Hardcore Henry - Building Shootout Scene (1080p)

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The Best Action Scene of Henry and Jimmy versus Akan's henchmen gunfight and fighting into the jimmy's lab in the building scene from the first person action-science fiction film called "HARDCORE HENRY" Directed by Ilya Naishuller
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Jul 18, 2017

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Comments 1 000
Flerxn Day ago
Joshua Ramsamooj
Joshua Ramsamooj 2 days ago
Yo wtf this real bad
jvlee.mp4 4 days ago
Wow. Very cool this PUBG 2023.
Samet akkus
Samet akkus 6 days ago
Lan bu nasıl bu kadar gerçekçi amk
Arsalan Ahmed
Arsalan Ahmed 9 days ago
Chicken dinner
n n
n n 10 days ago
Wheres the battle field 1 music
Ardra Juviano
Ardra Juviano 12 days ago
MoreGone 15 days ago
Call of duty modern warfare real
JUNOR BURNS 15 days ago
Why haven’t I seen this?!?!
the shadow behind
the shadow behind 19 days ago
Like a game as a legend of devil
android mobile game play
Howto basic on steroids
mancsi1234 21 day ago
0:01 0%somebody who watch the film 100% cod players
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 22 days ago
At 0:22 that Ghillie suit makes some damn good camo in an urban environment of mostly concrete LOL.
GRUNGE Matthew
GRUNGE Matthew 22 days ago
1:15 - what song?
FlashDash 95
FlashDash 95 20 days ago
GRUNGE Matthew Biting Elbows - Dustbus
100k subscribers with no videos cHalLEnGe
Did anyone else think of the mission when you snipe zachaev in cod
Petter Drahun
Petter Drahun 23 days ago
I love this movie as soon as it came out on Netflix I watched it
awdrifter3 24 days ago
This movie needs to be filmed at 60fps.
Purple Products
Purple Products 25 days ago
I lab dis moob
اسياد الحدود
هدول لأمين الدورب اول شي 😂
Priya George
Priya George 26 days ago
A Kalashnikov can go through concrete walls so can slug shotguns. So I can't understand why he didn't get shot. also when he removed the enemy's magazine there was still a round loaded
Wolster PS
Wolster PS 26 days ago
Cod 4 mw.. ;D there were scenes that really remind me of far cry too ;D
Déreck Fournier
Déreck Fournier 26 days ago
What's the punk music?
Hien Nguyen
Hien Nguyen 27 days ago
Làm như vậy chắc chỉ có trong mơ
ServantOfPriss 27 days ago
But he didn't take the Coriolis effect into account.
Potencia Android
Potencia Android 29 days ago
Omega Fury - Omega legion
Hello great movie i wish we had more like it. Had a Q how can i get this to use as clips on my gaming channel? This would be perfect!
John David Sabanpan
4:17 got em
Did anyone notice that there is a blue graffiti that says 420?
gabriel 48825
gabriel 48825 Month ago
a K a N i S a C u N t
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Month ago
I only found out about this from a meme: "That's got to be the gayest jacket i've ever seen."
yoga5631 Month ago
It still impress me to this day that this movie only have a budget of 2 million... Such a great movie with such a small budget
Nikhil Yadav
Nikhil Yadav Month ago
Fat Slimboy
Fat Slimboy Month ago
Is this howtobasic?
cutie evee 2
cutie evee 2 Month ago
Crap the haters this is the best movie I've ever seen
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Month ago
Someone must make a Doom film like this.
andrzej schneider
THAT punk xD
Artyom Alekseyevich
This is the best movie
PGT gAmInG Month ago
Pubg ?
Bob Month ago
Lieutenant Price, the meeting is underway. Enemy transport sighted entering the target area
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson Month ago
This legit looks like it could be used for a new call of duty trailer, just add metallica four horsemen 😎😎😎
Kenneth Block
Kenneth Block Month ago
I like. The British guys so claim and funny in a way
Aran 999999999
Aran 999999999 Month ago
call of duty modern warfare with the sniper?
ⰄⰓⰄⰀ Month ago
Just a bush growing on top of a building, don't mind me
TooT Month ago
2:47 Every cod tutorial
Louise Axon
Louise Axon Month ago
Video games in 20 years
After Asteroid Survivor
Zombies in first person.
vxy357 Month ago
What kind of gun is that British guy shooting? It looks like a Russian version of the Thompson 1927 smg.
u suck at arsenal
u suck at arsenal 24 days ago
ur joking, ik it
〖•كــرو آل مـجـنـون•〗
هكر2:38 شون عرفته صعد درج😂😂
〖•كــرو آل مـجـنـون•〗
افتهمت انو بالفديو اوم والايمفور😂 وسكوب 6 ولبس حشيشي وشدكان اسلحت العبة كله موجوده😹😹عرب لايق
Arlis White Bear
Love my art films but this is a Bad-Ass movie everyone should see 😂😂😂
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