Fairy Char ASMR
Fairy Char ASMR Month ago
Welcome back Michelle ❤️
Sarah Sermonia
Sarah Sermonia Month ago
You’re finally back 😭😭😭
Mary Sing
Mary Sing Month ago
Hello, Sis. I'm so glad you're back! I love the new feel of your vids.
ッSkyッ Month ago
me and my mother watch michelle phan when i was little and i cant believe michelle was back!!! i have supported her since the first few videos have uploaded and she was my first fave beauty guru. watching her videos made me learn how to put on make up. i still remember her disney makeup tutorials :((( queeeeeeen
Jacqueline Ysique
MT O Month ago
It’s beautiful but I feel like I have to apply it again and again coz it can be easily removed..
Ellie Song
Ellie Song Month ago
hold up. I just discovered this, and omg. You are literally my childhood, like since the Snow White makeup tutorial, I was like maybe kindergarten? I'm 15 now, and you're the reason why I am into make-up. I'm not amazing, and I just use concealer, blush, lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner, but ahhhhhhh. Youbprobably won't see this, but thank you for my childhood 💛
Nicole Moser
Nicole Moser Month ago
That looks like a dream place to work! So jealous of all the amazing gear!
Amy Man
Amy Man 2 months ago
I literally teared up after watching this. You were my childhood. I started watching you in my teens and now I'm a mom. I miss the old days of RUvid.
Helpful KitKatluv
Helpful KitKatluv 2 months ago
Other beauty gurus can never
Helloit'sTj 2 months ago
She's back ???
愛Asuchu 2 months ago
Im so glad to see shes doing better :)
Jiji So
Jiji So 2 months ago
Tabitha Howard
Tabitha Howard 2 months ago
Queen Phan is back with a bang!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Stark //
Stark // 2 months ago
How did i missed 6 months omg, she is back
Sri Utami Amalia
Sri Utami Amalia 2 months ago
Welcome back my fav guru all the time
Sara Lee
Sara Lee 2 months ago
She's back and I just found out were was I and why is this not on every News Chanel the queen is back omg
Gloria Vlz
Gloria Vlz 2 months ago
I am so glad u are back!! U are amazing! I've followed u since I am 15 girl and my happiness is overflowing for uu!! Blessings!
Emz Amita
Emz Amita 2 months ago
Hello :) The Queen of the beauty guru is back! How are you now? 😊
Julie Yang
Julie Yang 2 months ago
WOW!!! Welcome back, hun! That was amazing. 😍👏🏼🙌🏼
O Oo
O Oo 2 months ago
Cal Li
Cal Li 2 months ago
mICHELLE! hOORAY! yOU'RE bACK! Oops, welcome back *bows down* My youngest sis was your biggest fan she would watch all your vids and try out all your tutorials! I wish she were still alive today to see your vids again! *sniff*
g mc
g mc 2 months ago
Miaaauu 😻😻
Eh eh Eh eh
Eh eh Eh eh 2 months ago
Te pareces mucho a mina de twice
Гулим Бабанова
we missed u so much! why did u leave us???
Nimra Fazal
Nimra Fazal 3 months ago
Kris Talks
Kris Talks 3 months ago
oh my the queen is back
Joy Celine
Joy Celine 3 months ago
Yasss I missed youuuu
fantastic girl
fantastic girl 3 months ago
OMG i strarted watching her when i was 12, and now i'm 20. Always love u michelle😘
Kimikutchi 3 months ago
Move your asses ladies, bow to the fookin queen or you shall perish.
Raquel Martinez
Raquel Martinez 3 months ago
It's great to see your content again!
Mundo Meraki Bastidores
kikyam 3 months ago
my childhood hero is back at last.
Tabbi Caster
Tabbi Caster 4 months ago
I am so happy I could cry. MICHELLE has so much influence on my makeup routine and skin care. It’s been years and all I have to say, is welcome back beautiful ❤️👌🏻
Alex Violet
Alex Violet 4 months ago
I'm literally crying .... your back
J.V.R. 4 months ago
Miss J. Hill take note! Now this is how a professional CEO and makeup artist should act!
JERMAINE KIMANI 4 months ago
what's the song playing at the beggining of the viddeo?
Claudette Arriaza
Claudette Arriaza 4 months ago
Are you back sweetie??? 😃😘🤗💖
lola 4 months ago
wooooow... beautiful... and what technology and clean environment it takes to make it look this way... we dont apreciate in the media world the ppl who create this art of ads enouth
Chelzyyy 4 months ago
Our queen is back!
Kai'Sa 4 months ago
Sofía Elizondo
Sofía Elizondo 4 months ago
we love youuuu so glad you´re alive beautiful
Laura Caroline
Laura Caroline 4 months ago
WAT WAT WAT I didnt know she was back!!???? asdfghjklsbzubwuxtbwbdubcarrr It's been months n i only just learn this knowww???? Whhhuuuuttt I literally just came back to her channel to watch an old vid that I really liked n then I see all these new videos Okay ima just watch the video now instead of rambling Love you Michelle!!!!! Soooooooooo dang happy rn! 😍😍😍💜💙💜💙
Bestowing The Brush
Bestowing The Brush 4 months ago
Boooooom. Hello. Missed you, too. This was wonderful.
Rabea Maria
Rabea Maria 4 months ago
I literally unsubscribed to every other "beauty guru" right after watching this
Soldier For JESUS
Soldier For JESUS 4 months ago
Nothing is Worth it! You Need to Return back to You're First Love! JESUS CHRIST! Don't lose yourself cause this world is not what you think!
Ngan Nguyen
Ngan Nguyen 4 months ago
Yess!!!💕💕we miss you!!
Blue 4 months ago
Where are the captions :(
Sarah Binte Sabur
Sarah Binte Sabur 4 months ago
Did you sort by new?
elliusagi 4 months ago
Welcome back Michelle 💜
Darcy Marie TCB
Darcy Marie TCB 4 months ago
Hi. Welcome back girly. Cute cats!! 💕🐾
Jimena Guiza
Jimena Guiza 4 months ago
Kai Gutierrez
Kai Gutierrez 5 months ago
I missed this lady ❤
COUNTRYBOI 5 months ago
Omg Jessica vu am sooo late
Beckie Lee
Beckie Lee 5 months ago
Miss you so much !
kj 5 months ago
Krista Jones
Krista Jones 5 months ago
i love how aesthetic your videos are
Zadesty VXZ
Zadesty VXZ 5 months ago
i still remember how many people hate her and always threathened her, it was just so toxic and and now people praise her??
tokio 5 months ago
Omg it has been a long time !!!
Ari O. Ramirez
Ari O. Ramirez 5 months ago
I missed you so much 😭
Kori Castle
Kori Castle 5 months ago
Welcome back! I missed you! Been watching since you were in Florida!
xxibx x
xxibx x 5 months ago
please bless this toxic beauty community michelle 😭😭😭😭
Nani Illingwats
Nani Illingwats 5 months ago
my childhood is complete 🥺
Chance Campbell
Chance Campbell 5 months ago
This makes me cry! I’m so happy you’re back!
OneCrazyNurse 5 months ago
I just now saw this. My heart is so full ❤️ I’ve been watching Michelle since before her OG lady Gaga video. I’m so happy to see her back on this platform again. Much love Michelle, I wish you all the very best in all your endeavors. Welcome back, we’ve missed you and your positivity ❤️
Sandy barriga
Sandy barriga 5 months ago
I first watched a Barbie makeup tutorial when i was like 8yrs old 😭 that “Good luck” always made me happy
i'm IKO
i'm IKO 5 months ago
Wow i thought that u will never back i just went to watch one of ure video and find u back 😮💛
ky 5 months ago
This vid is shoo prettyyyy
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