|| Hardest Hits In Highschool Football Part 2 ||

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Comments 80
izallgood37 _
izallgood37 _ 5 months ago
Part 9 is up!!! ruvid.net/video/video-yFJ8v_mvVPI.html
ToxicFoxx 5 months ago
Hey bro what music is this called plz reply this music is 🔥
Luke Hollingsworth
Colboto Drag
Colboto Drag 7 days ago
1:23 “see you soon... BOI”
Apollo Temps
Apollo Temps 13 days ago
2:07 ceo of shoulder pads being to high
Crispybacon2060 17 days ago
At 1:00 what team is that
idoj654123 18 days ago
The body slam guy just didn't know his own strength. There was nothing else for him to do but put the guy down, shouldn't have been a penalty.
tokyodrift12 26 days ago
@ 1:39 player has left the game
Zacchaeus Shed
Zacchaeus Shed Month ago
Songs name plz
James Smith
James Smith 2 months ago
He got jacked up!!!!
Derek L
Derek L 2 months ago
It is really hard to gauge how big some of these players are but some of them look like beasts! (In a good football way). In rugby most of them would be red carded for shitty tackling..... just saying 😁👍
Donovan Dehoyos
Donovan Dehoyos 2 months ago
Check out this hit👀💪🏻 www.hudl.com/v/2AHpiU
Jack Wright
Jack Wright 2 months ago
So much brain trauma
Dominic Bianchi
Dominic Bianchi 2 months ago
Y u replaying hits.
Isaac Tui
Isaac Tui 2 months ago
Us high school rugby players should try out football in the U.S.
Camryn Kenney
Camryn Kenney 2 months ago
im actually playin practice with teenagers and two of my cousins im older than one
Ben Kellar
Ben Kellar 2 months ago
Tell these kids not to hit that hard if they play Clemson in college. THEY WILL BE FLAGGED
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 3 months ago
Where tf is mine
Johnny Vain
Johnny Vain 3 months ago
ok..i must be getting old...cuz im watching HS football clips and thinking..."man, back when I played in HS" haha. Although it looks like the kids NOW are all over 200lbs like 30yr olds haha. Woulda killed me back then.
Paul Castro
Paul Castro 3 months ago
Check out these crazy highschool hits🤯🔥 www.hudl.com/v/2CUv8L
Anime Boi
Anime Boi 3 months ago
What team was the T
The Heart Of The Horse Therapy Ranch
Here is San Diego Charger getting rocked in high school by Clovis East safety. RYAN is a stud, so that makes it a great hit. ruvid.net/video/video-k14HcB3iKmM.html
Mooplays Btw
Mooplays Btw 4 months ago
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 4 months ago
Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler 4 months ago
You make a big hit but they get a first down because you celebrate like a fool kinda defeats the point
YGJayP 4 months ago
what’s the beat
Weird Drummer Dude
Weird Drummer Dude 4 months ago
Our highschool just got a big hit last Friday after an interception. Knocked the dude out for a good 2 minutes. Finally got up. Lost the game 10-7 though.
J Haze
J Haze 4 months ago
That speech was like dope I felt it in my veins dog
Jake Beasley
Jake Beasley 5 months ago
Horrible choice of music. Godd video but had to mute it
rickyo56 5 months ago
Do a hardest hits video on aussie football league. You think the nfl hard hits are bad, wait til you watch that league.
Marlinfastestdriver 5 months ago
Dude at 2:41 think he big and bad cause the other dude was falling😂😂😂😂
NickyGuy 5 months ago
Suprised my ass isn’t up here getting domed
Eushikia Whitehead
Eushikia Whitehead 5 months ago
That speech was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jon Carey
Jon Carey 5 months ago
Check this out bro.....www.hudl.com/athlete/13666877/highlights/5d9ff4f3478eac0a903baa67
John Baisden
John Baisden 5 months ago
98% of this garbage was helmet to helmet...is that not an unsportsmanlike penalty? Wtf?
Today I popped 2 dudes so hard that after the game they asked my dad if he was giving me steroids or preformance enhancers cuz I'm only 12 😂
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams 5 months ago
I hit a kid so hard last night it gave me a concussion
Sawyer Smith
Sawyer Smith 5 months ago
1:55 dammmmmnnnnnn sonnnnn😂
Dalton Campbell
Dalton Campbell 5 months ago
2:10 is that 1a football??😂😂
PUIG 2k 5 months ago
And this is why kids are getting hurt, these coaches ain’t teaching half these kids how to actually tackle!
Brett Orton
Brett Orton 6 months ago
Wow my team from Idaho looks like the nfl compare to these scroungy little fucks
steve harlow
steve harlow 6 months ago
why must every video on youtube put such annoying music in the background
Thadeus Kushington
Thadeus Kushington 6 months ago
Nigga talking in the beginning was born on the 50-Yard line😂
Dylan Green
Dylan Green 6 months ago
I'm trying out fit the team next year and I wanna be a line backer, I'll be the biggest on our player on our team, by next year I'm supposed to be 6'4,6'5 and I'm working to put on muscle weight and I wanna be at least 250
YvXFeorth 6 months ago
You gotta think about life if you get trucked by a qb😂 they are literally trained to avoid getting hurt by any cost
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan 6 months ago
It’s always fun to see young morons knocking each other senseless
Paramount Highlights
yo do all high schoolers hit this hard?
NorthWest Firefighter
Most of these are illegal hits.
Corey Knighten
Corey Knighten 6 months ago
Imagine getting trucked by someone wearing a neckroll💀💀
E K 6 months ago
Don't put kids in football who don't know how to play...
dirtbike lover20
dirtbike lover20 6 months ago
5:10 that kid destroyed the big dude
Rollo Tomasi
Rollo Tomasi 6 months ago
Anyone else remember when spearing was legal.....?😃
My Imorata
My Imorata 6 months ago
You happy it isn't?
Orlando 6 months ago
But women should football with men??? 🤔 let them play high school varsity
Trey VanDusen
Trey VanDusen 6 months ago
0:59 me and my sisters went to that game #eayouknow
Devon Thompson
Devon Thompson 6 months ago
that dying speech was a bit excessive.
Isaac Tui
Isaac Tui 6 months ago
RUGBY makes AMERICAN FOOTBALL look gay asf😂😂😂😂
Sean Evan
Sean Evan 6 months ago
5:16 what is this like the midgets vs the giants?
Tristan Nichols
Tristan Nichols 7 months ago
90% of the ones getting trucked is because they tried to tackle to high. The lower man always wins
Tristan Nichols
Tristan Nichols 7 months ago
the king of utub e That’s why aim for the waist
the king of utub e
the king of utub e 7 months ago
If ur 2 low u get hurdled over
Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega 7 months ago
My mans number 24 running back got big ass cowboy collar for no reason, bro ur like. Twig, big scary romanoski looking guys suppose have that lol
TheNich29 7 months ago
A lot of crack back hits a lot of unnecessary roughness I like the offense of plays when the guys run the guys over
DirtCheapMeals 7 months ago
Why is this legal and paid for by taxes?
Blync _
Blync _ 7 months ago
peep the naruto remix
flying ghost
flying ghost 8 months ago
At 3:29 's he was targetting that's Bitch made!!!
Dripstation 8 months ago
Gotta love it 🏈
brendon reed
brendon reed 8 months ago
This is just shouldering and head butting basically passed off as tackles. Rugby is better
Andrew Bayan
Andrew Bayan 8 months ago
Did you see dat
lil ahk l
lil ahk l 8 months ago
I dig the Naruto music
Adrian Davalos
Adrian Davalos 8 months ago
Two main keys to a good hit is speed and leverage
Matt 8 months ago
1:03 bruh you can't show your face at school on Monday after getting trucked by the QB like that
Cam 7 months ago
High school qbs are athletic so not really.
panda_slice 12345
panda_slice 12345 8 months ago
My home town Rhea county 0:56
A*A*R*O*N* 8 months ago
2:39 when he walked away it looks like he pooped himself
Gabriel Côté
Gabriel Côté 9 months ago
Calm down with that intro. It's just highschool football.
sxnc 9 months ago
some of these are just body slams
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross 9 months ago
so these kids are allowed to play helmet to helmet? no wonder moms are pissed 😂
Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera 9 months ago
If i ever got trucked by a qb i would be doing burpees for the rest of my life !
Cam 7 months ago
Mario Rivera high school qbs are athletic if an nfl qb like Tom Brady the goat truck you just quit life.
Seth Miles
Seth Miles 9 months ago
4:44 idk what that qb was thinking, but he set that receiver up for death and had no reaction at all
Austin Hinton
Austin Hinton 5 months ago
It's called a hospital pass
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 9 months ago
Why do some high school and college football teams have better uniforms than the NFL
Clifford Seaman
Clifford Seaman 9 months ago
Bruh 24 looks stupid with that neck roll on
Clifford Seaman
Clifford Seaman 9 months ago
@ROLBGang #44 so true
ROLBGang #44
ROLBGang #44 9 months ago
Lmao. So fucking true. You gotta be at least 300 lbs to make one of those things look badass.
Juan Luis Torres Jr.
2:07 that ain’t no high school😂😂😂
Jack Baka
Jack Baka 10 months ago
I should be on this tbh
Shamon Reese
Shamon Reese 10 months ago
Number 24
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