Hawaii Is Not Where You Think It Is. JJ Barrows

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Hawaii is not where you think it is, and JJ Barrows has the maps to prove it! Watch "Doodle All Day" by JJ Barrows only at www.drybarcomedy.com/jjb


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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 60
graceoverall Month ago
Haha, I wonder if that's where all the Flat-Earthers come from. 🤣🤣🤣
Yenyen Music
Yenyen Music 2 months ago
i learned something new from her. haha the irony.
Enaresbclimber 4 months ago
Probably did not tell that to her boyfriend who is from Alaska
Madame Defarge
Madame Defarge 5 months ago
Actually, “bless your heart” isn’t always rude. It is often used to sympathize or show compassion. My grandmother used it for kids, the disabled, and old people a lot. As in, “Bless Junebug’s little heart” if my cousin with Down’s Syndrome laughed and clapped to music.
Mark jones J
Mark jones J 5 months ago
Lei* Loa
Lei* Loa 5 months ago
I think most ppl from Cali know AK is not a island but I always wanted to live there because I hate ppl soo 🤷🏾‍♀️
Country Gal
Country Gal 6 months ago
Bless your heart does not mean that a person is dumb. Its really saying that you feel sorry for that person, but not like that. Its sincerely meaning is pity and sorryful. Its not a bad thing. Guess it would depend on the person saying it. Bless Ur Hearts!!!😊
JIMMY JUKEBOX420 6 months ago
I'm 54 years old and All The Maps I Have Seen Show Alaska and Hawaii Far From Each Other..
Melissa N
Melissa N 6 months ago
As a proud Texan, can affirm that if anyone blesses your heart in the South feel stupid.
WilliamShattner 6 months ago
Literally had a conversation with a woman two days after watching this. She was trying to tell me that “Anchorage is actually further south than Iowa. I know it sounds crazy but you should look at a map.” It took everything I had to stay polite.
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis 6 months ago
Bless your hearts y'all.
Matt S
Matt S 7 months ago
good job.
Alan Friesen
Alan Friesen 7 months ago
"What island do you think we'll be close to?" -Kodiak
jbaby007 7 months ago
This woman is hilarious.
End Systemic Domination
No. Not using the app. Might unsub if this becomes a regular request.
Claire Patton
Claire Patton 7 months ago
EasytheGoon 7 months ago
I had an arguement with a friend. He thought Alaska was an island.
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas 7 months ago
Some Southern friends and I had to explain the whole "bless your heart" thing to a guy from England. It was funny for us and enlightening for him. Lol
Bob Smoot
Bob Smoot 7 months ago
I can’t for the life of me imagine why you would ever leave the South for California.
Madame Defarge
Madame Defarge 5 months ago
Maybe it’s to meet people with more than two teeth.
RIXRADvidz 7 months ago
Deceit : the tool of the DeviL himself. and look at all them Southerners being deceitful, to your face and hiding it behind kindness, THE DEVIL'S WORKERS HARD AT WORK
No Name
No Name 7 months ago
That Hawaii bit is ancient , as a matter of fact two youtube channels carried the same bit this week . What next ? knock knock jokes ?
ᕈíиƙ ᘎאɪᴄᴏʀɴ
JJ is actually really funny lol. I watched her whole stand up on the DryBar app! That skit about her aunt took me out 🤣 definitely glad I have the app.
Reid Moore
Reid Moore 7 months ago
Hey hun, South Carolina here. We don't want you back.
Tru Quality
Tru Quality 7 months ago
People pay money for this?
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 7 months ago
Never met 1 person that thought Alaska was an island. It's so apparent....or at least was till her. Who tf is teaching these kids?
SonnyGTA 7 months ago
When Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas they were pretty much last in everything!
Anunnaki Menagerie
Anunnaki Menagerie 7 months ago
But they were first in teenagers taking naps on railroad tracks
exexpat11 7 months ago
@tedgey You never get over funny unless you were either born without a sense of humor or a Democrat.
tedgey 7 months ago
When are you people going to get over it
exexpat11 7 months ago
Easier to pack the trailer courts full of Bill's "Easy Pickings" back then.
Shady Man
Shady Man 8 months ago
When you’re this dumb, you can’t blame your home state.
Rain Woman
Rain Woman 8 months ago
Sorry I missed your act! Blessing your way!!!!
Mark S
Mark S 8 months ago
Wow she's good!
Carol R
Carol R 8 months ago
I taught elementary and middle school geography, so I appreciate this skit! For some reason many students over the years thought China was a U.S. state.🤣
J Wil
J Wil 6 months ago
Bless their little hearts.
HighCurrent11 8 months ago
Don't worry, there's always California to make you feel better.
Ray Watson
Ray Watson 8 months ago
She imitates the uneducated so well, without insulting them. So clever, she should be a diplomat. I hear there are a couple of diplomat postings now available for purchase.
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta 8 months ago
Girl’s so dumb, somebody stole her car and when the cop asks if she saw who did it, she goes “no, but I got his license plates.”
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta 8 months ago
You’re a late learner on account of your vagina, sweetie. Ever heard tell of a vagina?
Just Wing It
Just Wing It 8 months ago
Wow that accent is incredibly forced
Albino Rhino
Albino Rhino 8 months ago
Speaking of South Carolina, I was there within fifteen years ago and they still had a smoking section in a restaurant. Blew my mind
homeofthegooddeal 7 months ago
Over 10 years now that has changed
Khyron Kravshera
Khyron Kravshera 8 months ago
Wow a southern making fun of southerners. How original.
Adina Lesperance
Adina Lesperance 8 months ago
I can't believe she got a "bless your heart" from her own mama. Harsh.
Thomas S. Furlan
Thomas S. Furlan 8 months ago
Funny chick... I'd go see her
Tosha McCarty
Tosha McCarty 8 months ago
I don't like that, Bless your heart, has gotten the reputation of being an insult. I honestly think this is a modern invention of the times. When I first heard this bandied about, it was by a Northerner woman moved to the South, and repeated by those that fancy themselves as Southern Modern. In Tennessee, if we think you're stupid or pitiful, we can say it. But at any rate, I don't say it, but rather God bless you! And I say it meaning for God to help the person in their trials and woes of life.
DieFlabbergast 8 months ago
Christopher Hitchens was right: women still aren't funny. Not much, anyhow.
ALSA CRIME 8 months ago
Mad lulz too much stupid for a single thread
Dan Levan
Dan Levan 8 months ago
Wow.....so funny.
thebeatnumber 8 months ago
Finally a female comedian whose material isn't solely based off relationships, man bashing, vaginas, boobs, victimisation or wokeness.
Big Salmon
Big Salmon 8 months ago
Drybar... More like Dryset. She sounds drunk and limped through a bunch of tired tropes you hear at any southern Thanksgiving table. Not a great first impression
Moskoto Azn
Moskoto Azn 8 months ago
Bless your heart ♥ hahahaha.... Soooo true u can say anything mean or bad and then say bless your heart afterwards and it is OK
Sparky Blunt
Sparky Blunt 8 months ago
Wtf I've heared this joke before
Thang Le
Thang Le 8 months ago
I thought she was going to go with a “blonde” joke but she pivot and did a Geography joke
SonnyGTA 7 months ago
Thang Le you watched the same video we did I see. 🙄
Holstorr Sceadus
Holstorr Sceadus 8 months ago
Hope the rest of the set was good but I have to dip after that old map trope joke.
YTYKM _ 8 months ago
I didn't understand the first few sentences she said
Jason Boteler
Jason Boteler 8 months ago
The "bless your heart" line has been used so many times. Smh She is trying too hard.
Jason Boteler
Jason Boteler 8 months ago
@Kyle Weis true yes. Not funny anymore.
Kyle Weis
Kyle Weis 8 months ago
And yet it's still always true and funny
my wayway
my wayway 8 months ago
Not funny
Azriel 8 months ago
Funny! For a woman...
Tara Halfbubbleoff
Tara Halfbubbleoff 8 months ago
Bawahaha!! I've been on my parent's prayer chain for a decade now!! Outrageously funny set!
DMO_Enterprises 8 months ago
She thought she'd try comedy. bless her heart.
Michael R
Michael R 8 months ago
Funny material, delivery? Well at least the material was funny...
timothyfloogle 8 months ago
I love Alaskan airlines! Flew with em twice never had a bad experience ever with em.
Bobby Cratchet
Bobby Cratchet 8 months ago
She's proof that the weird ones end up in California. She's a good weird so don't start judging. That's just the way nature works. Think back to when we just had 13 little colonies. Those that couldn't adapt or conform to the norm moved out west so after all this time we have a state populated by outcasts. More proof? Broccoli pizza. And I shudder to think they are also a popular state during the presidential race.
Patricia Richardson
Patricia Richardson 8 months ago
Americans have no idea about the world map. They see 1 only America 🇺🇸
Abby Cross
Abby Cross 8 months ago
Gotta love broad, sweeping generalizations.
Curtis Johnston
Curtis Johnston 8 months ago
is this going to get funny?
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