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On the latest episode of "Hasan...From A Distance," Hasan gives us a tour of his WFH space and his sneaker closet, which is mostly just filled with his daughter's shoes. Hasan then answers questions from fans in another special edition of "Deep Cuts" and apologizes for the way he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
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Apr 10, 2020




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Comments 80
Kazi Shamshad
Kazi Shamshad 10 hours ago
Is it just me or I wanna give his son a quick kiss on the forehead ... So adorable
Jeanius Homo Sapien
Jeanius Homo Sapien 15 hours ago
Omygod. I couldn't watch you eat those tissue papers. My hand automatically went and shut my eyes.
Asmita R Kale
Asmita R Kale 19 hours ago
Hasan is such a good dad...i just know his children will always feel lucky to have him as their dad ❤
V M Day ago
Hasan: This is a women's razor for some reason. *holds up an Electronic Foot file 😂
The way Hasan looks at his baby makes me want to have a baby so I can look at something like that.
PureUnwindASMR 4 days ago
These are better than the show but we need both
prateeti baruah
prateeti baruah 6 days ago
The shoe rack feels so Indian
Syeda Khan
Syeda Khan 7 days ago
Lotas? We call em bodnas
Zubair Naqvi
Zubair Naqvi 8 days ago
Hasan there are bad comments and good comments Think of it as bad comments are trying to get attention they don't mean it I am pretty sure I guy who wrote a hate comment is proud that his comment was featured
Firinel Turner
Firinel Turner 8 days ago
I legitimately retched when Hasan had all that paper towel in his mouth.
Wasif Amir
Wasif Amir 9 days ago
yo what did your uncle wear when he was leaving? how do you forget to take your shoes?
sahra haruun
sahra haruun 9 days ago
the baby is sooo cute mashallah
Alexis84DE 10 days ago
So you got roasted for wasting peanut butter and your remedy is to make a skit where you waste even more peanut butter? Not cool.
Akanksha Somani
Akanksha Somani 10 days ago
Aren't only three fingers pointing back at us ...?
Subijoy Acharya
Subijoy Acharya 11 days ago
Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi Hasan Minaj version.
themightyswindian 11 days ago
When Hasan cannot use hand gestures. *Head Bobble*
Maniza Aatif
Maniza Aatif 13 days ago
Lotas lol also sponsor school bathrooms throughout Pakistan,that sponsor made my day lol and I was missing my college lmao.👍🤣
FreePHIRE 14 days ago
So much to say here. Great episode. Your family is beautiful.
Nidhi Pratap Singh
Nidhi Pratap Singh 15 days ago
Yaar you were not holding your baby correctly, his head was so titled, i could feel the hurt he would feel on waking up.
Josef Amadeus
Josef Amadeus 16 days ago
"some of them are very hurtful" The hurtful comment: "You can clearly see the crocs in the background"
AoibheannStateira 16 days ago
Telekinesis is the ability to move things with your mind. Like Matilda or Jean Grey in X-Men. fyi.
Élysse 17 days ago
stop saying “crazy” that’s oppressive language against people living with disabilities
Usama Sadiq
Usama Sadiq 17 days ago
His house makes me realise he gets paid wayyy less than most netflix shows like his . Or he's investing like 90 percent of what he earns. One of the two
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 19 days ago
If someone starts with a sentence "So I saw this on Whatsapp-" shut it down. Wow just wow. So real
Gurmen Badyal
Gurmen Badyal 19 days ago
"If you can't donate, please do." OMG, Hasan Minhaj I love your sense of humor. Your videos are great!
LAST KING 19 days ago
Lol that's all I have to say
Maya Jagsi
Maya Jagsi 19 days ago
Who else though Hasan would legit have a whole walk-in closet for his shoes? But for real, this is the best deep cuts, because Hasan is holding his baby:)
Anna Vardapetyan
Anna Vardapetyan 20 days ago
I thought Michael Dell was the last person on earth to own a Dell computer...
Prémium Paris
Prémium Paris 20 days ago
PBUH haha...
dng2usb 20 days ago
3:08 Random Uncle is a Pillar Man?! Nani?!
Andrew Varughese
Andrew Varughese 20 days ago
has he seen the edits on this video
Atia Janssens
Atia Janssens 21 day ago
The ad for Lotas is the best :D
Neelesh Gupta
Neelesh Gupta 21 day ago
11:32 lol I do this to my mom all the time
My Name is non of your business
Please explain to me what is behind Hassan at 6:30
899tamara 23 days ago
Have you done the dishes?...Are you sure about that??? 😂😂😂
CumulusSkies 23 days ago
Hasan, it’s actually only THREE fingers pointing back at you when you point your finger at someone. Just sayin’. 🤓
J Podolski
J Podolski 24 days ago
Thats soo cool! I
Taimoor Ali
Taimoor Ali 25 days ago
House looks like Hassan works in a takeout
Rohan Sahu
Rohan Sahu 26 days ago
Seeing him talk without moving his hands is funny.XD
Blurryink 27 days ago
the peanut butter looked like straight-up dookie on toilet paper
Lisa Mon
Lisa Mon 28 days ago
Did you write out “Mother-In-Law” edition instead of MIL just so your parents would get the joke?
Carla M
Carla M 28 days ago
Love the honesty of this how it looks like a real home not a celeb home lol
fateisendemic 29 days ago
Fanta and coke is a german national, ... We call that spezi and in comes in mixed bottles tbh
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan 29 days ago
White hair alert...
Emily Furtak
Emily Furtak 29 days ago
Omg the Cribs music in the background killed me.
sol029 Month ago
Best shoe collection anyone has ever shared I'm sure.
Sergio Alcantara
And they say California sucks... at least your house is big, and not cluttered. Living in New York must SUCK. Damn..
physics77guy Month ago
my office is in my closet too
clownbxar Month ago
that lighting tho 6:22
Reena Chacko
Reena Chacko Month ago
Love you
LegendaJ Month ago
I would also choose teleportation, to go back to my country 🇮🇳 INDIA.
Wait wait wait.... how did your uncle go home without shoes????? Did he steal a pair of yours? Or go barefoot?
Jeremy Reinhard
Jeremy Reinhard Month ago
Hell yeah Steve's Pizza!
Nigge R
Nigge R Month ago
Prophet Isa PBUH? My guy's got his roots fr
Joel Month ago
women' razor? Not quite. That was a callus remover
Jimmy Hatts
Jimmy Hatts Month ago
Speaks out against racism, then goes on to make money making racist jokes. POS.
Zainab Zia
Zainab Zia Month ago
0:55 I never laughed that hard before :))
THE JAA Month ago
Please make an episode on Indian politics corruption and power abuse
Anoosh Ahmad
Anoosh Ahmad Month ago
the way hasan looks at his kid aww
Celena Cial Slarty Bartfast
Older cousin 1's 🤣🤣
savita bhatt
savita bhatt Month ago
I would like u to talk about treatment of women in Islam and muslims giving birth to no. of children more than they can feed or educate properly. population explosion
Jill Hurley
Jill Hurley Month ago
I know Tan says Hasan wears too many sweaters, but I LOVE that sweater.
Mehak Zehra
Mehak Zehra Month ago
You humming that theme song, why am I reminded of GOT? lol
Tara Saraf
Tara Saraf Month ago
love this !
C Luvzinfo
C Luvzinfo Month ago
Pure genius. Wipe the extra peanut butter on a napkin and you have an extra sandwich for a rainy day! waste not want not! And extra fiber too. Hasan's brilliant.
Tropic Thunder
Tropic Thunder Month ago
Dummy its three fingers man
Pat Bollin
Pat Bollin Month ago
Dude. First, love your show. Thanks for keeping on it. Second (here comes the deeply scarring part), Get a lavalier mic and treat your recording space with some blankets and pillows. That's all you've got to do to get rid of that horrible echo. Peace.
Asesino Month ago
Likely singh done right
reena bisht
reena bisht Month ago
OMG....the 4 finger quote 🤣🤣🤣 That's just channeling indian parents advice channeling Mahatma Gandhi 🤭 Great advice though in all honesty
Adelynn Tan
Adelynn Tan Month ago
i'm from singapore and every time i hear "city harvest" i flinch a really bad flinch because city harvest is the name of a prosperity gospel megachurch in my country where the pastor and the church senior admin were jailed for abuse of funds, funds which were partly directed towards helping the pastor's wife launch a (failed) pop music career. look up China Wine. yup, SGD 24 million was used to produce that song, buy wycleff jean's collaboration and david foster's music video direction, and bribe some producers to call her "the next whitney houston".uh-huh.
Leda Cedar
Leda Cedar Month ago
Random Uncle's shoes! HIlarious, cause aren't Indian families very close?
Samir Batta
Samir Batta Month ago
That entryway is honestly bad.... He's got a washing machine.. a study... His whole wire situation.. and the water heater in his entryway... Damn he's definitely desi
المعلمة دره الهاشمي
Love how you show us your daughters' shoes 😂, after the quarantine I will search for the lost three 🤣
Blackholes Productions
Verizon bill from 2004: So you gonna pay? Hasan in 2020: No, I don’t think I will
RAN. Month ago
Q : you have the chance to ask Jesus one question, face to face, 6 feey apart, what do you ask? Hassan : well, I probably have to see him in the day of judgment so I don't have time to think about that
tilly gregory
tilly gregory Month ago
actually only 3 fingers were pointing back at you and the thumb was pointing to the sky!!
S4njuro Month ago
Telekinesis is being able to move things with you mind, just FYI
Dhruv Datta
Dhruv Datta Month ago
this guy can't even pronounce the word "lota" properly
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui Month ago
Kids after ending of the video "Moooom....Hasan is scaring Me"
Tanisha Madhavan
I really hope I’m not the only brown kid who goes to school and says WhAATsap like my parents and gets clowned for it😭😭
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