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Harry Styles
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Behind the scenes of "Golden" by Harry Styles.
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Golden, Golden, Golden
As I open my eyes
Hold it, focus, hoping
Take me back to the light
I know you were way too bright for me
I’m hopeless, broken
So you wait for me in the sky
Browns my skin just right

You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden,
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

I don’t wanna be alone
I don’t wanna be alone
When it ends
Don’t wanna let you know
I don’t wanna be alone
But I can feel it take a hold
I can feel you take control
Of who I am and all I’ve ever known
Loving you’s the antidote

You’re so Golden
I don’t wanna be alone
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

I know that you’re scared
Because I’m so open

You’re so Golden
I don’t wanna be alone
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

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Dec 3, 2020




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Comments 39 505
Felix Andres
Felix Andres 8 hours ago
this is band from 80s FM radio
Vila_ 2 days ago
september 22 2020 can't believe it was exactly a year ago
Watermelon✰ 5 days ago
who is the person in the car tho
💫S E R L Y ' S  W O R L D 💫
Hey harry are u a diamond? Cause i dig you 😏
Paola Rivera-Tapia
1:00 “wait my mom said you could stay!!”
myra prasad
myra prasad 6 days ago
This best 'back in the day' is amazing! I love this vibe.
Aneet M 💙💚
Aneet M 💙💚 6 days ago
What about, what about painted nails make harry beautiful?
Vicki_1D 6 days ago
Erin Ruizol
Erin Ruizol 7 days ago
Jesus loves you all
Erin Ruizol
Erin Ruizol 7 days ago
1:10 he kinda looked like the long hair Harry here
Amber Fromage
Amber Fromage 9 days ago
This song was filmed on my 14th birthday (22nd September 2020) , my name is also amber which is kinda golden so bc of them 2 thing I love this song 10000x more 💛
Amber Fromage
Amber Fromage 2 days ago
Happy birthday filming of golden
mikaa 9 days ago
muito precioso
Cinthia 10 days ago
no entiendo nada harry poneme subtitulos porfa
Enza Rea
Enza Rea 11 days ago
"grazie Milano" "Milano? NO MILANO NO MILANO NOO. NEIPOLS"
Raquel Mota
Raquel Mota 11 days ago
A mulher fazendo dedolis no Harry ahhh que fofo 😍🥰❣❤.
𝙰.𝚐𝚑 11 days ago
Please publish more songs like this It's my NO.1 favorite song
Louis Tomlinson is my home
tremenda joya
Franciele Fernandes
Eu fico encantada com a beleza desse homem. Harry ❤️
•°. Sølar_Eclipse .°•
*Yea I think I would lose in a race against him-*
Norman Cito
Norman Cito 15 days ago
No les pasa que✨ fino✨
Yogita Bisht
Yogita Bisht 16 days ago
He's definitely a god❤❤❤
Nour 16 days ago
How cute Harry is!!!❤❤❤❤❤
Luz Granados
Luz Granados 16 days ago
Arshia Salmaniyan
Arshia Salmaniyan 18 days ago
I love it 💙✨👑💙💚✨💙👑
Breanne Ozuna
Breanne Ozuna 18 days ago
Literal perfection
Helen Almanza
Helen Almanza 19 days ago
te amo, te lo juro
Paz Medina
Paz Medina 20 days ago
May Dapp 🌞🌞
I don't think he understands what "behind the scenes" means anyway I am not complaining 😁
jess 23 days ago
when he says ciao ragazzi pls i love him
Honter Moreno
Honter Moreno 24 days ago
Lo amooo🥺❤️
Kim Aseel
Kim Aseel 25 days ago
Harry you have Crazy impressed From the arabs
Moriz 💙💚
Moriz 💙💚 25 days ago
I don't know after everytime I watch this I feel like 17yr old Harry just put a stache on him to look cool Literally it's the same Harry I love him 😂😁
Isabella Occhipinti
Joanna 🇮🇪
Joanna 🇮🇪 26 days ago
This is a whole new music video
Alanna Janhonen
Alanna Janhonen 27 days ago
The 22th september is my birthday 😍😍
_sunflowxrlt 29 days ago
At minute 2:37 you can hear the beginning of Sunflower, Vol 6 for half a second, this is funny, I never realized it hahahaha
Daniela MM
Daniela MM 29 days ago
Dam Andrea
Dam Andrea Month ago
Me gusta ver este video mientras intercalalo, Harry no sabes cuanto te amo :(
Rachel Mazzone
Rachel Mazzone Month ago
i think i’ve watched this more than the actual music video cause it always makes me smile
Reina Kylee
Reina Kylee 7 days ago
watchgirls18. com This is not a behind the scenes, this is a second music video.....ARE YOU KIDDING?
jessica talavera
He’s literally an angel omg
Eden Ellen
Eden Ellen 7 days ago
watchgirls18. com Even when I’m sad he manages to make me smile like crazy
Giovanni Battista Reberschak
I love you harry
Emily P
Emily P Month ago
Hi I'm Harry Styles I'm going to throw my phone in a lake and go live in a cabin by myself
Lovelarry Month ago
Maria Eduarda Damasceno
tudo nesse vídeo é extremamente perfeito
Ani Rochaeni
Ani Rochaeni Month ago
0:40 I wish I were the hair stylist
1:49 That cleavage shot though lol don't be giving that away for free Harold. 😏😂
En mi país no estaaaaaaa, solo me salió porque estoy de vacaciones 😔
angelyager Month ago
Io super fiera di essere italiana sapendolo che ha fatto questa canzone in Italia
Koya pandey☀️
You know he's talented when his behind the scenes look like a music video Itself. 😩❤️
Daniella Martín
my safe place
Gaming with Aafu and Pipu
Every time I see him just a thumbnail or a picture of harry will instantly make my day when I am down sad anything I just put his song on repeat and just cool off his songs are truly helpful I all ways while doing my homework any thing Just love this man to bits Love you Harry ❤️🥰
Morena Rios
Morena Rios Month ago
For Music
For Music Month ago
Harry is the only person to rule simplest outfits to the most complex dresses...and be on cover of vogue with a dress. WE LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES. YOU ARE PRECIOUS.
Fantastic editzz
Him sipping the tea lyk that..... Me:o think I've seen this film before :)
_ Kambyr _
_ Kambyr _ Month ago
He’s so golden. One of a kind. So creative and wonderful. Thankful for his journey.
jagathi Directioner 💙💚
Seriously not once not even once I blinked my eye while watching this video.. 💚💚💚💚
T.S edits
T.S edits Month ago
He is amazing love him so much plzzz watch his amazing edit on my channel ❤❤❤❤❤❤. If you are his true fan
erfane1d Month ago
I Love you💕
Danae Duran
Danae Duran Month ago
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Zilda Benedito
Zilda Benedito Month ago
Só eu que no final do vídeo entendi o harry falando "tchau brigado pro seis"?
Zilda Benedito
Zilda Benedito Month ago
Julieta Rios
Julieta Rios Month ago
mi vida te amo tanto sos tan lindito
Quelada 75
Quelada 75 Month ago
Ver a harry así de feliz enserio que me hace feliz y tener una sonrisa en la cara
Fiona Reese
Fiona Reese 7 days ago
watchgirls18. com If you don’t like Harry styles keep that to yourself because that’s embarrassing
CARLY SAID Month ago
i love the vibe of this video paired with the song. it's just so beautiful ❤️
:v pro ELF
:v pro ELF Month ago
Vamos Harry pa' cuando un nuevo MV?
Someday i wish to seen harry styles once in my life because he is my spiration 💕🌹see yaa Harry
Sussy Baka
Sussy Baka Month ago
Harry styles can be the only person who wears a full on suit and not look bad with dirty white vans at the same time 😌💅
HolisticHealingBy TiamatCollective
Its great because these songs help me to have a heart chakra awakening and connect with the loving light source energy. I can feel that Harry feels connected with everyone he's highly sensitive and I think that's why he looks the way he does. A lot of hsps look very small and sweet because they are. They're affected greatly by things that go on around them
HolisticHealingBy TiamatCollective
Aka the better music video that fans get to watch. And close ups of his bum in those cute trousers so it's deffo a win win 😂
Sam Isly
Sam Isly Month ago
Harry can you please help me ? I'm too obsessed with your amazing personality and voice every 30 minutes I end up here on your channel please please do a zoom video where you add fans for 1 minute I would love to talk to you for 59 seconds !! If I can't meet or talk to you I'll go nutzz and plus me and my sis are legit obsessed with you !!!
xime Month ago
el como se ve, el como de viste, el como es simplemente el es algo tan bonito y el es tan hermoso
Artistic Hub
Artistic Hub Month ago
Daiana Zeballo
Daiana Zeballo Month ago
te amo tanto
Rose Assis
Rose Assis Month ago
Amoooo esta música!!! O arranjo e melodia tudo perfeito..... EU sou apaixonada pelo Harry styles 🤯☺️🥰🤩😍 Brasil 🇧🇷
Afifah Sheikh
Afifah Sheikh Month ago
His looks, outfits, the location, the cinematography of the mv, the song, the vibe everything is such an aesthetic I love Harry the mv of Golden
Giovanni Dicaprio
Bellissimo il "grazie Milano" e gli altri che dicono "no, Milano no. Grazie Naples"
Zuce Hdez
Zuce Hdez Month ago
Harry Styles is a legend
Krisz Hk
Krisz Hk Month ago
Dude this shit is better than the music video
Sofía Alejandre
I miss you H
Salma Aboulmatty
He is trying to turn back the good times
Anna Month ago
Juliette Sosa
Juliette Sosa Month ago
He? Por que dice GOLDEN BTS?
Mollyee07 Month ago
I’m watching this in bed, eating chips and reading comments. Anyone with me??
muhammad mearaj
muhammad mearaj Month ago
Big fan
lu gomez
lu gomez Month ago
Me encanta golden y la musica de harry
Wislla Souza
Wislla Souza Month ago
genteee criei um gp no Whatsapp sobre o HARRY STYLES: chat.whatsapp.com/GD5XrfhwYdbHYcrfTLSQHY o link☝️
rosario diaz
rosario diaz Month ago
mi flaquito hermoso te amo y te admiro mucho
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 2 months ago
BELÉN 28 2 months ago
Marcella Sowell
Marcella Sowell 2 months ago
Vibe and visual so marvelous.
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 2 months ago
lovejesusnature 2 months ago
Love from Mary
Dhiana Shintawati
Dhiana Shintawati 2 months ago
Wow, keren banget
Dhiana Shintawati
Dhiana Shintawati 2 months ago
I love you Harry. Harry Edward Styles is best the best singer in the world
•Marruaca• 2 months ago
september 22nd is my freaking birthday!
Claudiu Marcu
Claudiu Marcu 2 months ago
Yuxy González
Yuxy González 2 months ago
Dhiana Shintawati
Dhiana Shintawati 2 months ago
So perfect boy, idola wanita2 diseluruh dunia, dia adalah Harry Edward Styles yang sangat tampan
Angelique Nel
Angelique Nel 2 months ago
JennaImao #RoadTo100
Im personally lesbian and this is the only man that I have a crush on.
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