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⭐️ Jelly got what he deserved in today's Minecraft video!
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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 22 432
Yamy diaz
Yamy diaz 9 hours ago
Slogoman jelly is trying to troll you!!!!!
Yamy diaz
Yamy diaz 9 hours ago
Name the little chicken Carlos
Beautiful Guster
Beautiful Guster 9 hours ago
Roberta Broadbent
Roberta Broadbent 12 hours ago
Bats do no harm
surinder toor
surinder toor 12 hours ago
hoang chau luu
hoang chau luu 13 hours ago
Jelly doesn't sleep 5:00
Jae Eui Lee
Jae Eui Lee 19 hours ago
You should try to stay in the nether and build houses
pinapala bhuvan bhushan
you lose jelly is going to back
Mishan Jansen
Slogo is the most famous RUvid ever in history
Sailor Ziezie
name the baby chicken use code slogo
Edgar Contreras
Name the chicken baby giant baby Joe
Edgar Contreras
Down a little tiny little Gerald
Crazy Aussie Family
JELLY built trap
QuickShock. 12
Orla Clare
Orla Clare Day ago
you can put banners on sheilds
Danielle Boulton
Yeah who loves slogomans
Cole Watkins
Cole Watkins Day ago
Josh can I be the chickens name please I’m cole
Mustafa Diallo
Sydney Garcia
Me sydney
John Grant
John Grant Day ago
Call him joey the 🐔
Ethan Soto
Ethan Soto Day ago
Morgan Barr
Morgan Barr Day ago
Put a red banner on your shield
Rashaad Rossie
Creepype V_hamoud
Slow go man you should name the chicken sanna the baby chicken
Veon Fourie
Veon Fourie Day ago
Uar asmsim
lucas lindholm
lucas lindholm 2 days ago
Name the ciken bro bro
Mini stock racing 23c
Josh jelly is going to destroy ur castle
LEGO MY ELMO! 2 days ago
Jelly's A Loser🤣
Shai Shade
Shai Shade 2 days ago
kill jelly
Laci Literal
Laci Literal 2 days ago
The other baby chicken what is in the garden
Bendy Long
Bendy Long 2 days ago
Get more shields just in case
Bendy Long
Bendy Long 2 days ago
Get actual shield for just in case
mhelai ramirez
mhelai ramirez 2 days ago
no jellyiscool
Bjarni st82
Bjarni st82 2 days ago
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 2 days ago
U should look for dimons!
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 2 days ago
Hello Hello ------------------
Mohammad Zayan
Mohammad Zayan 3 days ago
Yes we love slogoman 👍👍👍
Cori Tucker-Toone
Me:1 year of Minecraft and knows every thing Bout it. Slogoman and jelly: WhAts NiTheR warts??? PS: I'm not making fun of you. I'm just saying.
Steven Yates
Steven Yates 3 days ago
The thing throwing fireballs at you is called a blaze. If one fireball hits you you take fire damage only. But if you make a fire resistance potion you will be immune to blaze attacks and fire for the potion duration.
Steven Yates
Steven Yates 3 days ago
You can increase the potion effects ( duration and strength ) with Redstone. You can turn any potion into a splash potion ( can be thrown and effect anything within its radius ) equal to the potion effect using gunpowder which you may get from killing a ghast or creeper. Hope this helps and good luck with burning elements.
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