Harold & Kumar White Castle Challenge (9,660 Calories)

Matt Stonie
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The Harold & Kumar White Castle Challenge! Originally attempted by the LA Beast (ruvid.net/video/video-rYQCe1UwxCg.html), figured when I'd give it a shot while in Vegas for a few days.
- 30 White Castle Burgers
- 5 Regular Sized Fries
- 4 Large Cherry Cokes
That's it.
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Dec 19, 2017

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Comments 11 968
Defalt Games
Defalt Games 12 hours ago
For my 21 birthday which is next month I want to try White Castle are they good or no? 🤷🏻‍♂️ idk I never went to Vegas or area that has White Castle I live in California btw
Lesly Memije
Lesly Memije 14 hours ago
Eat a 100 dicks
Owen Lin
Owen Lin 17 hours ago
Matt:Orders so much stuff Cashier:”AnY tHinG eLsE?”
Aa Ll Ii HD
Aa Ll Ii HD 22 hours ago
Matt: "I am really hungry" Everyone else:"Well shit"
Dylan McCormick
I struggle with 8 lol and he dose 30 wow awesome
Dylan McCormick
Should of been high bro like the movie or maybe he was just off camera lol matt is a beast
Onell 1027
Onell 1027 Day ago
Here i go again watching matt stonie knowing full well that im starving at the moment😭
Rabia Saliha
Rabia Saliha Day ago
0:47 la. We might not have no good pizza but we do have outdoor elevators
Zeke Kleinman
Zeke Kleinman 2 days ago
I never ate at white castle before
Hacker boy GHOSTS
Can you eat KFC family festival box?
Kenichi216 2 days ago
DoorDash 50 percent off drd.sh/X5kSDC/
Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter 2 days ago
What was your choice of smoke before you went Sativa or indica
Laith J khafaji
Laith J khafaji 2 days ago
Matt walks in Cashier: have the restocks came in yet
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal 3 days ago
Those look more like gol gappay than burgers to me
Moist Crabb
Moist Crabb 3 days ago
Really sad you didn't finish with "Damn, that hit the spot."
sai surya
sai surya 3 days ago
Any one from India ? ...those are like pav bhaji btw !!! But Matt stonie ...you rock man !
dontusehername 14 hours ago
fuck off filthy indian
ThatArjun 4 days ago
Now I know why his name is Stonie! 😂
denimso 4 days ago
can you even taste the food? you just eat it but are you actually enjoying your food?
Supreeth Kumar
Supreeth Kumar 4 days ago
Are those burgers? They look no different from bombay vada pav or pav bhaji.
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 2 days ago
Supreeth Kumar he wouldn’t eat that
Nicholas Marshall
So jealous, only white Castle here in WA is in the freezer section at the store
Firmus 5 days ago
There were two of them eating it though, doesn't that mean it would only be necessary to eat half of that for a Harold & Kumar White Castle Challenge?
Edward George
Edward George 5 days ago
Damn 15 minutes is a really fast time
Xin Jin
Xin Jin 5 days ago
Matt Stonie: *I’m actually really hungry* Food: *why do I hear boss music*
BravoFoxtrot LLC
BravoFoxtrot LLC 5 days ago
This is bullshit!
BravoFoxtrot LLC
BravoFoxtrot LLC 5 days ago
4 sodas 4 fries 30 burgers just magically digested? get real
Aries Radke#6
Aries Radke#6 5 days ago
00ABBITT00 5 days ago
White Castle is SHIT.
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera 5 days ago
There are no White Castles in California?
Butt Pee
Butt Pee 3 days ago
Brian Rivera nah we have In n Out
toothless 5 days ago
Matt Stone eats 9,000 calories in a meal and still stays skinny Me drinks diet coke *Gains 25 pounds*
dustypan83 5 days ago
Wow Matt you’re crazy man lol.
charlie catrone
charlie catrone 6 days ago
Never had white castle before damn
Joseph Veeck
Joseph Veeck 6 days ago
Anyone see the new binging with babish???
Aidan and stuff
Aidan and stuff 6 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Its better to buy white castle burgers at your local store than come to las vegas and go to the actual place, they taste better
Jules Ferrari
Jules Ferrari 6 days ago
I wish sometimes he just slowly enioyed the food
mr001991 6 days ago
What was the total? I know it wasnt $49.75
Julio Reyes
Julio Reyes 6 days ago
murder burgers
Frank Train
Frank Train 6 days ago
Not gonna lie I ate this much at a construction job one time. Let me tell yah felt great 👍🏼
Karan Soma
Karan Soma 6 days ago
Major appreciation for the recreation of the infamous ketchup packet scene
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds 6 days ago
Harold and Kumar!!!
J ladzy
J ladzy 7 days ago
Hotel cleaning staff gonna think you had a lotta people up there when they clean out the bin in that room
Nomadic Outdoors
Nomadic Outdoors 7 days ago
I bet you take some monster shits
Darren Lewis
Darren Lewis 7 days ago
Do you want ants?!?! Because that's how you get ants!!
Don Excobar
Don Excobar 7 days ago
You must have dominated in battleshits.
Ananya Mathur
Ananya Mathur 8 days ago
He forgot to eat those boxes
Albert 8 days ago
I know for a fact he could’ve done this in maybe 10 minutes if he really tried
Zachary Manning
Zachary Manning 8 days ago
my intestines would come right out muh ass
Nathan Hopkins
Nathan Hopkins 8 days ago
RIP piece of bread 4:05
tt k
tt k 6 days ago
ShinVega 8 days ago
Had a lot of respect for you until I saw u filling up with Cherry Coke 🤢 I mean, I know you challenge yourself but damn...
Connor Erhart
Connor Erhart 9 days ago
This white castle serves beer.
Fabio Cecchetto
Fabio Cecchetto 9 days ago
Please stoooooop save our world pleaseeeee
ojciec jutuba
ojciec jutuba 9 days ago
You are prze chuj
SirParcifal 9 days ago
question - when you are not taking on a food challenge - how much do you normally eat, eating a meal in relaxed mode - to actually enjoy it?
Neg Leyk
Neg Leyk 9 days ago
Eat Bubble Bass' order Edit:Simply order 24 In-and-Out burgers animal style, toasted buns, extra well done, with extra onions and extra sause
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez 9 days ago
Next Matt Stonie should buy everything on taco bell's menu. I guarantee he'll be shitting his brains out for days.
Sumeyye Sumeyye
Sumeyye Sumeyye 10 days ago
Canım çekti😥😪😭
skull beard
skull beard 10 days ago
IAM from India... My name is Kumar ...
Lykose Crest
Lykose Crest 10 days ago
He gonna shit a tsunami
AmericanToast 10 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Stonie: hungry.Everywhere they serve food: oh no...
darth jewell
darth jewell 10 days ago
when i went there it was terraible the meat was grey
darth jewell
darth jewell 10 days ago
i live in las vegas and 5 min away from where was
Sparkkz 01
Sparkkz 01 10 days ago
Bruh u ate whole burger 3 secs
Nazzworld inc
Nazzworld inc 10 days ago
should’ve gotten the chicken rings/make it it’s own challenge
Tyheen Frank
Tyheen Frank 11 days ago
Matt:eats a gallon of something Us:where's the black hole matt
박규태 11 days ago
왜살안찌냐 이개새끼야
kyoto vaiau
kyoto vaiau 11 days ago
Liam Shoemaker
Liam Shoemaker 11 days ago
BBB. Np,
Chirag Patankar
Chirag Patankar 12 days ago
0:17 Matt : 30 burgers , 5 Fries , 4 large coke Cashier : Anything else? I mean how the f** can anyone ask this to the person who is ordering 30 burgers 😂😂
DutchCowboys VDB
DutchCowboys VDB 12 days ago
I can do faster
Kyra Hoffman
Kyra Hoffman 12 days ago
Who's here is 2019✌✌✌
Richard Ribeiro
Richard Ribeiro 12 days ago
Quem é brasileiro da lei que e quem não é comenta
Horse Man
Horse Man 12 days ago
Imagine him after he gets high!!!! Yikes poor restaurant,(out of business).
kural satis
kural satis 12 days ago
Nasıl yiyon ya
Skank Hunt42
Skank Hunt42 12 days ago
Hey kumar ordered a diet coke and you got regular somthings fishy with this video we all know the real you gets diet
Skank Hunt42
Skank Hunt42 12 days ago
And you ruined my comment once again but ill leave it cus yeah
FIIN BALOR DEMAN 13 days ago
Seb den seje Albrechtsen
mohamed ali jassem
mohamed ali jassem 13 days ago
What a waste of money and time of Nasa spending billions of dollar just to take picture of blackhole, when they have a black hole living among them
TheLastHero 13 days ago
Man have you ever looked at the calories on those milkshakes? Like *wtf why is the milkshake 1254 calories!*
Satisfying Clips
Satisfying Clips 13 days ago
Imagine what a straving person from a developing nation would think if they saw this video.
x x
x x 13 days ago
you´re crazy
Jamie McClurd
Jamie McClurd 13 days ago
Cherry Coke is the tits.
5ThGeaRedLined 14 days ago
Those onions fuk up ones stomach
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