Harrison Ford and Jimmy Tell Each Other Jokes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Harrison Ford returns with another joke to exchange with Jimmy, and they discuss his new role in The Secret Life of Pets 2.
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Harrison Ford and Jimmy Tell Each Other Jokes


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May 24, 2019




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Comments 994
Maksim Zyuzin
Yep, those two aren’t Jimmy Carr.
Miriam Varughese
Miriam Varughese 3 days ago
Harrison’s was as lame as Fallon’s
Moe A
Moe A 6 days ago
Hey marshal jones , the doctor with the beard is sitting in the guest chair next to the woman tell the joke about the duck, GET HIM
Jennifer Gillard
Jennifer Gillard 10 days ago
I love Harrison Ford's dry, sarcastic humor.
Saketh Chowdary
Saketh Chowdary 12 days ago
Couple of shite jokes.
Star alex
Star alex 12 days ago
The dude 2 😊😊😊
J Packard
J Packard 13 days ago
Ford seems like he has a brain injury or something or that just him?
Roger Lookabaugh
Roger Lookabaugh 8 days ago
His eyes are really glossed over. He appears to forget where he is at times. Drunk. Not cool. Very sad.
Ninja 14 days ago
When you're sick of your job but you're a legend and it pays well so you did the stupid talk show with the stupid guy.
Brad Thurkle
Brad Thurkle 15 days ago
Gotta love the Ford. He’s a living legend🤗
YOXYO 19 days ago
He looks like a older version of Keanu Reeves.
Bobby lobby
Bobby lobby 19 days ago
All that money Harrison Ford has and he can't even comb his hair looks like you just got up what the hell
Dj Caron
Dj Caron 20 days ago
I hate jimmy and jimmies shitty jokes. I hate jimmies fake laugh. Matter of fact i fucking hate the word Jimmie too.
Dj Caron
Dj Caron 20 days ago
I wanted to rip my brain out my skull listening to jimmy tell his joke
Alexander George Tsakumis
Sorry....both jokes were pathetic.
dick welch
dick welch Month ago
Wes Chalnder
Wes Chalnder Month ago
Damn Harrison Ford!
Jose Peixoto
Jose Peixoto Month ago
I can't decide which one is best,they're both *great*
Acer Juglans
Acer Juglans Month ago
Norm MacDonald would have told the exact same jokes and gotten way more laughter.
Sai S
Sai S Month ago
I walked backward for a week -- Hilarious.. hahaha
Sai S
Sai S Month ago
Ford's jokes are just horrible
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey Month ago
Jesus christ thank goodness you both are awesome and we love you immensely because that was a very boring 5 minutes.
GravityBoy72 Month ago
Why is Jimmy Fallon such a terrible host?
Tolu R OAhmed
Tolu R OAhmed Month ago
Lars Hassing
Lars Hassing Month ago
Jimmy, you are not Norm.. Do the short jokes 😘
Isaiah Mancini
Isaiah Mancini Month ago
Is that old John wick?
hydro nator
hydro nator Month ago
ford and fallon should do a buddy movie together theyre such polar opposites but its always hilarious when ford comes on his show
2,000 subs with no videos
Harrison's joke made no sense
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Month ago
Harrison is playing Chubacha in the next Star Wars movie.
just another degenerate with a youtube account
He looks like Ben Kenobi.
Steven Lee
Steven Lee Month ago
Harrison is a great actor but he's rude here and often in interviews.
MrRamazanLale2 2 months ago
Harrison is doing a Chewbacca impression
RaozSkillz 2 months ago
Harrison's joke is much funnier watching it a second time after googling 'fryers'.
김수광 2 months ago
Top 3 Harrison Ford's Roles 1st Indiana Jones 2nd Rooster The Dog 3rd Han Solo
masterp@1ne 2 months ago
Jimmy stop fake laughing you pathetic loser
Patrick Lipski
Patrick Lipski 2 months ago
jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel should let their guests tell stories like graham Norton show
cHiLL GaMinG
cHiLL GaMinG 2 months ago
A few more years an Harrison is the new Dumbledore😂
Jesse King
Jesse King 2 months ago
Hello Dr. Kimble
Michael John
Michael John 2 months ago
Everyone saved their best jokes for Letterman. Harrison told this same joke on Letterman years ago.
Will Webster
Will Webster 3 months ago
Never knew I needed to hear Harrison say the word "tummy" until today. I am complete
A. icarus
A. icarus 3 months ago
Both boring & not funny!! Jesus Christ I wasted 6 minutes for this bullshit!!
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott 3 months ago
Simon Gründlinger
Simon Gründlinger 3 months ago
Richtig cool.
Kelsey Stevenson
Kelsey Stevenson 3 months ago
Jimmys fake OVERlaugh is the reason I cant watch this show anymore.
ACee 130
ACee 130 3 months ago
Jimmy wasted 2 mins of my life
Funny farts smell funny
This guest kinda looks like an old Han Solo. Who is this?
Nicky Panov
Nicky Panov 3 months ago
Joe Frank
Joe Frank 3 months ago
I've got one: Harrison Ford walks onto a set and punches Jimmy in the face. The end. Wasn't that hilarious?
Malte Gläser
Malte Gläser 3 months ago
Ford got old .....
Darwinian Atheist
Darwinian Atheist 3 months ago
He is slowly merging into Chewbacca...
BMW R1200GS Adventure
Both jokes were rubbish...... Semi-colon prisoner in court, was handed two consecutive sentances....
Gary Pierce
Gary Pierce 3 months ago
Looks like he's in the middle of filming The Fugitive 2
YOJI POP 3 months ago
Didn't get the cannibal joke ! What's funny
FaB92 N
FaB92 N 3 months ago
Hope one day Jimmy will tell us a great or just good joke.
Tomasz .Chodorowski
Tomasz .Chodorowski 3 months ago
Harrison Ford and The Screaming Lord
Sandra Pisu-Jocic
Sandra Pisu-Jocic 3 months ago
Smartzenegger 3 months ago
That Harrison guy... does he really drive a Ford???
redtiger 3 months ago
Harrison is now playing the Old Knight keeping the Holy Graal in Last Crusade... ;)
mogo markas
mogo markas 3 months ago
Come on, mix it up a little. He told the same joke on Letterman like 15 years ago. 😂
Kateri Dehler
Kateri Dehler 3 months ago
I've heard all these jokes XD
German Ortiz
German Ortiz 3 months ago
I didn’t get the jokes at all
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