Harper's walk-off grand slam caps comeback | Cubs-Phillies Game Highlights 8/15/19

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Condensed Game: Bryce Harper clobbered a walk-off grand slam to complete the Phillies' 7-5 comeback victory over the Cubs
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Comments 80
Kyle Chan
Kyle Chan 20 days ago
"oh my god" that was what the pitcher derek holland thought as he had to wait for harper to cross the plate...ha ha!
Aviator43 Month ago
I hate that I love this
Da Polarbear
Da Polarbear Month ago
I was at this game me a cubs fan and I was in disbelief
Dave Hibbs
Dave Hibbs 2 months ago
And they didn't even make the playoffs and Harper's leaving D.C. just meant he's not that good of a player because the nationals still won the world series without HIM 😂😂
Super Christian 2020
5:51 That's Crazy! Congratulations Harper for winning the Grand Slam Championship!
Dominic Coolidge
Dominic Coolidge 3 months ago
Go Phillies and Dodgers!
T Clark
T Clark 3 months ago
As a die hard braves fan, I cannot stop watching this
Angel G€RM@N
Angel G€RM@N 4 months ago
His eyes lit up with passion when he hit the ball.
First Name
First Name 5 months ago
I watched this on TV and I was happy the last two innings
First Name
First Name 5 months ago
Best Game Comeback I seen on tv in a while
david brown
david brown 5 months ago
Watched this live. Can’t wait to see it in the playoffs
Tomes D
Tomes D 7 months ago
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdailypro Step 3. Enjoy! Harper's walk-off grand slam caps comeback | Cubs-Phillies Game Highlights 8/15/19 You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.
Davis Shikle
Davis Shikle 7 months ago
Nice walk-off, Go Phillies!
MikeTheKoopaWarrior 7 months ago
Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher
Me, Cubs fan, at the start of the game: "I like Harper." Me, at the end of the game, becoming Ron Swanson: "I no longer like Harper."
Darwins_ _Helper
Darwins_ _Helper 7 months ago
Heritage Broz
Heritage Broz 7 months ago
Rodolfo Pizarro
Rodolfo Pizarro 7 months ago
I want that the nl final will be phillies vs dodgers and the ws yankees vs dodgers and i want that Los Angeles Dodgers win the world series!!
Rodolfo Pizarro
Rodolfo Pizarro 7 months ago
Bryce harper is very dangerous
Sharrieff Vincent
Sharrieff Vincent 7 months ago
Everyone went from hating Harper due to his slow starts in Philly to jumping back on the bandwagon lol
Elliot Kennedy
Elliot Kennedy 7 months ago
Cubs players come to Epworth I love you guys you are the best team
Pomerlain89 7 months ago
There are going to be changes coming to the Cubs next year. Because what they're putting out right now is just not good enough. The constant power outages on offense, the miserable road record, and the ineptitude of the Cubs' bullpen. Not to mention, the fact that Maddon continues to misuse his pitching staff and bullpen. With Darvish dealing the way he was, I'd want him to eat up as many innings as possible before having to go to our suspect bullpen. They can't be trusted, and this game further proved it. But Maddon wants to keep going by analytics instead of the eye test.
F1RST_ 22
F1RST_ 22 7 months ago
Anyone notice Bryce was wearing stirrups with low pants
nate means
nate means 7 months ago
Yu Darvish - 7 innings - 0 runs Cubs Bullpen - 2 innings - 7 runs
Pomerlain89 7 months ago
But Maddon still wants to go by analytics and sabermetrics, instead of just using the eye test. If a guy is dealing, like Darvish was, let him eat up as many outs as possible. The bullpen can't be trusted with any lead.
Veno Venom
Veno Venom 7 months ago
I'm a Cubs fan, and even I agree that Bryce Harper CRUSHED that ball! He is truly an incredible player. Well deserved W, Phillies!
Shand Nazer
Shand Nazer 7 months ago
I love those baby blue Phillies unis ⚾️
jrm78 7 months ago
[sigh] Cubs, why you always gotta Cub?
Conner Cable
Conner Cable 7 months ago
Go Phillies
Joseph Veeck
Joseph Veeck 7 months ago
waiting for a jomboy video about this...
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 7 months ago
E.A. Hawley
E.A. Hawley 7 months ago
Terrible location for a pitch to any hitter, let alone a competent batter like Harper. Bonehead.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 7 months ago
#48 on trending
Rodolfo Garcia
Rodolfo Garcia 7 months ago
That Phillies uniform bring me memories like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Tug MacGraw, Gary Mathews, Steve Carlton, etc. Nostalgia
FOX News is 100% fake news
The curse is back for the Cubs. It's game 6 of the 2003 NLDS all over again. The only thing missing was Steve Bartman.
baseknockkid 7 months ago
Can’t wait for jomboy’s take on this
Ric T
Ric T 7 months ago
Like him or not , he does what overpaid superstars are supposed to do.
An3 7 months ago
That GS dropped Everyone's Jaw, even Bryce just watched it...
JalenTV 7 months ago
Imagine having 10k and no runs scored through 7 innings then ur team messes it up for u 😭
Kris Hammer
Kris Hammer 7 months ago
This was the kind of game you leave early because of traffic, thinking that your team lost and you hear what happens on the radio on the way home.
Tr4ck G0d
Tr4ck G0d 7 months ago
Cubs blew 5-0 lead against the Phillies what is even worse is that is was 9th inning
Ty Nao
Ty Nao 7 months ago
that was one of the highest elevation HRs I have ever seen. It seemed to finally drop from the heavens around 5:56
azure1 7 months ago
Chills, first time I've gotten chills watching the Phillies since the 2007-2011 era.
Ethan L
Ethan L 7 months ago
And that's why he gets paid the big bucks
Kobe Is The Goat
Kobe Is The Goat 7 months ago
#FuckTheCubs💯😎🖕🏽🖕🏽🚮 #FlyTheL
NO ONE wants to grab your PU55Y
They’ll blow it in the playoffs
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 7 months ago
Man the Cubs get the furthest swings but the outfielders are just killin’ it
Dan Serrano
Dan Serrano 7 months ago
Worst Uniform Ever 😆
Renee Pena
Renee Pena 7 months ago
You could have had actual MEANINGFUL moments like this if you would've signed with the Yankees, Bryce. But have fun playing for an absolute POS meaningless franchise.
Mega 7 months ago
Renee Pena awwwww
Shannon Doyle
Shannon Doyle 7 months ago
I have not been this happy for Philadelphia since original Rocky, 1976 !
Nathan Rosser
Nathan Rosser 7 months ago
"This ball is outta here!" Harry Kalas R.I.P
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 7 months ago
Hello, Humans. “At some point you’ve got to decide for yourself who you gonna be. Can’t let nobody make that decision for you.” - Juan, Moonlight TERRANCE OUT
derkaiser420 7 months ago
I hate Harper but I hate the Cubs more.
JamondGH 7 months ago
He ran so fast he almost caught the base runner in front of him
No U
No U 7 months ago
Dj Mile High
Dj Mile High 7 months ago
I had tickets to this game and didnt go 😭
trizz54 7 months ago
They way he ran the bases after the Homer was epic
SpikersButchers 7 months ago
Anybody who wants to beat the cubs just let the starting pitcher run the count. Once he goes seven scoreless innings and a reliever comes in, that's the time to strike. Trust me dont swing they'll just walk you and you'll win
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith 7 months ago
Darvish and Harper very rich
Nicklaus Grohs
Nicklaus Grohs 7 months ago
Anyone else notice the Gatorade shower COMPLETELY missed Harper😂
TheBatugan77 7 months ago
He flew around way to fast. They didn't have the proper time to launch.
thunderWolf 7 months ago
@JomboyMedia who gets 1st place for standing up first?
Galvakistan Veteran
Galvakistan Veteran 7 months ago
Thats so sick
sugarcoin72 7 months ago
And y’all think he ain’t a top player in the MLB
TheBatugan77 7 months ago
He's far from worth what Philly gave him. Kudos for the timely blast. But I'm damn glad the Yanks didn't come close to doing something that stupid.
Trevor The Inkling
Trevor The Inkling 7 months ago
He still isn't exactly a top player.
malbowz 125
malbowz 125 7 months ago
I'm a life long Braves fan, but that was awesome! Good win Phils!
Anthony Ferrara
Anthony Ferrara 7 months ago
Imagine being the person leaving this game thinking it’s over
TheBatugan77 7 months ago
People that do that... deserve that. Never understood why you'd leave.
Halel Eliyah
Halel Eliyah 7 months ago
Did u know that Cy Young pitched 12 complete games at age 44? Cubs starters have 1 this year
ShadowSlayerX87 7 months ago
You the man Bryce
TheBatugan77 7 months ago
Aren't those retro ROAD uniforms the Phils are wearing? I thought they had those in white for home games. At least when they won their 1990 Series. Yanks fan here, so just asking.
Alittlebitnuts2day 7 months ago
Now that's the Cubs I know!
D Me
D Me 7 months ago
Baseball...not soccer, is the greatest game on the planet!
Exceptional Pleb
Exceptional Pleb 7 months ago
Rizzo is the man
Catholic Renewed
Catholic Renewed 7 months ago
Now the deal was worth it fellas
Coin CLT
Coin CLT 7 months ago
I was at the game last night
Theo Kim
Theo Kim 7 months ago
This is why he is super star
Snake-eyes 7 months ago
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koby kitchens
koby kitchens 7 months ago
Wish I could’ve been there
Mrs. OlLady
Mrs. OlLady 7 months ago
The "OH MY GOD" at the crack of the bat
Jesuis Charlie
Jesuis Charlie 7 months ago
Happ shouldn’t be playing 2nd base. Honestly his fielding cost us the game.
Build 7 months ago
Come on Cubs :/
Greg Warren
Greg Warren 7 months ago
Love the call by the kruker. Oh my god!!! Classic!!
Mr King
Mr King 7 months ago
Who'd I gotta pay to walk the long hair faggy boy and strike out a pinch hitter?! I coulda saved that game with a catcher pitching. Guess that's why I ain't Joe Maddon :-/
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