Having His Lil Brother Be Mean To Me!

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I shouldn't have let it get this far...


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Mar 3, 2021




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Comments 100
YouTube Month ago
This is an interesting challenge! 🤣
HuH 🤨
Spongbob Squarepant
Ou damn RUvid commented.. I've never seen that before
Nihel Labidi
Nihel Labidi 11 days ago
Omg I never seen RUvid comment in my life
mxrnaath 12 days ago
SHEEEESH RUvid commenting on yo shiii now?
Pricila Sanchez
Pricila Sanchez 12 days ago
@Apr Trey Wo
Through ally’s eyes
Through ally’s eyes 12 minutes ago
I thought someone was gonna get punched
TIK TOK MASHUP 4 hours ago
they sound so same for me
AsiangirlSariyah Vo27
Damn he sounds like Anthony 😂
Holly Guerra
Holly Guerra 6 hours ago
for his next birthday since you have the baby rn for the next one yall should go sky diving
Chelsea Perez
Chelsea Perez 4 days ago
4:13 Cobra Kai vibes 10:25 you're welcome.
michaela eagleboy
Were is your tv
ll cookie ll
ll cookie ll 6 days ago
Omg I ready with my pop corn
Alexzandra Chavez
Briana Sabina
Briana Sabina 7 days ago
Wilson Gutierrez
Wilson Gutierrez 7 days ago
Bruh if this was real anthony's brother looks like burnt ramen
riaz naidoo
riaz naidoo 7 days ago
Wtf she is pt
Luna.Simran Lovegood
His brother LITRELLY sounds like anthony, if u close ur eyes u wont the difference!!!
Monika Iliev
Monika Iliev 8 days ago
My face the whole vid 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Peyton Vong
Peyton Vong 8 days ago
Dang your glowing tho😊😊😊☺☺☺
Ashlynn Caraballo
I love y’all so muchhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Estela Castaneda
Estela Castaneda 8 days ago
I am A big fan
Halle Nguyen
Halle Nguyen 9 days ago
Helan Giravi
Helan Giravi 9 days ago
Alberto Campos
Alberto Campos 9 days ago
White teeth with hella cavity
Janice Hernandez-Valet
LaTina Lawson
LaTina Lawson 10 days ago
Karidjatou F
Karidjatou F 10 days ago
Hi guys I love your videos I hope I see you in real life
kircianna glover
kircianna glover 10 days ago
i did all
Maliya Hogan
Maliya Hogan 10 days ago
A idea is u. An take him to this place where u can drive leabergeny
PeppA Pig
PeppA Pig 10 days ago
Maybe go on a picnic to see the sunSit
Angie garcia
Angie garcia 11 days ago
nah Anthony knew it was a prank😂 , he would’ve made his brother go home
Haylee Sons
Haylee Sons 11 days ago
I. Do the same thing when someone I love won't eat when I am I don't know why
Annalise Walters
Annalise Walters 11 days ago
Bruh I can't stop laughing
luz garcia
luz garcia 11 days ago
I love her laugh
Erieliz Chinchilla
Erieliz Chinchilla 11 days ago
I think for his brithday! Make a card for how much you love him also buy followers for him. Just saying it's some thing in the room.
Natelie Ditomaso
Natelie Ditomaso 11 days ago
I Litterly couldn't stop laughing when Manuel pord slushy on bella
mxrnaath 12 days ago
Y’all didn’t pick up that mess
Family Advocate
Family Advocate 12 days ago
Ik I’m so late but I almost reared up when he said he was sad bc Bella wasn’t eating
Maya Badilla
Maya Badilla 12 days ago
I hate the the fact that I’m the having my sister being to my gf video she says how Bella fat and in this one he say how she fat too is that what they really think of her
Ameira Hughes
Ameira Hughes 13 days ago
Vet😘🥰😍 VE love
Ameira Hughes
Ameira Hughes 13 days ago
Yeah channels and I like it every day
Making slime vibes Camacho
Damn you cute girl
Destiny Valenzuela
Destiny Valenzuela 13 days ago
Done I love your video
Chabela Lorenzo
Chabela Lorenzo 13 days ago
i love you guys
Txddy_ Ki
Txddy_ Ki 13 days ago
The fact that Anthony would kick out his own brother for Bella is proof of how much he cares for her.
Olivia Klein
Olivia Klein 13 days ago
When you got 1m do a gender reveal
Britney Boodnuth
Britney Boodnuth 13 days ago
Arianna Castillo
Arianna Castillo 13 days ago
Love your nails Bella
Kallie Simmons
Kallie Simmons 13 days ago
Okay but can we just talk abt how it was so funny when Anthonys brother said "boo, fatty mhgee" it had me rolling. I love you Anthony and Bella ❤✨
Makayla Fair
Makayla Fair 14 days ago
Bella when she is not pregonshe needs to do the passing out prank
Valerie Alonso
Valerie Alonso 14 days ago
I am a fan of yours🥺
Valerie Alonso
Valerie Alonso 14 days ago
Hi I love you guys so much
Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez 14 days ago
My sister said Bella’s to much I was like 😧 what did u day I love Bella her energy!!! 🤎🤎❤️❤️🤍🤍
Khloe’s Blogs
Khloe’s Blogs 14 days ago
How much weeks are you??
sinnaxk ._
sinnaxk ._ 14 days ago
the way she would react would still made me feel bad cuz mood swings😭 but anthony a true one for defending her all the time
tomboy9100 15 days ago
I love your guys's videos🐼🐨
Official Taylor
Official Taylor 15 days ago
When he poured the drink on Bella I felt bad for her.This is what I felt like:🥺😩😭😢😓
sleep & roblox addict.
i feel bad they never get 2 likes and 2 comments 😔💔
Skylenn Garcia
Skylenn Garcia 16 days ago
I found Yall from tiktok glad I subscribed 💗💗✨
Yvette Pina
Yvette Pina 16 days ago
Anthony don’t be mean to my boyfriend 🥺
Simran Dehran
Simran Dehran 16 days ago
Guys you are so sweet ❤ eager to watch baby vargas LOVE FROM India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Margaret Stephens
Margaret Stephens 17 days ago
Hi Emery
Cornasia Peoples
Cornasia Peoples 18 days ago
Hey girl I can go out to eat I mean I don't really know because I'm slow and dumb
Albessa Gonzalez
Albessa Gonzalez 18 days ago
Hughette Duke
Hughette Duke 18 days ago
Giselle Munoz
Giselle Munoz 18 days ago
You guys should doWhatever you carry I’ll buy
Sukari Wells
Sukari Wells 18 days ago
Take him to a restaurant
Sukari Wells
Sukari Wells 18 days ago
Kimberly Zelaya
Kimberly Zelaya 19 days ago
How a How about you take come to your favorite place
Wendy Howe
Wendy Howe 19 days ago
omg !😂😂😂
LeAnn Tyler
LeAnn Tyler 19 days ago
He sound just like Antony
Joshua Vasquez
Joshua Vasquez 20 days ago
Bellas self of steam after this📉📉📉
Julio Espinoza-santos
The most funny part was at the end when they put ("delteted")
Kylies Korner
Kylies Korner 20 days ago
Do a basketball theme
Natalie Buzo
Natalie Buzo 20 days ago
Ummmmmmmm. For. His. Birthday. Is. A. Birthday. And. A. Pools. Park
Patty Resendez
Patty Resendez 21 day ago
I think is a Girl
Patty Resendez
Patty Resendez 21 day ago
Can I pretty please get a shout out I love your videos and your TickTock I follow them and share
Melissa Leal
Melissa Leal 21 day ago
Hi I Love You uis. so much
Neika Paden
Neika Paden 21 day ago
Anthony is a real boyfriend he said I don’t wanna eat with out you ❤️🥰
Melody Lovos
Melody Lovos 21 day ago
“Your walking home” had me dead😂
Tracey Bruno
Tracey Bruno 21 day ago
i like your vidoes
Hey Itz JJ
Hey Itz JJ 22 days ago
Reshawn Cleveland
Reshawn Cleveland 22 days ago
Hi 🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸
Ava Miller
Ava Miller 23 days ago
Hi cutie
Dallyn Wilkes
Dallyn Wilkes 23 days ago
I love you
Mary Blas
Mary Blas 23 days ago
“Ima make him carry a whole bunch of shit and then tell him we’re not paying for any of it” as he should
Siimplyy Mi rockelle
Oop lil brother ight
Henleigh King
Henleigh King 24 days ago
Lol so funny
it's ur girl natnat
Pin this is u love ur supporters 💗
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 25 days ago
1 2 😌✋🏼 🥺💖👑 period queen 👸
Piper Rockelle
Piper Rockelle 25 days ago
U guy are great couple 😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Weirdo Win
Weirdo Win 26 days ago
Go go carting
Oh Punz3l
Oh Punz3l 26 days ago
So Anthony's little brother lives with you guys?
Kimberly Zarate
Kimberly Zarate 26 days ago
😂😂😂😂 that was really funny how Anthony's brother spilled the drink on Bella. Shd tries to act cute when she isn't lol
Layla Carmona
Layla Carmona 26 days ago
You should do glow in the dark theme for Anthony
Nayeli Nunez Andrade
Kourtney Marshall
Kourtney Marshall 27 days ago
Isabella Munoz
Isabella Munoz 27 days ago
Bella when you give birth to baby vargas and you get home you need to workout
Bev Cin
Bev Cin 27 days ago
Hi I just follow u
Isabella Munoz
Isabella Munoz 27 days ago
that does not make sence
brianna rodriguez
brianna rodriguez 27 days ago
hi I love your ticktoks and your vlogs
Rosemary Hernandez
Rosemary Hernandez 28 days ago
Golf for is birthday
Saying Goodbye...
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