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Dean Wilson
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* My inspiration for this soap was from Soap Fantasy's video.
(Check out the rest of her videos, they are amazing) :)
Contest Giveaway - Video 1 of 5. Check out the video below for full details
Subscriber and write a comment to WIN 5 bars of soap
Australian Residents Only (Write (AU) before your comment.

Hawaiian Breeze Soap
Hawaiian Breeze - Fragrance Oil
Goats Milk Base - amzn.to/2E1oaEu
Clear Base - amzn.to/2tvw97V
Loaf Mold - amzn.to/2Xhygd1
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Gold Mica - amzn.to/2NHWjxw

Any questions, please post in the comments below.
Dean Wilson

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Feb 22, 2016




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Comments 682
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas 9 days ago
Did you use a full 2 pounds of clear base for this ?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 9 days ago
Except the soap and bottom and top. The 3 layers in the middle are clear. Top and bottom is goats milk.
Emily L.
Emily L. 23 days ago
This is incredibly beautiful!
sharee wert
sharee wert 28 days ago
The measurements for the soap was wrong.I bought the one off the link you provided. Were you using a smaller loaf?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 27 days ago
So that specific fragrance allows for 23% but I only used 3% because its strong enough. Also the base only allows for 5% MAX so I dont see the point of labelling a fragrance for 23% when we cant use that much. I dont do drops, i go by weight and that was in grams. For example 3% Fragrance with 1000 grams of base = 30 grams fragrance. Hope that helps.
sharee wert
sharee wert 27 days ago
Dean Wilson thank for your quick response. I have one more question. I’m assuming you put the fragrance in the bottom. You were mentioning something about 23%. How many drops did you put in for your fragrance in the melted heart base please.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 28 days ago
I understand. I have the smaller of the 2 molds but they are still good bar size. Best way to find out the mold weight is to put the mold on the scales, set to 0 Then fill it with water until full. This is how I know my molds go to 1092 grams.
sharee wert
sharee wert 28 days ago
Dean Wilson yes it seems to be thats what it is. My order says the mold holds 1.2 kg soap which i calculated to 1200 grams. So that is why I am coming up short. I should have asked you what size loaf you used
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 28 days ago
My mold holds 1092 grams.. did you get the 1.2kg loaf?
Y.b.hun yun
Y.b.hun yun 29 days ago
Is this way of MP or way of CP soap????
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 29 days ago
This is Melt and Pour soap.
Roxy222uk Month ago
I've just made my first loaf of this soap for Christmas presents, following your video step by step, and I'm over the moon with the result. It came out much greener (I'm using a different brand of colourant) but still looks awesome. Thanks for the inspiration and very clear instructions.
Aya Ramadan
Aya Ramadan Month ago
It's amazing you are very talented in that
Aya Ramadan
Aya Ramadan Month ago
I will make it
Ravi Malhotra
Ravi Malhotra Month ago
Hey Dean , Nice video , can you tell me what's the expiry of this soap ?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Month ago
I have a few that I made 2 years ago. I feel they are still good. But I do suggest to sellers about 1 year from the time the soap is made.
Addie Bhai
Addie Bhai Month ago
Amazing we are in ditergent business but definetly likes to make a sope production...please advice from where i can purchase bigger molds atleast 1000 sops a day production
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Month ago
Good question. That would be 100kg of soap base per day. Way out of my league. You might have to go direct to a supplier in order to create these or start making your own base. Im sorry, I could not even think where to start with that type of volume.
Tina Chanya
Tina Chanya Month ago
Ou son les mesures s'il vous plaît
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Month ago
I dont understand.
YN Chape
YN Chape Month ago
I love it love it 😊😊🇺🇸😎🎄🎄🎁🎁😀😀
Barbara Powell
Barbara Powell 2 months ago
That’s so cool I want to make this soap and add some star fish inbeds to it thanks
Tabitha Dee
Tabitha Dee 2 months ago
Omg you have talent !!!! Maybe if I watch you I can improve my soaps. Is Mica's good to use for melt and pour?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 2 months ago
Thanks, yes mica is fine to use. Just make sure its skin safe mica.
Sue Adnan
Sue Adnan 2 months ago
Mone Luve
Mone Luve 2 months ago
This is beautiful and all, but I've never heard someone say aqua like that, very interesting 😄
Mahogany_Hues 2 months ago
Mone Luve What’s strange about his pronunciation? That’s how you pronounce aqua.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 2 months ago
Thanks. Aqua is said in English.. :) ;) :D
Tracey Sheppard
Tracey Sheppard 2 months ago
Beautiful work. Love it 👌🏽
Shanti Mohan
Shanti Mohan 2 months ago
Poorva Shinde
Poorva Shinde 3 months ago
Hi Dean... Your soaps look a stunner! I tried the Hawaiian breeze and it turned out looking great.. my only concern is that the layers look discrete. At times the layers come apart. What can I do to avert this? Love from India.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 3 months ago
Awesome work :) Im so happy that it helped.
Poorva Shinde
Poorva Shinde 3 months ago
Hey.. a quick update... I tried a loaf of soap which called for layering.. and I incorporated your tips while working on it.. and the bar sure does look and feel seamless now.. Thanks a tonne !
Poorva Shinde
Poorva Shinde 3 months ago
@Dean Wilson it makes sense now... Would incorporate these tips in my next loaf. ❣️
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 3 months ago
It will also depend of the previous layer is warm or cold. If cold they might not bond.
Poorva Shinde
Poorva Shinde 3 months ago
@Dean Wilson thanks for the revert. I did use rubbing alcohol during the layering. I assume I am not spraying it enough. The video was insightful. Thanks
Tony F
Tony F 3 months ago
It would of be just fine without all the dies and added colour chemicals. A good natural quality soap is all what everyone needs.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 3 months ago
Thats no fun :)
इंद्र भारथी गोस्वामी
Pls wright in ingredients name
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 3 months ago
It's clear melt and pour. The ingredients is made differently now from the supplier. Its best to ask the suppler you buy from.
sharee wert
sharee wert 3 months ago
So you melted a goats milk and added brown colouring? Can you give a bit more detail as that is a perfect oceon floor and want to mimic that.
sharee wert
sharee wert 3 months ago
Dean Wilson thank you.. i originally assumed you used a dye instead of a mica!
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 3 months ago
For the ocean floor I used non sparkling gold mica. Not the shinny mica, the bland gold mica that makes a more brown look. If you want to add a speckle look then add a pinch of coffee grind.
Cathryn Imhoff
Cathryn Imhoff 4 months ago
I stumbled upon your channel, I quite like it, I think I'm gonna stay 😁
ishika jain
ishika jain 4 months ago
Sir plz add name of ingredients and quantities....
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 4 months ago
Its clear melt and pour with some white soap base. I dont have a list of the full ingredients as its pre-made soap.
Emily Watson
Emily Watson 5 months ago
These look great!
Mel 5 months ago
Kayla Porcella
Kayla Porcella 5 months ago
Does this make one loaf? I’ve noticed in your newer videos you say how many loads it makes but I can’t find it on the older ones.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 5 months ago
1 Loaf yes, about 1kg base.
Marijana Hrečkovski
It is beautiful
Andrew James
Andrew James 5 months ago
Hi, Could you tell me how long you leave between levels, does it have to be set
Andrew James
Andrew James 5 months ago
@Dean Wilson Thanks Dean for your reply, will look forward to your video, also im a little confused about something. No hiding the fact that i'm new to soap making, if i use melt and pour is it as simple as it sounds, ie melt add fragrance and maybe a dye and pour job done, i'm going to start with just simple square soaps a silicone mould of 6 bars.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 5 months ago
For me it was about 5-10 minutes but different bases will have different times. Its best to check how soft the layer is before adding the next one. I will do a full video on layers once im in my new unit.
A. Haggard
A. Haggard 6 months ago
hI, Nice soap bar, when do you add your fragrance? do you add it to the clear soap base only or do you add it too the goats milk too, i'm new to this and want to make my first bar soon. Thanks
A. Haggard
A. Haggard 6 months ago
@Dean Wilson ok thanks for reply
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 6 months ago
I added the fragrance to all the bases.
D. Nice
D. Nice 6 months ago
You've got a business on your hand man. Great job.
Kerry Parker
Kerry Parker 6 months ago
So amazing!!
haddy danso
haddy danso 6 months ago
Can soap base be made into liquid soap ? How can we do this?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 6 months ago
Melt and Pour base soap can't - nope.
Tanya Bonnett
Tanya Bonnett 6 months ago
I love this soap, I live right on the beach and just before or after a big storm this is what the bay looks like
Tanya Bonnett
Tanya Bonnett 6 months ago
@Dean Wilson It is a wonderful place to live, you will love the peace and tranquillity
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 6 months ago
Im moving from the country to the beach soon. I just have to find the right place. :) Walks on the beach every day soon.
The Fashion Cocoon
The Fashion Cocoon 6 months ago
How sad In India we don't get such wonderful products Love ur soaps ❤
Supriya A
Supriya A 6 months ago
I am so impressed with this one!!!!!! Dean, don't you add anything else other than colour and fragrance to your soaps like, Olive oil , Vitamin E oil etc. to enhance ? Also being an amateur soapmaker I would like to know the right way to pack the soaps, so that the scent would not fade away. I live in India, where it is very hot almost 10 months a year. Can you help me here?
Supriya A
Supriya A 6 months ago
Thank you so much.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 6 months ago
I do say in the video, 250grams each. 4 layers of 250g + the base (brown) which was about 120g.
Supriya A
Supriya A 6 months ago
Thank you so much. Also could you tell me how much soap base did you use for each layer?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 6 months ago
Your thinking of Cold Process soap if its just got a label or string around it. Melt and Pour soap base needs to be away from air so they don't sweat. Here is a photo of 2 ways to cover them. Plastic bag with tie or shrink wrap. www.meltandpour.net/pic.php?ID=315
Supriya A
Supriya A 6 months ago
Thank you Dean. But my question was not about storing the soaps, but about the packing while selling. The material for packing and making it more presentable. I have seen soapmakers only tying a string around or just label around. But that way don't they loose their fragrance? I don't have a shop. I send a parcel to people's house or in another city. So far I was packing each soap in a plastic cover with a label on top. But I have seen it sweating due to the heat. Hence the question. Hope I am not bothering you.
AriseHigh AriseHigh
AriseHigh AriseHigh 7 months ago
i love it , thanks
Sobia Khan
Sobia Khan 7 months ago
Beautiful 😍😍
alisha Drapeau autism mom
How long in between layers? I usually wait 30 mins.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 7 months ago
For the amount I made, about 10 minutes.
Shakeena 8 months ago
I have to say this one is my favorite. A must do!
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 8 months ago
Im going to do this again and make it dark on the bottom next time.
Paula Estcourt
Paula Estcourt 8 months ago
AU This is am amazing soap, good to see an Aussie soap maker.
Antoniette Koshykar
Antoniette Koshykar 8 months ago
Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the details... beautiful job
TsukiTenshi516 8 months ago
What are the dimensions of this mold? The one you linked is one I have, I get much closer to a square, but I like how this one is more rectangular.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 8 months ago
Thank you. Once I move this year my channel will come back with 4 videos a week and some extra videos too.
TsukiTenshi516 8 months ago
@Dean Wilson Thank you, I'll look for a mold with those dimensions. I'm pretty new to soaping, and I am really enjoying your videos!
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 8 months ago
25cm long, 7cm tall, 5cm wide. Holds about 1kg base.
Victoria Graham
Victoria Graham 9 months ago
Great job
Krysten Chambers
Krysten Chambers 9 months ago
RT Kaimal
RT Kaimal 9 months ago
I had been longing to make this soap for so long ever since I saw this video. The idyllic ocean cross section is soooo beautiful!!!! Finally I made yesterday. The colors and swirls came out perfectly. But the top layer separated. I guess I sprayed a bit too much of alcohol ... :-(
Janani Jaanu
Janani Jaanu 9 months ago
I saw these bars in Korean series "Am not a Robot", since then am searching for that and I found only from your channel😍Gooood job and you make the process so easy.....
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 9 months ago
Thanks very much :) Glad you like the video :)
The Best Talking Parrot!! Mummy ke bete hain.
Jst Cant miss watching ur videos soo nicely explained with every transparency.. grt👍& thanx❤ Do post/share ur creative & valuable ideas wid us. Liked subscribed & shared too. Bless u.
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 9 months ago
Thanks Alka. :)
Irene Collins
Irene Collins 9 months ago
Hi Deen. I made this soap for Special Missions with my church but I use Sandalwood and Cold water scent and it’s a hit. Wish I could send you a pic. I tell everyone I got the ideal from you☺️
A S 10 months ago
Can I use herbal colours instead of synthetic colours?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 10 months ago
I am not sure. You can try if its skin friendly. ?
Sarah 11 months ago
it's so pretty 😍
Urmila sahani
Urmila sahani 11 months ago
Nice one ! How much you charge for one Baar? A
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 11 months ago
I was charging $4 AUD per bar.
Heidi Van Linge
Heidi Van Linge 11 months ago
Very nice!,,
Sam Barr
Sam Barr 11 months ago
I feel like it Should be been darkest to lightest. I mean still looks good
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson 11 months ago
Yes, my mistake. Next time I make this it will be dark at the bottom then lighter at the top.
Megan Snape
Megan Snape Year ago
Hi, may be a stupid question so sorry in advance, but at what point are you adding the frangrance. Or do you divide the total amount between all the layers?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Year ago
So for this soap I added all the fragrance per layer rather then all at once at the beginning.
Peter and Lucy-Anne Tokona
Ive done this bar now and i love it using seasalt and driftwood fragrance from waxnwicks xxx
stillbee Year ago
That is beautiful it really does look like the ocean.
Nasreen A
Nasreen A Year ago
Fantastic ! Thank you !
karol rebeca díaz
Waooo impresionante
Aarti Rajput
Aarti Rajput Year ago
Hey Dean..thanks for such an awesome soap idea...I tried this 2 times..but all the pieces are falling apart..can u tell me where m I going wrong?
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Year ago
Hi, Did you use rubbing alcohol between layers?
Yada Moore
Yada Moore Year ago
Good Job Dean
Ágnes lyzX
Ágnes lyzX Year ago
They look cool!
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