Harold & Kumar White Castle Challenge (9,660 Calories)

Matt Stonie
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The Harold & Kumar White Castle Challenge! Originally attempted by the LA Beast (ruvid.net/video/video-rYQCe1UwxCg.html), figured when I'd give it a shot while in Vegas for a few days.
- 30 White Castle Burgers
- 5 Regular Sized Fries
- 4 Large Cherry Cokes
That's it.
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Dec 19, 2017




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Comments 12 331
bilel Bilel
bilel Bilel 12 hours ago
Fake videos
tlha BG
tlha BG 19 hours ago
israf azcık bizede amk
lil memeio
lil memeio 22 hours ago
You have to get high first, get the munchies, and the challenge is much easier
Yosa aaa
Yosa aaa Day ago
Wait- exist Coca cola of CHERRY????
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan Day ago
That is so unhealthy
helen mclaughlin
boi CHEW
helen mclaughlin
any 2019 if yes like if no comment
B. Smoke
B. Smoke Day ago
Hello! I know you are doing this for us, which you give us entertainment. But please I beg you to lay off from those huge eating videos. I’m afraid someday you will die..
قنيطري في باريس
If you really want the challenge, do not speak and complete the challenge. When you are finished, talk as often as you like. If you participate in a competition, will you speak with someone? I don't think so. Please stick to the challenge and not speak until it ends. Thank you.
EGE MUTLU 2 days ago
O yediklerin nasıl çıkıyor
Defalt Games
Defalt Games 2 days ago
I went to vegas on my 21 birthday and my request was to eat a White Castle burger but my parents told me they were nasty over there...
kyler buck
kyler buck 3 days ago
so white castle is McDonald's ?
Bad Boi
Bad Boi 3 days ago
Its 12:00 pm now and i dont even have dinner yet
Ionela Mitroi
Ionela Mitroi 3 days ago
E cineva roman
Classified 3 days ago
BadlandsChugs, AKA Big Smoke, Has you beat!
STUIF 3 days ago
When Mat Stonie go in shop for video?
Noah Berg
Noah Berg 3 days ago
I love Harold and kumar
Zarif Karim
Zarif Karim 3 days ago
After watching this I had the urge to watch the movie Harold and Kumar
Bloop Bloppy
Bloop Bloppy 4 days ago
People probably thinks it’s for his family but low key it’s all for him haha
Jacy & Liam
Jacy & Liam 4 days ago
Me: can eat 1 burger in 2 minutes Matt Stonie: *can eat 15 burgers in 2 minutes*
Me: skips 10 sec Him: finishes 3
Coco Water
Coco Water 4 days ago
How are u skinny
AsainPatrick Boii
Matt stonie inhaling food
Vegas X
Vegas X 5 days ago
I don't know how you can stomach that Garbage.
Sarcade Lord
Sarcade Lord 5 days ago
I feel bad for the guy whose recording
J Ygb
J Ygb 3 days ago
Atom_0shArk 370
Atom_0shArk 370 5 days ago
How much does this man work out
Random guy on the net
How you still alive?
Abraham 6 days ago
I only eat like 2 or 1 sliders Matt stonie 8 sliders left now a standard meal boi how u not fat wth
Nautical dooble
Nautical dooble 6 days ago
That must’ve hit the spot
Sean Castor
Sean Castor 6 days ago
What I question... does Matt ever take the time to actually enjoy the food...cause damn
Hs F_08
Hs F_08 6 days ago
LA beast got nothing on you bro
Gold 6 days ago
they had way more burgers fries and cokes than that
MaharlikaAWA 6 days ago
You should have been the host of Man V. Food. You should do a video with Adam Richman.
Skala Darrell Godeater
I never tried White Castle burgers Looks like f"""""n GOOD!
Skala Darrell Godeater
@your mom I supose so xDD
your mom
your mom 4 days ago
yo try it it’s hella good but you will destroy the toliet
Abraham 8 days ago
I live in veagas
David Yu
David Yu 9 days ago
You gotta enjoy the experience, not rush through it. But it’s Matt Stonie so he gets a pass
666flags 9 days ago
tigernorm 10 days ago
Cherry just has a horrible sinister taste whether on its own or as a flavour imo
Punjabi rebel 5k
Punjabi rebel 5k 10 days ago
Who would win 1 asin and a Indian guy or some skinny boi
richard glain
richard glain 10 days ago
if you have guts then eat whole dog next challenge.
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