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Jolie Guidry
Jolie Guidry 10 days ago
He is A basketballahalic
Feliz Sam
Feliz Sam 21 day ago
AJ_Moxo 28
AJ_Moxo 28 29 days ago
Suns are trash 🗑
Reece Hussain
Reece Hussain Month ago
Why u background a pic of bozly and not booker
Reaprrt Month ago
zion can’t even shoot... his first game he went 4/4 from 3
Grace LaFontaine
I think Brandon has anger issues 😂😂
Ernesto Munoz Olivares
Suns vs Lakers
Ernesto Munoz Olivares
No way
Dillpickle3768 Hi
10:25 “Zion can’t even shoot” Zions debut he score 4 3’s and scores 17 pts in 4th
FR1DSON !! Month ago
booker kept slapping him lol
Water Fun
Water Fun Month ago
You can tell Anthony was planning on taking a shot cause he said at around 15:28 he said not the shit glasses
Water Fun
Water Fun Month ago
You know how Brandon almost drank laundry detergent and he also said in the beginning of the video I will never end my life well he jinx it
Chris Zarelli
Chris Zarelli Month ago
little does he know the season will be suspended
OscarTheGodYT Month ago
The fact that our team got the 1st round pick just makes this video 10 times better XD
Los primos!!
Los primos!! Month ago
At 5:00 booker is like stfu Brandon 🤣🤣
badboytv Month ago
bro the suns the #6 pick and when you played the game NBA the game pick #6
Nagham Makled
Nagham Makled 2 months ago
I am kind of happy the suns got the sixth pick because I don’t want them ruining another great player
Camgraal 2 months ago
I think oubre jr and Ricky Rubio was a sick draft for us
BRANDOND1P 2 months ago
LaMelo Ball🤮🤮🤮
Marcos Melendez
Marcos Melendez 2 months ago
The sun are bum
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin 3 months ago
bradon:im never playing basket ball never again me:im like ok :bradon a few days later hey brain wanna play basket ball brain:yup sure
Devin Bisram
Devin Bisram 4 months ago
Why are u going crazy just basketball
Chris Briano
Chris Briano 4 months ago
So true!!!! When the Packers lost on Sunday, you would have thought I won the Lottery or something. ALL KINDS of "FRIENDS" who I hadn't heard from in YEARS all of a sudden knew my number. Bunch of SALTY Bastards! I know your pain B. 🤦🏻‍♂️🏀
LilJay707 4 months ago
From beginning of the video to 4:00 complaining he cant sleep cuz of the draft lol.. More like cocaine buddy🤣🤣
Jesse Onorato
Jesse Onorato 4 months ago
5:01 "are you joking me" lol
Snaggy Xl
Snaggy Xl 4 months ago
“No 6 is good” 6!!!!!!!!
Snaggy Xl
Snaggy Xl 4 months ago
Rise Swapsti
Rise Swapsti 4 months ago
World of Highlights i was thinking like, no one noticed that !😂
Lil savX OD
Lil savX OD 4 months ago
Colin Jones
Colin Jones 4 months ago
Suns suck
Sup Dab
Sup Dab 4 months ago
Colin Jones your life sucks if you say suns suck
Chaveryy 5 months ago
Knicks for ever🙏❤️
KROSS Holcomb
KROSS Holcomb 5 months ago
How does Jackie ever think she is ugly. She is so beautiful. Of course I think my girlfriend is more beautiful, but Jackie is a close 2nd
Last name change 101
10:45 Samsung people trynna take a selfie
Brother Umar & Sister Samrah
Who’s here after suns are playing like a playoff team November 2019.
San 7 months ago
Damn he likes basketball. 😬
BaoTran Tran
BaoTran Tran 7 months ago
Haha haha love the conversation between Jackie and Brandon
BaoTran Tran
BaoTran Tran 7 months ago
Lmaooo this reaction is priceless hahaha what a throwback 😂😂😂😂
Sports Master
Sports Master 7 months ago
I’m the most scared when the Celtics are facing the sixers
Angel Herrera
Angel Herrera 8 months ago
Happy see you in home ok happy ok happy ok we you goodday fueron Ángel me call you goodday
M Behm
M Behm 9 months ago
chuy _
chuy _ 9 months ago
Brandon is obsessed with basketball He freaked out over the draft lottery... imagine the actual draft
ViP3r 4 months ago
Chuy Lujano Doesn’t mean he’s obsessed
Sesh 4 months ago
It wouldn’t be worse the draft lottery is more important than the draft.
wavy daizy
wavy daizy 9 months ago
10:55 you can thank me by dropping a like
YaBoiEli 9 months ago
Daizy Diaz i’m good
Megan V
Megan V 9 months ago
I love how his dog booker just punched him like that haha sooo savageee
James LaRosa
James LaRosa 9 months ago
Lol Booker was slapping brandon telling him telling him to stop thinking about it😂
A G18
A G18 9 months ago
This guys content is so bad 😂😂
Randy Sampson
Randy Sampson 9 months ago
Y’all know he almost cry at 14:24 😂
Trent Couser
Trent Couser 10 months ago
i swear the draft was so stupid every bad team dropped. LETS GO CAVS
buffalo 5
buffalo 5 9 months ago
Let's go Cavs
Haroon Riaz
Haroon Riaz 10 months ago
The real video starts at 12:44 Your Welcome 👍
Killa Drew
Killa Drew 10 months ago
Suns went from Ja Morant to Cam Johnson 😂😂😂😭
Amari Pitchford
Amari Pitchford 10 months ago
Tbh you and Anthony look like twins but ur cousins
Salma Ansari
Salma Ansari 10 months ago
Salma Ansari
Salma Ansari 10 months ago
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson 11 months ago
I am good what do you mean
Damien Roy
Damien Roy 11 months ago
4:59 the dog knows it’s rigged and everyone knows
Joshua Sousa
Joshua Sousa 11 months ago
Yo uguys won 19 games last year yup! Must be nice supporting a team that loves losing!
Lupita Sarinana
Lupita Sarinana 11 months ago
Yo we’re the reaction to the draft
A. Ezra Vega
A. Ezra Vega 11 months ago
Sorry but he is on the pelucans
Pubg Gameplays
Pubg Gameplays 11 months ago
Brandon is as nervous as I am b4 getting my exam results 😂🤣
Shaun 11 months ago
It’s funny because a couple days after the draft, the suns don’t even deserve the 6th pick. Their front office should delete the roster.
Lisa Marrie
Lisa Marrie 11 months ago
Omg he is a real fan
Aleyamma Sam
Aleyamma Sam 11 months ago
Omg Brandon is soo funny😂
Aleyamma Sam
Aleyamma Sam 11 months ago
On 4:57 the act done by Booker is like making Brandon shut up to not mess his head with basketball😀😀
Kurogiri The Invader
Kurogiri The Invader 11 months ago
Angelina Larson
Angelina Larson 11 months ago
Ballrz_567 11 months ago
brawadis on suicide watch
YG Nick
YG Nick 11 months ago
All us suns fans are on suicide watch
Kris Isinghood
Kris Isinghood 11 months ago
Culver isn’t a terrible pick though..
TheCloudKnight 11 months ago
i like how brandon just picks up random stuff in rage lol
R R 11 months ago
Brandon is the new Stephen Curry literally like , like if you agree
Matthew 11 months ago
Lol the simulators got it right
nat the rat
nat the rat 11 months ago
im a warriors fan and i dont have to mess with this mess so yeah
nat the rat
nat the rat 11 months ago
Little does he know the pelicans r getting zion
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 11 months ago
I felt the same way when the Knicks got 3rd
Angie Nelson
Angie Nelson 11 months ago
Exclipez YT
Exclipez YT 11 months ago
Just to let you know the Suns are gonna a great team within the next 2 years and they are trading 2 players for 2 players! Can you guess who? Like this and reply if you know who they are trading and for who👌🏻💯 and I’ll let you know if you’re right or not. You’ll be surprised💯
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 11 months ago
What is that song call at the end of the videos plz reply
AJW_ Wally
AJW_ Wally 11 months ago
Brandon: throws shot glass Anthony: not the shot glass.
William DiCaprio
I love u Brandon go warriors go steph
Jake Cornelius
Imagine this devin booker coby white and deyandre ayton that is a solid big 3
KentuckyFan15 Year ago
Him waiting for the draft lottery is like me waiting for a really big Kentucky basketball or football game
Randel Hope
Randel Hope Year ago
At 14:04 brandon hit his head on microwave 😂😂😂
Cassie Year ago
Bro as if hes sleeping in the haunted house am i missing something
Stormz Magic
Stormz Magic Year ago
NBA is more rigged then fucking WWE I’m A magic fan myself at least we made the playoffs
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