Harry Styles - Treat People With Kindness (Official Video)

Harry Styles
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Maybe we can find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good

I’ve got a good feeling
I’m just taking it all in
Floating up and dreaming
Dropping into the deep end

And if we’re here long enough
They’ll sing a song for us
And we’ll belong

Maybe we can find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good

Given second chances
I don’t need all the answers
Feeling good in my skin
I just keep on dancing

And if we’re here long enough
We’ll see it’s all for us
And we’ll belong

Maybe we can find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good

And it’s just another day
And if our friends all pass away
It’s okay
It’s okay
It’s okay

Maybe we can find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good

All we ever want is automatic all the time
All we ever want is auto all of the time

Maybe we can find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good

Starring Harry Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Directed by - Ben Turner & Gabe Turner
Executive Producer - Carly Shackleton
Commissioner - Bryan Younce
Head of Live & Multicam - Lou Fox
Line Producer - Bex Hampson
Junior Production Manager - Aimee Nathan
Production Secretary - Terri Jacobson
1st AD - James Amos
DOP - Ben Magahy
Art Director - Sally lock
Choreographer - Paul Roberts
Assistant Choreographer - Jared Hageman
H & PWB Styling - Harry Lambert
H & PWB Hair - Malcolm Edwards
H Makeup - Carol Dotti
PWB Make up - Lydia Barnes
Dancer Costume Designer - Patrick Jack
Editor - Claudia Wass
Final Post - Joe Williams
Finance - Carol Harris

Principle Dancers:
Katie Collins
Naomi Weijand
Demi Mensah
Jo Dyce
Danni Hampson
Billy Sawyer
Kane Horn
Kieran Daley Ward
James Mulford
Ben Hukin




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Comments 122 188
williella pearl franklin
harry i like your music it's really fun and very cool to listen to
Maya Linman
Maya Linman 56 minutes ago
Harry doing jazz hands is what I live for haha
Karyn 777
Karyn 777 58 minutes ago
& not one comment about Phoebe? Really? 🤣 I thought she did phenomenal here. She just happened to have on the same outfit as Harry 😃 This video is so good!
Nessa Pantin
Nessa Pantin 4 hours ago
Killgore 4 hours ago
Y'all, don't hate on him for winning an award. An award is an award and BTS already has and will win a lot. Please don't hate on someone just cuz you think that choreo is simple. Best choreo does not equate to having the hardest choreo. So let us be a bit more mature, give our wishes and go stream butter. Borahae 💜
Tommo Way
Tommo Way 6 hours ago
HS3 se acerca y saben lo que significa eso? Así es debemos apresurarnos con el strea,m, escuchen tpwk en Spotify
Juárez Rivero Morena
Love you harry
syt Syt
syt Syt 7 hours ago
His voice is different in love and happiness
Maygel Colli
Maygel Colli 7 hours ago
2 cosas: 1- Que linda canción me alegró la noche, felicidades Harry. 2- Ya suelten a Army, la mayoría de los comentarios son "ARMY no tires hate, Army Harry si se mercería ganar" y ellas tipo: Wey ni te topo. Y yap procedo a decir buenas noches
Gilliam Agamez
Gilliam Agamez 10 hours ago
todos a hacer stream, de nada le sirve a harry nuestros te amo si no vamos a hacer stream para que gane premios
Mari Tomlinson
Mari Tomlinson 10 hours ago
i love you
Sonia Segura
Sonia Segura 13 hours ago
100th time i watch this and just realised there are more dancers, sorry guys!
Martu Decoud
Martu Decoud 15 hours ago
Addariely Tun Puc
Addariely Tun Puc 16 hours ago
Es tan lindo.
guAdis gp
guAdis gp 18 hours ago
donde esta mi comentario famoso
Alefrancis 8B
Alefrancis 8B 19 hours ago
Amo todo lo que hace esta persona
S_Ord H
S_Ord H 20 hours ago
No because this video makes me smile like an idiot😅😅😅
Kanishka Rawat
to all the directioners its time to take ITS TIME TO TAKE IT THE TOMMO WAYY
AJpaws Day ago
One of my close friends recently commited suicide and I have since heard from her other friend she was a secret Harry styles fangirl, so now I'm just listening to all his songs over and over and this is the one that best fits dear Tilly, she was always so kind to everyone. Miss you Tilly ❤️
Swagmasta from Doncaster💚💙
@AJpaws u welcome and stay happy
AJpaws 13 hours ago
@Swagmasta from Doncaster💚💙 it's real, her funeral was today, I was half expecting a Harry song, but they went with "man I feel like a woman" by Shania twain..... So I'm gonna play some Harry styles for her this weekend instead, but thank you for your kind words ❤️
Swagmasta from Doncaster💚💙
holy shit may her soul rest in peace if its real
LeezPgh Day ago
How did I miss this release? This is amazing. 💛
Denise Navarro
Its Okie
Its Okie Day ago
i know he'll never take advantage of the great things he'll get, no matter what, i believe it even if you don't like him, respect him
weeeeeehn Day ago
The best ____
weeeeeehn Day ago
Victoria B
Victoria B Day ago
literally i love this song
suzyr1121 Day ago
Okay. Now, I respect that he is a good singer, but this man hardly even moved! I mean it's a good song and all, but there are more talented people in the dancing area. I mean, could he break down and do three different dances flawlessly? BTS should have won.
Liberty Day ago
Treat people with kindness みんなに優しく接すること 모두에게 다정하게
Maria Kim
Maria Kim Day ago
Maybe we can Find a place to feel good And we can treat people with kindness Find a place to feel good I got a good feeling I'm just takin' it all in Floating up and dreamin' Droppin' into the deep end And if we're here long enough They'll sing a song for us (ah-ah-ah-ah) And we'll belong Maybe we can Find a place to feel good And we can treat people with kindness Find a place to feel good Giving second chances I don't need all the answers Feeling good in my skin I just keep on dancin' And if we're here long enough We'll see it's all for us And we'll belong Maybe we can Find a place to feel good And we can treat people with kindness Find a place to feel good And it's just another day (and it's just another day) And if our friends all pass away (ah-ah, ah-ah) It's okay (it's okay, it's okay, it's okay) It's okay, it's okay, yeah! Hey! Here we go now Maybe we can Find a place to feel good And we can treat people with kindness Find a place to feel good All we ever want is automatic all the time All we ever want is auto all of the time All we ever want is automatic all the time All we ever want is auto all of the time Maybe we can (all together now!) (One more time!) Find a place to feel good (oh yeah!) And we can treat people with kindness (just a little bit of kindness) Find a place to feel good (ow!)
uwu nya
uwu nya Day ago
Congrats Harry!!
D Scalinci
D Scalinci Day ago
Melaniw Day ago
Harry=My Home
AZUL Laurino
AZUL Laurino Day ago
Bts7 1d5
Bts7 1d5 Day ago
To all the directioners I just wanna apologize on behalf of few Army's but I can say that not every ARMY is toxic. Ofc some fans were disappointed that bts didn't get the choreography based award even I was shocked they didn't get the award but still they know that it's not hazza's fault. Not all of us are hating on Harold. It's just the toxic fans spreading unnecessary hate. Me being a fan of both the artists I happy for both of them, watching harry get so much hate on twt just made me sad some Army's take awards and stuff too seriously like BTS are not the only Artist in the industry they need to accept that.
Esme Finney
Esme Finney Day ago
Hey Harry I know your probably never going to see this but i think you should really get back with one direction because everybody loved it and I could be so much better if not that’s ok it’s just lots of people are giving up everyday so the quicker the more fans you have I love one direction and I’m 10 Years old. Harry,Louis,Liam,Nail and Zayn are amazing and your voices are amazing your voices are amazing individually but together they make the world a better place!!!! One directioner forever ❤️ ❤️ 🥰
Adriana Cruz Silva
Re lindo🛐✨💐
Adriana Cruz Silva
Rainita Day ago
Harry you dance so good💘💫
Rainita Day ago
I love the vibe,dances everything is so on point⚘💘🏳️‍🌈
Delia Day ago
saw loads and loads of fancams for harry’s TWPK performance and the crowds are always lit. definitely want to see him singing this song live!
Yashika Khatri💙💚
God the amount of hate you immature and toxic people spread under a video named treat ppl with kindness The man completely deserved the award
Tamanna Sharma
Tamanna Sharma 2 days ago
I am a pretty new directioner and love harry but the whole comment section is filled with not giving him hate for an award and the army is also here so can someone please explain to me what's going on Am pretty lost
Bhoomi Singh🇨🇮
@Tamanna Sharma Yes that's the thing people are literally spreading hate on a song called treat people with kindness
Tamanna Sharma
Tamanna Sharma 2 days ago
@Bhoomi Singh🇨🇮 Thanks for explaining Well I feel its pretty good coreography and execution and this shouldnt be made such a big issue the name of the song is literally Treat People With Kindness atleast no hate on this song
Bhoomi Singh🇨🇮
Well, Tpwk won the best choreography at vma and armies think that bts deserves that award for butter So now they are coming here and commenting that harry don't deserve that award so directioners are also pretty offended by that I hope you get it :)
105 Geethika Sudheer
Harry counting the steps is the reason I cried today!
Sofi Issa
Sofi Issa 2 days ago
María Obregón
María Obregón 2 days ago
Para las armys tóxicas que estaban tirando hate. Maes, BTS GANÓ TRES PREMIOS, SOLO XQ NO HAYA GANADO MEJOR COREOGRAFÍA NO SIGNIFICA QUE PUEDAN TIRARLE HATE, es más, nadie tendría que hacerlo. >:c
Val 2 days ago
me haces feliz
Val 2 days ago
te amo harry.
Cami Summy
Cami Summy 2 days ago
Anna Spitz
Anna Spitz 2 days ago
When you smile the entire time watching it, you know it's a good video !!
hello from the other side
"If you treat me bad then I'll treat you bad" is a bullshit. You can be kind because you're a kind person, not because they treated you kindly
afiqah 2 days ago
my comfort song
You can see some barking 🐕 In Comments
Luciana Ulloa
Luciana Ulloa 2 days ago
Luciana Ulloa
Luciana Ulloa 2 days ago
Tia Mai
Tia Mai 2 days ago
Omg harry my friends a simp over you she never stops thinking abt you now i sent her this she will be stalking you 😩👍
make this channel 50k without any video
Masterpiece ❤️✨Make this channel 50k without any video
fatema kamal
fatema kamal 2 days ago
loved this so much 😩❤️‍🔥
H A  Z
H A Z 2 days ago
you’re so cooooooollll😫
My way
My way 2 days ago
Some dogs are still barking 😏
pEw pEw 💛👶
pEw pEw 💛👶 2 days ago
Yeah 🤣🤣
I am immortal
I am immortal 3 days ago
Undeserved 🤢
Kanishka Rawat
when 12 year olds get pissed off and start hate commenting... cmon get over it no one gives a shit
*Alexa play jealousy jealousy By Olivia Rodrigo* 😂
Not available Not available
afiqah 2 days ago
jealousy jealousy
@Jo 2 days ago
Ayoo stop it's over get over it
Zarrythings 3 days ago
This man here, Harry Styles , make me feel what it's like to live in a era of a legend. All of his works, stage presence, freaking unique taste and such a strong personality ! Encouraging young people to choose themselves, be themselves while being himself in everyways..Making "treat people with kindness" his brand, inspiring each and everyone of his fans to be better, to do better. Being one of the most polite and well mannered people I've ever seen he make people feel themselves valuable..I'll always try to be better because of you..and never let anything make you feel down..Because you are precious to us in ways words can't describe. Love you.
Zarrythings 2 days ago
@Christine Harris no
Aylin Noyola
Aylin Noyola 3 days ago
Tpwk me pone de buen humor
Shivesh Tripathi
Shivesh Tripathi 3 days ago
Your voice is very enchanting
Tanisha Suyal
Tanisha Suyal 3 days ago
At the end that girl was just like, "Yeah bitch, I got to dance with harry" WITH A smirk.
alice rose
alice rose 3 days ago
me:Sees another harry styles song pop up on my for u page* also me : clicks on it* watches it* me: OMG NEW FAV SONG
Sofía Magrio
Sofía Magrio 3 days ago
Que difícil que llegue a los 100M lpm me wa a matar wiii
Azul Laurino
Azul Laurino 3 days ago
dios la cancion,la coreocrafia,el videoclip. literal es todo perfecto mas que merecido tiene ese VMS
Ruby Rjs
Ruby Rjs 3 days ago
Mejor coreografía!!!
Me faltan neuronas
epic 🛐
Jessica Silva
Jessica Silva 3 days ago
I am immortal
I am immortal 3 days ago
eww , ugh ... disliked ! bts deserved all the way , not this talentless overrated mangirl
I am immortal
@Kanishka Rawat 37 yr old army so shutup
Kanishka Rawat
u guys are literally spoiling the whole fandom's image....i like bts but i do hate ur fandom
Kanishka Rawat
if u 11 & 12 year olds could just get over it..... u say u respect ur idols what do u think u are doing here.... the award was best choreo not the hardest
I am immortal
@Christine Harris true
Awww does it hurt? 😂
Anime_girl 4432
Anime_girl 4432 3 days ago
Can me and Harry Styles please just have a full conversation about juggling
Jen Murphy
Jen Murphy 3 days ago
Love this so damn much!
Alan 3 days ago
así es mama este muchachito bailarín ganó a mejor coreografía
tqtiu 3 days ago
Armys, not because bts has not won the award does it mean that the awards are racist, harry deserved it just like bts but this time harry won. Harry does not deserve to be hated when he is not the one who chooses the awards, treat people with kindness
Adelayda Ruiz
Adelayda Ruiz 3 days ago
Te amo
HarryTheTommoWay 💙💚
I really love the choreo!
Paula Chávez
Paula Chávez 3 days ago
claro q iba a ganar
Yamilet ✨
Yamilet ✨ 3 days ago
Amo esta canción
BELÉN 28 3 days ago
Dandara Souza
Dandara Souza 3 days ago
Foi isso que ganhou clip do ano invés de BTS ? Parece até piada!
afiqah 2 days ago
he deserved it stay mad
malaika💌 2 days ago
read the title of the song
Gaming lizzard
Gaming lizzard 3 days ago
We need one direction again brother....please come out..❤️❤️
i love it
Bhargabprotim Basumatary
harry deserves the vma best choreography........ i love him sm and directioner forver ❤💛💚💙
Bhumi Devgupta
Bhumi Devgupta 3 days ago
Harry it's not my fault, you are not doing tour to INDIA, How am i supposed go so far? My parents will never allow me to go just for a concert(though it more than concert for me, but they will not understand).
Harry did great !!! congratulations on the award ❤️
Finally the sensible one is here 🙂
Lisa ace of blackpink♡
He is such a pure soul KING
Viola Petrocchi
Viola Petrocchi 4 days ago
Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Asmi Mandowara
Asmi Mandowara 4 days ago
It's literally so plain sad that the ratio of good ARMYs to toxic obsessed Stans is so less, but I guess they're right, bigger the fandom, more the dirt produced. A shout out to all the good ARMYs who are overshadowed by shameful acts of immature Stans and are entitled to being toxic because a lot of the fandom is. I wanna let you know you're recognised and appreciated. This choreo was bomb and had such a beautiful message, go Harry all the way, you deserved it, this song deserved it, and I don't care if someone tells me otherwise. Sending Positivity to all 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Shekina Evangeline
Selena Gomez : kill em with kindness Harry Styles: Treat people with kindness 🥰😍😘😍🥰😘😘😍🥰
Maria Virginia
Maria Virginia 4 days ago
Neydi Mena Matus
Neydi Mena Matus 4 days ago
Flavia Mendoza
Flavia Mendoza 4 days ago
POV: You Enter The Elevator