He Hides A Camera In The Woodpile And That's When Things Get Creepy

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isabella castillano
What ever it is it knows your filming and is camera shy
willyboy256 6 hours ago
Watch the shadow at the 10:03-10:04 mark on the video!
Daphne Picard
Daphne Picard 8 hours ago
Still waiting to see actual footage of whatever, I’m calling BS until then.
Jamm 66
Jamm 66 2 days ago
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey 3 days ago
One word...Exciting!
Joshua Bader
Joshua Bader 3 days ago
If you look straight across into the grass field, did anyone see that white figure stand up then go back down. This is the first time he goes down on the tractor.
Joshua Bader that was a car
June Smith
June Smith 3 days ago
Keep putting this out...best security system is fear. LOL. Only visitors you will get will be the ones hunting Bigfoot, aliens and ghosts.
Steve Wales
Steve Wales 3 days ago
Dog man
Lonnie McGuire
Lonnie McGuire 3 days ago
@2:31 WTF?
Becky Sowden
Becky Sowden 4 days ago
I would have cameras up everywhere! Bound to catch something they/it couldnt hide from lots of cameras 😉
Maria Balcelo
Maria Balcelo 4 days ago
That’s a bear
Riley Yokel
Riley Yokel 4 days ago
Noise could have been a hog
Pamela Burks
Pamela Burks 4 days ago
Praying it's big boar snooping around but that shadow..... like wow Scooby I think we're big troubles....Rutt Roo run.
Pamela Burks
Pamela Burks 2 days ago
@timbart99 I spelled it Scooby and spell check changed. Scooby and Shaggy.
Patricia Greene
Patricia Greene 5 days ago
At 9.47 it sounded like someone walking in leaves, then the shadow crossed the wood again and then it sounded like it was eating chips and then it threw a piece of wood and sounded like it was trying to talk, kind of a growl. The shadow crossed over the wood and sounded like a low growl or talking. Ghosts don't throw shadows.
Patricia Greene
Patricia Greene 5 days ago
At approximately 2.17 I heard abranch snap, then saw a shadow cross the cut wood about 3 times, then it growled and that was then end of that.
Maria Miller
Maria Miller 5 days ago
You got a new helper! "Hey bud, you forgot this log. I'll move it over there for ya"
First off, none of you understand the intelligence of this manimal, yes, half man half animal. Of course big foots are real, way to many sightings, experiences and personal encounters around the world for them all to be a hoax. These “things” are extremely intelligent and obviously do not want to be seen. They already know that this man is trying to record them, so of course they aren’t going to step in front of the camera. We’re talking about a species that has NEVER been caught in person or on camera at all over many many decades!!! That right there should be proof enough that these beings are highly intelligent!! Wake up!
Alfie Murdoch
Alfie Murdoch 5 days ago
Come on bro.. even extraterrestrials have proof of existence but Bigfoot? Nothing solid.. for a beast that can’t fly away in a spacecraft 🙄
Colleen Chadwick
Colleen Chadwick 5 days ago
I’ve watched two of your videos. The one about the old man that’s been dead for two years and this one. In the video about the old man, you commented on the traffic noise and how far the road was from your place, but in the woodpile video, you can see cars driving past the house. (watch between the woodpile and the house). Secondly, why do you leave the engine of the lawn tractor running the entire time you’re unloading wood, at the house, but turn it off upon returning to the woodpile? Maybe to conceal any noise while you, or someone else, are sneaking up behind the camera to cast that shadow and grunt? And I think Bigfoot could throw a bigger log then that. Just stating my observations.
coupeboys 5 days ago
Dude is full of shit 😂 it's all for views
Puncho Royale Music
Ok. I saw@12:18 by the upper left of tree. A black object disappearing in the clouds
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia 6 days ago
Maybe set another camera facing each other, maybe we’ll see something 🤷‍♂️
Johnny Wright
Johnny Wright 6 days ago
10 mins 58 sec something is in the sky and disapears within a second
GAWGA FYE 6 days ago
A fly
Johnny Wright
Johnny Wright 6 days ago
Left hand side
Johnny Wright
Johnny Wright 6 days ago
Chek it
foxybox51 6 days ago
Sounds like a wild hog
Brenda Fox
Brenda Fox 6 days ago
Oh and about that same time as down below. I heard like a growl.
Brenda Fox
Brenda Fox 6 days ago
9:54 big shadow on log pile... 10;14 log thrown through the air... NOT EVEN KIDDING
Karma Kaos89
Karma Kaos89 7 days ago
Is it me or does that big shadow against the wood have horns
madhatters crafts
But, why did you hide the camera in the first place. did you sense something?
deathbyqtip33 14 hours ago
To make a time wasting video like this
Kevin Menario
Kevin Menario 7 days ago
No doubt at about 11:00 there was surely a chupacabra running from left to right in the distance... Lol
gail holt
gail holt 7 days ago
Sounded like a bear
Rosemarie Collins
You rock
Just Tyler
Just Tyler 8 days ago
11:44 maybe a deer I'm not sure
Angel Grider-Sturgill
Car, you can see it enter the frame on the left...
Just Tyler
Just Tyler 8 days ago
11:44 something black moves left to right really fast in the distance might be a car idk but the camera shakes about the same time as well
jan best
jan best 6 days ago
Jim Alex
Jim Alex 8 days ago
Bring back Jack Link Jerky or don’t come back.
Kahuna Howard
Kahuna Howard 8 days ago
10m16-20s heavy foot sounds and branch thrown.
Kahuna Howard
Kahuna Howard 8 days ago
10m01s deep growl can be heard over the motor
Kahuna Howard
Kahuna Howard 8 days ago
9m26s the shadow returns with grunts and branch cracking
Kahuna Howard
Kahuna Howard 8 days ago
At 2m32s where the hell did that big shadow come from that was cast across the tree trunk?
Brendan Spangle
Brendan Spangle 7 days ago
Kahuna Howard that was someone clearing their throat
Lance Simpson
Lance Simpson 8 days ago
If u scroll to the 203 mark in the video he is there but u can’t see it when u watch
Julie Vezinau
Julie Vezinau 10 days ago
It was a lob. It lobbed the stick. A lefty too. :)
Doobleray59 11 days ago
He hates the wood, stay away from the wood!
Tanforever :]
Tanforever :] 11 days ago
The bigfoot said you missed a spot
Gary Ramey
Gary Ramey 11 days ago
who would of known a ghost would like Doritos.
vetteman892000 12 days ago
Ahhh MAN!! Ya picked up the stick of wood!! There goes the fingerprints!!! 🤬
Brent Doring
Brent Doring 13 days ago
Pat C
Pat C 13 days ago
I believe that mountain you see at the end is an extinct volcano in Virginia.
Joe Combs
Joe Combs 14 days ago
"Only the shadow knows"
Richard Myers
Richard Myers 16 days ago
Bigfoot is not stupid, they know about camera's. Put camera in a tree well hidden, the leave some food for them
Wil Font
Wil Font 17 days ago
I have woods behind my home and the only unwanted visitors I get is the occasional copperhead.
Craig Pitts
Craig Pitts 17 days ago
Its suppose to wait till ur theres to throw the firewood an rocks
65sheilakay 18 days ago
I'm giving a thumbs up on this.
maggie ferrell
maggie ferrell 18 days ago
The shadow against him he wood pile is enough for me BUT the growl sent me running!!🙈
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