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ellevn 18 hours ago
i swear j thought your hair was naturally curly, i haven’t even watched this, BUT IM TRYIN DIS.
Melany Portilla
Amiga eres hermosa y te quedaron super bn 😘❤👏👏 Una pregunta amiga tu cabello volvia a verse como era antes asi de liso
Chanel c
Chanel c 2 days ago
Wow amazing, it turned out perfect..I need to try this 😊
Jamee Raquel
Jamee Raquel 2 days ago
Aaaahh! I wanna do this but I don’t have the patience lol
e n g y
e n g y 3 days ago
Best curly hair routine tiktok and instagram compilation 🔥🔥 ruvid.net/video/video-WUW663eqaLUB.htmlest curly hair routine tiktok and instagram compilation 🔥🔥 ruvid.net/video/video-WUW663eqaLU.html
Zoe Hiebert
Zoe Hiebert 4 days ago
yeet me harder daddy
Ghorl i tried this and I-😩 looked like the black nazarene.
Eszter Teiermayer
Straws kill turtles
Kookie milk K
Kookie milk K 6 days ago
Paper ones work just fine
Atham Soofi
Atham Soofi 9 days ago
You have ugly armpits.....
Atham Soofi
Atham Soofi 9 days ago
I have naturally like this in my pubic area....very interesting...i
C͠h͠o͠c͠o͠l͠a͠t͠e͠ p͠e͠o͠p͠l͠e͠
.... no one needed to know that..
Natalie 101
Natalie 101 10 days ago
How long does it stay
JR TO DRIZZY HD 10 days ago
CAn you use straws in stead of rods to perm or would it really not work
Tabetha Kelsey
Tabetha Kelsey 11 days ago
Bless all of y'all actually doing this. I would do three and see how much hair I have left and quit. *Commitment issues. 🙈
Mabelle Baino
Mabelle Baino 11 days ago
I have a straight hair and i try it, and its really worked. It took me 1hour and half but its worthyyyy
llvstrous 11 days ago
Omg Tyson my hair is so curly nowww
VIBOTS 11 days ago
i want to do this but my hair takes 2 hours with a curling iron, i couldn’t even imagine with these tiny straws 😔
dainivi villamizar
dainivi villamizar 12 days ago
I did not understand you poured water because the truth is that I did not see that you poured anything on your hair?
Μαρία Μπράτου
How many time did you spent , to roll your hair ??? 😮😮😮 BTW your hair is so beautiful 😍😍😍 They are looking like natural ❤️😍
Tiba Babaei Vlogs
Tiba Babaei Vlogs 14 days ago
I love how curly hair girls like their hair straight and I want mine curly 😌👍
Anna Pounds
Anna Pounds 15 days ago
Turtles watching this video: 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
T I 15 days ago
How long did they last you ?
hashtagbeautyyy 15 days ago
Omg what a coincidence that i have bendy straws AND those rubber bands! I have been wanting to do a curly hair look like this for a while and I’m going to do it
Katie And Olly
Katie And Olly 17 days ago
8:33 :0 HELP
Keisha Smith
Keisha Smith 18 days ago
I have the patience but I need more straws 😂
Dee H
Dee H 18 days ago
So beautiful! I have been trying to get spiral curls for like EVERRRRR and the regular curlers just kinda give waves...pretty...but this is super pretty. Very easy tutorial...thanks😁
Itz Me Diana
Itz Me Diana 18 days ago
Ima sacrifice my sleeping time. I WANT TO DO THIS *I want curly hair*
get to 50 subs with no content challenge thanx
Wat can I use instead of straws😂😅😳
Harlie Bowman
Harlie Bowman 19 days ago
me: mom I need some plastic bendy straws and an empty spray bottle... my mom: wtf do you need it for?!?!?
Linda Marias Photography
i had no straws so i used pencil crayons and bobby pins and i look like a 5 year old tried using curlers on me
fans of kaira
fans of kaira 20 days ago
can we comb them???
Shatha M
Shatha M 20 days ago
Boba 21 day ago
So cool 🥰
Grace Heimuli
Grace Heimuli 21 day ago
she sorta looked like paris berelec with all her hair up
Imogen G. Loves Jesus !!!!!!!!!!
How long does it last though
M D 22 days ago
I want to do this and use a perm in a box on it
Trisha D'souza
Trisha D'souza 22 days ago
Bruhh you look like Rita oraa
Nikita Roy
Nikita Roy 23 days ago
How many days it's stay
Κωνσταντίνα Φωτεινέα
I've tried the straw process a lot of times and i can never get my hair to just stay around the straw it's irritating and I love the curls style soooo much
Akshaya Devarapu
Akshaya Devarapu 24 days ago
Seriously after wearing it a night I got 103° fever
Babes_ 51.k
Babes_ 51.k 24 days ago
Gurll idt u want curly hair, mann it is a hasle. it gets tangled ALLOT and its to much. I have 3a/3b curly hair and wow it is too much to handle. it thickk and curly and just uhhh, lol. Edit: Am i the only one who thinks that people with curly hair wants straight and people with straight hair wants curly, lmaoo
Yoselin 26 days ago
Le hechan crema O algo ? Mi pelo es bien liso
Mad_ Angles
Mad_ Angles 26 days ago
You look gorgeous with those curls😍😍 Ma hair is partly straight...but I hate it...I need 2 make completely into noodle curls😻🙌💋❤
Teehee girls
Teehee girls 24 days ago
jorcory 28 days ago
Wsp hotty
Navo4290 Dissanayaka
What is that pen??
Victoria Puschaeva
Victoria Puschaeva 28 days ago
It’s damn consuming process. Almost died. Will never do it this way 🤪
Ms Kit
Ms Kit 29 days ago
I'm late to this video but wow how cute! What I love about this video is that your hair is on the longer side. It seems a lot of videos girls only have shoulder length and they are like my hair is sooo long. -_- My hair is past my bottom so yeah thank you for this. Anyway, really cute look that I may try when I'm feeling really ambitious. Lol. I think I'll need more straws. Also, I love how you air dry too. I've found doing that makes waves from even simple braiding look nicer.
capt_toad7890 Month ago
It looks great but my skin is so pale I look like a ghost so idk if I could pull this off
capt_toad7890 Month ago
Here’s about how long it took her: Her first one took 1min 45sec Her second one took 1min 55sec So on average it’s 1m 50s with about 15 in between I’ll guess It looks like there are ~70 on her head so 70 X 2 min ≈ 2.5 hours
Jamee Raquel
Jamee Raquel 2 days ago
capt_toad7890 wow I hate math so good job lol
DChallenges Month ago
Me laughing in melanin
I dont understand why curly headed gurls woud ever want to straighten them ....curly hair is the best it add fun and volume to a gurl❤❤❤
capt_toad7890 Month ago
Probably the same reason we want to curl our hair. Both look great and we want both :3
Millie Month ago
"curly haired girls want straight hair and girls with straight hair want curly hair", I think we just want to have fun with different looks, and there's nothing wrong with this
LittleLady Month ago
Rip the environment....use something other than plastic straws
You look really beautiful with that curls!
Bridget Foster
Bridget Foster Month ago
I love how she shows us how it looks before she does it, so we know what to expect before knowing how to do it But also what a waste of plastic straws! Save the frikkin turtles dude!
lee ee
lee ee Month ago
We call it telephone curls here at phil. 😅
Blade RMB
Blade RMB Month ago
Honestly, you can do a 4c perm like this
Imagine someone used paper strwas
U have my reaction and im 11😂💚💛💙LOVE UUUU
Nathalie Mendre
Nathalie Mendre Month ago
The frizz when you're separating them is the only thing I'm worried about.
T J Month ago
Did she say use a shower cap?🤣 girl you need a bonnet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜
Alyssa Draper
Alyssa Draper Month ago
This was so helpful
Jelena Volkov
Jelena Volkov Month ago
not visco aproved lol how meny straws did you use
Leah McAlister
Leah McAlister Month ago
omg thank you for thissss. i have naturally wavy hair and it is always just a frizzy mess. (it took a shorter process for me because i use bigger sections) so now my hair isn’t frizzyyyy
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams Month ago
vsco girls are pissed rn 😭😂
Yusi Frukt
Yusi Frukt Month ago
Вообще бомба👍
Gali Seven
Gali Seven Month ago
I am natural curly, just watching how you do it, you look gorgeous curly. I use the flat iron to straighten my hair 🤣
Helena Qirjako
Helena Qirjako Month ago
How much longer they kiped curly??
Sutrayany Month ago
You looked like a school student the first day and the second day you became a mafia
Sutrayany Month ago
Ill probably sleep halfway through
Sutrayany Month ago
The opening part is next HAHAHAHAHA
Saniia Erkenova
Saniia Erkenova Month ago
Squeaks and Quacks
Only reason I came here was to prove my gf I wasn't straight
Dilsora Abdullayeva
Русские вы здесь 😆😉💪
u are so prity
Jelly and Ann
Jelly and Ann Month ago
People who are watching in 2020 :*sees plastic straws* Vsco girls :ohh noo u didn't
Ruby Mello
Ruby Mello Month ago
I swear in the cover photo she looked just like octavia from the 100
Josee Month ago
Turtles just went 😵
Ashlynn Randall
Ashlynn Randall Month ago
I was gonna do this but then I started playing Minecraft and now I’m like meh
Samantha Simon
Samantha Simon Month ago
she killed it..... i like
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