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Helicopters and EPIC explosions, this is our BIGGEST battle yet!!
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Mahd Najmi
Mahd Najmi 8 hours ago
Ty and cody should have a team name of Team Beard
Sarah And Colby
Sarah And Colby 2 days ago
I love you
R3dd X
R3dd X 2 days ago
Bro I don’t want Kobe re happening 😔
Thomas Routt
Thomas Routt 2 days ago
The twins are my favorite
Rob Morgantti
Rob Morgantti 2 days ago
I love next level stuff
loved012one 2 days ago
8:39 That's the cleanest Port-A-Potty I've ever seen!!!
Lisa Borden
Lisa Borden 3 days ago
The clutch though
Tyler Broskey
Tyler Broskey 3 days ago
The fact that they used a motherfrikin toilet makes me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
Adv. Nisha Kumari
Donot like cody SO DISLIKE
WAZZUP 3 days ago
it's ok that you lost...just try again harder next time
WAZZUP 3 days ago
Affan Harahap
Affan Harahap 4 days ago
remain me to the "little boy" attacc
The Minion
The Minion 5 days ago
just wanted to be this much rich in life
rainbowunicorns rock
I have never hated Tyler and Cody so much
Anthony Bender
Anthony Bender 7 days ago
Dana Halbrooks
Dana Halbrooks 8 days ago
Team twins
xrcdexter gaming
xrcdexter gaming 8 days ago
What happen if Tyler is leaving in dude perfect😭
Navtej Singh
Navtej Singh 8 days ago
That must be fun
davidle3111 9 days ago
The twins loses they half to go in something
Trick shot master Basketball fan
It’s already been a year
Tarush Singhal
Tarush Singhal 9 days ago
Cory played well but he lose because of coby
infinitus 123
infinitus 123 10 days ago
Ty's last throw was the reason for me to like the video
david oluwaleke
david oluwaleke 12 days ago
please who is the owner of dude perfect
Andrew Marazon
Andrew Marazon 13 days ago
yellow hi ajm ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :):):):):):):):):):):):):) ......
The sans Behind the slaughter
8:48 the wholesomeness makes me cry
Siddhant Malik
Siddhant Malik 14 days ago
Team Twin you could have won with that last shot but Cory missed
Harrison Long
Harrison Long 14 days ago
Who thinks that the dude perfect logo looks like the shape of texas.
Angela F
Angela F 15 days ago
I'm a big fan but I live in Oklahoma i already bought some dp merch
Luke Blackmon
Luke Blackmon 16 days ago
7:04 poor garret he’s literally saying stop🤣🤣
Christian Basulto
Christian Basulto 16 days ago
The dislikes are all the people who had to clean up after this.
Bono Battiato
Bono Battiato 17 days ago
This is how many people want more overtime episodes I V
ayola 17 days ago
when I see Cory and Coby i think of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from 21 pilots
raseena k
raseena k 17 days ago
Alex Liu
Alex Liu 17 days ago
Tyler Storck
Tyler Storck 18 days ago
What a comeback!
Robloxboy2 Boy2
Robloxboy2 Boy2 18 days ago
Go cori
Hudson Gibson
Hudson Gibson 19 days ago
Why does Tyler always win
Tips,Tricks,Overviews And a Lot of other things
Idk man I feel like some of these battles might be scripted it’s just ty ty ty and more ty, and the chokes just seem so ridiculous
Brendan Parsons
Brendan Parsons 20 days ago
Next thing you know they are going to be in real u.s ships firing missiles at each other.
Mr.Goolung 20 days ago
THE shadow hunter gamerz
cody: be safe and dont die heeh haaa!!! tyler: whatt what was that!! me :hahhahaha
pramod ambhore
pramod ambhore 20 days ago
Love you team twins
Kenneth Chia
Kenneth Chia 20 days ago
Ironic how Tyler was paired with the man he rages against
John Gabriel Ebora
I'm expecting rewind 2020 to have the following : - ASF - a lot of animators - Stick bug memes - Siren head - henry stickmin (btw stick bug, sirenhead, and henry are all stick people) - COVID-19 - The ticket to mars - MR. BEAST - beirut explosion - Valorant - MINECRAFT - Fortnite dyin' - a bit of marvel - Matpat - Markimoo - tiktok (why wouldn't it be in 2020???) (I hate it but imma include it 4 the other people) - karens - Zoom - -stuff that youtube is in trouble for- - PS5 - Animal crossing - memes - Dream ( the guy who plays Minecraft ) - All Minecraft players today - FNAF - Peppa pig - Fall guys - Raft - Alcohol (the one u don't drink) - discord - MADEYAHHEEE, MADEYAHOOO, MADEYAHAHHAHAH - Memes bout Disney - Communist buggs bunny - Japan building a robot - " Japanese government allows human-animal hybrids" or something idk - ZHC - Filmora memes - Grammarly memes - dude perfect - childish gambino - hello neighbour - and I oop - chandler losing - yandere simulator - endigo - marshmellow - odd1sout vs alex clark - alan becker - meme review - piggy (roblox) - yandere simulator - among us - pewdiepie - bad guy - ITMG - Dream face reveal - and other random stuff (imma add on to this comment) reply with wut u want to add
prakhar upadhyay
prakhar upadhyay 21 day ago
9;07 gr8 toilet view
Susie Landis
Susie Landis 22 days ago
sub to Tiko (helicobobtor)!
Ashok Maheshwari
Ashok Maheshwari 23 days ago
2019:helicopter 50000000000000002:Light speed universe battle
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 23 days ago
Welcome twins
Daniel Sanjeev
Daniel Sanjeev 23 days ago
does anyone notice that this is this Maximum Length that Ty's beard had grown!!!!!!!;)
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 24 days ago
Coby vs Cory cotton
Cannon Mongiardo
Cannon Mongiardo 24 days ago
Team twin
Laurentina Espino
Laurentina Espino 25 days ago
How y’all like the video? LIKE+SUBSCRIBE Next Week Monday: Camping Stereotypes
Igknight2019 25 days ago
One of the biggest chokes in sports history, on level with 28-3
Anshav Sharma
Anshav Sharma 25 days ago
🔥🔥you guys are insane🔥🔥
jeffsupersaiyan 25 days ago
is that the Shermenator ?
Charlie Piper
Charlie Piper 25 days ago
I unsubscribed after this video, it's the exact same thing EVERY BATTLE VIDEO
toxic squid
toxic squid 27 days ago
Team Twin Get A Fire extinguisher
Sarvajith v
Sarvajith v 27 days ago
1:08 what the heck cody "have fun don't die?"why :/
asra osama
asra osama 27 days ago
asra osama
asra osama 27 days ago
Year it is amazing
NISCHAY KAPOOR Suchitra Academy
Bailey Martin
Bailey Martin 27 days ago
Poor Garrett the boys are always getting extremely excited and touching and picking him up and in every episode he’s frantically trying to get away
Novita Rahmawati
Novita Rahmawati 27 days ago
Maenan sultan
Local Redditard
Local Redditard 28 days ago
Tyler looking like Blackbeard from Rainbow 6
is awesome game
Elliot Steitz
Elliot Steitz 28 days ago
I feel that the name made me cringe more than anybody in the world😂😂
Jackson G
Jackson G 29 days ago
you know they gonna hit when the beat is ab to drop
Weill 29 days ago
Dude the twins are legit so together 9:03 without no script “Thanks guys”
DK - 05SL 813265 Sheridan Park PS
Who drops a toilet out of the sky Apparently Dude perfect does
afshan ashraf
afshan ashraf Month ago
Shibin Joseph
Shibin Joseph Month ago
dude perfect now you have helicopter?
Denzel Claud
Denzel Claud Month ago
donovan Hlinak
donovan Hlinak Month ago
Dang it
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones Month ago
Boo Tyler
Attison Mitchell
Elmo likes You
Elmo likes You Month ago
oh my goodness cody is so annoying.
Random Skits
Random Skits Month ago
I hate ty
Villager Main
Villager Main Month ago
this is totally scripted
Don Roos
Don Roos Month ago
Hermon Aman
Hermon Aman Month ago
# TT
yousif ahmed
yousif ahmed Month ago
this looks wrong
Abdul Qahar
Abdul Qahar Month ago
Fuckfuckfuckshit dude perfect fuckfuckyou
Alan Lu desu
Alan Lu desu Month ago
8:10 i feel like when ty and cody climbed onto that ship, they are super nervous as there are still active explosive charges in that ship.
Luke Bramer
Luke Bramer Month ago
Wear a helmet lol
Bảo Gia
Bảo Gia Month ago
what that
Dutch van der Linde
They’re so close to the edge of the helicopter I’m nervous lol
Billy Van As
Billy Van As Month ago
I hate TYLER
Ryan Mai
Ryan Mai Month ago
# team tall beard
EVAN YEET YT Month ago
Cory do be cringe
Harry Cosgrave
Harry Cosgrave Month ago
do something with how ridiculous
Dhruv Saran
Dhruv Saran Month ago
The twins also did well
Tara Nagchowdhury
I thought lego bricks😫
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Month ago
# team twins
Ziya Onbashi
Ziya Onbashi Month ago
Macos Emiliano Baker Gaitan
Juan Mendoza
Juan Mendoza Month ago
WeByt Gaming
WeByt Gaming Month ago
they are not comming slow
Luke Daggs
Luke Daggs Month ago
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