Hayley Williams - Dead Horse [Official Music Video]

Hayley Williams
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Directed by Zac Farro
Produced by - Derec Dunn
Director of Photography - Nyk Allen
Creative Director - Lindsey Byrnes
Music Written by: Hayley Williams and Daniel James
Music Produced by: Taylor York
Editor - AJ Gibboney
Art Direction - Kayla Graninger
Hair and Makeup - Brian O’Connor
Styling - Lindsey Hartman
Assistant Producer: Violeta Boix
Production coordinator: Omar Gomez & Kelsey Hack
Steadicam - Drew Allen Weaver
1st AC - Benjamin Steen
AC - Maria Valletta
Gaffer - Caleb Morrison
Key Grip - Tim Chapin
Best Boy Grip - Barham Lashley
Best Boy - Andrew Kendell
Best Boy - Paul Kane

Dead Horse (Lyrics)
Every morning I wake up
from a dream of you holding me
under water
(was that a dream or a memory?)
Held my breath for a decade
dyed my hair blue
to match my lips
cool of me to try
(pretty cool I’m still alive)
I beat it like a dead horse
I beat it like a drum
Oh I stayed with you too long
Skipping like a record
I sang along
To a silly little song
I said I beat it like a dead horse
I beat it like a drum
Oh I stayed with you too long
Skipping like a record
And I sang along
A shitty never ending song
Sometimes it’s good to be
the bigger person
But I’m so small I can’t compare
and after all, it’s only fair
I got what I deserved -
I was the other woman first
Other others on the line
But I kept trying to make it work
I beat it like a dead horse
I beat it like a drum
Oh I stayed with you too long
Skipping like a record
I sang along
To a silly little song
I said I beat it like a dead horse
I beat it like a drum
Oh I stayed with you too long
Skipping like a record
And I sang along
A shitty never ending song
When I said goodbye I hope you cried
When I said goodbye I hope you cried
When I said goodbye I hope you cried
When I said goodbye I hope you cried
I beat it like a dead horse
I beat it like a drum
Oh I stayed with you too long
Skipping like a record
I sang along
To a silly little song
I said I beat it like a dead horse
I beat it like a drum
Oh I stayed with you too long
Skipping like a record
And I sang along
A shitty never ending song
Now you get another song
Now you get another song
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May 8, 2020




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Comments 80
Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams 2 months ago
Folks, I am so grateful you came here to watch the video. and it was nice to check-in and answer some questions. I gotta get going, a lot more work to do today. Just wanted to say, enjoy these songs - enjoy Petals For Armor. I'm honored to share.
Leslie Actub Ramos
Thank you for bringing wonderful creative songs😊 You are amazingly dynamic. Never fails to surprise us .ALWAYS😍
Victor Golmei
Victor Golmei 4 days ago
Ro G
Ro G 4 days ago
Quick question: Were you sent here from a parallel universe? 🙋 Follow-up: Cool. 😎
Morde Kaiser
Morde Kaiser 6 days ago
I miss you sis
Gregarious Helleatious
Thanks for not sharing your ignorance in Politics let that waste away Taylor Swifts Career. She Cant get laid or a hit.
Daniele Bertani
Daniele Bertani 3 hours ago
The best album of 2020
JGoElites 7 hours ago
Carl Elvert Balangitao
She look like a a woman enemy in x-men : dark phoenix
Gia Curran
Gia Curran 12 hours ago
Went from Still Into You to Dead Horse and seeing the difference saddening yet empowering
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan 20 hours ago
one of the best songs of the year imo
Gabriela Duarte
Gabriela Duarte 22 hours ago
Eu queria muito essa música no Just Dance
SIR WAFFLEBOB 23 hours ago
Too bad that the whole "woke movement" got to her.
george georgiou
Marília Candido
every morning i wake up and come here to listen dead horse
fabbgrat xcx
fabbgrat xcx Day ago
I'm hoping that you will do a collab with Gwen Stefani hun
Ram Orozco
Ram Orozco 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about the fact that in 1:27 and all those shots she (especially her nose and eyes) look quite much like lana del rey?? Like omg!!
Maxwell Sebastian
Everyone: what if Lizzo’s hooks weren’t basic and obnoxious? Hayley:
Julia 2 days ago
Twistedfaith PRO-GAMER
I love Hayley and im willing to gave my life for her if its needed she's my everything hope we see each other but its impossible ill see you on my second life
Zach Hunter
Zach Hunter 2 days ago
Great song!
Infra Minced
Infra Minced 3 days ago
The chorus is brilliant. The rest is not very good.
Syifa Harlina Aisy
the new gwen stefani generation
Erick Kimathi
Erick Kimathi 3 days ago
Wtf are you guys waiting for subscribe to the mf channel.
Victor Golmei
Victor Golmei 4 days ago
Lovin it. 🤗🤗🤗
Phantogram Marinho
This song is the Best from the album 😌
Ro G
Ro G 4 days ago
I don't know what's going on here.... ....but I dig it! 😛
adalberto lastre
adalberto lastre 4 days ago
I am in love with this one
João Eduardo
João Eduardo 5 days ago
remember old's songs from Sia! amazing music❤️
RUA 5 days ago
my favorite song from this album, so much depression.... but I’m trying to come out of it now.
Candace Googoo
Candace Googoo 5 days ago
we are literally the greatest depression
She was supposed to be the second coming of Rock & Roll...
Gregarious Helleatious
No pressure there
yourdadstv 6 days ago
the most after laughter non after laughter song ever
Hanna Dragon
Hanna Dragon 6 days ago
I wish her lips were blue...it’s kinda unsatisfying 🙈
courtney theriault
I always wondered what David Byrne would sound like if he had been a woman
Hans Michael Olaguera
Romeo Ramos
Romeo Ramos 6 days ago
damaris castillo
damaris castillo 6 days ago
It makes me happy that Hayley seems to be enjoying herself in this new stage of her music career. I hope she gets where she wants to be. She’ll always be dope!!
deema 6 days ago
hayley i am proud of you. im glad you exist. i love you. be happy. ( AND STAY HYDRATED)
Renata C.
Renata C. 8 days ago
I love her so much, her art means a lot to me
reymon velasquez
reymon velasquez 8 days ago
I love you hayley nicol
Geovanna Tavares
Geovanna Tavares 8 days ago
Aaaaaa Eu te amo Hayley!! 😍❤
#filmisnotdead #kodakvision3
chachie chachie
chachie chachie 8 days ago
Ghost6ix 8 days ago
"When i say goodbye, i hope you cry" hmmm i feel like ive heard that somewhere before or something like it. 🤔🤔 Hard Times - "gonna take you down and laugh when you cry" idk, everytime i hear this it reminds me of that line lol.
Ghost6ix 8 days ago
1:58 Lowkey plug/flex'n for her hair product/dye company (is it really lowkey tho lmao) either way love this
Ary Delgado
Ary Delgado 8 days ago
Alice91Z 8 days ago
I miss my punk carrot head
Ghow Pugnator
Ghow Pugnator 9 days ago
I could write in english but I want to say HOLA HAYLEY. SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA! ❤
Rizqi Wakhid
Rizqi Wakhid 9 days ago
What if..Hayley Williams ft Gerard Way..(just a thought)
catisneko 9 days ago
Cheers to Hayley and happiness!🥂🍾💗
Otávio M.
Otávio M. 9 days ago
Sometimes i feel like im beating a dead hors...ops, isn't this dead horse
nurulwayer 9 days ago
Last i saw her was in all MV from RIOT album. and now i see her again after 7 years and she look sooooo different i almost not recognize her with no red hair and that cute little teeth gap, and also diff music genre. Anyway, she still look gorgeous! Cool song!
Ariel Barría
Ariel Barría 9 days ago
The Yayayaya was inspired in I Belong in your arms by Chairlift. Three songs with Yayaya: Good News (Ya-Ya Song) - MUNA I Belong in your arms - Chairlift Dead Horse - Hayley
Ariel Barría
Ariel Barría 9 days ago
I hope to see a collaboration of Hayley Williams with The Night Game, The Chain Gang of 1974, Japanese Wallpaper, MUNA, Jorge Elbrecht, The Midnight and Rina Sawayama
welvincanete getalada
New song wow
Margarette Dominguez
Why do everytime I listen to this song...it makes me want to break up with my boyfriend? Weird. Now I want to be just like Hayley. Single as Fuck
stillbreathing37 10 days ago
Oh god! So commercial. Nice knowin' ya; Hailey.
Alicia Pierce
Alicia Pierce 10 days ago
What happened to her and her voice? She used to be so spunky, so charismatic and full of life and her voice was really strong and full of power but now she's bland and boring and lifeless.
rosio fdez is not here
I literally dyed my hair blue to match my lips 😔👊🏻
Dick Saber
Dick Saber 11 days ago
Not a good song, sorry
yana ray
yana ray 11 days ago
she kinda looks like machine gun kelly
Shan 11 days ago
I saw her somewhere in fb recommendations, I'm glad I did. :>>
André Prado Villa Nova
Anthony Page
Anthony Page 12 days ago
Hayley you are an amazing talent, a beautiful woman and a gift from God to this world. For a man to treat you the way he did was wrong and immoral. You deserve so much!! Keep rockin girl!! Beautiful you are able to put your pain into music that relates to the rest of us.
volle Kanne
volle Kanne 12 days ago
Can not belive Pressure is already 13Years old. Iam getting old^^ Thank you Hayley, for bringing sunshine in my sad life.
Griselda Robles
Griselda Robles 12 days ago
This is like a break up anthem
M. Aram
M. Aram 12 days ago
Taylor Swift - White Horse Katy Perry - Dark Horse The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses Guns N' Roses - Dead Horse Hayley Williams - Dead Horse
ASMR Music
ASMR Music 12 days ago
loved it ❤
Ammar Al-Mahrouqi
Ammar Al-Mahrouqi 13 days ago
This is just so fucking good. Like, fucking good.
Osiritis 13 days ago
I love that black coat supervillian look
Irma Velazquez
Irma Velazquez 13 days ago
i forgot to wish Dead Horse a happy 1 month. Happy belated b-day Dead Horse
Sabhyata Singh
Sabhyata Singh 13 days ago
Carmelita Spats: Who cant be beat? a dead horse! Hayley: hold my petals
\myprogram /
\myprogram / Day ago
Sabhyata Singh I’m proud of myself because I understood this reference
bia Ferreira
bia Ferreira 13 days ago
Eu não curti muito esse novo estilo não 🙁
Crap Bag
Crap Bag 14 days ago
After all this time.. watching the bubbly Hayley grow beautiful and strong.. love you so much ❤️
•_• 14 days ago
i thought the start was a double j live cover for a sec there xD
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 14 days ago
This shit gets stuck in my head every single day. Good 👍 job Ms. Williams! (I wasn't a Paramore fan growing up) But I am now.
RAV MEDIC 15 days ago
Great song! New Album out this year: ruvid.net/video/video-ailIBrMwf-Q.html
XTER VENDETTA 15 days ago
She's like our one friend that likely contemplating on suicide. Gladly if I am so dead wrong.
Luis R
Luis R 8 days ago
She did. But she's better now.
madi 15 days ago
if the word feel was a tangible object and hit me over the head that’s how this song makes me feel
Love and Other Emotions
i don’t know if she’s a fan of Kate Bush but “yah-yahs” and the backlighting looks like a nod to Babooshka
Francesca Lat
Francesca Lat 14 days ago
I think she mentioned where she took insipiration from for the yah yahs in her instagram.
Mo He.
Mo He. 16 days ago
I currently have a fcking bad time. 2020 is a shit year - but this woman makes me happy. Ever and ever again.
Gregarious Helleatious
Your starting to remind of the Girl from the Ring. But i can't stop.
Gregarious Helleatious
Cookie Leetro
Cookie Leetro 16 days ago
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