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Follow Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. After a yearly extermination imposed by angels, She opens a hotel in hopes that patients will be "checking out" into Heaven. While most of Hell mocks her goal, her devoted partner Vaggie, and their first test subject, adult film-star Angel Dust, stick by her side. When a powerful entity known as the "Radio Demon" reaches out to Charlie to assist in her endeavors, her crazy dream is given a chance to become a reality.
Be warned, this project is aimed at older audiences. Badwords and Innuendo galore!!
Thank you everyone who was part of this project. Years in the making, it was the result of all corners of the world and internet coming together to make a fucking cartoon!! I could not be more honored to have created this project. Heres too a bright future! Huge Thanks to the lovely Patrons on Patreon who helped make this possible, and everyone who supported by buying merch!! You are all part of this demon family!
TWITTER: @HazbinHotel
But you godda guess some passwords.
First hint- Charlie's last name! Second hint- Angel's Pornstar name!
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Oct 28, 2019




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lil._.pxrple uwu
lil._.pxrple uwu 9 minutes ago
It’s been years that I only have realize, husky did a wink with eyelashes (watch from 26:11 )
Shin Rodan
Shin Rodan 50 minutes ago
Husker : I lost the ability to love Years ago... Me : S A M E
Forever Shadow
put on doom ost here
Reynamen S. Sasil
This is 8 years old kids show this for kids i found it in youtubers
Alpha Vex Studios
Alpha Vex Studios 2 hours ago
Its crazy to think that in the whole hotel, Charlie is still the most powerful of the bunch
coconut coco
coconut coco 2 hours ago
episode 2 pls
とまさん 2 hours ago
24:26 love
Logan Gaston
Logan Gaston 2 hours ago
I could see the in a future episode about how Charlie confronts her dad between the hotel and her duties as princess of hell and has to choose one or the other be a princess or a hotel owner
C 2 hours ago
Knai Girl
Knai Girl 3 hours ago
Al: what can you do my femine fellow? Angel dust: I can suck you dick- Al: hah. ÑØ
Gelidas 3 hours ago
Episode # 2?
amy wellman
amy wellman 3 hours ago
Okay I just now saw this and I love Alistor.. PLEASE MAKE MORE! OMG!!!
retardedyeeter5753 4 hours ago
im 11 and i find this rather amusing hohohoho. im gonna be 12 soon yay... i shouldent be watching this should i?
I Am DarioGM16
I Am DarioGM16 4 hours ago
*"I Want To watch the scum of the World stryggle to climb up the hill of betterment, only to reapetly trip and tumble Down to the fiery pit of Failure"* *-Alastor*
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 4 hours ago
I’m still waiting on the next episode..... Edit: it’s been hell waiting for the next episode get it hell? Cause this is based off hell you know what just nvm.....
Double D
Double D 6 minutes ago
iTimeSike - Clockworks
Not saying anything, but if i'm gonna be honest, if I ever DID go to hell, I would definitely want a persona as Alastor. The man who was born in the 1900s, given the voice of power and radio in the demon realm. And quite likely the most powerful.
Justin 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks that Allstar (The Radio Demon) was Aleister Crowley when he was human? This has taken over Rick and Morty for my favourite adult cartoon.
The man behind the SLAUGHTER
Angel : ‘Oh~ Harder daddy~’ *forgot the name* : *GASP* *’SON?’*
Kyleigh Davis
Kyleigh Davis 5 hours ago
MIGHTYKNOWN 5 hours ago
Like cuphead said “DON’T DEAL WITH THE DEVIL”
MIGHTYKNOWN 5 hours ago
Can somebody tell me is angel dust a boy or girl? I’m super confused
MIGHTYKNOWN 4 hours ago
JC Gabon I see
JC Gabon
JC Gabon 4 hours ago
@MIGHTYKNOWN no he's a male that just acts like a girl
MIGHTYKNOWN 5 hours ago
JC Gabon you mean he’s genderless?
JC Gabon
JC Gabon 5 hours ago
@MIGHTYKNOWN a little bit cause drag queens are males imitating female signifiers and roles
MIGHTYKNOWN 5 hours ago
My comment keeps disappearing in every 20 seconds can you reply?
Looking for Some Guy without A Mustache
What scares me the most is that Alastor is pure, sinister evil, and in here they said that he is more eviler, (don't know if that is a word), means that he is more powerful and evil than Satan himself, probably
Drachengod 5 hours ago
Pyrocynical be looking scary these days.
Михаил Астраханцев
Robert Hoerz
Robert Hoerz 6 hours ago
that one egg without a weapon, just giving Cherri Bomb a two finger salute at 4:56 is my spirit animal.
Jared Khan
Jared Khan 6 hours ago
I strive to be exactly like angel
alan sturt
alan sturt 6 hours ago
make a part 2 you fucking amazing youtuber
Henrique Giovani
Henrique Giovani 6 hours ago
Just started watching and i am already loving angel dust 🤣🤣
Daniel Thomson
Daniel Thomson 6 hours ago
If this is what hell is like than ima kill someone
MIGHTYKNOWN 6 hours ago
Why this video got 2.1 million likes? How popular is this video?
Prism Falls
Prism Falls 6 hours ago
I love the animation but its so hilarious slowed down
Isnt that a Coincidence
Ive watched this a unhealthy amount of times to the point i can summarize all the jokes and moments but we need a second episode vivziepop i know its hard to animate but you should make another episode for its 1st year anniversary
ltz_gacha time
ltz_gacha time 7 hours ago
You think I'm some kind of fucking clown :Alistor:maybe! :edit:sorry if its bad I just started watching this
Mr. Sloth
Mr. Sloth 7 hours ago
2:26 My man manifested right after the extermination talk about luck
Vesstig 7 hours ago
I'm not sure if anyone else thought about the phrasing of Alastor and Charlie's deal, but If you really want to be a Devil about details. She had said "As princess of Hell, and heir to the throne, I uh, hereby order that you help with this hotel, for as long as you desire." which could just be seen as could you please help me or for Alastor, the most evil of all the princes, I'd imagine it would be more like he can help with the hotel and Charlie until either she gives up on her desires and he can watch her crumble or that there is a deal attached to the words and he may actually get her soul after death. My head cannon but honestly I just cant wait to see more!
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 7 hours ago
Alastor is the best part in this episode! change my mind
Li Bow
Li Bow 7 hours ago
Fun fact the addict video almost has the same amount of views
miles johnson
miles johnson 7 hours ago
i want this to be a TV series like now....
Kristaleen Fugrad
Kristaleen Fugrad 7 hours ago
oH mY GoD My *dRUgS*
G0blin chiEf
G0blin chiEf 8 hours ago
25:52 prove me wrong that angel dust is now a woman
N-Word Police
N-Word Police 6 hours ago
I aint taking any chances 😅
G0blin chiEf
G0blin chiEf 7 hours ago
But hey i dont actually know this is my THEOY so I dont want those bitch'n comments say'n "um actually" ok
haroon x
haroon x 8 hours ago
....no one mentions the part where Alastor comes in and has a juicy impact on us all like when the late 1900's music plays...
Heather Large
Heather Large 8 hours ago
The way she says bitch 🤣🤣🤣🤣
muq3r 3rd
muq3r 3rd 8 hours ago
10:20 who tf is that drinkin alcohol
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 7 hours ago
Looks like a depressed alastor
new Person
new Person 8 hours ago
The place where the black Hat born 🤣.
Funkyw 8 hours ago
The little kids on this be like “UHh, I’mM 9, I dOn’T CaRe” It doesn’t matter you don’t care, I can’t stop you, but you should not be watching this, it’s intended towards older audiences. I would wait until you are at least 15 or at least late 14 years old, no matter how mature you think you are. ALSO! Stop revealing your age, if we can’t stop you from watching this video, just don’t reply to people talking about your age group with replies like “I’m 10” “I’m 11”, the internet (especially the comments section of a RUvid video) is very dangerous and you could be targeted by predators, stay safe everyone!
Bendy Beats
Bendy Beats 8 hours ago
3:12 I loved this part
TrinorexYT 9 hours ago
The latins americans latins are paint or whar?! >:v
Garydos 9 hours ago
"Hi im nifty!" Yes yes you are
Keegster 9 hours ago
Every body that sees my animations: *wow that was shit* Thats why i delete them all😁😁😞
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 9 hours ago
Everyone starts to talk about how Katie kill joy says that she doesn’t touch the gays but starts to touch Charlie right after but Im thinking when Charlie starts singing her song where the hell did that piano come from?
J Kush4
J Kush4 9 hours ago
Patrick Tanner
Patrick Tanner 9 hours ago
I still hope they release a full version of alistor's reprise
Man_of_Many_Memes 9 hours ago
Look at Angel’s eyes at 27:16. He’s staring at husk with that look.
Chucketbucket007 9 hours ago
Getting Panty and Stocking Vibes, but cranked up a few ticks. Completely offensive, and crude. The language is highly offensive, and innuendos are so inappropriate. 10/10 would watch the hell out of this again.
Adam Loya
Adam Loya 9 hours ago
10 months and it has 45 million views good job mate
kazoo jr
kazoo jr 9 hours ago
update: 6th time starting now
bubby peck
bubby peck 10 hours ago
24:08 there's an f word! Yes
Nana Prempeh
Nana Prempeh 10 hours ago
UgolinoV 10 hours ago
I have a strong feeling Angel Dust's film _Well, OK_ didn't air in the United States at all. It only aired on international networks like Canada's Playmen TV, the Netherlands' XMO, and Italy’s Fox, just to name a few.
Funkyw 9 hours ago
How do you know this
Beepster21 Gaming
Beepster21 Gaming 10 hours ago
You think I’m some kinda Fing clown? Maybe!
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 10 hours ago
I’ve become obsessed with this channel Charlie is already my favourite character, vivziepop if you read this this channel and your work has changed m life and hope for my future, I never scene anything like this before especially on RUvid, such creativity in the animation style the characters and the background are so awesome and detailed not to mention the movement, I’ve never seen so much movement in animation in years not even bug budget animations on tv have managed to do what you’ve done, what you and your team has accomplished is nothing less then extraordinary. congratulations on getting picked up by A24 by the way I wish you the best of luck and love.
Yuuji Terushima
Yuuji Terushima 10 hours ago
Is it just me or does angel dust sound like kokichi ouma
Israel Yabuki
Israel Yabuki 10 hours ago
6:07 Awwwwwwww, that's the cutest, huggable, kissable face I've ever seen. SO CUTE!!!
Aylin U
Aylin U 11 hours ago
Am the only one who noticed that in 17:07 the creepy fan letter said “Show me your feet” and in the Angel Dust Wiki Fandom it says that the only part of his body he dislikes about himself is his own feet. 🤯
azka muhammad algozali
2:46 thats face is fucking cutee
CoolCosmic 11 hours ago
Man I can't wait to see more episodes of this great show. Though I'm curious about why its got so many dislikes?
obviouslyalex26 11 hours ago
Please adult swim sponsor viziepop
daikon_ cos
daikon_ cos 11 hours ago
Imafao Charlie said *bich* :00
Traveling Devil-angel
Luna 11 hours ago
Wtf did I just watch
cocoa M
cocoa M 11 hours ago
Aww look at Angel dust's face 14:18
eclipxe 2007
eclipxe 2007 11 hours ago
Is angel dust a guy?
Funkyw 9 hours ago
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll umm, are you saying that gay people have to be feminine???
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll
Yup hes also gay if your wondering why he looks so feminine
John Adler
John Adler 11 hours ago
"What? You think you can buy me with a wink and some cheap booze?! Well you can!" Wth is this? I have died. Edit: Also, Charlie, I don't think that hotel is going to save Hell, if it's who i think it is doing the "cleansing" *cough* slaughtering *cough cough* doom slayer *cough cough cough*
Mc Playz
Mc Playz 12 hours ago
Is it just me or did anyone notice angel dusts bow tie
Mc Playz
Mc Playz 12 hours ago
More ppl need to see this
Mikat2 12 hours ago
Is this ever going to continue?
Mikat2 46 minutes ago
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll oh nice. Just recently found this and thought it was pretty cool
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll
At some point it just got picked up by a company so hopefully within a year we'll see a season 1
Zark Killer
Zark Killer 12 hours ago
UwU harder daddy
I wonder what the angels look like
Funkyw 9 hours ago
Robotic creatures, watch the trailer
NivStar Or Nivik
NivStar Or Nivik 13 hours ago
45 Million views... 5 million of these are mine.
Pokemongenix Coffman
I am here because of blue ghost and this is amazing but I didn't think that this would be so 18+
gaming for you
gaming for you 13 hours ago
If this is how powerful he is while happy i want to see him pissed
Violet Schueller
Violet Schueller 13 hours ago
Angel Dust really takes the T and the L out of hotel
Logan Van Brunt
Logan Van Brunt 14 hours ago
IM new to this series
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll
Luckyyy!! Welcome🤗🤗
A very sleepy octopus
Sir penitous is by far my favorite design wise, while of course the radio demon takes the cake for character!
Rylee Lane
Rylee Lane 14 hours ago
Is vaggie and Charlie a thing? ❤️
Rylee Lane
Rylee Lane 9 hours ago
Alright thx for telling meh ^•^
Spooky the Friendly Demon
Yes, yes it is. The creator confirmed they are in a relationship. Vaggie is lesbian, Charlie is bi
Amelia Salas
Amelia Salas 15 hours ago
I have an idea, maybe the 7 deadly sins could be assistants of Lucifer
Demvian Patralis
Demvian Patralis 13 hours ago
@Amelia Salas thanks, but yours is a good one too, I'd love to see what the 7 would look like in this world
Amelia Salas
Amelia Salas 13 hours ago
@Demvian Patralis Wow, that's a good one
Demvian Patralis
Demvian Patralis 13 hours ago
Cool idea. Try this one: Alastor got his extreme levels of power by a combination of making deals with demons while he was alive, and being so sinful on Earth that he became an overlord.
LemonBoiOfAsgard 15 hours ago
Holy- wait this is Hell- um, well anyway, AWESOME work. I've heard about this all over the internet, and I never expected it to be as good as it is! The songs were great and the jokes were hilarious! I can't wait to see more!
Joshyyy 15 hours ago
Imagine this: Hazbin Hotel but on Netflix
Funkyw 9 hours ago
Netflix sucks, they promote pedophilia
Nickylego1 ;-;
Nickylego1 ;-; 15 hours ago
Angel dust makes me question my sexuality
Nickylego1 ;-;
Nickylego1 ;-; 14 hours ago
H T Awesome i always spell it wrong
H T Awesome
H T Awesome 15 hours ago
Acute Angle
The apekala007 Channel
When the hell (no pun intended) did drinking become a sin, JESUS LITERALLY TURNED NOT JUST WATER, BUT HIS OWN BLOOD INTO WINE
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll
wait u rite
H T Awesome
H T Awesome 15 hours ago
It’s the assholery attitude that you display to others when you’re not sober which is the sin.
SoulJynx 15 hours ago
Husk was a gangster man
i shadow you l
i shadow you l 16 hours ago
"I got your pen....BiTcH"
Dexer GD
Dexer GD 16 hours ago
And spanish dub???
SeaRuxIAN STUDIOS 16 hours ago
Don’t mind me, just watching this again
Jadyn AndChara
Jadyn AndChara 16 hours ago
28:41 *Nifty blew up* F
かぢあ 16 hours ago
Notice how at 24:23 Al rolled his eyes. XD
Foxy The Fox
Foxy The Fox 7 hours ago
I didn't notice that until now XD
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll
✨Angsty alastor✨
ANA BIA LOBITA 16 hours ago
congratulations to the creator of this incredible drawing, I am in love with the character ALASTOR♥️
Realkorti 16 hours ago
3:01 i really love that "bojack" is also a drug in this universe :D
Realkorti 3 hours ago
@Funkyw well yeah that's why I pointed it out, there was also a drug called bojack
Funkyw 9 hours ago
A street name for heroin is horse and that’s a reference to the adult animation bojack horseman, because there is a horse beside the word bojack
Lukie Fitz
Lukie Fitz 16 hours ago
I think my profile pic says everything about this vid.
H T Awesome
H T Awesome 14 hours ago
I don’t know what reaction that woman is giving off
Edgy Artist
Edgy Artist 16 hours ago
Who sees the highlighter 😶
Austin - Striker
Austin - Striker 17 hours ago
I NOTICED A VERY SMALL DETAIL!!! If you listen closely at 23:39 - 23:41 when Alastor is looking at the painting you can hear a slight bit of Charlie singing "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow" through his radio frequencies! Nice touch!
The Canadian Cinnamon Roll
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