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Enter the Heart of Fire! Including Pirate Legend Voyages and rewards, a new Tall Tale and fresh weaponry in the form of the Blunderbomb and Chainshot, the latest free content update for Sea of Thieves is a hot one for sure! Read more pulse-quickening details here: aka.ms/SoTLatest
For those who want to avoid getting singed by any of the changes and additions that have come to the Sea of Thieves today, we invite you to cast your eyes over the full Heart of Fire release notes right here: www.seaofthieves.com/release-notes/2.0.13
Buy the game and forge your own legend: www.xbox.com/seaofthieves
Dive into the Sea of Thieves Forums: www.seaofthieves.com/forum
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Xbox Live Gold required to play on Xbox One (sold separately).


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Mar 12, 2020




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Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves 3 months ago
For those who want to avoid getting singed by any of the changes and additions that have come to the Sea of Thieves today, we invite you to cast your eyes over the full Heart of Fire release notes right here: www.seaofthieves.com/release-notes/2.0.13
Cuisine Malika مطبخ مليكة
sea of thieves android please😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😢😢
Harrison Bell
Harrison Bell 2 months ago
We need to hide the fort of the dammed better please
RobertIGuess 2 months ago
yo! All we want is MUCH deeper and better ship customization to blow our gold on. and maybe different damage amount weopons cause rn were just hoarding gold for no reason except cosmetics even player trading or making us pay for little things like grog and cannon balls and food in a shop would be an AMAZING UPDATE
Alternate Universe
Alternate Universe 3 months ago
Plz release a mobile verson of sea of thieves many people are waiting for the release of mobile verson
Pulse SSGamer
Pulse SSGamer 3 months ago
Sea of Thieves please add harpoon and ship lantern customizations
UNOG 3 days ago
Are these updates free
Kingmalon20 12 days ago
dear sea of ​​thieve developer who was or is actually athena because i don't think that the pirate legend faction is without reason athena's blessing
Springtrap and Toy Chica's son Dylan
I came at this update
Sonny Dunn
Sonny Dunn 14 days ago
How i get glowy skelteon
Colas Doré
Colas Doré 21 day ago
Rene Jacobsen
Rene Jacobsen 21 day ago
Rare's support team is killing the game.
Maksim Soroosh
Maksim Soroosh 22 days ago
Igor Anselmo
Igor Anselmo 28 days ago
Esse jogo melhora a cara novo Update. Muitas das coisas que discutia com os amigos a 2 anos atrás, agora existem no jogo. Faltam algumas, para deixar ele perfeito, gostaria de poder ver tudo que imaginei funcionando nesse jogo, se possível, ajudar na produção. Acho que nunca mais ia jogar outra coisa na vida.
David GW
David GW Month ago
Well i dont wanna sound rude but i just spent 2 f*****g hours on this mission and guess what has happened, the chest at the end just floats up at the roof of a cave and then disappears and guess what this is the second time this s**t has happened to me so please just fix this before i destroy my whole pc even more. Thank you!
Brasileiro Genérico
Se ferrar , aqueles diário nem hacker vê de ta doido
Capt Ghost
Capt Ghost Month ago
Good tall tale fix the glitches in this game
Ethan Hayes
Ethan Hayes 2 months ago
This has/had so much potential. It need more story and reasons for you character to do things other than get treasure, rep, and cosmetics.
aimbot 13 days ago
why does no one get that the fun is the PvP and stories you make along the way. they already have a decently sized story mode and the whole point isn't progression. it's FUN. you people have been brainwashed by AAA games at this point. christ.
Scratch 04
Scratch 04 2 months ago
Can I still do this?
The Great and Powerful Merlin
I just wanted to add that whoever is doing the narrations is smashing it! His accent is so perfect that you would actually believe he was a pirate. Great job dude!
TheDexDrive 2 months ago
Can i still get the rewards even with the new update that come today?
Pannkaka 2 months ago
When will this game be avaliable on steam? It has been "coming soon" there for some time now...
Little Larry
Little Larry 2 months ago
ツFeare 2 months ago
2:27 is the fire in the ship from fire bombs or is that a effect from the ship if it is how do you set it on fire
InkyPencil 2 months ago
ツFeare Probably either a command or firebombs. To OP if you could set you and other players ship on fire.
Jake Byrne
Jake Byrne 2 months ago
Cant wait for the private servers witch will never come out
Szarka Gergő
Szarka Gergő 2 months ago
Put some content in the game please, like Story mission (not tall tale), a quest quick button maybe: J and add some skills points or upgradeable weapons because the game has no point and after I did all the Tall Tales I don't want to play because there is no goal for me. Please do it! I would like more people in my crew like 6 party size.
EviDesigns / E-TELA
EviDesigns / E-TELA 2 months ago
What song is in the begining?
Animal Man man
Animal Man man 2 months ago
Sea of thieves full heart of cast is verry good😏😏😏😏
Don't even try it
Don't even try it 2 months ago
LOVE the Rufio reference from Hook! (The emote) That gave me chills...!
Natura 100
Natura 100 2 months ago
It looks sooo cool!🤩🤩🤯👍🏼👌🏼👏🏼
Jack Kemplay
Jack Kemplay 3 months ago
Please add banana items to the black market like the parrot stuff and kraken
Alpha Bravo CheeseCake
put new music for the instruments in game
Connor Mallinger
Connor Mallinger 3 months ago
Since there are still very few curses in the game and the new ghost ship parts release you should make a ghost curse, just an idea 😂
pigeon 3 months ago
The new updates are so boring, could we please get a new boss?. My friends and i were talking about this. like if we could get a Cthulhu into the game and you had to go way out into the ocean past the red sea and then he comes out of the water and you have to fight him, and its not a easy fight like the meg, it would be really stressful and intense and would take like 2 hours but have a massive reward. idk just a idea i think me and alot of other people would love to see. if you do think its a good idea could you please give a like so the devs just might see it?
Police 159
Police 159 3 months ago
Dang I wish I could play it. Training at AIT.
That guy with A gas mask
I just got the curse
Zeke Wolfe
Zeke Wolfe 3 months ago
Please never stop updating this game
Darrell Hewitt
Darrell Hewitt 3 months ago
Can you do a normal voice
Gaming Knowledge
Gaming Knowledge 3 months ago
0:46 the skulls were paid actors, no way you can get 3 villainous that easy
ZeeBoss 3 months ago
Can we get port cities, trading ships that you can trade with or rob, or another raid like fort of the damned?
Al Shabab
Al Shabab 3 months ago
We need more ocean life
Hubsonoleterdo 3 months ago
can we expect something on the anniversary of the April 30 update? Mayby some tall tales?
kira Fluffy
kira Fluffy 3 months ago
I conpleted the main quest but did not u lock any costumizations.
SlyCobra316 3 months ago
I wish I could play this with out getting killed and ship blown up every time.
Captain Narwhal
Captain Narwhal 2 months ago
Pirate Game, Sea of THIEVES
Butter My Yeet
Butter My Yeet 2 months ago
just get better
ناصر و منتظر
Downloading SoT in about a week. Im a veteran who last played was about a year and 6 months ago. I need someone that has time to teach me about the new stuff 👍
Phillup 3 months ago
I've really wanted to be able to grind out the hunters call, but fishing seems to be a very unreliable method for levelling up the trade company. I think that the company could really benefit if you added some kind of megalodon/kraken hunting contracts. Like, lets say theres an item called a megalodon jaw with different prices for different megs, ranging from 2000 to 10000 gold that you could sell to the hunters after killing one. Krakens could have a similar contract thing. Overall, I just feel like as a company, the hunters call is currently at the bottom of the barrel, and I think it would be a benefit for the game as a whole if the hunters call was a more viable path to pirate legend.
GrainsBread 3 months ago
So I'd like to see some working hitreg for the flintlock. So hitreg were always a problem and it was way more worse at the beginning but flintlock is really bad right now. So eye of reach and blunder are quite good but like I already said, flintlock is the problem
Andre Abner
Andre Abner 3 months ago
LouisTGP 3 months ago
I just got the ashen curse it looks so cool
Herth The Wizard
Herth The Wizard 3 months ago
I believe it would be pretty cool if you could buy music boxes to put on your boat for for certain songs like summon the megalodon you would have to get a commendation. It's small but that will add some more detail to this wondeful game.
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson 3 months ago
How do you get the forsaken ashes cutlass. Is it in this update?
Sean O'Sullivan
Sean O'Sullivan 3 months ago
I was the smallest ship in the game but the ghost ship was the largest ship in the game😡
RedLightning 3 months ago
I wonder if there'll be an opertunity for Stitcher Jim to redeem himself to Grace at some point in the future, even if he does before an Ashen Lord. I couldnt have been evil all his life. :/
Donavan's Dragon
Donavan's Dragon 3 months ago
Can you add a mode for people that don't have Xbox live, to were they can still play
3-2 Alpha
3-2 Alpha 3 months ago
Before I get excited, two things must happen: 1. If you own it on the Microsoft Store you should get a free key for the steam game, or be able to log in on the steam game 2. Keep my progression
Ness 3 months ago
I don't know about the Steam key thing, but you for sure keep your progression, you just link your Microsoft account to the steam version
quixy 3 months ago
I wish this game was on ps4
clevername_txt 3 months ago
Are any of the items (outfit, capstan, cannons and wheel) limited time? Because I've got the commendation however I'm not able to buy the outfit because I'm not quite pirate legend
JeffForceOne 3 months ago
In a future update could we sometimes spawn at sea posts that way were not traveling from outposts to sea post.
Indominus moose
Indominus moose 3 months ago
I love sea of thieves! However, have you considered adding a skeleton curse you can get from the order of souls at any outpost that you can buy for about 10,000 coins? I would love that! Have a great day!
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 3 months ago
Lame still. I’m always hopeful with these content updates and yet I’m always disappointed in the lack of real content. Still a rip of at current price.
Riain Christian
Riain Christian 3 months ago
Will it ever be on ps4
Brad Penman
Brad Penman 3 months ago
Please remove double gun with the coming arena changes or change the sword back to how it used to be. Current meta is using 2 guns and jump spamming. Why is this community accepting something other fps games forceably removed a decade ago? Is it to cater to fortnite players? Because it's killing the game for a good portion of players.
Matthew C
Matthew C 3 months ago
Well, we are probably all doomed from this coronavirus and if not that then we are surely screwed because of global warming...but at least Sea of Thieves has a new cool update.
Jirka Boček
Jirka Boček 3 months ago
Coronavirus: **spreads** Me and the boys: Sail the sails
TheConspiredOne 3 months ago
sail the sails.....sail the sails?.....sail the sails.
Exility -PS-
Exility -PS- 3 months ago
Anddd... the game is lagging every 30 mins now!
Tom Baddeley
Tom Baddeley 3 months ago
I did it yesterday to get the curse and it took 4 houres 🙄
C137 Gaming
C137 Gaming 3 months ago
Should add in diving bells and a swivel cannons
Eliott Edeki
Eliott Edeki 3 months ago
Junior or Senior
Master Dovahkiin
Master Dovahkiin 3 months ago
Just like a pirate I want more
Virdict J
Virdict J 3 months ago
still no progression system eh? Pass until then.
SLAWIK Productions
SLAWIK Productions 3 months ago
The game is sooo empty! And boring
SLAWIK Productions
SLAWIK Productions 3 months ago
You NEED to add Ai ships!!
Golden Magikarp
Golden Magikarp 3 months ago
Have you even played the game? Skeleton ships are Ai ships
captian killer ethan
Anyone else got the ashen curse?
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 3 months ago
Hey Sea of thieves are y'all going to bring back the Forsaken Ashes weapons
Zac Campa
Zac Campa 3 months ago
Best. Game. Ever!
Nico Johns
Nico Johns 3 months ago
i am still waiting for a new type of fish. Fishing is getting a little tight no gonna lie
A Loaf
A Loaf 3 months ago
I have ideas to make your game better like putting in a giant crab like the megalodon and putting the Flying Dutchman in like his flying ghost ship
gbrot001 3 months ago
Don't know that I've ever seen a company work this hard on free updates, new content, and improvements. They could've SO easily said "Eh, good enough" and taken cash when it first released with a hole in the boat. Instead it feels like they internalized all the criticism and decided to go above and beyond to prove the doubters wrong. And I love that. Well done, Rare.
Scars47 3 months ago
Pleas put the guns back to normal it’s a pirate game
Donny Morocco
Donny Morocco 3 months ago
Worst update yet, the game has become buggy as hell and just wasted 2 hours worth of play to be bugged out. Sorry Joel but I won't be back, you guys have had more than enough chances
Zone 383
Zone 383 3 months ago
Skeleton Curse when? Love this new update!!!!
- Wojo -
- Wojo - 3 months ago
Love this game, can’t wait to get to pirate legend
Harvey Turnbull
Harvey Turnbull 3 months ago
The pet animations need updated to show them climbing into their perch’s and seats also need to show them picking up food off of you before eating it
Lusbongo Prince
Lusbongo Prince 3 months ago
i feel sad every time i see those content updates knowing my friends only play on ps4 and i am just a lonely player
قومات كورونا MG6
Yeah 💔
彡VYAS彡AADITYA 3 months ago
Can you make Android version please please please 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
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