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More healthy recipes! I heard you loud and clear. This time on Basics, I'm taking a look at the very popular, very versatile cauliflower.
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 7 months ago
So you guys mighta noticed that I renamed this episode "Healthier Versions of Unhealthy Foods" - I wanted to make it clearer that these aren't diet foods or things you should necessarily eat every day, they're lower-calorie, lower-carb, higher-fiber versions of unhealthy foods. They're still very high in fat, so there's a trade-off, but they hopefully give you guys ideas of how to scratch the junk-food-itch when you're trying to eat well!
Timothy Jenkins
Timothy Jenkins 6 days ago
@Abigail A this is incorrect. Carbs are fine, all in moderation. Rice is a great carb source used by athletes amateur and professional worldwide. Cakes and processed carbs are the key problem.
Abigail A
Abigail A 6 days ago
@Timothy Jenkins They also eat tons of seafood rather than red meats, and are way more active/healthier environment. It's not the rice. Plus, in general, they have way less carbs/sugar in their diets than your average Westerner. Rice isn't terrible for you in isolation, but if you're having tons of rice on top of bread, pasta, etc. it's an issue.
Abigail A
Abigail A 6 days ago
@Ryo Except... it is. Rice has way, WAY more carbs which is one of the main things people should be trying to avoid.
Kardinaalilintu 24 days ago
@BombaJead Rice is a good basic carb. White rice, how ever, is not that great. In order to "whiten" flour or rice, we remove most of the fiber, minerals and other nutritional benefits from the grain, only leaving a very starch (carb) dense heart of the grain. Wholegrain rice and wheat is still good for you as a part of a balanced diet.
Kardinaalilintu 24 days ago
Low carb, sure, but actually higher in calories. Fat does contain more calories than carbs, so when you add high in fat ingredients, like cheese, oil or butter as an extra, the lower calories in cauliflower vs rice/wheat doesn't matter anymore. It might still be healthier in proper portions, I don't know, but nutrition is a bit more complex than "just cut out this one calory source and you're peachy".
Jack R
Jack R Day ago
is it just me, or did his voiceover combined with the music make it sound like he was rapping the whole time?
RTL Minty
RTL Minty 5 days ago
2:23 But is the paper towel from bounty?
Ziyu liz
Ziyu liz 6 days ago
Seeing Babish take the eggs out of the pan while making fried rice me: confused Asian noises
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 6 days ago
Shouldn't Cauliflower always be steamed/boiled before cooking. They usually have a lot of worms living in them unless you buy them in Florets.
Ross Peterson
Ross Peterson 7 days ago
Is it just me or does it sound like he's talking in tune to the music, like a poet reciting to a tune.
t1u9b8a8 7 days ago
Yeaaaahhhh..... I know you were thinking about that Vitamix this whole episode. 😏
Hi Babish! Your recipes are always awesome, but what I always find time consuming and most tiring is preparing the veggies. It would be awesome to know how you wash and clean your ingredients, e.g. cauliflower (I always find mud and dirt in mine!), broccoli, basil, spinach (spinach leaves KILL me, man). Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and keep smiling!
Brooke Breckenridge
I can’t believe I thought the coaster you put down at first was the crust😂😭
Tamara Andersson
Tamara Andersson 9 days ago
Yeah, I don't care if it's the Queen of England telling me this. Cauliflower IS NOT a pizza crust! Have never been, will never be. You either choose to eat actual pizza or you abstain. This abomination will disappoint everyone.
mikeus69 11 days ago
I really like this show but that fried rice is an offense to my Asianyness.... that’s a word, prove it isn’t.... doesn’t even have ginger
Thomas Bernecky
Thomas Bernecky 12 days ago
Sorry, no matter what, it's still, well, cauliflower.
Yasmine Al Jamil
Yasmine Al Jamil 12 days ago
thewallispretty 12 days ago
made a cauliflower pizza with my therapist a year ago and she saved some leftovers in the fridge. her italian colleague threw it away because he tought it was rotten
Azia Ramirez
Azia Ramirez 13 days ago
I would like to see the hot sauce cauliflower that is supposed to be boneless chicken wings.
Thomas Field
Thomas Field 14 days ago
in the second one there is no point of making it with cauliflower rice becasuse your still putting ham in which is just as unhealthy if not more unhealthy than rice
someedgykid 15 days ago
"some more vegetable oil for our vegetables" proceeds to add mushrooms and ham
James McHale
James McHale 15 days ago
So... cauliflower cheese?
King Of Eurobeat
King Of Eurobeat 15 days ago
But I'm allergic to cauliflower. ;-;
Craig F
Craig F 16 days ago
what you got on your wrist there babish
ArcanicKobold 17 days ago
I actually like Cauliflower so this is probably perfect for me. lol
Ordinarylucas77 17 days ago
Now do the Reverse
Rhiannon Chiacchiaro
Any chance you have a sponsor/coupon code for the Nutribullet? Looking at getting the one you have.
Katie Shaw
Katie Shaw 18 days ago
The last recipe is literally called cauliflower cheese. Pretty much a British equivalent to Mac and cheese, we're given it at school and stuff :^)
Midhat 18 days ago
U literally took the moisture out of the cauliflower and then put it back in
A - cat
A - cat 18 days ago
Cheeeseandrice! that’s a laht of cheese. But I’m definitely gonna try the fried rice 🍛
wakeupscreaming 19 days ago
These ingredients are laughable. Your pizza still has cheese (high sodium) and pepperoni (sodium and satur fats). And the fried rice still has a gob of soy/oyster sauce, which is like liquid salt and of course has ham, which has lots of sodium for preserving.
Viktor Senki
Viktor Senki 19 days ago
Man, its really easy and tasty but MAN i can tell you cauliflower gives you gas. Im sitting in the office and trying to squeeze silent ones so i dont get caught. Thanks for the recipes by the way.
marco pivetta
marco pivetta 19 days ago
isn't it healthier to eat a normal pizza without pepperoni, tho?
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion 19 days ago
Has anyone tried the cauliflower pizza? Whats it like?
Chipsonfire 19 days ago
My choosey child would want pepperoni and mushrooms. My choosey spouse wouldn't want the cauliflower 😂
Moe Salamander
Moe Salamander 21 day ago
0:54 it sounds like he’s talking in sync wit the background music
David Powers
David Powers 22 days ago
Aaaaaaand just like that, the Paid Programs of my insomniac 90s youth have come back as sponsored RUvid videos.
Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson 22 days ago
Anyone buying that full nutribullet range can afford a personal trainer lol
Corey Springer
Corey Springer 23 days ago
What is a Babish?
themess 24 days ago
More of this pleaseeee!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Boyabob 24 days ago
yo that’s insane
None17555 25 days ago
"Cauliflower crust" sure does sound healthier. The fact that it's actually "cheese crust" means that it isn't.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 25 days ago
Part 2 please?
Laasya Sidhaye
Laasya Sidhaye 25 days ago
Am I the only one who likes saying ‘babish’
Jin's Hoe
Jin's Hoe 26 days ago
That third one is nowhere near healthy with that amount of better, Jesus
Pcgamers Rule
Pcgamers Rule 26 days ago
How do you get your cauliflower to dry out? I have had mine on medium heat for an hour and its still like moist sand. Don't have a dehydrator and idk about putting this stuff in a dish towel to wring it out, (not very sanitary and don't want fibers in my food). By the time i was fed up after an hour of trying, there were a bunch of browned bits from my non stick pan all up in the cauliflower too. Please help, really confused what I'm doing wrong
Milo Income
Milo Income 26 days ago
so pretty much: low carb -> healthier
Kardinaalilintu 24 days ago
No. Low (white) sugar, white flour, white rice in your carb intake -> healthier.
Aaron Le
Aaron Le 28 days ago
Why ham and not spam?
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul 28 days ago
That cauliflower looks like brain
TLG_Hammy 29 days ago
I like all these but the last one seems a bit spectacle. Idk if butter is healthy even if u use less of it.
Jkiller 05
Jkiller 05 Month ago
I tried the pizza recipe, but blended the cauliflower too much and got mashed potatoes
dystopian sunflower
idk why but having the same pan as him is a pretty good fealing
Hakuna Matatah
Hakuna Matatah Month ago
i love your channel. :)
Chimney Imp
Chimney Imp Month ago
As a non-american i was very confused with the last recipe called "maggot cheese". It took me a while to realize it is supposed to be Mac & cheese.
anusha dhakal
anusha dhakal Month ago
Can you make a healthier version of the healthier version of the healthiest food
d1LLy d1LLy
d1LLy d1LLy Month ago
I agree, cauliflower pizza is actually really good
minamoon01 Month ago
The pizza is so so good .. I loved it shared it on snapchat and my friends are now making it too .. I recostcumed the topping to fit my preference I like veggie pizza .. so I added some tomato slices, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, and few pieces of chicken that I grilled with some olive oil, black pepper, and cumin .. no salt added .. I also used shedder with the cauliflower to make the dough it tasted like actual bread .. this pizza is super yummy 😋❤️
You’re like that one mom that makes healthier food so you get mad but the food is still good
Maroon. exe
Maroon. exe Month ago
Pre shredded cheese?? Is that even a thing??
Akshay Joshi
Akshay Joshi Month ago
These meals are not healthy for my wallet.
Tired Gardener
Tired Gardener Month ago
I am a bit confused that the 'healthier option' is to drown the food in butter, cheese, and oil. I've seen less cheese in a cheese factory.
Joey Mattison
Joey Mattison Month ago
What would you suggest to get thicker crust for the cauliflower dough?
Jihad Toom
Jihad Toom Month ago
This episode has Keto written all over it
Potatius Month ago
....or....just don't eat pizza 5 times a week and you're golden?
Maria J. Arce
Maria J. Arce Month ago
7:59 prophylactic towel? I only have condom napkins
Maria J. Arce
Maria J. Arce Month ago
0:13 Why does this music sounds like porn¿
Rob Rose
Rob Rose Month ago
When is the smoothies episode coming?
I’m trying these out, especially that pizza!
wikum3 Month ago
I made a cauliflower pizza once. The taste was ok but it was so non-filling I felt hungry, angry and depressed after eating it...
TopChieftain Month ago
Here’s the thing that bothers me about this video, it’s helping people who wanna go on a carb free diet. I will say this once, GOING CARB FREE IS NOT THE ANSWER, we need carbs to survive and to stop eating carbs can be very bad for your heart, so any of u who think it’s a good idea to go carb free, think again because you are removing the thing that your entire body runs off of
Great video, you day man!
Sasha Wood
Sasha Wood Month ago
me, an anatomy student: CerEBellUM
chocmilkshake24 Month ago
Love the background music - I love food but the music relaxed me so much I fell asleep 😜
Time_Keeper22 Month ago
And today I found out cauliflower looks a lot like arbor vitae.
Kay Conrad
Kay Conrad Month ago
My favorite cauliflower application is replacing the chicken in buffalo chicken wings.
Alyssa Stacey
Alyssa Stacey Month ago
Abbie Sorell
Abbie Sorell Month ago
Who else just stares at his whisk tattoo
SHAGGY Month ago
Make healthy dounuts
Mobbelkotze7 Month ago
So how exactly is a ton of cheese healthier than just carbs in the regular pizza dough?
Kardinaalilintu 24 days ago
It's not... necessarily. Depends on your lifestyle and nutritional needs.
Kardinaalilintu 24 days ago
@NGF excess fat is stored just like excess carbs and proteins are. If you didn't notice... excess is the key word here, eat what you need, don't just blindly drop off one nutrition group.
NGF Month ago
Because carbs turn into sugar in the body which gets stored as fat. Fat from food is just used for energy instead of being stored.
GameplayOkay Month ago
This could also have been titled "Everything needs Cheese"
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Month ago
Do how to make cocaine
Greench Month ago
Blumenkohl alda
Infinite Month ago
Wow. I never thought of using grated cauliflower as a substitute for fried rice.. Thanks for sharing, Babish!
Zoe Month ago
this would be great if I wasn't violently allergic to cauliflower
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