He Hides A Camera In The Woodpile And That's When Things Get Creepy

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Sometimes, not knowing what's going on is better than knowing. This is one of those times.

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Feb 15, 2019




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Elizabeth Boswell
Center between 3 trees, appears to be dark shadows, the one to left of tallest tree with leaves distinct movement @ 12:30..... it’s still moving when he returns to woodpile with wagon....anyone else see that? I’ve watched this video several times over months & just today noticed that.....??!!🤨
R10GreyhoundsRule 12 days ago
Beginning 1:48 footsteps in the leaves - sounds behind and to the right of the camera, tall, large shadow falls on the large woodpile to our left and, as always when he/she/it/they potentially show up, the flies show up, and the camera lighting changes for a split second: movement stops and snarling begins and continues as the shadow on the wood pile moves back/forth. 3:06 footsteps, leaves crunching, twigs snapping lessens and flies, snarling and shadow disappear. 4:10 between the 2 center trees and in front of the tree on the far right, there is activity in the sawgrass - quick movements from center trees, to right tree, back to center trees - there is no wind to cause the sawgrass to move like it is moving. 9:02 flies are back. 9:33 footsteps, crunching twigs, then shadow on the woodpile again 9:53 and snarling 9:55 with kindling tossed 10:19 where you just picked up everything from the chopped wood. 10:29 shadows and snarling (maybe it is normal breathing for this creature...or he/she/it/they potentially needs to see an ENT Specialist :) ). 12:30 directly between the 2 center trees - movement directly above the whitish linear area above the front sawgrass - the white area extends tree-to-tree, but there is movement of black/gray from behind that white - closer to the right tree, and it looks like dark, gray smoke coming up and over the white area - as if it slithers over the top and slides down the front of it into the sawgrass. A stop at 12:31 shows the white linear area separated in the very center with a dark, gray, transparent 'something' that wasn't there the entire video until now. It moves up/down as it sounds like your tractor is getting closer to the woodpile, and at 12:37 it is directly, once again, behind the white area (which is now, completely unobstructed by anything) and the dark 'smoke' appears to be a solid dark/black figure leaning against the right tree. (Apologies for the long comment: it took me months to see what others were seeing, but once I did, I can't NOT see/hear things now. They are everywhere all the time, so I'm revisiting some of your older vids to see what I missed. For those who are like I was, don't give up. One of these vids will click with you and once it does, you'll be hooked: this property offers some real entertainment, at times a little unnerving for Kevin and his family and downright frightening for his friends/neighbors, but I think if Kevin wasn't so respectful of the earth and the cycle of life things may have gotten out of hand too easily long before now. For what it is worth, Crazy Lake (aka Kevin) messes with us on occasion to teach us not to take ourselves too seriously, but his videos speak for themselves.)
Jude Baber
Jude Baber 13 days ago
Hi Kevin, do you do a t shirt with “Get my 6” ? I’m in the UK, so I’d need to know how much for shipping too 🤔 thx Jude 🙂
jabbo1862 21 day ago
Get some trail cams
Richard Wright
Richard Wright 25 days ago
Whatever these beings are they are not dumb. They are very good at not trying to be caught or seen on camera
Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver Month ago
Now it knows where you live
SeekingPrime Month ago
Good catch but that’s way too big to be a dog. For a size comparison, go back to the start of the video when he drives off into the distance and compare the size of him sitting on an ATV at that same distance from the camera vs the size of whatever ran across the screen at 11:00, that object is three times as big.
Carla De Jonge
Carla De Jonge Month ago
Keeping tabs on you! Got your six!
Rich G
Rich G Month ago
On a serious note, I think you’re dealing with a demonic werewolf like entity. Have you ever caught a glimpse of him?
lynn byers
lynn byers 2 months ago
So whats up with the flashes of light..I can tell. They affect you.. are you ok? Hope so.
Scott S
Scott S 2 months ago
Great video
NastySynex 2 months ago
1:17 nobody saw the white thing crossing the screen from left to right ? Whats that? It just disappeared
Alliance101 2 months ago
Lmao he said there's a stick
Romans 12
Romans 12 2 months ago
I wish this guy was my neighbor. He seems fun to hang out with.
shawn kyle
shawn kyle 2 months ago
Wth! Do you think they can Camouflage themselves? Whoa!
Paintpalo 2 months ago
Had to subscribe because your videos are just so funny to watch and you are really good. And then the comments are hilarious. Keep it up 👍😁
Galaga Ming
Galaga Ming 2 months ago
OMG WHAAAAT who else saw that??? It happened between 0:00 and 14:10
Eric Quintana
Eric Quintana 3 months ago
At 6:20... Look in the background to the left. Something runs behind the shed and into that field.
TerryLee788 3 months ago
Patrice Watson
Patrice Watson 3 months ago
So his neighbor growls? 🤷 My neighbors play loud music, smoke weed , curse, and buss off a few rounds every now and again.... honestly, I would rather have Bigfoot as a neighbor 😁
Aaroon McDoogle
Aaroon McDoogle 3 months ago
Rev. Donk Bonkers
Rev. Donk Bonkers 3 months ago
It's the damn crazy neighbor trying to scare them off, ya know the o e that baled the hay...
DEBORAH A. SIEFER 3 months ago
1:05 something running from left from behind stome runs down past tree along in ditch clear around to right side of picture. You can see shadow off stome to left Also noise at 2:16 of walking. 2:38 -2:58 giggling noise.
Sean Clark
Sean Clark 3 months ago
The best footage of Bigfoot on earth👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Adriana Vanegas
Adriana Vanegas 3 months ago
10:16 Whatever threw that log so far, that high has a strong arm. It's not a stick.
Frank Columbo
Frank Columbo 4 months ago
More conclusive proof of the existence of Bigfoot..
Sandy Mays
Sandy Mays 4 months ago
Dude that was just straight up freaky. With any luck maybe they will starting breaking up your wood and stack it for you. Lol My husband and I camp a lot. I'm not quite sure how I would respond to that kind of thing
Lisa Drake
Lisa Drake 4 months ago
I seen a shadow on the logs
Yanthz Romeja
Yanthz Romeja 4 months ago
11:40 to 11:42 i saw a shadow in the middle then something just run very fast then disappears.
Josh Hendrickson
Josh Hendrickson 4 months ago
You dang woodchucks!! Quit chucking my wood!!
tre paidousis
tre paidousis 4 months ago
Theres one that lives on my land in ohio. He constantly messes with me to let me know hes there. To be honest when im out there alone i feel much safer knowing hes watching me. If he wanted to hurt me hes had many many opportunities to do so. He leaves food by the door for me. He follows me out to the feild and keeps an eye on me when im way out there alone. I really like having him there. Please dont prove their exxistance. Men put men in cages what do u think well do to them if discovered. The only thing that matters is u know the truth. By proving their existence where giving them a death sentence. Please just think about what im telling u. Thank u and god bless. Stay safe💞🤗👍🙏🧿
tre paidousis
tre paidousis 2 months ago
@Sandy Bigara StarViking it be better if he let me see him. Most of the time i think im going nuts. Not to meantion noone belives me... my family is more then concerned🤔🤣🤗😎🤙💞
tre paidousis
tre paidousis 2 months ago
@Ray Christensen thank u so much for your sacrifice and service. God bless🙏😇🧿💝
tre paidousis
tre paidousis 2 months ago
@Ray Christensen haha i kinda would like to see someone try..lol🤔 we would need 1,000 of us for every one of them.. i just dont understand why its in our nature to destroy rather then preserve
sean watkins
sean watkins 5 months ago
Right at 5 seconds in you see in the distance something go running across the field
James Bark jr
James Bark jr 5 months ago
Its a car
Ed Erwin
Ed Erwin 5 months ago
Those darn woodchucks!
Kim Alvarez
Kim Alvarez 5 months ago
Hi. Hello. Kevin. WOW. Ok. I'm. Terrified now. Again. What the heck. Is. That. Horrible. Growling. God. . If. It's a. Bear. Or. Another. Animal. Why. Isn't. It. Walking. Around. Ya and. I. Saw. The. Shadow. I. Think. We. All. Did. Kevin. You. Ard a .hell of a.. brave. Man. . . Ugh. I. Live. In. Idaho. Ya. .. I'm surrounded. By. Woods and the. Clear water. River. I am. So. Scared of. These. Things. 😦
Jordi Vollom
Jordi Vollom 5 months ago
Sounds like he’s eating celery.
Melissa Hewitt
Melissa Hewitt 5 months ago
Do you ever find clumps of hair on trees, posts, wire or on the ground? If so, you can have it tested....
Guru Jeff
Guru Jeff 5 months ago
Typical. Always seeing Bigfoots in the woodpile
Vaughn-Rebecca Veach
Feral hogs
Khanh Knapp
Khanh Knapp 5 months ago
About half way thru the video in the distance it shows a wolf or coyote running across the field.Maybe that's the culprit?
Marc Blaze
Marc Blaze 5 months ago
Put a pair of headphones on and listen from 9:36, at 10:18 and pice of wood is thrown and you can hear something making noises, 10:29 there's a shadow that appears on the left of your screen and sounds are made that sound like a "pig" and at 10:48 you can clearly hear footsteps followed by a stick getting snapped , if there's something out there it's very annoyed by the sounds of the engines.
Robert O
Robert O 5 months ago
Stop chucking my wood ...you dang woodchucks!!!
IRunnaZoo 6 months ago
3 panoramic cameras spiraled on a pole would give even better coverage with the overlapping of the views. Too heavy for a walking stick, but as a stand alone viewing device it would be spectacular and fool.proof for getting them on film. .....unless they just hijack the thing from you.
IRunnaZoo 6 months ago
I have a Moultrie panoramic trail cam. It's nice. IDEA: Why not mount 2 panoramics, back-to-back on top of a sturdy walking pole, approximately 1foot taller than your head (to keep it out of the camera shots)? You could pause periodically, steady the pole, and wait. Your 360 coverage should be much improved, AND it will function at any time of day. NO more of them sneaking around on your blind side....because mostly there just wouldn't be one anymore. 🤔
Milo Nation
Milo Nation 6 months ago
Amazing!! Just amazing, I also heard the sasquatch eating what sounded like grilled squirrel in the background. You have proven so much with this video, thank you sir!!
Thomas Danyluk
Thomas Danyluk 6 months ago
Colton Ogea
Colton Ogea 6 months ago
That thing darting across the field in the back ground was stupid fast looked like he dropped to all 4s 11:00
Chris Abbett
Chris Abbett 6 months ago
It was a car there is a road on the other side of the house
Julie Collins
Julie Collins 6 months ago
Beavers !? Maybe !? Have a spooky day my friend 😊
Denise Kirkpatrick
Denise Kirkpatrick 6 months ago
Have you ever thought about sticking a mirror on a tree like you do your cameras
Mere Person
Mere Person 6 months ago
UFO confirmed at 10:59 top left
Callie Nash
Callie Nash 6 months ago
December 15th 2019. Boy, oh boy!, was that creepy!
Stele Mc
Stele Mc 5 months ago
December 15th, 2018 was creepy for me
Tom Lester
Tom Lester 6 months ago
Daniel Bookman
Daniel Bookman 2 months ago
Play stupid games you get stupid prizes....I feel robbed.
NOBRAG JUSTFACT 2 months ago
I kept fast forwarding it
Nancy Chasteen
Nancy Chasteen 5 months ago
@Jonathan Perley Regrets happen all the time.
Jonathan Perley
Jonathan Perley 6 months ago
Me too!!! Can't believe that I sat here and watched this and how did I even get here!
Adam Krueger
Adam Krueger 6 months ago
Sounds like someone sucking through a straw
rue de bac
rue de bac 7 months ago
Need to get Catholic priest to bless you're land
Alice Walters
Alice Walters 7 months ago
Nothing was there.
Akash Deep
Akash Deep 7 months ago
12K big foots liked the video but 12K small foots disliked it too.
Jannetta's Garage
Jannetta's Garage 7 months ago
Honestly looks like you got a pissed-off neighbor that likes to literally piss all on your wood and throw it to you and watch you pick it up and dream of you burning it your family breathing it he's probably a really f*****-up individual sorry man but you need to put some more protection out and be more alert someone does not particularly favor you from what I can tell
Diane Shelley
Diane Shelley 7 months ago
Sounds like a hog.
Thotlords M5 V10
Thotlords M5 V10 7 months ago
Oh saw the shadow! If you listen carefully you can hear the boomer
Leo Ramirez
Leo Ramirez 7 months ago
Looks like the flies follow this creature everywhere, plus I have never heard that sound before
LAMBEAU1919 7 months ago
@ 9:50
joseph tzintzun
joseph tzintzun 7 months ago
Its that dam blair witch...she came out from those woods.
Tracey Parker
Tracey Parker 7 months ago
Why do the clouds never move? The wind is blowing so you think the clouds would move. That really is creepy!
c kohar
c kohar 7 months ago
10:00, 10:06 and 11:00
BIG OMAR. 7 months ago
craig parrott
craig parrott 7 months ago
Sounds like a hog
Bagel boy 6913
Bagel boy 6913 7 months ago
You should get a award for best acting
GoofballLtG 8 months ago
My thoughts are; stick a basket of vegetables there in the spot (bait) with the camera set up. Maybe you can broker a sweet deal with Bigfoot. He brings you fire wood, you pay with yummy food. 😁 Win win!
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart 8 months ago
I also saw like a animal in the background at 6:08
Leo el peque
Leo el peque 8 months ago
That's a car
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart 8 months ago
Is it just me but is there a shadow on the pile of wood?
Mike Baeyens
Mike Baeyens 8 months ago
I think it's a little foot
william rullman
william rullman 8 months ago
Sounds like a Chupacabra to me.
Barrie Chesterman
Barrie Chesterman 8 months ago
Lol what a joke
Joseph Leon
Joseph Leon 8 months ago
I dont see shitt
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 8 months ago
Messing with sasquatch jack links home edition...
B REAL DEAL 8 months ago
I just became a Believer!🙄
Susan Button
Susan Button 8 months ago
It's good to be on the alert at all times. This thing was stalking you dude. Go back, bring the dog wearing a gstring. Boom bait and a kill
Lavinia Perser
Lavinia Perser 8 months ago
You need an electric fence
Caroline Nino Woods
Caroline Nino Woods 8 months ago
You have a monster on your property!
Stan Watkins
Stan Watkins 8 months ago
You see. Bigfoots can sense electronic devices and are very hard to get video/photographic evidence. Of course , somehow , they can't detect a car or a big a$$ tractor trailer coming down the road and walking right out in front of them .
bodhrani jam
bodhrani jam 8 months ago
glad he got some wood. and we could watch
salsa gardens
salsa gardens 8 months ago
Did you see the flies! They say them things are an unclean and based on their musk alone flies and other critters travel with em! The log was thrown like a rock! What ever that was it barely flicked it!
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