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The crew reacts to Sen. Kamala Harris's decision to drop out of the Democratic primary.
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Dec 3, 2019




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Alan Bryan
Alan Bryan 20 days ago
she should have dropped out along time ago. she should of dropped out when she couldn't handle it when black businessmen gave her an award (SHE WENT OUT IN THE HALL TO CRY!!! WHAT A CRYBABY !!!!!)her father is a good guy though.she's bad.
Bran Evans
Bran Evans Month ago
Harris is a real jerk. totally dishonest.
Lten Vasich
Lten Vasich Month ago
I really think Clare’s comment about how the Democratic Party was reeling from losing those white male voters in 2016 speaks to a greater problem of how the Democratic Party has been taking minority voters, many of whom just didn’t show up to vote in 2016, for granted for a very long time without giving them a reason to believe the party is capable of improving their lives in any way. I think this part of Sanders‘ and Warren’s cases for the nomination (Sanders especially), but as he himself admitted in 2016 while trying to contest Clinton, “poor people don’t vote”. This democracy has always been by and for the wealthy, and that has to change soon, if we aren’t destined to fall apart as a country or slide into further fascism.
Tony Scot
Tony Scot Month ago
Kamala Harris has been ffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmeeed out! :-)
Rock Lee
Rock Lee 2 months ago
Lol all these excuses for the black candidates just accept that corporate politicians suck even when theyre black
Ty N
Ty N 2 months ago
How are these people so bad? Clare tries to describe Warren and Sanders as being "grassroots" but doesn't use the word, and spends 3 minutes talking about the Midwest and sunny California weather... also, they referenced a 2017 piece predicting that the future of the Dem party would be white males, but then 2018 happened...
Mac Logan
Mac Logan 2 months ago
never watched these guys before..i though id get some commentary on the Kamala situation...but all im hearing here is what these presenters are trying NOT TO SAY..and i suspect its all CAMOUFLAGE language..for something about RACE in some way shape or form
Hugo de la Rosa Jimenez
People who disagree/don’t like this show in the comments help this channel by watching this video and leaving a comment. I once posted a Halloween themed video for a school assignment that got 400 views. Should have created a video like this.
Tahzi Bizimungu
Tahzi Bizimungu 2 months ago
Kamala's hostility to Black People was her undoing...
Trdiopn 2 months ago
Wow, what great analysis. I am so excited that there is so much time until the general election. Once that new model is ready its going to take this show to another level.
A Woman My Age
A Woman My Age 2 months ago
Yes, you were dead wrong about Kamala Harris! She was a horrible candidate from the start! You people have no ears to the ground that really matters!!! Keep chasing elusive white voters who's loyalty has been divided since 1976 at least!
AJ Grand
AJ Grand 2 months ago
I only listen to see how out of touch the panels views are compared to real people. There is a place for numbers and data structures. But they feel like a blind person playing darts in this podcast
AJ Grand
AJ Grand 2 months ago
The “Black” candidates were TERRIBLE candidates. And most black people are serious voters now. And most us will not support a candidate who does not have a strong, specific, tangible and real black agenda as part of their platform.
Bishman 2 months ago
Kamala Harris had no policies that would close the racial wealth gap. She ran a terrible campaign.
Paddle Duck
Paddle Duck 2 months ago
Talk more about Nevada and California.
Stephan Kyle
Stephan Kyle 2 months ago
This analysis is nonsense identity politic bs.
Titus 2:13
Titus 2:13 2 months ago
I can't believe that this corrupt, hypocritical pig even thought that she had a chance in hell to begin with... When Gabbard spanked her nasty ass on live television, that was the beginning of the end for her...
Lady Gee
Lady Gee 2 months ago
The chameleon could not find a niche to blend into. Bye bye Kamala..
George chambers474 the jus
Harris was looking tired
Safat Hossain
Safat Hossain 2 months ago
Nate Silver, you were a good election predictor in the neoliberal age. What you fail to realize that we're past that age now.
Death Without Dignity
41 minutes to talk about the horserace? Please, gotta love degreed class youngsters. It shouldn't take 41 minutes to understand Harris was about to get shellacked on Super Tuesday by Bernie Sanders. She did what every other degreed class phony does - took her ball and went home. Like Hillary, she blamed everyone but herself. #GoodRiddance
Apple Sucks
Apple Sucks 2 months ago
President Trumps re-election is inevitable!
jnsdkljfn 2 months ago
Really struck by how all they seem to talk about is shallow identity politics. They hardly ever discuss the actual proposed policies as a factor that goes into the candidates’ support or lack thereof. I was a fan during the 2016 election but it’s clear to me how very vapid this podcast is
Bishman 2 months ago
I agree. The mainstream media does not discuss policies that the American people want.
Dublin Bay
Dublin Bay 2 months ago
Tulsi the terminator ended Kamala Harris, end of story.
Tion Amos
Tion Amos 2 months ago
Why are you guys complicating things, she had no black support, she was trying to be Obama 2.0. If Obama ran today he wouldn't have the black vote, not without a black agenda.
Bishman 2 months ago
They are in a different bubble than black people. There is a reason she polled badly with black people and even did poorly in South Carolina.
THEBLACK JFK 2 months ago
Tion Amos amen 🙏🏿 well spoken
The Bigger Picture
The Bigger Picture 2 months ago
She's not even presidential at all.She most definitely made the right decision a few days ago.She's not so-called "black" by the way.She's Indian!
Shlubbs 2 months ago
Sanders could win the primary and still not be considered a top tier candidate by these guys (not Clare love Clare)
jnsdkljfn 2 months ago
I’m starting to think Claire sucks too
V Brown
V Brown 2 months ago
She basically ran an awful campaign with no clear message or agenda- especially to the base she was appealing to- the black vote- I attended her rally in Oakland- she was to first to announce and the first to drop out- who does that? this was an epic fail for a mediocre candidate period.
Bishman 2 months ago
Kamala said on the Grio she would not do anything SPECIFICALLY for black people. She was done after that. And she had no black policies that would close the racial wealth gap.
THEBLACK JFK 2 months ago
V Brown she was not appealing to the black vote no tangibles no vote
dee jay
dee jay 2 months ago
Kamala De Ville Harris is a washed-up HO ! #SanctuaryCitySkank #StreetWalker #AshyKnees #KarmaIsABitchBeeArch ...however, Tulsi Gabbard (my gorgeous sister-in-arms) is going to continue to kick all of their sorry leftist LibTurd asses !!! hahaha ...however, the losers are busy pulling (circle-jerking) the race card so hard, as per usual, whilst Kamala Skank De Ville has just discovered #Karma !! ...denial is not a river in Egypt, bee-arch !!! #CumDumpster #SkankOfNote #NobodyCares #GoSuckADick #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020
LaToya 2 months ago
If people continue listening to mainstream news you will always be behind the ball as they are paid to misinform. They tell you who the big candidates are and we're supposed to jump on board. Im sorry l have a brain. I knew as soon as Kamala announced that she wasnt it. The media had too much positive coverage with hardly anything negative to say about her inspite of her horrible prosecutorial hx.
Bishman 2 months ago
Preach. And Kamala said on the Grio she would not do anything SPECIFICALLY for black people. Also no policies to close the racial wealth gap.
LaToya 2 months ago
Kamala reaized she wasn't going to get the black vote. If you dont have that and are running at a Democrat, you're going to lose. Dropping out was the first smart thing she's done throughout her entire campaign.
Bishman 2 months ago
No Democratic President has won the primary and general election without the black vote since LBJ. Black people will decide the election.
Curt Umland
Curt Umland 2 months ago
Ideas > Identity
jnsdkljfn 2 months ago
not according to this podcast
Weaboo Milk
Weaboo Milk 2 months ago
I'm so glad the discussion about regional hostility and Nate's example about firing Clare at the end weren't edited out. Even though it's a bit off topic they add levity and character. And as an immigrant who lived in New Jersey first and then Indiana, can confirm that Midwesterners will say you're wrong with a smile on your face while east coasters will shout it at you while pinning you to the ground.
Andy Bird
Andy Bird 2 months ago
I'm guessing randomly here but I think she dropped out because she made a deal to be someone's running mate. My guess Joe biden
NoPr0bl3ms 2 months ago
Wow I've been listening to this podcast for years and didn't know there was a video version... it's so weird seeing their faces after having listened to their voices for hundreds of hours lol. Galen is probably the one only who looks sorta how I imagined him.
Comrade LeBitch
Comrade LeBitch 2 months ago
So long Biatchhh Harris!!!
BubbaCrane 2 months ago
Cali is the best, Harris is the worst. I’d vote for Trump over the prison monger. Also not one mention of Tulsi.
Crixus89 0
Crixus89 0 2 months ago
Her race and gender didnt have anything to do as to why she dropped out. Stop stating that as an issue, it's really stupid and intellectually lazy. Obama and Trump won bc they ran as Populists. It's the reason why Bernie is going to win. Harris and the rest of the corporate dems centrists hacks can kick rocks. I'm an African American male and I support Bernie bc of his policies.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 2 months ago
37:03 Always leave it in! The reason the podcast is so much better is because it doesn’t have the banter cut out. When you remove the banter you break up the flow of the conversation and lose so much of the charm. Please stop editing these things out!
Harvey Pooka
Harvey Pooka 2 months ago
Congrats, 538! You're now a big enough RUvid channel to get your own Russian trolls! You've made it!
Big Smoke Guitar
Big Smoke Guitar 2 months ago
Kamala will be fine. And don't be surprised if she's offered the AG nomination. I won't be casting my vote as planned. But instead my vote will go to Pete Buttigieg. For all the Right's bullshit, he's a bigger and better Soldier than half the men he's served with.
Stephen Bamford
Stephen Bamford 2 months ago
This is 'The Wire' of political podcasts! LOVE YOU ALL xxx
Fabian Gonell
Fabian Gonell 2 months ago
I came to see the expression on Clare's face when Nate talked about her tweeting out what a great mentor he is. Was not disappointed.
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
How are you going to develop a model when your worldview is so clouded by wokeness? You @kers are more racist than the right.
Nicholas Gross
Nicholas Gross 2 months ago
I wonder if the impending senate impeachment hearing had anything to do with this decision?
马云 2 months ago
14.4K you need more subscribers..try to make video shorter and put in more eye candy
Good 2 months ago
All whites!!! WhAt about our very own 💯% Original Indian🤔🤣
fordfairlane1955 2 months ago
this aint California where you win if theres a d by your name
Jeo Jetson
Jeo Jetson 2 months ago
I know it’s an all white panel so I’ll say it. Kamala Harris nor Corey Booker have a black spouse or black kids. So not only are they no where near as charismatic as Obama they have no Michelle, Sasha, or Malia....
Jeo Jetson
Jeo Jetson 2 months ago
Stop the Philosophical Zombies Barack is of mixed race but my point being him having a black wife with black children gives a strong image that he chose his black side. I don’t know how you could be a “black” candidate and not want to strongly appeal to black people.
Dunn123 2 months ago
I just found your channel, but I'm perplexed why do guys refuse give Sanders a fair shake. Hear me out: Sanders favorability rivals Biden at 75%. He's the most trusted on healthcare which is the most important issue to Democrats. He single-handily redefine the ideological field and is the only reason were talking about healthcare and college reform in the first place. He's a strong debater who gave Hillary Clinton a run for her money at the height of her power and has massive appeal in the very areas you recognized as important. He's polling well in the early states (right now) and will probably take New Hampshire again. Point being, Sanders still has a shot.
Paddle Duck
Paddle Duck 2 months ago
I’m waiting until he wins California on Super Tuesday and then they won’t be able to ignore him. I’m hoping.
jnsdkljfn 2 months ago
they will talk about literally anyone in depth except for sanders, it’s weird
Thor Velasco
Thor Velasco 2 months ago
Bye Felicia! Maybe if her sister wasn't running the show a la Biden Family business model....
sintered 2 months ago
538 is a perfect microcosm of democratic voters. They're not interested in who is good/sane, what makes sense, what's ridiculous, they're just looking around trying to figure out who everyone else is going to vote for so they'll know who to vote for too.
sintered 2 months ago
"Everyone on the road seems to act like a race car driver and think they have to get in front of everyone else" @Petr Mořic "Umm, being in front of everyone else is literally a race car driver's job."
Petr Mořic
Petr Mořic 2 months ago
Umm, that's literally their job...
Hoggar Krababbel
Hoggar Krababbel 2 months ago
Do they mention in this video, that Tulsi Gabbard ended Dirty Officer Harris' career?
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
Hoggar Krababbel Tulsi is a dirty word on the woke left.
NZ Bro Trev
NZ Bro Trev 2 months ago
Diversity doe's not equal quality.
Jusu Jaka
Jusu Jaka 2 months ago
The real black media made her drop off because professor black truth and Jason black exposed this little India lady’s lies.She clams to be black but did not want to do anything for black peoples specifically
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
Jusu Jaka She came off as inauthentic as Shillary
Spawndude Spawndude
Spawndude Spawndude 2 months ago
HaHaHaHa Harris you are now officially a L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't make the cut L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!! I believed all along you were a L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!!!
Kasun Mendis
Kasun Mendis 2 months ago
Kamala : I am running for President !!!!!!! Tulsi : Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way
Moss Stirling
Moss Stirling 2 months ago
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 2 months ago
The whole electability debate has no impact on me! 😃 Bernie is electable and our ideals and philosophy are really close. Lucky me! 😊
Paddle Duck
Paddle Duck 2 months ago
Bernie ♥️
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
Daniel Kim Enjoy throwing your vote away
bridgettedenise 2 months ago
Kamala supporters will go to trump
bridgettedenise 2 months ago
California is a poop state
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