Have to get this off my chest...

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I've never shared this before, but today I talk one of the worst days I've ever had and also share a more serious and personal message with you guys. Thank you for listening and letting me get it off my chest.
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May 30, 2020




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Comments 80
-- 2 days ago
That title aged poorly didn’t it
Epic!Shift Chara [Male]
Like Man The final words from the officer man why? What if he came to germany or Austria and Someone there says: Id be more then happy to kick you out of my country if you do one lil mistake* If it happens to someone in the US its probably big drama so yeah i dont like it
Luigi 3 days ago
I'm gonna be breaking character here: One time I walked into a bakery and bought a donut. The guy behind the counter handed me the donut, looked at me, and said, "you better watch out, trump is gonna get you back to Mexico." I'm a Puerto Rican, which means I am 100% legally in this country due to Puerto Rico being an owned Commonwealth. It may have been a joke, but he assumed I had committed a crime because of my skin color. I'm not gonna say, "all whites are racist. " like ZeRo said, there are good people and bad people. But what I am gonna say is, if someone treats you like this because of your race or skin color, speak up! Otherwise, they'll just get away with it. Compared to ZeRo though, it truly was nothing. Hope you all do okay.
Asthetix Coding
Asthetix Coding 3 days ago
1:33 ouch
CardiacYew 3805
*Seinfeld theme plays in the distance*
ChompyDj 3 days ago
wow.......... that's.... oof.
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson 5 days ago
Yeah some people are so scummy. I agree zero
Wes Guyer
Wes Guyer 2 days ago
@Bacteria HQ 🙏
Bacteria HQ
Bacteria HQ 4 days ago
@Saness From Mothertale zero look kinda thicx tho
Saness From Mothertale
Some people like Zero?
marco rodriguez
marco rodriguez 5 days ago
Even after what he did in the past, he didn't deserve this and I am glad he was able to get through. Hope you are doing ok and come back as better person
Kylin D
Kylin D 4 days ago
I’m sorry to say but I don’t think he’s coming back... considering what he did was 6 years ago and he’s still getting shit on pretty much sums up that he’s not gonna get another chance .....
Alex Arias
Alex Arias 4 days ago
@Horacio Barrios it's SIX YEARS ago, it's not like 1 or 2. Why tf people care so much about things done SO DAMN LONG AGO???
Horacio Barrios
Horacio Barrios 4 days ago
@Joshua W. still he gotta admit it and pay for his actions, embrace the consequences
Joshua W.
Joshua W. 4 days ago
@Horacio Barrios I think what he did was wrong, but it was 6 years ago, and in those 6 years, he had to have learned and mature more as a person.
Horacio Barrios
Horacio Barrios 5 days ago
Keep forgetting about the victims then, lmao, sad
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 6 days ago
So now that you did something, did that border police came to get you? 🙃
Panda Pombo
Panda Pombo 5 days ago
Lmao border police
Diokatsuki 5 days ago
Bruh it’s not the border police it’s the ICE
Menacing Jojoker
Menacing Jojoker 7 days ago
This just ties with all the aged comments
Jay Weezy
Jay Weezy 7 days ago
yo tell us about why your name is ice cube zero!
a s
a s 5 days ago
uh zero never played ice in tournament i am pretty sure quit melee before ice got any real momentum in tournaments
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 7 days ago
“You have no sympathy from me” -Ike
POST MOSTI 6 days ago
stop it
Ja Curururur
Ja Curururur 7 days ago
Here after he admitted to being a pedophile, and I just have to get this off my chest: If you believe any of this is true it probably says gullible on your ceiling
Saness From Mothertale
@ChaotikKiller He knew. It was proven. You Zero apologists absolutely sicken me.
a s
a s 5 days ago
@ChaotikKiller exactly cancel culture is dumb
ChaotikKiller 6 days ago
@Jackson Bakker No, he said what he did was wrong in hindsight as a generalized action HOWEVER he didn't know about age differences with these women until later in chats then cuts it off lmfao. Cancel culture is fucking retarded.
Nōràá 7 days ago
Lmao you are dumb
Jackson Bakker
Jackson Bakker 7 days ago
he admitted but okay
Robo-rex02 7 days ago
Hey zero, is there something else you want to get off your chest as well?
Soulful Anubis
Soulful Anubis 2 days ago
@Akuseru he told his story, he said what happened, he admitted to going forward with the sexual conversations with the minors AFTER finding out one of their ages. It's one thing if he had stopped once he found out their ages, but he continued with one of them anyways. If you admitted to making the attempts while knowing they're a minor, you are guilty. And it's not just media saying he said he admitted it, ZeRo himself said so. Straight up. Even said he's dropping his channel, gaming, and sponsors. If he didn't do it, he wouldn't have dropped his livelihood just to please two accusers and shut everyone up. Hell, ZeRo isn't the only one getting ousted for it. Over 50 people are. So shut up and check your shit.
Akuseru 5 days ago
@Ari64-SP I have no idea what happened on the Twitter but it seems to me like he just want everyone to shut the hell up. And I don't get why the girls post shit on Twitter rather than talk to the police. Many girls are saying bullshit to so many people at the same time and people don't understand innocent until proven guilty. I believe ZeRo said that the girls never said their age, and after it got sexual they said their ages and ZeRo was disgusted and cut all contact with them. To me it makes no sense why there are so many people that have very similar stories to many people. They are all the same things and they always tweek the stories to match the other girls's stories. Until he is guilty legally I will not say that he is guilty, to me he and all the other people on similar situations are innocent until proven guilty.
Ari64-SP 6 days ago
He admitted it on his Twitter jackass.
ChaotikKiller 6 days ago
Ah yes deceitful claims with no solid proof other than him talking sexually with chicks who lied about or omitted their age and he found out later of which he then cuts contact with them as corroborated by their stories lmfao. Not to mention their stories are constantly changing to "match" the others with similar points and it seems super faked on a lot of it. Cancel culture is getting someone for something that he wasn't even doing wrong, as he responsibly cut contact after learning they were underage, and never solicited anything from any of the girls. Zero crimes were committed as under law being deceived into a misconception (IE: them lying about age) and then near instantly dissolving contact was pretty much all he needed to do, not to mention once again he never got any kind of images, video or audio of any kind from all of these "sexual" allegations.
Vidya Games
Vidya Games 7 days ago
This situation happened by the time he was 19...coincidence? I don't consent racist at any point and regardless of time this officer will remain as another racist individual just like many others in the world (if this truly happened on the way he explained it), but now that we know what we know, is this coincidence or something went on and just we didn't/don't know the background/context? (because yes, there still can be more). Based on the recent events, take you own conclusions and please, don't ever take anyone by a saint, we all are humans and therefore we are subject to make mistakes and do horrible things. Let's stop making figures out of other human beings, we can respect them and all but idolize them is not the right thing to do. The only person we can come close to that is (maybe) our own mothers. Peace.
yeahoeh damn
yeahoeh damn 5 days ago
A҉D҉O҉L҉0 7 days ago
Now i have to wonder if that Border Patrol Officer saw some pedo shit on your phone...
yeahoeh damn
yeahoeh damn 5 days ago
what that doesn't make sense
Stu 7 days ago
Andy 8 days ago
1:33, oh really?
Plush Weeb UwU
Plush Weeb UwU 5 days ago
Also her channel name is Poison Tea. Apparently when she was testing the skin tone on roblox and she joined a game called rag doll engine someone was being racist towards her. Someone in the comment section said that Zero was the one being racist. Once again idk for sure so yea-
Plush Weeb UwU
Plush Weeb UwU 5 days ago
yeahoeh damn, smh... You can clearly see that I said “at least that’s what I’ve heard” I don’t know it for sure. :v
yeahoeh damn
yeahoeh damn 5 days ago
@Plush Weeb UwU so zero was mean to someone on roblox? your made up story doesnt make sense
Plush Weeb UwU
Plush Weeb UwU 5 days ago
TW, Zero was lying about not doing anything wrong- He’s been racist to someone before, at least that’s what I’ve heard. There was a video of a girl testing to see if people would treat her differently if she changed her skin color to black on roblox. When she joined rag doll engine (a game on roblox) apparently Zero was the guy being racist to her. So yea..
TW 6 days ago
Oh really what?
Romain Giov
Romain Giov 8 days ago
Man that hit hard ..
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma 8 days ago
Have to get something else of your chest.
Presley Mpunga
Presley Mpunga 8 days ago
But it took him longer to get the smash controversy of his chest
Gerald Martinez
Gerald Martinez 8 days ago
This videos isnt going to age well
No se que Nombre ponerme
What a title lol
Watto 8 days ago
The officer was right wow
marco rodriguez
marco rodriguez 5 days ago
That's kinda too far
The Mega Mew
The Mega Mew 8 days ago
@Watto yupp
YetiMonster1473 8 days ago
Maybe there's another story you need to share...
KillerCream 8 days ago
Be glad the officer didnt check ur message history
Asthetix Coding
Asthetix Coding 3 days ago
damn son this video did not age well
Spright 9 days ago
ZeRo, you may have done terrible things but every day I'd watch your videos and they helped me a lot. I hope you learn from your mistakes and become a better person. Please..
marco rodriguez
marco rodriguez 5 days ago
I hope so as well. I will always rewatch ZeRo videos
Spright 6 days ago
@Zıgø Zıgøø No he didn't lmao
Zıgø Zıgøø
Zıgø Zıgøø 6 days ago
Bruh he quit YT
ULTRA GameZ 8 days ago
I hope so too
Presley Mpunga
Presley Mpunga 8 days ago
This hurts alot... I feel like crying...
MatchesMalone 9 days ago
Guess he got the wrong thing off his chest
Looking For Funnies
This was a month ago bro
De lo Interno al Todo
Hey Zero I know you’re going through a tough time right now. It’s crazy with all the things that’s going on but just want to let you know you’re not alone. What’s going on is complicated and this community loves painting everything black and white. I can tell you’re a good guy and something this cancel culture bullcrap doesn’t understand is that we all make mistakes. Please stay healthy. Much love, my dude
Icy Phoenix
Icy Phoenix 6 days ago
Zıgø Zıgøø what we’re saying is that if he has changed and he is getting help then we should give him a second chance but people these days want everybody to be perfect and with no flaws and see everything as black and white and I am not about to bend over and say what everybody wants to hear.
De lo Interno al Todo
Zıgø Zıgøø you don’t have to say anything. I didn’t ask for your opinion. Cancel culture is beyond cancer and all of this community is too stupid to notice until it’s too late. Zero effed up, big time, but I’m not about the attitudes in this community. I’m also worried about Zero. Obviously nobody gives a shit, but I do.
Zıgø Zıgøø
Zıgø Zıgøø 6 days ago
So you're saying that being a pedo can be past on as a mistake and you're just gonna forgive him that easily??? I don't know what to say.
Presley Mpunga
Presley Mpunga 8 days ago
This is what I thought I'm on the verge of tears...
De lo Interno al Todo
Icy Phoenix the entire community is like this. Relationships, morals, sexuality are complicated issues and there’s a lot of grey areas . I’m not defending him, what he did was wrong, but seeing him go into this complete “I’m evil, I deserve nothing” mode is painful to watch. Out of all the accusations tossed at the community, many are really horrible and deserve repercussions, but many are very grey. I’m just heartbroken by the entire thing.
Eternal Atake
Eternal Atake 9 days ago
All Fans become haters...
Alexander 9 days ago
"I never did anything wrong." That didn't age well
Miguel Casillas
Miguel Casillas 6 days ago
Basically Bruh
Basically Bruh 7 days ago
Copen With The Stress
Aged like milk
ULTRA GameZ 8 days ago
MrMalphisto 9 days ago
Gr8 M8
Gr8 M8 9 days ago
Bro this came in my recommended and at first I was like holy shit he actually made a video on it and then this
X.A.N.A. 10 days ago
Should have gotten something else off you chests first hummm...?????
Antonio Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez 10 days ago
This video didn't age well at all
Metaman 99
Metaman 99 9 days ago
Well the better thing would have been how the title has aged poorly.
Chips Ahoy Boy because he asked for nudes for underaged girls and was a creep even though he said he follows the law to a tea
Chips Ahoy Boy
Chips Ahoy Boy 10 days ago
Why? Because it has someone who has been canceled? It doesn't get you likes.
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny 10 days ago
That officer was reading all of the moves you were going to do in the future. Shoutout to that officer.
A Person
A Person 5 days ago
That officer was legit a piece garbage he didnt even know what ZeRo did and still tried to dehumanize him. I dont even want ZeRo back in the community what he did was horrible and even if it was 6 years ago playing video games for money is a luxury he doesnt deserve given how he used his status to do that. However, even if this is a joke you're advocating for white supremacy with this comment and enabling border control to do these horrible things. You can make jokes about ZeRo being a pedophile but you cant make fun of and support the abuse of immigrants by border control.
Leonardo Matias
Leonardo Matias 8 days ago
Plot twist: The officer was the good guy
Yeontan's Eyebrows
I get it’s a joke but even if Zero has done some pretty freaking shitty stuff in the past, that was not public knowledge at the time, and we shouldn’t excuse that officer as they were clearly being racist
Ace 9 days ago
He had already done it at that point
Xavier Barns
Xavier Barns 10 days ago
I love all these new comments condemning him. We get it quit beating a dead horse.
Xavier Barns
Xavier Barns 8 days ago
@DANCERcow this is the type of behavior that drives people to suicide. Tell me how this is helping the victim. Tell me how this changes anything it doesn't you just wanna stroke your ego by shitting on him after he's already gone just stfu.
thatdudeEd54 8 days ago
@DANCERcow geezus dude
George Hernandez
George Hernandez 8 days ago
People are bored. Let them.
DANCERcow 9 days ago
@Slifer nah, he done!
Slifer 9 days ago
DANCERcow no dude that’s not what your supposed to do
TheSsbcandidates 10 days ago
And now he will get deported...
Moose 10 days ago
Now that Zero came clean this video just shows that there are good and bad sides to everyone.
Slurping Mario
Slurping Mario 8 days ago
Nigerian God yah that’s a good point
Nigerian God
Nigerian God 8 days ago
Slurping Mario I think it’s more how bad he used too be i think he really has changed he should definitely be punished for what he did but I think he should be aloud back into the community after a while
Slurping Mario
Slurping Mario 9 days ago
The reason why is seeing his bad side hurts so much is because he has hidden it for so long that we would have never guessed how bad he really is
The Crusader
The Crusader 10 days ago
It’s ok zero. You can tell us about you simping for underage females. We will understand
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Icy Phoenix that’s actually the part that didn’t seem to have proof and his explanation made sense, the “few other stuff” is the bad part because he was messaging underage girls when he was 19 asking them to do sexual stuff for him
Icy Phoenix
Icy Phoenix 9 days ago
Cody mach3 he was showing porn and other lude stuff to girls that were underaged and also a few other stuff that I can’t remember off the top of my head.
The Crusader
The Crusader 10 days ago
@Cody mach3 he had sexual misconduct with a minor
Cody mach3
Cody mach3 10 days ago
do you know what happened?
Rasim Shah
Rasim Shah 10 days ago
john98765333 10 days ago
I really doubt this happened to you, but I wish that it had and that you had been kept out, it clearly was the right thing to do with you being a creep to children. These words may be harsh, but exerting influence over younger kids like that is a harsh and evil thig to do.
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Look I’m extremely disappointed in him too but that does not make this story any less legit
Icy Phoenix
Icy Phoenix 9 days ago
You’ll are just as worse clearly and no I am not trying to defend his actions as they should be punished but saying things like that and trying to cancel him does not make you’ll better.
Xavier Barns
Xavier Barns 9 days ago
@Ace right constantly and readily he did terrible things but its over now hes gone hes not reading your pathetic comments trying to make yourselves look morally superior the horse is dead quit beating it its over.
Ace 9 days ago
@Xavier Barns We would be beating this horse if he hadn't beaten his meat to child pornography. It's not a joke. It's disgusting and this man needs to be condemned for it.
Xavier Barns stop defending him you look like a clown
Ryder 64
Ryder 64 10 days ago
Well how the tables turn
Dan Zalla
Dan Zalla 9 days ago
Oh how the tables have tabled
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga 10 days ago
Shoulda admitted to something else
dylan shearree
dylan shearree 10 days ago
Bruh why did you turn off comments??? Just come back man. Maybe you aren’t worthy now but you can be in the future. Be the first to change for the better
Icy Phoenix
Icy Phoenix 9 days ago
Chips Ahoy Boy while yes he did do something bad and should be punished for those actions that does not define who he is today honestly I am done with people always trying to cancel other people for stuff they did in the past and not trying to give them a second chance you people are not better than the people being accused.
Jell0 9 days ago
@Chips Ahoy Boy can you read. On his twitter he said that he is quitting the community. What is wrong with him continuing videos. He did something as a teen. When you are a teen you are filled with hormones. Sure he did something wrong. He came clean, but is it as bad as what the others did. Fuck no.
Chips Ahoy Boy
Chips Ahoy Boy 10 days ago
Why would we let him back in the community? What he did was unforgivable and illegal.
Steve Castillo
Steve Castillo 10 days ago
He just told it.....
Steve Castillo
Steve Castillo 10 days ago
Legacy 845 look at his recent tweet. He added a new one
Legacy 845
Legacy 845 10 days ago
What was the time stamp
Saness From Mothertale
I bet that officer is really regretting not deporting you.
XxShinyAsh_Greninja xX
@Saness From Mothertale Bro just take the L
Saness From Mothertale
@A Person I never said anything about white supremacy and border control is absolutely necessary for all countries.
A Person
A Person 5 days ago
That officer was legit a piece garbage he didnt even know what ZeRo did and still tried to dehumanize him. I dont even want ZeRo back in the community what he did was horrible and even if it was 6 years ago playing video games for money is a luxury he doesnt deserve given how he used his status to do that. However, even if this is a joke you're advocating for white supremacy with this comment and enabling border control to do these horrible things. You can make jokes about ZeRo being a pedophile but you cant make fun of and support the abuse of immigrants by border control.
Runter Ranger
Runter Ranger 8 days ago
@kachigga my bigga he did knew, it was proven to be a lie
Saness From Mothertale
@n8george What does his age have to do with this? He still did horrible stuff. Are you sure you're not excusing this behaviour?
David Samudio
David Samudio 11 days ago
I personally suffered from this at the Miami International Airport, never felt so humiliated in my life. He's argument to put me in the cuartico was that I travel too much, what in the actual fuck, I'm a CS PhD student, that is what I do when research goes well. If you are a minority, avoid Texas, Florida, or any border state stops.
LARAUJO 13 days ago
I wonder how those officers would react if someone shoved them into a tiny room and asked them ridiculous questions about who they're DMing on twitter for no reason
HIER ARCHY 13 days ago
jeff 15 days ago
I may be a white person but I feel for people that have gone through this shit. There are good cops and there are bad cops, and the people that are willing to put someone away cuz of their skin is wrong. This may be corny, but in the movie Zootopia, Judy says something about what a cop should be: a person who protects and serves the people. Regardless of who they are and their identity, race, etc.
Ace 15 days ago
'murica, where infinite stupidity and severe ignorance become a real thing 1102 people have a heart of shit
Hunter Martin
Hunter Martin 16 days ago
I don't understand why the color of someone's skin matters. People are people no matter where they come from or what they believe in. I'm so sorry that happened to you in the United States. As a former member of the us military specifically the Marine Corps I served with many people from many different countries and we all shared a similar goal. We wanted to make the world a better place. Hopefully in the future when you come back to the US things will have changed for the better and if not we'll keep trying because no deserves to feel like they are lesser than anyone else.
Proud Guard of Whiterun
Imagine being American, and thinking your country made you better than any other country.
velkoon 16 days ago
america's racist, tyrannical trash. I hope these upcoming generations truly do reform it
Punished_Zero 17 days ago
Diferent people, diferent stories, huh
Dom_Rocks 17 days ago
This needs more attention. The issues in this video is insane, and with what's happening in the world right now this video could change a lot. I've already seen 4 comments with similar stories to this. 5 different people have had this problem! (Including ZeRo) It's terrible. The way the officer said "MY country" is just terrible. What has happened to people because of their beliefs is awful. It's worse if you miss your flight and now you have to go through so much work to get on a new flight. Life could be completely filled with anxiety and fear every time you go to an Airport. You can have an anxiety about how a Airport officer now knows so much of your private information. It's completely awful. I wish some people weren't complete dicks.
MuffinMan 18 days ago
Sorry people but the United States is the worst country on earth. Half of the population is closing it's eyes on all the issues surrounding the country and the other half is racist, uneducated and pretend their country is something it's not. Freedom my ass.
Alejandro Hernández
I didnt even realized I was a minority when I first traveled to the US when I went to mcallen or San Antonio. The first time I realized people stared at me was when I went to a summer camp in Wisconsin with my school. I didn't really think much of it since I was younger and ignorant but later on I would be discriminized in even the smallest of things like games... I would never join discords or Xbox parties because people judged me because of my English. I've always hated the fact that people judge my English when they won't even bother to learn Spanish or other languages when going outside their little bubbles. I know that's not everyone tho, but it sure felt like that for a long time. There, had to get this shit off my back thanks zero!
Curious Wars
Curious Wars 18 days ago
Believe it or not this is normal. I had this happen in Canada and in Japan. National security people can be assholes especially if you have to be interrogation. Won't say it wasn't about skin color though it could have been. But I wouldn't assume it is.
Serge P
Serge P 18 days ago
Don't be a victim or have a victim mentality. See him as an inspiration that you too can get. ahead.
DatVocals! 18 days ago
i cringed so hard at this. to think that this happens every day at every american airport is just so wrong and more than enough proof that black lives matter and any anti racism related campaign cant be repeated enough.
Jackson Harper
Jackson Harper 19 days ago
Ur good zero, most racist people dont really understand that people of colour are people too and talking about this is exactly how an issue like this can be solved
XxKnochenkotzerxX 19 days ago
i heard you have to learn for 5 months to become a cop in the u.s. where i come from you wouldn´t even be a police dog after 5 months . In germany it takes you 2,5 years to be able to call yourself a policeman . no wonder this bullshit happens back there...only a bunch of racist idiots ...
Dylan spyre
Dylan spyre 19 days ago
Yo vivo en chile y aca los pacos son como las tremendas weas se creen como si fueran dioses cuando te paran en la pista son los wnes mas incha weas que podi concer, te piden todo ql, por lo menos en mi experiencia.
bruh_dark 19 days ago
Mudda Boolshit
Mudda Boolshit 20 days ago
I hate that racism exists in this world. I hate that you can get "unlucky" over something you can't control and possibly have to deal w/ shit your whole life because of it. It just sucks.
Enclave 20 days ago
There's a reason I don't go to the States any more, I refuse to spend my tourist dollars in that country.
Darien Dawkins
Darien Dawkins 21 day ago
zero can you play me? pls? Edit: sorry this is off topic
Darien Dawkins
Darien Dawkins 18 days ago
@꧁Trash Weasel ꧂ hmmmm
꧁Trash Weasel ꧂
U kno he’s not gunna c this
Darien Dawkins
Darien Dawkins 21 day ago
either the arena is called mocha or darien Edit:pls
Darien Dawkins
Darien Dawkins 21 day ago
1v1 arena thursday, june 23, 2020
Darien Dawkins
Darien Dawkins 21 day ago
like actually
BLU el Perro
BLU el Perro 22 days ago
Bx Dx
Bx Dx 23 days ago
Bro the fact that people this stupid can become police is a problem
Bob Eacot
Bob Eacot 27 days ago
This happened to my grandma, but she was with a friend who couldn't speak English. They got stopped for hours, and when they got interrogated, she said that she had come to visit us from Panama. They didn't believe her, and she said she'd been doing do for 3 years, and why was this time different? The officer got impatient with her, but my grandma got super upset, and she started screaming "I've been coming here for 3 years now, no issues, to visit my family! Do you know what family is? Apparently not! My friend is with me too, and she's scared out of her damn mind because of your stupidity!" Somehow, she was allowed through after that.
jeboss 27
jeboss 27 27 days ago
Young Meka
Young Meka 28 days ago
“MY Country” as if “his country” isn’t stolen land.
Gordon Vought
Gordon Vought 28 days ago
Oof that is so sad that that even happens people so racist! 😳😳
Bruce Oaks
Bruce Oaks 28 days ago
Probably shoulda made a way bigger deal about this as soon as it happened fuck TSA they need to be put on blast
Bruce Oaks
Bruce Oaks 28 days ago
X2 speed
Dominick F
Dominick F 29 days ago
That is a rough story and I am sorry to hear that. I definitely believe that there are racists in the world, there aren't a lot. I don't think that you should let this bad experience ruin your entire perspective on traveling. Traveling can be an amazing experience and you shouldn't let one bad experience ruin the rest of them. I hope that coming out about this makes you feel better, but I really hope that you don't let this one bad experience ruin your views on anything.
Tim Kirtland
Tim Kirtland 29 days ago
I pleasantly surprised by the comments on this video. I expected there to be a huge amount of 4chan MAGAlords posting shit like "lmao looks like another beta RUvidr wants open borders and Islam to rule all of America" and "you are being a big snowflake crybaby, those immigration officers were just doing their job, go back where you come from if you don't like it". I'm so glad that the vast majority of people here are being sympathetic and supportive to ZeRo and agree that he did not deserve to be profiled like this at all.
Tryoxiss Month ago
all the dislikes are Americans who art willing to believe how racist airport security is
TonalRumblePak Month ago
Ah yes, gotta love America. Land of the free and home of brave...oops. Sorry, I mean racists.
WTFOOL Month ago
I'm not even surprised. Disclaimer: I'm not saying Canada is better, just using it as an example to put things in perspective. You know those tv shows about national borders? I saw a few from the U.S. borders and a few from Canada's and it was so striking how in the U.S. they all have this douche attitude and they're pretty much all white and mostly males and in Canada it's almost challenging noticing a white person and almost half the time they're girls. This alone says a lot. I'm not anti-white, I'm white myself but I can point out facts when there are.
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