Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Episode 1 (US 2013)

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Jul 1, 2013




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Comments 80
キムマスター 17 hours ago
Sometimes I wonder if hells kitchen contestants have a brain.
Ilia Fishkin
Ilia Fishkin 4 days ago
you you you you you you "kiss my ass"
Dan Bláha
Dan Bláha 4 days ago
37:15 sheff pp ( idk what his name is) what are you doing hows jeffy doing?
SFN 12
SFN 12 8 days ago
So the blue team played Desert bus
M Ø Ø M 17 days ago
Chef pee pee in Hell’s Kitchen XD (Only sml fans would understand)
Shannon Connolly
Shannon Connolly 17 days ago
I couldn't finish watching this episode, the crowd was so cringing what a shame
achille mailhe
achille mailhe 18 days ago
I thought Christina was gonna be there instead. Of Andy
Lucius Inspiration
Lucius Inspiration 25 days ago
It's RAW !
xxDrain 29 days ago
Hurr durr look at what I'm wearing, I wasn't expecting to cook in this... Bitch, it's season 11! WTF, did you come here blind?
Yogesh Tiwari
Yogesh Tiwari Month ago
anyone has any idea, where is chef scott...
Kev Kratz
Kev Kratz Month ago
Chef PeePee's made it to Hell's Kitchen (only SuperMarioLogan Fans will get it)
Jules Mpc
Jules Mpc Month ago
the audience is wierd...brings in more of the circus part of it. baaaad idea
Horokyu AS
Horokyu AS Month ago
Thought Christina would be in the season, maybe next one
Daniel Weil
Daniel Weil Month ago
27:49 you're welcome
Jules Mpc
Jules Mpc Month ago
He wanted to keep suspense to the last 2 dishes but ended up digging his own grave....time passing and the show is overcoming the food?
Duchess Emma
Duchess Emma 2 months ago
Tavis gaming
Tavis gaming 2 months ago
chef peepee
Sauppi86 Saupp
Sauppi86 Saupp 2 months ago
Why are half of them overweight? :-O
Z M 2 months ago
There's always gotta be at least 1 morbidly obese person on Hell's Kitchen. I'm always worried about them having a fucking stroke in the middle of service.
Morpheus Fishburn
Morpheus Fishburn 2 months ago
Alfredo AL Dente had Janelle itching for the drugs since day 1.
Soul Of Rei
Soul Of Rei 2 months ago
Some people wear clothes that are just not meant for the kitchen when everybody who watches or even applies should know by now that they'll be cooking already the moment they see Gordon-
jennifer anne
jennifer anne 2 months ago
i wish there wasn't boys vs girls. just randomly selected teams.
jennifer anne
jennifer anne 2 months ago
also, ramsay is looking trim and tight!
jennifer anne
jennifer anne 2 months ago
great - you can do push ups. but can you cook? because i think that's what the show's about.... ding bat.
Ay Optic
Ay Optic 2 months ago
We all know Alfredo should have won
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja 2 months ago
I hate how the people that cooked terrible or raw food still celebrated like they singlehandedly won the entire challenge
john smith
john smith 2 months ago
Why did they start doing shit in front of an audience, who needs some dumb fucking yanks going ooohhhhh ahhhhh wooooo and laughing at you whilst you're trying to partake in a serious competition. Proper dumb as fuck programming over there, so cringe worthy and pathetic. Not to mention the constant and annoying music that you dumb fucks need to tell you how you should be feeling about a situtation, set of brainwashed retards.
reaper reaper
reaper reaper 2 months ago
Were is Scott
suzie graham
suzie graham 3 months ago
If you download these first, you do away with the adds
Dasha M
Dasha M 3 months ago
30:08 "If anyone sings 'Wheels on the Bus" I will lose my shit" >HK plays Wheels on the Bus soundtrack
Jeremy Bourbon
Jeremy Bourbon 3 months ago
The quality is bad but soon you will see it’s as 4K
Wonder Wongl
Wonder Wongl 3 months ago
The live audience is so unnecesary and cringy
Jonah Wilson
Jonah Wilson 3 months ago
There is always an Amanda.
edward cat
edward cat 3 months ago
these yankee chicks are so lard-arse... check out waht we call that black sheila's GUNT... YUK!!!!!!
AG Xεraph
AG Xεraph 3 months ago
Ray seems wholesome
Asagiri Asagi
Asagiri Asagi 3 months ago
Infront live audience: "Its fucking raw." Without live audience: "Its fuckkkiiiiinnnggg raaaaaaaaaaawwwwww!!!!"
Foxi! 3 months ago
who has a chance to stand in front of celine dione? the question should be, who wants to stand in front of her?
Nice to meet you , Im Christine.
I wondered why this had 1.5M views.........Then i seen the fucking puppet.
Blackify ASMR
Blackify ASMR 4 months ago
Gordon: *Breathes* *audience cheers*
LaserGadgets 4 months ago
240p again...come on. I know its free n stuff, but come on. 360 minus black bars....2013
D_boi 4 months ago
So much screaming its almost unwatchable
Les Restall
Les Restall 4 months ago
Gina probably got selected for HK by submitting her audition with the puppet
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 4 months ago
12 years and the salary of $250.00 for head chef doesn't rise... wtf? 🤔
rute mota
rute mota 4 months ago
Y is android 18 in this season?
kai kito
kai kito 4 months ago
If there is one thing men know how to do it is to completely humiliate women....cue : Sushi scene. Fuck the ...er, human race.
kai kito
kai kito 4 months ago
Ja'nel, Mary, Jonathon.
Bogdan Rusu
Bogdan Rusu 4 months ago
Gina wasn’t feeling bad, she was just ashamed that she wasted all her time being an unfunny cunt with a puppet instead of learning her goddamn dishes.
Queen Noah
Queen Noah 4 months ago
After everything you just hear that sound of a *laugh,Aweee,Woohoo!* It's not even funny half the time... Like-
Claire Sarsfield
Claire Sarsfield 4 months ago
God the women on this season were GOLD Nedra was fuckin hilarious and Gina with that damn puppet
Melanie Jones
Melanie Jones 5 months ago
“I wasn’t expecting to cook today” Really? Has she never watched Hell’s Kitchen?!
kitkat katkat
kitkat katkat 5 months ago
Cyndi sounds like Gillian
Zack B
Zack B 5 months ago
I wonder what Boiling Point gordon would think of this
سفيان البقالي
Amanda is pretty
Sára Benešová
Sára Benešová 5 months ago
Well it seemed more like Kitchen nightmares when some contestants brought their food to Gordon 😂
Fatima farah
Fatima farah 5 months ago
Why are the Audience screaming and laughing like that? This ain’t comedy show
Lynyrd Cruz
Lynyrd Cruz 5 months ago
Gina you suck.
Garry Larson
Garry Larson 5 months ago
Love to joseph
ISetYourFaceOnFire 5 months ago
these intros get cringeier by the season xD
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 6 months ago
Gina is good at acting
Radagast The Brown
Radagast The Brown 6 months ago
I love how the puppet has his own confession cam segment complete with nametag. "Alfredo Al Dente - Chef"
Erika Chiara Pollinger
30:45 Imagine being paid to be a living sushi plate... lol!
nikki jm
nikki jm 7 months ago
Love HK, well used to.. it’s getting stupid.. stuck at work watching old repeats, and just wanted to say.. WHO THE HELL IS WETTING THEIR KNICKERS OVER THE VILE 👿 CD..
Sedna063 7 months ago
I just found out Petrozza died. RIP
wag na ngalang
wag na ngalang 7 months ago
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor 7 months ago
Oooh Gina, I was faking this way at highschool when I wanted to get home before the test I didn't study for hits. Grabbing my head theatrically, carefuly showing signs that I'm not well, yeah, fake as fuck.
Cecilia 7 months ago
The beginning parts had a Hunger Games feel xD
Jesssteam 7 months ago
When a 50 years old woman pulls out a hand puppet and implies killing you in your sleep... You should be really worried.
David Valter
David Valter 7 months ago
Every hells kitchen challenge ever. All square on the final round
Suz Mac
Suz Mac 7 months ago
The fucking puppet!!
Suz Mac
Suz Mac 7 months ago
I hate the new signature dish format. A pack of howling idiots hanging off every watered down word Ramsay says. Bring back Chef Ramsay and lose Ramsay the comedian.
Suz Mac
Suz Mac 7 months ago
Oh terrific, a bunch of loudmouths talking a good game...again.
Adam Muller
Adam Muller 7 months ago
Yo what’s Jessica’s @ ?.. For research purposes
Rochelle Mari Golla
Rochelle Mari Golla 7 months ago
Where is Chef Scott? 👀
Pastel Green
Pastel Green 8 months ago
Gurl,pushupps aint gonna help u when u have to explain why u deserve to stay in hells kitchen
Pastel Green
Pastel Green 8 months ago
I want nedra,jon,anthony,cyndi and zach to return
Jos Haarbos
Jos Haarbos 8 months ago
not even full screen ffs
MouldyLemon 1041
MouldyLemon 1041 8 months ago
When the hell did chef pee pee get on kitchen nightmares
Dæbæ Ræn
Dæbæ Ræn 8 months ago
everyone’s shit talking Gina while she’s feeling sick and they aren’t giving two fucks about her physical health like she needs actual help and they’re thinking she’s fucking them up
יואב שוחט
יואב שוחט 8 months ago
This narrator is just amazing, every moment he's talking, its a good one
Healthyfoodies 8 months ago
Agreed הוא קורע אותי מצחוק
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