Harrison Ford and Jimmy Tell Each Other Jokes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Harrison Ford returns with another joke to exchange with Jimmy, and they discuss his new role in The Secret Life of Pets 2.
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Harrison Ford and Jimmy Tell Each Other Jokes


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May 24, 2019

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Comments 957
MrRamazanLale2 22 hours ago
Harrison is doing a Chewbacca impression
RaozSkillz Day ago
Harrison's joke is much funnier watching it a second time after googling 'fryers'.
김수광 6 days ago
Top 3 Harrison Ford's Roles 1st Indiana Jones 2nd Rooster The Dog 3rd Han Solo
masterp@1ne 9 days ago
Jimmy stop fake laughing you pathetic loser
Patrick Lipski
Patrick Lipski 10 days ago
jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel should let their guests tell stories like graham Norton show
cHiLL GaMinG
cHiLL GaMinG 17 days ago
A few more years an Harrison is the new Dumbledore😂
Jesse King
Jesse King 21 day ago
Hello Dr. Kimble
Michael John
Michael John 25 days ago
Everyone saved their best jokes for Letterman. Harrison told this same joke on Letterman years ago.
Will Webster
Will Webster 27 days ago
Never knew I needed to hear Harrison say the word "tummy" until today. I am complete
A. icarus
A. icarus Month ago
Both boring & not funny!! Jesus Christ I wasted 6 minutes for this bullshit!!
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott Month ago
Simon Gründlinger
Richtig cool.
Kelsey Stevenson
Jimmys fake OVERlaugh is the reason I cant watch this show anymore.
ACee 130
ACee 130 Month ago
Jimmy wasted 2 mins of my life
Funny farts smell funny
This guest kinda looks like an old Han Solo. Who is this?
Ricardo Pascow
Ricardo Pascow Month ago
Joe Frank
Joe Frank Month ago
I've got one: Harrison Ford walks onto a set and punches Jimmy in the face. The end. Wasn't that hilarious?
Malte Gläser
Malte Gläser Month ago
Ford got old .....
Darwinian Atheist
He is slowly merging into Chewbacca...
BMW R1200GS Adventure
Both jokes were rubbish...... Semi-colon prisoner in court, was handed two consecutive sentances....
Gary Pierce
Gary Pierce Month ago
Looks like he's in the middle of filming The Fugitive 2
YOJI POP Month ago
Didn't get the cannibal joke ! What's funny
FaB92 N
FaB92 N Month ago
Hope one day Jimmy will tell us a great or just good joke.
Tomasz .Chodorowski
Harrison Ford and The Screaming Lord
Sandra Pisu-Jocic
Smartzenegger Month ago
That Harrison guy... does he really drive a Ford???
redtiger Month ago
Harrison is now playing the Old Knight keeping the Holy Graal in Last Crusade... ;)
mogo markas
mogo markas Month ago
Come on, mix it up a little. He told the same joke on Letterman like 15 years ago. 😂
Kateri Dehler
Kateri Dehler Month ago
I've heard all these jokes XD
German Ortiz
German Ortiz Month ago
I didn’t get the jokes at all
papi chulo
papi chulo Month ago
You can tell that old man cant stand its self just by the look on its face.
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman Month ago
Wow his almost 77 and Oldman
NimsChannel Month ago
Harrison reminds me a bit of a wind up toy. Like he goes in a direction but you'll likely have to go retrieve him.
Nurzhan Kalmensheyev
Could you give me explanation joke from Harrison Ford???
Nix Neato
Nix Neato Month ago
A friar is a type of religious man (comes from the French "frère" which means "brother"). A frier is something you should fry :)
Harrison looks like Noah (Noah's Ark)
Immature Movies
Immature Movies Month ago
Wanna hear a real joke Harrisons Favorite Role Was Han Solo-
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb Month ago
Harrison post plane crash is my favorite person
Me watching this the day Secert Lifeof pets 2 comes out
Jonathan Chatziliadis
Harrison ford is still the coollest dude around !!
monz87 Month ago
Wow Harrison is a cool guy
johnny james
johnny james Month ago
Jimmy. Is an idiot trump thats alk that idiot has in materal he's on his way out his imatations suck little man scrany little man his show sucks...🇺🇸
Simon Leblanc
Simon Leblanc Month ago
Damn H.F. is an amazing joke teller
AdelaRios Flust
AdelaRios Flust Month ago
I will never not be wildly attracted to Harrison Ford. There's just so much to like about him. Pilot? Check. Carpenter? Check. Hilarious? Check. Han Solo? Check. Indiana Jones? Check. Traffic director when need arises? Check. Heart of gold? Check. Suffer fools? Nope. And obviously so much more.... And he's so handsome. Number one celebrity crush of all time, hands down
Lazzar L
Lazzar L Month ago
He looks he is sick of everyone
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez Month ago
Shahaan Singh
Shahaan Singh Month ago
Is that Greg poppovich?
Patrick Blackwell
I love Harrison Ford but that cannibal joke was terrible
dannydinosaur73 Month ago
Ford told the cannibal joke on Letterman a long time back, but it's better here. Gotten better with age. 😄
Jeffrey Slotnikoff
And this guy is a highly-paid television celebrity? I got so bored and annoyed with his ineptness, I couldn't even wait for the punchline. How pathetic...
Sean Pflum
Sean Pflum Month ago
That is the greatest fucking joke I have ever heard.
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