Hardcore Henry - Building Shootout Scene (1080p)

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The Best Action Scene of Henry and Jimmy versus Akan's henchmen gunfight and fighting into the jimmy's lab in the building scene from the first person action-science fiction film called "HARDCORE HENRY" Directed by Ilya Naishuller
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Jul 18, 2017




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Comments 1 141
great use of the wilhelm scream
does he think he is soap or some shit wh y get a sooouth auuufrican to play a brit
Speedy 16797
Speedy 16797 7 days ago
The rust counter raid 1:15
Ryan Marks
Ryan Marks 8 days ago
1:18 dishonored 2 high chaos mode would be like:
Studios J
Studios J 8 days ago
Where can I download this movie?
The Russian Confederation
Airsoft be like:
Rosalind Mitchell
Rosalind Mitchell 13 days ago
"you can hear them, but you can't shoot them...you can probably grenade them. drop an egg down there laddie" ….B00M!!! …"Forward!"
JonDoe110 13 days ago
This movie was sickening. Like motion sickness. I remembered that I got dizzy about past the midpoint of the film. Still, best FPS movie ever.
William Little
William Little 14 days ago
This whole movie feels like something Corridor or Rocket Jump woluld make.
Kurzerealitat 15 days ago
We made a film using this perspective.. if u guys have the chance take a look
Алексей Немшилов
Joshua Power
Joshua Power 17 days ago
7:11 that shot is graceful asf
Allison Diaz
Allison Diaz 18 days ago
4:44 me when getting gernade in bo4
Purple M!nds
Purple M!nds 18 days ago
I freaking loved this movie! 9.5/10
Grant gamez
Grant gamez 19 days ago
Eat hot lead turkeys!!!
Maui 19 days ago
PLETROMEX 19 days ago
What song at 1:15
jarrett has
jarrett has 21 day ago
What music is that at called on the punk rocker scene 1:16
James McCrea
James McCrea 17 days ago
I've been trying to figure this out myself, it doesn't seen to be on the soundtrack lists anywhere.
Mairo 24 days ago
César Hernández
César Hernández 26 days ago
"Big ben"
Archer 26 days ago
Blatant fucking silent aim. Reported
The Danny G
The Danny G 26 days ago
This is the most insane parkour/airsoft video I’ve seen
Sample Text
Sample Text 25 days ago
@The Danny G i see
The Danny G
The Danny G 25 days ago
Sample Text and that’s why it went past the idiot
Sample Text
Sample Text 25 days ago
@The Danny G I dont think you see the part where i said "Idk if you are serious or not"
The Danny G
The Danny G 25 days ago
Sample Text i don’t think you see it but there’s a joke up ahead
Sample Text
Sample Text 25 days ago
Idk if you are serious but this is actually from a movie
Nabiel Faiz
Nabiel Faiz 27 days ago
Is that fucking tutorial?
Jared Adams
Jared Adams 28 days ago
Who else wished this movie was longer? And they made more like it
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 29 days ago
This new FarCry graphics looks too damn real.
This movie is like one long video game tutorial
jacob 29 days ago
I can’t wait for the day where video games become like this
Sad Cat_
Sad Cat_ Month ago
Battlefield 4 (Live Action Trailer)
NeptuneF Month ago
This is unironically the Fire Punch of action movies.
Stegosaurus Month ago
This just looks like an Ally Law parkour video but with a pump shotgun
Chuck Lonz
Chuck Lonz Month ago
Stegosaurus I’ve watched the movie it makes me so mad how underrated this is 😂
Rafael Waghetti Santos
Anyone knows the name of the music that starts on 6:20??
Дмитрий Сулиманов
Альянс - на заре 1987
Dflowen Month ago
Young Captain Price in a ghilly suit
game boy
game boy Month ago
dodged a bullet here on that one
Filin Month ago
Was that... *CoD4?*
Rocker Month ago
Jimmy would be a awesome character in a fps
robert jones
robert jones Month ago
henry is my man
FANTOM Month ago
FANTOM Month ago
It’s kino Russia
Wolf_Gaming 2000
No one: Me at school:
Mann Made
Mann Made Month ago
After a while I get a headache. At the theatre I hope they passed out tylenols to everyone.
Owen Kazama
Owen Kazama Month ago
A world war 2 british commando with soviet ppsh fighting againt russian blackops team WOW
Mr.LukaG Month ago
5:24 lol even funny moments?
a nigga with a r0cket launcher
This movie production is phenomenal, absolutely no limits
Solarfire 88
Solarfire 88 Month ago
"A grenade a day keeps the enemy at bay" - lmao XD
Nichole Fern
Nichole Fern Month ago
Jigar Tank
Jigar Tank Month ago
7:38 COD MW3 vibes just lacks a juggernaut suit
C h i l l S t u d i o s
Boys locker room:
X_ Techno _X
X_ Techno _X Month ago
Wow the new cod mw looks amazing
Şafak Meral
Şafak Meral Month ago
Keskin nişancılar kafaya nişan almaz bilginize
Dark Blue
Dark Blue Month ago
New Modern Warfare campaign looks pretty dope.
Miguigerrero7 G
Miguigerrero7 G Month ago
7:00 fuckin campers 😂😂
Dictator Shawn
Dictator Shawn Month ago
*2:44* I feel like I'm in a tutorial mission in a first person shooter learning the tactics. 😂😭
Хуйня мой лучше
Bachir Bnr
Bachir Bnr Month ago
Please the Name of the Last music!! Thank you
George Beverly
George Beverly Month ago
@Bachir Bnr No problem. That song kicks ass.
Bachir Bnr
Bachir Bnr Month ago
@George Beverly thank you so much
George Beverly
George Beverly Month ago
Na zare
Kdakool Month ago
This seems like a good movie
B3NJI UwU Month ago
Nice job laddie, we killed the whole squad!
Gameknight 995
Gameknight 995 Month ago
This is cod MW3 survival mode in a nutshell
Gameknight 995
Gameknight 995 Month ago
D-13 Hell yea
D-13 Month ago
Especially after the 4th wave
Gameknight 995
Gameknight 995 Month ago
Holy crap this looks AWSOME
Lord Romulus II
Lord Romulus II 2 months ago
Some one knows the final music name ?
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