He Hides A Camera In The Woodpile And That's When Things Get Creepy

Homesteading Off The Grid
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Sometimes, not knowing what's going on is better than knowing. This is one of those times.



15 фев 2019




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ken thomas
ken thomas 28 дней назад
evon delauder
evon delauder 9 дней назад
evon delauder
evon delauder 9 дней назад
Brenda Brewer
Brenda Brewer 10 дней назад
Trace creek v f údc
mack ortiz
mack ortiz 13 дней назад
Iris King explain the bugs then no bugs then bugs again! I’ll wait
Charles Jacques
Charles Jacques 15 дней назад
ken thomas He should use that beef jerky they like so much.
dj blues
dj blues 9 часов назад
I kept looking at the field and seeing something white bobbing in and out of the tree line
LiveLaugh MakeLove
LiveLaugh MakeLove 22 часа назад
You need a 360 camera
Jackie Fraser
Jackie Fraser День назад
This guy is totally taking the piss yet I still watch
T Mad710
T Mad710 4 дня назад
2:25.... WTF 😳 shadows and creepy sounds
allen paige
allen paige 6 дней назад
What ever it is, it knows where the camera is hidden.
William Robbins
William Robbins 6 дней назад
The flies make it weird
joseph anderson
joseph anderson 6 дней назад
5.50 move through yard by house very fast
Vero Gutierrez
Vero Gutierrez 6 дней назад
I noticed that too at the very very beginning something runs from the right to the left
Annacolleen 6 дней назад
really strange!
Jim Lane
Jim Lane 6 дней назад
i dont get it, oh yeah.... it's a woodchuck!
Jim Lane
Jim Lane 6 дней назад
Gwiyomi Kim lol! your pretty cool!
Gwiyomi Kim
Gwiyomi Kim 6 дней назад
Jim Lane - Thought the same because I’ve heard a woodchuck, if it could, would chuck wood.
Sue Catherine
Sue Catherine 6 дней назад
Wow your brave! Ide be putting that wood pile closer to your house!
ghost death
ghost death 6 дней назад
there was a shadow of something and grunting noise and bugs plus it threw a small log
stanley jean
stanley jean 7 дней назад
Original Pilgrim
Original Pilgrim 7 дней назад
Why not point the camera in the other direction now?
Tiggy 2 My Ppl
Tiggy 2 My Ppl 6 дней назад
Original Pilgrim 😂😂😂 It Only Makes Sense To Do So!! It’s the 21st Century
Amy Gross
Amy Gross 7 дней назад
Heard growl or something2:37
Mirakal Jenkins
Mirakal Jenkins 8 дней назад
Ok I changed my mind, it's Bigfoot!
Frank Paulette
Frank Paulette 8 дней назад
By far, the best Quentin Tarantino film ever made.
C Davison
C Davison 8 дней назад
No harm was intended- it was letting you know it was close by when it tossed the wood. It's curious about you and you have the chance to really have some awe inspiring encounters if you do this right! I'd be happy to help out if you find me on facebook :) carol.davison.545 The same goes for anyone else having subtle interactions! You're fortunate!
Bryan Pedersen
Bryan Pedersen 8 дней назад
Chris Wakefield
Chris Wakefield 8 дней назад
Flashes of light
Chris Wakefield
Chris Wakefield 8 дней назад
The Silver Load
The Silver Load 9 дней назад
I wish someone would help me with my wood pile your a lucky guy
TD Hawk
TD Hawk 9 дней назад
Sounds like a cougar to me
evon delauder
evon delauder 9 дней назад
evon delauder
evon delauder 9 дней назад
Night Assassin
Night Assassin 10 дней назад
it’s a human shadow i think their is a human really that’s a 100% human shadow no doubt
Erin Dorigatti
Erin Dorigatti 10 дней назад
I see something to the left 😨
Mary Crandall
Mary Crandall 10 дней назад
Face the camera in the other direction next time. And bears don't throw sticks. And carry a .44.
Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis 10 дней назад
This vid is very interesting
Muffy Martin
Muffy Martin 10 дней назад
while watching I was making toast and paying close attention to not miss the mystery creature 😐 I'll be damned if that bread didn't pop up at about 57mph and I just knew that I had been bitten!! Long story short, I still don't know what bit, I dont know what I was supposed to see in the video, and my pup got the toast🤦‍♀️
redneck girl tn.
redneck girl tn. 9 дней назад
🤣🤣🤣 bless you 💓
Benigno Rivera
Benigno Rivera 10 дней назад
Dude bigfoot's walking around on your property 😎😎😎😎😎
Margaret Murphy
Margaret Murphy 8 дней назад
Definitely shadow of person on left of screen. Loooooook again. Waste of time.
Margaret Murphy
Margaret Murphy 8 дней назад
What did I miss. Did see shadow on woodpile ofa mans figure wearing a hat ?
robert velez
robert velez 11 дней назад
Invisible wolfman!!!!!
maria basham
maria basham 11 дней назад
At 4:25, you can hear hin engage the blades on his mower, and the camera jerks like whoever is there didn't expect it.
maria basham
maria basham 11 дней назад
Put 4-6 trail cams on that tree grouping there and you will see what's really watching you. That tee grouping seems to be the center of the active area.
Kookie 11 дней назад
What made you place a camera in the wood pile? Have you had things happen there before? You seemed to be looking across the field, could you see/hear something? Those shadows and the huffing were weird.
Michelle White
Michelle White 11 дней назад
I seen a car later. It went by real fast like a white Smokey shadow. Cool.
Jeffrey Montemayor
Jeffrey Montemayor 6 дней назад
Michelle White 😂
Rose 13 Bud 13
Rose 13 Bud 13 11 дней назад
It was almost sundown went to pick big Blackberrys heard branches snapping and growling, later bear tracks in the mud guess what the bears win never went back the bear can have the berry's later saw bear around 200 lbs
Rose 13 Bud 13
Rose 13 Bud 13 11 дней назад
2:10 to 2:44
Michelle White
Michelle White 11 дней назад
Never mind it was a car 🚙
Michelle White
Michelle White 11 дней назад
Gwenna Mueller
Gwenna Mueller 11 дней назад
Dont worry, they don't harm anyone. They are in a higher dimension (if you can understand that concept) and you can't seen them with your eyes. He,she is just playing with you. There are many beings living along with you so keep a camera going. lol I just understand how this universe works, I'm not crazy.
robert michael
robert michael 11 дней назад
It sure as hell couldn't sneak up on anyone.
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 11 дней назад
You couldn't do that in the UK, the pikeys would have had your camera away as you were mounting your tractor the first time.
Lil Bean
Lil Bean 12 дней назад
He's helpin a brother out...nuttin my pitbull woukdnt do😂
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 12 дней назад
Why hasn't anyone commented on the UFO hovering behind the camera ?? Cover up c0nsp1racy !
marshalllhiepler 11 дней назад
Well actually, I was going to mention it, but the Bigfoot Space Pilot asked me not to. Seemed like a nice enough creature; so I didn't.
Pat Cassidy
Pat Cassidy 12 дней назад
Around 1410 you hear it
Berend Klijnstra
Berend Klijnstra 12 дней назад
They are clearly going after your woud
Berend Klijnstra
Berend Klijnstra 12 дней назад
I see four people two native's and two Rebel soldiers
Kim Sparks
Kim Sparks 13 дней назад
Wow dude I think a mad hog or something but really why didn't you point the camera in the area where the wood is thrown from never he knows that's his wife
0 0
0 0 13 дней назад
not ro mention you see a guys shadow cam left right after throwing the log
JOHANNA BOSTON 13 дней назад
JOHANNA BOSTON 13 дней назад
Smiley Nai Karta
Smiley Nai Karta 13 дней назад
So, is chucking the wood a helpful act, or is it bait to lure back the fascinating biped with the loud thing?
Craig Adams
Craig Adams 13 дней назад
My response is, do a 180 on that camera. Let's see what's back there. If they're coming out of the woods hide it in the woodpile on the opposite side
Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas 13 дней назад
Awwww! It's playing hide and seek, very clever of it not to get in front of the lens!
zzgeoergez Dane
zzgeoergez Dane 13 дней назад
Dont give ul on this one. Things get very interesting around 13:10
zzgeoergez Dane
zzgeoergez Dane 13 дней назад
Better than some of the last Tom Cruise movies. Shades of Hitchcock in your film making style.
Richard Solis
Richard Solis 13 дней назад
That is big foot same thing happened here in cali same muffled peep but amplify that its loud and scary there way of clearig there throat in a aggresive manner the shadow has a perfect outline and full shroud of hair from head to shoulder...our experience they are curious , and hungry they like fruit wrapped in leaves and rodents same way
turbogsxr 13 дней назад
Is that Mr. J back? Time to get the crayons out again!
crazy pyro
crazy pyro 13 дней назад
It's the woodchuck ghost
Peaceful Encounters
Peaceful Encounters 13 дней назад
I am amazed I watched the whole video. Thank you, very entertaining.
richard wilson
richard wilson 13 дней назад
Could be someone playing a joke if you notice in the distance there are bugs an such flying
MsLisaPA 14 дней назад
That’s pretty cool! Hope someone gets a good picture! But then people will want to hunt it! So maybe not!
Holly Phillips
Holly Phillips 14 дней назад
Then his friend needs to take a bath....
Buddy Washington
Buddy Washington 14 дней назад
It threw the wood so you could carve him some drum sticks
Ebony Man
Ebony Man 14 дней назад
I see nothing unusual or creepy here. Just a typical Bigfoot helping out his neighbor on the wood shed. Nothing to see, just move along please!
Joe John
Joe John 14 дней назад
It throws the wood to let the guy know to put the wood back. These creatures are guardians of nature, and it knows it's being filmed. These mystical creatures are magical, and it knows what the guy is thinking. So no, he will never capture it on camera.
cherry rotella
cherry rotella 14 дней назад
Candy Sharts
Candy Sharts 14 дней назад
It's just a wild hog y'all 🐗
SuperCyril2 14 дней назад
I always knew there were real samsquanches.
King Richard
King Richard 14 дней назад
Stupid Manbearpig!
ed jovi
ed jovi 14 дней назад
I saw and hear big foot behind wood and shadow of him or her !!!!
Serge Barnabe
Serge Barnabe 14 дней назад
Make the dogman split your wood....lol
Marla Cramer
Marla Cramer 14 дней назад
groovychic 14 дней назад
wild hog
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander 15 дней назад
I first saw that the piece of wood to the upper left looked like a fish.
OFW TAGA BOHOL 15 дней назад
Hi po I keep on watching your videos nice one
Steve DAmico
Steve DAmico 15 дней назад
We have something like that here on Long Island, 'cept it's got teensy little feet, a big ass, stands about 6'4", Hair all over, and she ain't shy at all..She stands at the expressway exit ramp screaming obscenties at passing cars...Scary as hell!
tksiezopolski 15 дней назад
I'd be laying up on the roof of the house with a 308 just waiting.....
Darnel Johnson
Darnel Johnson 15 дней назад
If he knew witch way to look , way did the cam face the house?
John Healey
John Healey 15 дней назад
Something strange it looks like winter time for sure and some kind of big insect buzzing around?
Marie Mooncloud
Marie Mooncloud 15 дней назад
Dude this creature don't like chainsaw or chopping firewood. this is rally good. need camera for wild life and face it not tour the tree line. and watch it the next day.. you would be amaze what you can catch. even around chickens....
cozman33 15 дней назад
Don’t know if anyone has already went this route.....But, since the distance from the house to the woodpile up on the hill looks to be far, do you keep a spare fuel can up on the hill in case your mower tank goes empty? The noise that sounds like someone sucking an almost empty drink through a straw, could be a person stealing your gas. They could have 2 small containers, (like a water bottle or like container) and a hand squeeze bulb suction unit. The squeeze the bulb to initiate suction to fill the first bottle and then again to fill the second. Just my thoughts
jonathan doak
jonathan doak 15 дней назад
if they can that close to your place.
Connie Burke
Connie Burke 15 дней назад
ivy pixley
ivy pixley 15 дней назад
sounds like a hog
jonathan doak
jonathan doak 15 дней назад
what was that it look walk on to legs and crall.Was that a bigfoot on your prove.
Mick Bawn
Mick Bawn 15 дней назад
Jack Lancaster
Jack Lancaster 15 дней назад
I like this guy a lot.
Dianne Gwin
Dianne Gwin 15 дней назад
Nice view and peaceful. I have a question how come he has his wood pile so far from his house? It would be easier to have it closer to his fireplace. I would hate to go so far for wood when the weather gets really nasty.
Mike 15 дней назад
Termites are getting picky.........
Kevin Massey
Kevin Massey 15 дней назад
It’s obviously a Wood Chuck practicing for the National How Much Wood Could A Wood Chuck Chuck Contest! Duh!
Black Sunshine
Black Sunshine 15 дней назад
It's 22 degrees outside & I'm laying here on a Sunday morning watching this AND reading comments? Hurry up and get here summer cause I need a life!
Lewis A.
Lewis A. 15 дней назад
That is truly creepy.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes 15 дней назад
These bigfoot are very smart cookies. My thoughts, get a tiny camera that is in some natural wood, leave it outside to get a outdoor woody smell, then the day your going to set out your trail cam, place the small natural one in the opposite direction...might not be seen, but idk cause they are smart. Btw, they love photographs, so get some pictures of people from frames you can get at the dollar tree, place them in a baggieand set them out when you place your camera....it will be the first thing they take.
Bill McGowan
Bill McGowan 15 дней назад
wearing a good sweatshirt w/ Virginia Rowing on it. (I'm a friend of coach Kevin)
Sasha Espinoza
Sasha Espinoza 15 дней назад
Somebody's mad...lol
Alan Burwell
Alan Burwell 15 дней назад
The wolf has come down from the North, and your fat little town is safe no longer...
susannah1948 15 дней назад
Omg it’s horrible...................
Thomas Blue
Thomas Blue 15 дней назад
Last year l got pulled over for speeding , and when the officer came up to my pickup I tryed to explain to him that a deer came running out of the trees with a Bigfoot right behind him trying to run the deer down, and they both where running so fast that I got excited and caught up in the trill of the chase that I must of got going a little to fast. Well I can't believe he gave me a ticket, but a mile on down the road I passed that Bigfoot and that deer standing next to the road , and when I passed both of them I believe they where laughing at me.
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